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"So far away,

I wish you were here,

Before it's too late,

This could all disappear.

Before the doors close,

And it comes to an end,

With you by my side,

I will fight and defend.

I'll fight and defend."

Keep Holding On © Avril Lavigne

-looks at profile- MAN THIS THING'S ABANDONED. DD:

Anyway, here's a little about myself? O.o

Michael S. + Jasmine G.


My name is Jasmine.

I was named after two things; The Princess and the Flower. My daddy, Brian R.G., named me after the Princess, and my mom, Edna M.G., named me after the flower. I was born into a loving family, and my heart was ripped in pieces when my father died. I told my mom that I was fine, and I let her believe it as well as myself. . . For way too long.

I've made some horrible desicions in my life, and, through it all, I've discovered that I'm a writer, a singer, and an artist. I've loved one or two people in my life, and I'm still searching for someone, be it male or female, who loves me as a wife or best friend. I don't care who it is, I just want someone to fill up the hole I have in my heart. Someone to replace the bitterness I have against males [ Both men an boys , hopefully it will be a guy, so I know there are some good guys out there. I need love. I've got plenty from my family, but I'm basically a loner. I block people out and push them away without knowing, and then I cry because I have no friends.

At this point in my life, I believe everyone's a traitor. I love only one man; The best man this world has ever known. His name is Jesus. I want someone to prove to me that they aren't perfect, but there are some people who are close to it! And I'm searching for one guy to prove to me that not all guys are going to hurt me. I'm looking, yet I trust few people. You might be wondering why I have such a bitter hatered towards males. PM me, and I'll tell you. I swear. It only takes a second to say something to crush me. . . Or to make me feel like the princess I was named after . . . :3

I went to New York for a Youth Camp with my Church [ Fellowship Baptist ] and I discovered more about what I want with Jesus in my life. I left on Friday, July 9th and came back on the 18th. I am currently without my voice. I got soooooo sick, but I figured that God made me that way for a reason. During that camp, I devoted my body, life, spirit and mind to Jesus. I no longer doubt him. :3

"Why do we {sleep} in {school}, But stay {awake} through a {3 hour movie}? Why is it so {hard} to talk about {God}, but so {easy} to talk about {sex}?Why is it so easy to {ignore} a {Godly} bebo bulletin, Yet we {repost} the {nasty} ones? Why are {churches} getting {smaller}, But {bars and clubs} are {expanding}? Why is it so easy to purchase {beer} and {drugs}? But so hard to donate 25 cents for a {Charity}? Why is it so easy to worship a {Celebrity}? But very difficult to engage with {God}? Think about it, are you going to put this on your channel? Are you going to ignore it, cause you think you'll get laughed at? Put this on your channel...seriously. 80 % of you wont put this up. The Lord said: If you deny me in front of your friends, I will deny you in front of my father"

I want a relationship with God. I need him more than anything, and I know there is only one man who will ever love me, even if I don't deserve it; The man called Christ Jesus.

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