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It has been brought to my attention, and rightly so, that INWYT! actually has the power to be destructive. I would like to make absolutely clear that this is a fic that really exaggerates stereotypes. I am not condoning the things in there, it is purely for humour. More specifically, the amount of times I play to the 'blushing, totally submissive uke' and the 'completely dominating seme' is my way of poking fun at them.

Furthermore, the way Hungary, Japan and Lichtenstein act is also for comedy. I do not believe stalking people because they are in a same-sex relationship is healthy or right, so don't do it.

I say this because INWYT! has become popular, and so people may be influenced by it. If you are influenced, I hope it's by the quirky/mad/ridiculous humour and you can laugh at the situations, but do not think that just because someone is an 'uke' means they are less of a man etc. because it does not. I like the Hetalia fandom because it makes fun of stereotypes; I try and do the same. I hope I am not reinforcing any.

I want you to enjoy the story because it makes you laugh or cheers you up, not because you believe everything in there is how things should be.

Thank you for reading, and sorry if this seems random but I feel it only right to point out that INWYT! should not be taken seriously- it is a work of comedy and I mean no ill by it.



I'm in Japan. For a year. And somehow I'm doing even more work here than I do at my home university. Gotta love the Japanese work ethic...

Tumblr: Still have no earthly idea as to what the hell this actually is, but I was forced into getting it by my hyper friends and so yeah... it's kind of a fail but feel free to check it out if ya want :P Look under the tag inwyt for anything pertaining to It's Not What You Think! :)
I actually has another Tumblr, for those that don't believe I is insane XD You can have a laugh at my and my friends awesome here:

Deviant Art: I don't really go on that much and I'm crap at drawing but yeah, here's my page thingy :P

Fanart: OMAG!! I never thought I'd ever get any fanart for my fics but I actually have so thank you to the wonderful people who've spent so much time making them!! :D
The wonderful baconis1priority drew me a pic for chappy 29 of my fic It's Not What You Think! :D
The amazing maiyeng drew me a pic for chappy 33 of INWYT! :3
The awesome Kai1412 drew me a pic for chappy 46 of INWYT! n.n
The fabulous pompom1124 drew me a pic for chappy 55 of INWYT!

Translations: If you fancy reading my stuff in another language, then you're in luck!

Arthur Kirkland's Diary is now in Russian, translated by the wonderful Darth Joskini. Read it here:

AO3 Account: I got this to use as a backup in case FF.net deletes any of my fics. Nothing is yet on it, but that may change so here's the link:

I'd just like to say a super huge thank you to all those who read my stories and especially to those who take the time to review and/or favourite. You honestly have no idea how much it means to me. I love you all!! If you ever have a story idea that you'd like me to write then by all means tell me and I'll do my best. I'm still fairly young so I hope to improve my writing so that you'll enjoy my stories even more so constructive criticism is also welcome. Once again, thank you so much readers and I hope I'll continue to write stories that you'll like :)

Name: Savy

Nicknames: Kyo, Sav, Savs etc

Age: Bloody hell I'm already twenty-one.

Age I joined FF.net: Fourteen :P

B-day: 2nd September, 1995

Nationality: English/ British *insert some comment about Brexit here*

Luvin': Most anime, manga, RPG'S and yeah... YAOI!! Also lie-ins. I love those

Hatin': Work (uni is evil), waking up early, and brussel sprouts "-_-

My Creed: When life gives you lemons, read them all a million times and have a major fangirl moment.

Profound Words: "Never argue with an idiot. They'll just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."
"Rome did not create a great empire by having meetings, they did it by killing all those who opposed them."
"The beatings will continue until morale improves."

