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Don't be fooled. I'm actually Lalapopization, not some new user or something. Haven't used this account in FOREVER, because I thought it was lost since I couldn't remember my password. Turns out FB brought this old account back! :D I'll be using it from now on, but that Lalapop one...Forgot my password there and I can't get it back no way, no how! :P Just my luck...

Status as of July 3, 2017:

To summarize... FML

I have mental issues that need checking and identifying; might have Depression, I'm pretty sure; college has fucked with my mental health too much this year; I have lost most if not all interest trying to continue a story that doesn't want to be continued and while I keep rewriting the plot and losing it so I literally have no ideas for SBB anymore to even write for anyways; has lost most interest in most of my passions after a crappy college year recently and a friendship betrayal that was over something so personal that it still fucks with me a little and makes me highly untrustworthy of who I love on too much now...

A whole bunch of BS went down and I've about had it with my life, and it's made me stop caring about a LOT of things, even things I used to care about a lot more than I can bother to now.

Anyone waiting for Stitching Broken Bridges-- please bear with me. This is just . . . Sometimes technology sucks. The only thing I can even say to sum up the mess I've gone through for this story only to keep losing what I type by some stupid technical difficulties. I also wasn't on top of it for most of the delay, but when I actually was, something would later happen to my ideas that would get what I typed lost. Also as of Fall16 and Spring17, I have had emotional mess happen that BROKE me, so I didn't even think about this as college and life in general became a hassle. Honestly, by now I kinda forgot most of my ideas and how I was gonna continue this into a sequel anymore, so I would kinda need help with a co-author at this point, I'm sure. I already made the promise; I need some friends in the Sonic fandom and are pretty good writers to help me keep it.

I noticed I published Helping Him Move On WAAAAY back in Nov. 2013 . . . Three freaking years?! What the heck WAS I doing; traveling to Jupiter by foot?! I'm sorry for the long behind wait this is becoming from when I started this. I'll make sure it'll be very well worth that wait though should things finally turn around, but by now I piled too many personal and group projects on myself, and I also have moved to other fandoms and kind of only ship and enjoy my ships at this point in this fandom, nothing much else. However if someone wants to offer to help cowrite the sequel with me, I will definitely consider it!

Name: . . . Yeah, right!

Country: US.

Gender: Girl

Favorite shows: Family Matters, One Piece, PPG/PPGZ, KND, Teen Titans, Xiaolin Showdown, Ed Edd and Eddy, Undertale, Inuyasha, YuYu Hakusho, and possibly more. Not in a specific order. I love 'em all!:D The old CartoonNetwork will always be better. Don't lie. >P

I Am . . .: Kind, understanding, caring, sweet, introverted to strangers but very open with friends, a person with a slight temper at times, a gonna-be cartoonist, NOT a writer though I do a good job if a topic interests me, all of me. X3 Had to put that. I love that song.

Why I am here: I figured Fanfiction can spark ideas for a comic/show I might make later in the future or something when I'm a cartoonist. So far, I have bunches of ideas that will definitely help me with a plot. I have a personal project I'm fleshing out as we speak that I'm halfway through, and I only started the outline for the entire thing a few weeks ago from July 7th, 2017, and it's actually really good and well-rounded.

Things You Should Know: I don't do Yuri or Yaoi, not even 'Shounen-Ai', or however it's spelled (boys' love), or Shoujo-Ai (girls' love) for that matter. Yaoi and Yuri just bores me in general because I'm not the perverted af in my head tween girl anymore who'd read those M-rated things to fantasize with because lonely and two boys is better than one, LMFAO :P I USED to read some, so there is one yaoi story (Chase and Jack from Xiaolin Showdown) that is still in my favorites. I felt like keeping it there because I remember how I admired how well-detailed and interesting the story is. Despite my opinion now, I won't unfavorite it simply because yaoi or not, it's well-written. Just like Harry Potter; I love the storyline and the detail of it all, so I love it and won't bash it just because of my religion (Christianity) and say 'IT'S OCCULT STUFF! BANISH IT! REPENT! PURIFY! BAHUMBUG!". I can simply admire the other things about it and put aside religion also, instead of being an arrogant jerk about it. I recommend that yaoi story for any Chack lovers out there. But you won't catch me reading yaoi/yuri now because I have no interest & I simply don't like it, not just because of my religion. I can just not like things without hating the particular people involved, can't I?

