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People of the world, I greet you!! I am the vampire loving: Saved By Dark Innocence

Redecorating my Profile!!!!!! BAH-BAM!!!!! Still not much has changed about me since I was here last. I still like anime/mangas, I still like TV, I still like reading and I still dislike so little. I have realized that I am FUNNY! ME! FUNNY! Can you imagine?!

Likes: I have many likes, most of which include Zero and Me, married. Or me and Pharaoh Atemu, married. (HEE HEE) I like writing songs, stories, poems and anything else that includes letters of the alphabet. I LIVE for Anime and Mangas. I praise the ground the beloved Paramore walk on. And I love sugary treats or anything with... sugar on... I LOVE Vampire Knight (Mostly Zero Kiryuu) and I love Vampires or anything mythical. And I love/like/obsession: THE BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD!!!!!!

Comic Books have started to intrigue me!! Batman is my Hero, Superman is awesome and for some reason, Supergirl is the Superhero I am trying to learn to draw, and you'd think it be easy!!! Its not. Comics are still cool though.

Dislikes: I don't dislike much. Except people who pretend to be something their not.

Hobbies: Writing, singing, drawing (Anime of course!!) Dancing in the rain, going to graveyards at night and keeping warm. Did I mention reading? Creepy hobbies, I know...

Fave Shows: Vampire Diaries (Ah, hello, Damon!) Vampire Knight (Do you even have to ask??) Tokyo Mew Mew, True Blood, Wolf's Rain, Wipe Out (Lol) Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Yu-Gi-Oh,... Um...that's all I can think of for now... Cougar Town, Desperate Housewives, Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory (Sheldon Copper has taught me things!)

Fave Books: BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD SERIES!!!!! Twilight Saga, House of Night Series, Vampire Knight Novels, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Books about anything supernatural or mythical in general.

I wish: To be a vampire, it's both a passion and obsession, trust me, when you get bit, you can't help but love them. And i wanna live with the Black Dagger Brotherhood, again, it's a passion, not an obsession...I'm lying. To be an Anime Character in Vampire Knight. For three reasons only: 1. Real life is so boring. My emotions can only be expressed through Anime emotions.T.T 2. Vampires are awesome and Zero needs love. 3. Zero still needs love. 4. Seriously? Let me love him!

P.S: I also have an account of Fiction Press!! So look me up and review my stories please: My name is Slayer of the Crimson Blade.

That's all for now!! My Avatar is Puppet Zero!! I love Puppet Zero!!!

Saved By Dark Innocence

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I almost made a big mistake because I was weak and let the darkness get to me. I won't be weak anymore, I refuse to be weak! If I am strong, I will be just like them; maybe better? Maybe they will forgive me for something that almost took my Family away. But I have to be strong. I have to stay strong for Zero...and for her. PLEASE READ AND REVIEW/ALTERNATE UNIVERSE/ICHIRUXOC MAYBE.
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The popular TV Show, Vampire Knight has ended and the Cast has to find something new to do. But no one knows that the Cast are real Vampires, and real Vampire Hunters. Zero Kiryuu, a popular Actor has decided to use this time to try and bond with his Twin Brother, and fight off a Stalker who tries to find out EVERYTHING about him! Summaries suck, I'm sorry! Just read the thing!
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"Do not cry, my beloved Ichiru," she whispered. She pulled him closer and rested her forehead against his, "This will help you." She could not bring herself to love him like she had loved that man. "All of Eternity would not be enough time to spend with you, my precious Ichiru…" A One-Shot. Please Read and Review and Let me know what you think. Perhaps they would meet again…IKxSH
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