My Writing Style: I tend to write in third person, although I've recently started experimenting with first. If you'd have asked me when I first started, then I would have said that I'm a romantic comedy writer. However recently I've had more drama in some of my fics so I can't categorise myself any more. I guess that's good though, my writing is improving so that I can do different genres :)

Why I joined FanFiction.Net: Well I accidentally found this site a couple of years ago when I was looking for Ace Attorney doujinshi online "n.n I'd never herd of fanfiction before, but I quickly got what it was all about and became obsessed :P I started off just reading fics without an account, mainly Ace Attorney fics. But then I wanted to read some pokemon fics one day, and I was looking for Respectshipping fics and to my absolute dismay: THERE WERE ABOUT TWO!! This totally depressed me cuz I really wanted to read loads of Respectshipping fics but they didn't prove to be that popular. That is why I decided to join this website and write my own Respectshipping fics instead, to hopefully show pokemon fans that this pairing could totally work. And that is why I joined FF.net, although my only intention was to write one fic then go back to reading and never write again. Shockingly, my first fic proved to be a hit and this urged me to try writing more fics and now... here we are! I've only been on here for about two years and I already have over 10 fics... woah! O_O I never intended to become an author on here XD But I'm glad I did :D

How I Got Into BL: So basically I was totally pure and innocent until one day YouTube recommended I look at an anime opening. This was nothing strange, so I clicked on the vid and watched only... it seemed to be heavily guy oriented and they were acting... well yeah XD To my absolute surprise YouTube had taken me to the opening for Gakuen Heaven (a BL anime). At first I was all o.O cuz I wasn't into that stuff at all but then I thought I may as well be open and give it a try... SO BLAME YOUTUBE FOR MY OBSESSION WITH BL!! After that moment, I was never the same XD

My Hetalia Head-canons

x I've heard from some people that England cannot swim. That is utter BS. As a freaking ISLAND nation, and one who 'ruled the waves' at that, there is no possible way that he cannot swim. I just... how can anyone have thought he wouldn't be an exceptional swimmer?!

x I refuse to believe America is a complete idiot. Mostly an idiot, but not completely. I have a theory that he's super good at sciences, and if I ever write AU stories then Alfred is good at Physics and Maths

x Canada isn't just quiet and passive aggressive. Piss him off enough, and he will change into Manada, and beat your arse. So respect that pancake eating mofo!!

x America is amazing at American Football and England is amazing at Rugby. As such, the two compete against each other in a strange amalgamation of the two sports

x Russia is not just a psychopath, his history has just kinda warped his view on things, which is understandable. I reckon that if anyone took the time to get to know him, Russia has a genuinely sweet side

x FrUK isn't plausible. There is too much bad History there. I can see the two of them as sex-friends, maybe even friends-friends, but that's about it. I cannot get my head around the idea of those two in a loving and romantic relationship, but I can if it's just about sex or platonic //shot by FrUk fans

x If FrUk is being written, England is the seme. He would never let a frog top him

x If England is paired with someone and he is the uke, he is NOT a whiny, blushing, begging mess throughout it. Yes, he is tsundere, but more 'tsun' than 'dere'. Besides, the guy's dark past and the fact he once ruled the world makes it seem, to me, that he would either default to seme or be a 'dominating' uke

x Portugal and England are best friends since childhood, seeing as the two share the longest running alliance ever and is still going today

x On a darker note: all countries have the capability to snap, especially those that once had Empires such as Japan, Spain etc. As being so ruthless was once a part of them, I feel that, under certain circumstances, this nature will re-surface and basically sh*t will go down

x Japan was England's first love, or at least the first person he had the slightest hint of romantic feelings for. I don't mean his first time (in all honesty I think that the Roman Empire would have been England's first, back when he was a youngish teen), but that Hetalia episode and how close the two once were, as well as having so much in common such as Empires at that time and being island nations, does it for me. So yeah, Japan was England's first love

x China is not just an androgynous country who likes cute things. He is smart, devious and can be cruel when necessary. He has ambitions to take over the world, but won't do it in an obvious way, because he's old and wise and knows better

x Every country has their national animal as a pet. So America owns a bald eagle, Iggy has a lion (called Aslan), Wales has a dragon etc.

x The rest of the UK exists. Scotland is the eldest (Ireland being the same age, but he isn't part of the UK), Wales and England were found together and are thus incredibly close, and Northern Ireland is the youngest. Wales and England are very close, and there is a lot of love between him and North, but Scotland and Iggy share a rocky relationship that has just as much hate as it does love

x Canada and America are brothers

x England cares deeply for those in the Commonwealth

x England DIDN'T care about America a million times more than his other colonies, it just seems that the manga just focused on the US/UK colonial times more. I personally feel that despite the French link, he also cares deeply for Canada, as well as the others he raised like Australia and New Zealand

