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Yoooo!! I'm Imaginationroxmysox

First, lets clear the air... I am a girl. I just thought it would be easier if I just came out and said it instead of playing this whole guessing game thing, seriously, we're past that ;)

I also have another profile that I will be updating somewhat regularly: no ADJL tho, just other stuff. I will post the link here for the profile and will list the stories I post as I put them up :) Sorry about all the M rated stories, I've gone to the dark side Mwa ah ah aaaaaaah!

(CATS) Stories:
~ Never too late (2 chapters)
~Broken (oneshot) Rated M
~Shattered (Coming soon) Rated M
*Shattered is a sister story to 'Broken' please note that they are rated M for themes that include; rape, incest, blood, violence and angst.*

I know I haven't been updating for a long time, I hope to get back to the stories ASAP. Good news is that I am learning a few things while in the other forum on my own writing and hopefully you will be able to see that my writing has developed over the summer :D I am really sorry about this and I hope to make it up to my ADJL fans. In the meantime feel free to visit my other profile and comment on my CATS fanfictions.

Chronology for JakeXDanika series:

1. It's Time
2. HellFire
3. Allied War


1. Of Blood and Love (read at own risk)
2. Wisdom for the wise

*HouseXAmerican Dragon crossover !!*(postponed)
*Cameo appearance by megawoman5210's OC*

I have no idea what to put up on a profile so here are some randoms;

1. I hate Jay Leno with a passion! sorry fans of his.

2. I have a fear of clowns. They're sooo freaky who wouldn't want to shoot them in the face?!

3. I love green-blue colours

4. I'm Canadian so I can spell words wrong and get away with it!! XD It's pronounced Zed not Zee for some weird reason

5. I am socially retarded :P

6. My fav movie is The Hangover!! Carlos! XD

7. Anything that I willingly do does not embarrass me (almost anything)

8. I'm 16 years old and go to a catholic school (which is controversial because I say "Jesus" and "God" in my story which I think might be a sin :/ )

^^ Turns out that My stories are controversial to my religion because we apparently don't believe in re-incarnation, who would have known?!

Now you know stupid things that no one gives a rats mass about but it made you that more knowledgeable . I think it's actually fun to write stories and am always typing. I try to keep my identity a secret, it makes me feel cool :D I have no life and I am not afraid to admit it!!

I watched ADJL in like, grade 5, 6,7, 8. I remember watching it for a bit in grade 9 but it was always the same shows so I was like "Forget that! I'm writing my own crap!" but had no true ideas until recently, yaaaaay!

Why does everyone hate OC's ?! They're not bad, if anything they make the story more yours. I think it's easier to write your own character than to have a ton of premade characters, you have a better understanding of a character you make yourself and no one can call you out on being OOC. You guys don't know how Danika acts, thinks or speaks so I get a get out of jail free ticket if I mess up.

Why is it so hard to find a freaking Beta Reader!? I messaged soo many Beta Readers who were supposedly "accepting stories" and none have even messaged me back (well one. Thx Readdict.ADJLwriter.FFreader :)) I just don't get why! Is there any Beta Readers out there who are actually accepting stories?! (If there are let me know plz :D) seriously! :/

Lol, I found a beta reader! I'm not taking the last paragraph down because I made a statement and it's gonna stay there until it bugs me.

Why is there no character selection for Fu?? He's always there but apparently not a sufficient enough character to be mentioned in the list?? Jake's mom is there! His teacher... and Fred! He's in like... One episode! Poor dog :(

Favorite Quotes and scenes

(Two and a Half Men) Alan is talking to his son Jake about a story he's writing about a man who's at a crossroads in his life and must face the facts of mortality. Jake stares at him for a few moments
"So it's rated G... A Y"

(Not another bad CATS fic) Link:

"By GOD!" Skimbleshanks declared, rushing over to Coricopat and frantically seizing his shoulders. "I instantly believe you, because you're obviously psychic!"

Munkustrap- "if the sky really were falling, it's not like I could do anything about it— I mean, come on guys, I may do every damn thing in this place myself, but I draw the line at holding up the friggin' sky.

"Anyway," Mistoffelees continued to Skimbleshanks, "I completely forgot what we were talking about."
"Yea, me too," the railway cat admitted, scratching his head.
"Great... so go away."

Skimbleshanks to Misto- "What? But we're obviously best friends or maybe more— I mean, we dance together a lot."
"That's purely coincidental."

Pouncival- "Comic relief!"

Asparagus, Admetus, and Exotica- "We were so expendabllllleee..."

Macavity to Misto- "...and now I better take revenge by raping you or something."
"Whaaat? Oh come on, no fair," Mistoffelees whined. "Aren't you straight, anyway?"

Macavity to Misto- "Are we there yet?"
"Are we there yet?"
"...Are we there yet?"
"N- oh, yes we are."
"Finally! Your levitation powers are for crap."
"Yea? Well you're... short."

"That's right, brother!" Munkustrap paused for the audience to gasp. He glanced at Mistoffelees, who was still unsurprised. He cleared his throat. "That's right, BROTHER," he repeated.
"So he's you're brother," Mistoffelees noted. "Big deal. Kick his ass already."

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A Race to Protect by ASP AUS reviews
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Lilly has a scary dream the night before her camping trip with her father and brother. OC inside nothing TOO special . May be disturbing but it is 2012 so it's probably nothing new. Oneshot, may be more if requested.
2012 - Rated: K+ - English - Horror/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,595 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 1 - Published: 6/26/2010 - Lily C. - Complete
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