WHY DON'T I HAVE THAT MANY STORIES!?: I'm planning on making more stories sooner or later, but I decided that I'll never put them out until I actually finish the WHOLE THING. There are plenty or reasons why this works best for me. At least no one has to wait chapter-by-chapter for the LONGEST and having to follow the story and everything until it's finally finished, or wait for one chapter they've been dying for to finally come out and having to see people in reviews and in your inbox or whatever demanding "MORE! MORE! MORE!" every dang chapter, because that must be seriously annoying and be why some people stop writing in the first place. I've read a seriously good comic, seen so many people telling her "MORE! DO MORE!" in the comments even when she said how annoying it was in her description (but some people don't bother reading anymore -.-), and later she stopped updating. People kept bugging her about why her comic wasn't finished and she changed her profile saying she stopped it because they were aggravating her, and I saw it coming and I don't blame her. I'd hate if people did that to me too, and even if I told them to stop it? As if this stuff comes that easily or you have to spend every second of your time doing it when we have lives too or we wanna do something else sometimes. The pressure, the annoyance of being rushed, everyone not letting you catch a break from the comic because they wanna read it so badly, not even caring about the artist/writer behind it anymore . . . -.- At least if I suddenly think 'I don't like the story anymore' or 'I can't think of how to continue it', I can't disappoint readers.

Expectations: Expect my stories to be long, because I can fit more character development and realistic details into the characters this way. It gives a story more life. I like one-shots and short stories too, but long stories have more life in them. I love it when a writer can fit life into a story and characters and still have it kinda short. That's really impressive to me. Any impressively written story, long or short, deserves my faves. I tend to reread what I favorite to fall in love with it all over again.

The Devil's Child: things you should know! Read up a bit on my OCs just in case you might need it to really understand why they act or seem certain ways in my story.

Serenity the Hedgehog

Yellow, long hair, jade green eyes, usually wears white. She's the angel in this HUGE BEHIND story that spreads joy and hope to others. She loves everyone like family, and represents the true nature of Christianity as how it should be in each and every Christian. However, her life is not perfect. In fact, she struggles worse than anyone would suspect from such a gentle and loving creature as herself. Her father made her go through hell every day. Serenity lives with her mother now, and even though she has plenty of loyal friends (Sonic and Co., eventually, along with others), she hides a dark secret that makes her feel so far apart from everyone else. Understand that Christians, although taught to act a certain way, are not perfect. We are still human. We are bound to fall or trip in our journeys like any other person. Serenity, though, does a lot of tripping and wanders in many dark corners, not knowing what exactly her journey is supposed to bring for her, so she usually runs from the upcoming dangers or tries to avoid them.

Peace the Hedgehog

She is Serenity's mother. They look almost alike, minus the mom's cocoa brown eyes. After being pregnant, she divorced her husband for reasons you will never know unless you read 'The Devil's Child' when it comes out, >D, and she quickly moved as far away from the area as possible. She worries each and every day if every person who realizes their secret will hunt them down. They swore never to tell anyone the secret, even if it hurts. Later, her mother finds a burnt Bible in the mist of an abandoned shop. She looks inside, and, encouraged by the words written, she and Serenity both convert to Christianity, believing that if everyone turns against them, there is at least that one person who will always love them, which gave them the hope and encouragement they needed. In some stories, she may not even be included. But one's things certain about Peace: she worked TOO HARD when Serenity was born, throwing away everything she dreamed about (becoming an actress, a happy normal family, her husband), to protect her daughter and raise her right, even when she had enough reason to leave her behind or get rid of her. If you dare try to come along and destroy all of that building up she did to protect her from harm, you'll see a dark side that will make even Satan tremble. The only thing they have is each other and just that is more than enough. You wanna try and take that too? "Over my dead body!" Then make sure to arrange your funeral just in case.

Blade the Hedgehog

Orange flame-like hedgehog with blood red eyes. Finally settled on his personality! He's a bit of a sadistic mofo when it comes to playing mind games on just about anyone, ngl, but he is mainly driven by what's the most fun or entertaining option, or will rile up people the most. Because he simply wants to have fun. He seems to have no sense of fear and seeks after the 'truth', but his truth he wants seems to only look at the darker sides and try to bring that to the forefront. He takes an interest in Serenity when her secret is out, and wants to help her survive by making her feel as if she can only rely on his offer on working together. She agrees since she kind of has no other choices besides death the time (NOPE!), but she does NOT like him at first because of his mind games on her that make her feel highly paranoid of how he can figure her out, even about things that only her and her mother (and dead father) would have known... Huh. Wonder how his mind games are so uncomfortably accurate indeed! But he mainly likes her because of her caring for others and persistence in fighting against a seemingly impossible situation, and not even letting her unlikelihood of coming out of it without bloodshed stop her from trying not to kill a single person, that and the amount of mental perseverance she has to not be broken just yet, or to still get back up even after her life tries to break down her sanity.

