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Hi my name is Amber. I'm 21 years old and from North Carolina. Soon to be college student majoring in nursing. I am a huge wrestling and Supernatural fan.


I'm a Dean girl if you couldn't tell by my story lol. I have been watching since the beginning. My favorite seasons are 2 and 4.

My favorite wrestlers..


Randy Orton- been a fan of his since his debut and have never turned my back on him. He is an AMAZING heel and I'm looking forward to seeing him for 10 more years :)

John Cena-been a fan of his since "Ruthless Agression". I didn't like the rapper gimmick too much but love him or hate him he is awesome on the mic, in the ring and to the fans and I respect him tons.

Ted DiBiase Jr.- didn't really like him at first but then he grew on me, he is Simply Priceless!

Shawn Michaels- Grew up watching him wrestle and in my opinion he is the best of my generation hands down.

Evan Bourne- love high flyers and he is an awesome wrestler.

John Morrison- ahhh abs man and Braveheart Stripper (inside joke between me and SweetGA07 lol) look at him how could you not like him? lol

Triple H- I blame my mother lol. She has been a fan of his since his whole "Greenwich snob" gimmick and we grew up to have respect for him lol loved DX and I was an Evolution Mark back in the day so.. I like him lol


Cody Rhodes- liked him since he bitch slapped Randy enough said lol.

Justin Gabriel- Has a lot of potential. From what I seen he is an amazing wrestler he has an awesome teacher/sensei and the accent is more points lol.

Heath Slater- from what I've seen he has a lot of talent and I think he will make it far.

Wade Barrett- One of the best rookies.. He can wrestle and cut a promo and is actually entertaining.. I think he will make it far.


Jeff Hardy- Jeff has been my favorite for 12 years and he always will be. I will support him always!

Matt Hardy- been a fan of him and Jeff since the beginning and I will be a loyal MF'er forever lol.

Frankie Kazarian- one of the only men I'd be a homewrecker for LOL.. ever since my friend showed me a video of him in Serontonin I have been a Kaz mark. He is an amazing champion and wrestler and I'm proud to call myself a fan.

AJ Styles- to me he is the John Cena of TNA but he is an amazing wrestler and champion AJ is TNA.

Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin- THE GUNS!! They are amazingly talented and their team work is awesome. I haven't liked a tag team this much since The Hardy Boyz. TNA needs to use them more! (Get well soon Alex!!)

Ric Flair- He's from my hometown so its in my blood lol. Been a Ric Flair fan since I can remember and I was an Evolution mark back in the day.. gotta love Slick Ric WOOO!

Sting- Been a fan since WCW Wolfpac enough said lol

Shannon Moore- loved when he was an MF'er lol never liked the prince of punk gimmick but you gotta love the "tallyban" man lol he is an amazing wrestler and I gotta support the NC crew!

James Storm- because I want the beer cooler lmao.

By the way.. I'm a Fortune slut.. LMAO


Cibernético- AMAZING wrestler.. just wish they wouldn't have him get beat up every week.

Mesias- awesome wrestler but I liked him better as a heel.

Alex Koslov- sexy russian lol.. he's eye candy enough said lol. He's actually a good wrestler when he doesn't have his head shoved up Konnan's ass.

Marco Corleone (aka Mark Jindrak)- I've liked him since wwe with the whole "Reflection of Perfection" gimmick lol hes an awesome wrestler as well.


Tyler Black- wasn't a big fan of ROH until my mom got me to watch Tyler Black wrestle.. He is an amazing wrestler and he makes an awesome champion!

Kyle Durden- not a wrestler hes the backstage interviewer but damn that man is hot! lol

Claudio Castagnoli & Chris Hero- Just watch these two in the ring and you'll see why they are on my favorites list. Their team work is amazing and they are deserving of their tag team championships.. they are amazing!!

Want to know anything else about me feel free to add me on Myspace or Twitter: twitter.com/cenarkogal02.. if you add me let me know you are from here!

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