x New Zealand is a guy despite his androgynous appearance, and is deceptively strong, having such an undeniable link with the Māori

x All nations once had mothers/fathers: Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Germania, Britannia etc. but wars and other things caused them to disappear

x Native America was a woman who I think would be a bit like Pocahontas. Technically she is America's mother, but the two didn't really interact as when colonists came, little America showed up. I think Native America always knew that the birth of her 'son' would be the end of her, thus America never knew she existed. I think England, France or Spain may have known about her seeing as they held control over the New World for a long time

x National Geographic is a form of porn for nations XD

x America's Nantucket is an erogenous zone

x England and Germany are good friends and unite over Football. I think this because of the cease-fire between the two countries on Christmas during WW1 where they both played Football. In the modern day, the two play together. England and Prussia also get along very well

x Finland can be dangerous if need be, as shown by the Molotov Cocktail

x Finland has a love for heavy-metal, seeing as arguably the best metal music comes from his country

x Sweden has a soft spot for cheesy music, a prime example being ABBA

x All European countries take Eurovision as a chance to bitch and be completely ridiculous at the same time

x Hungary is a hardcore yaoi fangirl and she has taken Liechtenstein under her wing as her apprentice

x The Union Flag/Jack is a flag of the UK. As such, the various countries comprising the UK value their own flag that much more, displaying it with pride at various sporting events etc.

x The States are not personified, they are various places on America's body (Florida anyone? ;D)

x Romano has links to the Mafia and is not to be messed with

x England is skilled at the electric guitar, bass, and vocals

x America can give Austria a run for his money on the piano if the genre in question is rag-time. America is also very good with Jazz related instruments (you can't even begin to comprehend a sexy sax man until you've seen Muricah)

x Countries have a tendency to use their various regional accents/dialects when in that part of their country

x England can relate to Russia in that he can recognise that he is lonely. He also has a respect for the other nation helping him in the Napoleonic Wars and during WWII when America initially refused. A poll taken straight after the war even showed that the UK regarded Russia as its best ally during the war

x Iggy and/or Artie are names that England genuinely doesn't like. He doesn't mind Iggs and/or Art though, as long as he's close to the person addressing him as such

x England specialises in 'pure magic', that is to say, simply channelling it and using it however he pleases. Despite being highly skilled here, he is terrible at potions, which he always messes up. Similar to how he cooks in order to try and improve, he makes potions in the hope that one day he'll get good at them (even though most things he could create a potion for is something he could cast anyways). His wand is there to tone down his magical power when necessary

I like to feel that I have grown out of the whole seme/uke 'rules'. I don't see why one has to be one of them all of the time, though of course there are a cople of exceptions. So I guess I see everyone as a seke now. Switching is always the best way! So yeah, whoever is before/after the 'x' generally holds no particular meaning :D

Pairings What Is Quite Good Innit:

PhoenixxMiles (Ace Attorney) Because they are practically canon you guys, and Feenie working so hard to become a lawyer just to save Edgey?? Pfft, total romance!!

LangxMiles (Ace Attorney) Because I am utterly CONVINCED that Lang calling Edgey 'pretty boy' has a deeper meaning.

HaruxKyo (Fruits Basket) Love the dynamic between the two of them!!

HikaruxKaoru (OHSHC) DSHFVLSDYFLSDYUFG. That is all I have to say on the matter.

Contestshipping (DrewxMay, Pokemon) This is just too sweet for words. I shipped them before I even knew what shipping was. There are so many hints throughout the show, such as how some of their pokemon compliment each other, and their battles and dynamic I just love them, 'kay?

Respectshipping (AshxDrew, Pokemon) The dynamic of rivals/friends/comrades/possibly more really had me interested. Drew is the only rival of one of Ash's friends that also goes against Ash and can beat him as well, plus I love Drew's character in general.

CloudxLeon (Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts) I am going to hell for this, but COME ON!! How can I not pair two of my favourite FF characters?! Although Zack will always be my fave all-time character n.n

RikuxSora (Kingdom Hearts) Because the freaking UST in the games between those two isn't even funny anymore -.- HURRY UP AND MAKE THIS CANON ENIX & DISNEY!! Funnily enough, one of the pairings where I mind who the seme is, and it's an unpopular opinion: Sora is the seme here. Feel free to discuss this with me. I have yet to write any Kingdom Hearts fanfics to make my case but I do intend to.

