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Author has written 4 stories for Teen Titans, and Powerpuff Girls.

(Its still Starfire123 chill)

I'm a christan and I am not afriad to say it !!


Name: I'm not doing to say but you can call me Maka, Yoruichi, Latvia(Hey everyone gots those emo days), Belarus(Come at me bro), and Demon Cat...don't ask,!


Gender: Female..*Grins*...Or am I *Feli hits me on the head rapidly* GOTT! Okay I'm feline okay?!?! *Growls and scowls* Damnit Feli i was just joking...*She laughs and shrugs*...(-.-;)

Hair: dirty blond, with blond high lighs

eyes: Green

fave anime: Bleach and Soul eater! _ Witch blade.

Ok thats all!

Now fun Things to tell people or do! (MY Friend taught me most of this)

1: Go to the mall and hid in a rack and when people are looking through it say "PICK ME OOOO OOO PICK ME" or "YOU NEED TO GO UP A SIZE!"

2: If a girl or guy calls you the B word this is what you say " Ok well a Dog is one and a dog barks, Bark grows on trees, Trees are nature, Nature is beautiful So Thanks For the COMPLAMENT!" And walk away. with a smirk on your face.

3: Run into a vidoe store and asked Why they dont sell Teen Titans or the power Puff and Get really mad. And sceam in where face and then your done skip out of the store happily.

4: if You like a guy and if he likes you well dont act like a creeper TRUST ME!! My friend did that and he move to a different school!

5: Scare people shitless

6:Get high on Monster

7:Tag people(Put cloths pins on random people)

8:Cuss in different Lang.

9: Watch Anime

10: Now now Don't be Naughty...Just skip to Pervy your only a few steps away anyways!

ok this is a story that acually happened to me if you want to know read... ok well here we go!

(My P.O.V)

I just got back from preforming, I was in my queen sized bed I layed on it. My dirty blond straight bangs overed my green eyes I closed them savoring the moment...Untill my Iphone went off. With out looking at it i picked it up which isn't the best idea at that time.

"Hello?" I asked sweetly as possible.

"Hi this is a cable guy can I talk to your mom?" A tuff boy voice asked. My eyes shot open.

"I'm sorry no I don't know you bye!" I hung up before they could protest. I closed my eyes again...then my phone went off...and i picked it up.

"Hello?" I asked in that same sweet voice.

"I'm Satin and i'm comeing to take your soul!" The same voice said to me. After that I got annoyed.

"GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!" I yelled in a girly cheerleaders voice and hung up. I turned over on my flat stomach and waited...And of course I was right but this time i saw it it said Blocked...I thought to my self...If they like pranks i'll give them one. i picked it up but before they can say something i cut them off.

"BYE!" i said hanging up. I waited again and i repeat again. then they called me again at this point i was very ticked off! I answered it about to give them a piece of my mind.

"You stupid bitch your such a dumb ass to answere your phone, your a fucking whore! I'M going to come rape you then Tbone you, you slut thats right! then i'll make you my personally Sex slave...got that you Bitch!" the same voice told me. I opened my mouth. I had hatered fill them.

"who are yo-"

"yeah thats what I thought! you got no come backs Bitch!"

GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR(FUCKING) SOUL!!!" I yelled at them, then hung up. Then they called me again... this is what i said.

"STOP CALLING ME!!!" I screamed in the phone then hung up! then they ever called me again.

I bet your wondering why i didn't let it go to voice mail right well it hade my hole name on it and i didnt them to know my name...so the moral of the story don't have your full name just first and very answere blocked phone calls stay safe! Bye!

Wait are u till reading WOW(People these day's) O.K stop reading!

...reallly stop...ok Read a book...or watch Tv...

OK GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Laughs evilly and fades away*

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