As you could probably tell from the fun with mind games and his chilling accuracy at times, even with stuff he shouldn't know, he has the power to read minds, but he can't read Serenity's mind very well sometimes because of her secret...Like, he can read it most of the time, but on other occasions, he swears he's hearing someone else. ??? That can't be right...can it? Something's up, obviously, and you won't believe what happens. As for how Serenity and Blade get along, at first it's just for survival that she bears with him on her side, but later on he begins to warm up to her out of just admiration of her as a person, and she no longer sees him as just a sadist. Maybe he even develops a thing for her beyond just the occasional flirtation and saying she's a cutie? lol

Poor Serenity, and Peace. :( Serenity and Peace have a more complex problem than most people could imagine. Basically, Peace is protecting Serenity when, really, if anyone found out that secret, they'd probably get sentenced to die, Peace merely for keeping it a secret and endangering everyone, and giving birth to Serenity. Peace puts her daughter first before her own life. Her love for her child should be an inspiration to parents or soon-to-be parents. The father is actually a REAL SONIC CHARACTER that I had made her father. Guess who it is? Think of a character from anything Sonic-related who has green eyes? ...Should be kinda obvious after a moment. I can just imagine your faces right now. XD *wink* *wink* //nudge //nudge

The Devil's Child (whenever tf I finish this long ass old ass project, lol): After a terrible event during a trip to the store, Serenity is found by Sonic and Shadow, weeping next to a corpse, and yet she was the one who killed him! However, Sonic had came just in time to see just how the man was killed, and when he tells Shadow, chaos ensues. The government jumps in and throws her in prison at Prison Island, but Eggman saves her! He had made a deal with someone and swore to raise her to use her destructive powers wisely until that person came back. But with two incredibly fast and strong hedgehogs on her tail, what can he do alone? He recruits more people, and the poor girl soon finds happiness within a family that loves her. They all swear on their lives to protect her, despite her powers, and that fact alone gives her the will to keep living. However, after she learns to control her powers, she will have to leave, but she doesn't want to leave behind the people who made such an impact in her life. The government, however, is not willing to let her live in peace; even Nack the Weasel jumps in as an assassin to eliminate her, and Sally Acorn joins the Freedom Fighters after a few years of separation. Will Serenity be slain, or will the fight with the Freedom Fighters for her life ever end? There are references to Sonic 06 all over the place in this (may or may not need to watch a cut scene movie of the whole thing, because I explain it all anyways), and also Sonic X. It's nearly a continuation for Sonic 06 in a way, with Sonic X tied in. As for Sally's tidbit in the storyline, you don't need to know much about those Archie comics. I'll give one general idea to explain why Sonic and Sally are not together, and then Elias, Sally's brother, being King of Mobotropolis, but that's all. No comic knowledge needed.

This story is made to explain Serenity as a character, and a little bit on Peace, and I plan on making a short story explaining Blade's character a little more one day. Serenity is NOT a Mary Sue; her past shows how perseverant she is despite the times she nearly had a mental breakdown. She gives up a few times like other people might, but finds strength with her family and friends. If anything, she strives to be something that people would love for her to be in order to get the love she wished she'd have from the other citizens, but due to her reputation as 'The Devil's Child', that won't happen. Ever.

Love triangles ensue (because I love those kinds of stories). Shadamy & Sonamy hinting (...What? I like both Shadamy and Sonamy, but Shadamy more, so I'll put both in; best of both worlds, right? ;D ) Warning: extreme cuteness on both ends for both fans. Especially Sonamy fans at some point. >3 And then there's BladexSerenityxScourge (Don't expect me to type that in an abbreviation). No OCxRealCharacter pairings will be occurring in any of my stories, not unless it's Scourge's usual flirting with a beautiful girl that happens to catch his eye, like Serenity would. One exception is PeacexSerenity'sDad. (STILL not giving him away; you'll figure it out though, lol). The one real Sonic character that hooked up with Peace to make Serenity was not a romance. Never was. It was all his plan, and they were both tools. That Devil who created The Devil's Child would never love anything, even his wife and child.

UPDATE!: If I'm ever bored or tired of my vacant profile and actually remember to come update this in the mist of all of my other personal and group projects I have atm (including college being a bitch on my mental health at this point), you will see ACTUAL stories-- although they're all going to be short-- posted up despite the fact that The Devil's Child was supposed to be my first story, but reality is IT IS WAAAAY TOO LONG AND ALSO NEEDS FLESHING OUT ONCE THE HUGE STORYLINE IS COMPLETELY SET TO EVER BE FIRST. It'll be REALLY long (predicted to be over 100 LONG chapters, JFC).

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