The End Is Only The Beginning
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The End Is Only The Beginning: A New Moon Contest


Voters' Choice is...The Infinite Loop by Chicklette and Giveusakiss413!!

Hosts' Choice is...I Love Myself by Kimmydonn!!

Congratulations, Ladies!

I would like to personally thank everyone who took the time to submit an entry, or who even considered it. Thanks also to all those who voted!!

So, yes, this is The End Is Only The Beginning Contest. I, IdreamofEddy, came up with this idea because this was such a pivotal moment in the Twilight series and it still just makes me so angry when I read this part. I wanted to slap Edward and I wanted Bella to get angry...or something! I've written two stories based on what happened after Edward left Bella. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of stories out there that are based off of this chapter alone. Ever wish Bella would have begged Edward to stay just a little harder? Ever wish he would have had a change of heart? Ever wish she would have just told him to fuck off and knock the crap out of him? Ever wish a real pack of wolves would have fed off her helpless ass as she lay in the forest?

Okay, it's true, though, we wouldn't have very much of a story if Stephenie had done it differently, I realize that. This is strictly for fun and to see just how creative you writers can be. Plus, there's a nice little incentive. See the awards.

The challenge: Write a one-shot based off of the scene in Chapter 3 of New Moon when Edward leaves Bella. Be passionate, make us cry. Make us angry. Or make us laugh. Parodies are welcome, too. Crackfic is welcome as well. I, myself, am looking for Angst. Passion. Love. Anger. Sticking with our canon couple is highly encouraged, but - BUT - if you can write a one-shot that throws Bella together with another character in 15,000 words that's believable and good, you could possibly have my vote. Just remember, it has to begin at or near that pivotal moment. You can use Stephenie's dialogue that is used in the book, just make sure to mark it accordingly. You need to, of course, write your own as well, or change the whole damn thing.

1. You may enter a one shot that is between 1500 words and 15,000 words in length. Simple enough?

2. Your entry must be an original entry. The scene with Edward leaving Bella MUST be changed. Edward can still leave Bella, or he can stay with Bella, or Bella can tell him to bite the big one. Your one-shot can introduce a new pairing, but can you write a worthy tale doing this within 15,000 words? That's what you'll need to do if you choose to go this route. Make sense? Anything goes, so all you angst writers can have it, and you crackfic writers can, too. Parodies are also accepted, along with anything that falls within the M-rated guidelines for

3. Story ratings accepted are K-M. Lemons are MORE than welcome.

4. Feel free to collaborate, if you wish.

5. You may enter as many stories as you wish. Seriously.

6. Required Heading:

The End Is Only The Beginning: A New Moon Contest

Title of your entry


Pairing- Should read Edward/Bella. This is where the majority of the action is to take place. If you wish to introduce a new pairing in your fic, you'll do so in the story. It needs to remain this way until the contest is complete if you plan on making your fic a multi-chapter story at a later time.



7. Proofreading- I highly encourage you to have your one shot beta'd, but as long as I can read it and not feel the need to bleach my eyes out, it will be accepted.

8. Once your entry has been posted to FFn, send a message to this profile page, with a link to your submission so I can add it to the faves on this page. Remember that your entry as posted to FFn should have a mention that this is an entry for this contest.

9. I reserve the right to refuse entries that do not follow the requirements of this contest.

Submitting, Voting, Prizes, and Winners:

Entry submission: Entries to be accepted from February 8th until 11:59PM EST on March 11, 2010.

Voting: Everyone and anyone 18+ years of age can vote, including submission authors. All entries will be listed in the Favorite Stories section of this profile page. Between March 12th and March 17th, please come back to this page where you can vote via blind poll.


IdreamofEddy's Choice- A gift basket containing New Moon-The DVD, when it's released on March 20th. Along with other various items to get you through your movie watching (Kleenex, Rolaids, whatever I can think up). Note: I'll be picking two in case the voter's choice is the same. There will be no duplication of winners if my 1st choice is also the voter's choice.

Voters' Choice- The same thing (In the event of a tie, I will spring for ONE more gift basket).

I'll also be making some cheap ass banners, as well. My skills suck, people.

Winners: On March 18, 2010, I will announce the winning entries on this profile page, on my profile page (IdreamofEddy), and a special post on Altered Lions and Sacrificial Lambs announcing the winners, including the prizes. Details will be worked out with each winner on an individual basis - FedEx is not an option! Please note: This is not an Altered Lions and Sacrificial Lambs contest! The Lambs may enter (except for me), and the IdreamofEddy's Choice prize (the only one I am choosing) will not be any of the Lambs' entries.

Have fun with it, and please submit an entry! Thank You!

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