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Hey guys!

-yOur bEauTifuL mesS- here, so here's the thing.. i'm holding a contest that I hope you will join :)


This is a contest looking for the best portrayal of the GA love triangle NxMxR.

The fanfic should have 3-5 Chapters
(okay okay... ONE-SHOTS are definitely ALLOWED !)

Start for the submission of entries will be June 2
Deadline for the submission of entries will be July 15
(coz I'll be busy for school stuff by the coming weeks)

Judges are me, xBloodyRose, teh-crazeh-one, and EzMouse

For more info, visit my forum,

go to the category "Fanfiction!!">Contests!!

-yOur bEauTifuL mesS-

how my pen name came to be

me: " You just lef a beautiful mess out of this picture..."

him: "Why would I want a mess in this perfect picture ?"

~>little bit ouch, but ,still... it hurt...

Previous Pen Names


then later turned into

-yOur bEauTifuL mesS-

and I hope it will stay this way :3

The Random "Me"

My name is Nicola, but I prefer it if you'll just call me 'niCx'

Age ? well... ummm.. let's just say I'm a year old.. LOL

I live in this certain place called Philippines, haven't heard of it? Check the map in Dora, he knows how to get you here :)

I'm Filipino, but Spanish and Chinese blood also runs in my veins...

I don't eat three times a day.. I eat ALL day ... LOL

If I'm sad and gloomy, you can just stick a chocolate bar on my face and I'll cheer up (:

I don't like Cartoons, just Anime.. Pure Anime

Favorite colors are RED, WHITE and BLACK :) red is LOVE, white shows UNIQUENESS, black is COOL

PSST.! people, I'm not EMO... I just have this Deidara-like bangs that comes down covering half my face :3


i am pretty much a bored art student trying to find a place where I can just stare off into space and leave reality behind...

I'm getting disturbed about my eating veggies.. =.=

I hate posers, copy-monkeys/cats, fakers and LIARS

I once believed that I could fly...

I waited for Peter Pan beside my window when I was still young so he can take me to Neverland..

but then Edward Cullen dropped by and I fell in love.. LOL

I'm looking for the guy who can make my heart go toki doki :)

I would want to learn Chinese, Japanese and Korean full time one day :)

I'm an insomniac.. I sleep at 5 in the morning and wake up at 6 am at school days..

but while on Vacation, I sometimes do not sleep at all...

insomnia sucks, people..

So, yeah, that's just a few things about me..

If you want to know me more, just ask me here in Formspring


TWiTTER tweet tweet and follow :)

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OGW (my forum) JOIN !!

My SiTE Subscribe please !


i love y'all !

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Skate My Way Back to Your Heart reviews
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