YurixWolfram (Kyo Kara Maoh!) If you are a KKM! fan then you know damn well why I love this pairing XD

USAxUK (Hetalia) I used to be a strict USUKer but I read so many fics with a whiny/moany/girly England that I began to get annoyed so now it's at the point where I don't care who the seme is or I prefer it to be England
So there aren't really words to describe how much I love this pairing!! As soon as I started the series I was all, "I sense UST and they are freaking awesome together!!" and so yeah, never really looked back XD Their history, their interactions, the whole Special Relationship thing... yeah, there's no need for further explanation ;3

RussiaxUK (Hetalia) WHATISTHISIDON'TEVEN! This pairing... oh God this pairing!! It's a guilty pleasure of mine admittedly, and thanks to a stunning fanfic I've read and some beautiful doujins of this couple I dunno... It's just really growing on me!! To be honest, this pairing is also my OTP. It usually switches between USUK and RusEng. THE WORLD NEEDS MORE OF THIS PAIRING!!

SpainxRomano (Hetalia) Because Roma is hilarious and needs to get laid, and Spain is the sexy European perfect for the job ;)

GermanyxItaly (Hetalia) Aww, these two are practically canon anyways. They are soooooo cute

EnglandxJapan (Hetalia) So you can blame my new found love for AsaKiku completely on ZeroChan. I was browsing for Hetalia pics and the amount of AsaKiku had me stunned. At first I didn't think much of it, but some of the pictures were absolutely amazing, then that Hetalia ep where Iggy and Japan wanted allies and became friends came to mind and... Voila!

CanadaxUK (Hetalia) The more I consider this pairing, the more logical it seems and the more adorable it becomes. There's the historical aspects of their relationship, and I'm sure that Canada could get England to chill the fuck out and England could bring Canada out of his shell more. To be honest, as I'm typing this, I realise that this is one of those pairings that you can't adequately put into words, but you love it so much partly because it's not easy to explain.

WORLDxENGLAND (Hetalia) This was always going to be inevitable.

AustriaxHungary (Hetalia) Because they is just so perf you guys!

CanadaxUkraine (Hetalia) This is cute. I don't care what you say. This is fuckin' adorable.

YukinaxKisa (Sekaiichi Hatsukoi) These two are my favourite couple in the SIH universe, purely because Kisa is an amazing uke. He's not all whiny and stuff, and is a total player to boot. I just find it refreshing.

NowakixHiroki (Junjou Romantica) THE BEST MOTHERFLIPPIN' COUPLE IN ALL OF THE JUNJOU UNIVERSE!!! I don't even need to justify it: it is a fact *nods resolutely*

MorinagaxSouichi (Koisuro Boukun) I just love this series, and most of Takanaga Hinako's works. But this one I just fell in love with.

RinxAsa (Shuffle!) As soon as I started watching Shuffle! (why was I watching it? Meh... good question :P) I liked Asa. Sia was too annoying, Nerine was a Mary Sue, Kaede was a psycho and Primula is a little kid!! So yeah, epic tomboy Asa was my fave :D

FranziskaxAdrian (Ace Attorney) LOLYuriPairing! Because it was soooo obvious there was chemistry with these two if you played the games.

SonicxShadow (Sonic The Hedgehog) Uhh... epic yaoi hedgehog smex?? :3 Yeah I'm going to hell...

LevixEren (Shingeki no Kyoujin) Levi made Eren his 'pet' *wink wink nudge nudge* ;)

ErwinxLevi (Shingeki no Kyoujin) I find this relationship interesting. Erwin seems to be the only one that Levi trusts on a level not shown to anyone else, and I quite like the idea of the top Survey Corps leaders getting a little, err, 'off track' during meetings "n.n

ReixNagisa (Free!) I highly doubt this needs to be explained. Plus if you've watched 50% Off you love this pairing even more

RinxHaru (Free!) Okay so... this is definitely my Free! OTP. The mad love I have for Rin is honestly ridiculous, and it's so obvious these two love each other and GAH they're adorable!!

MakotoxRin (Free!) So this pairing came about as a result of a Tumblr post where Makoto and Rin were arguing about who Haru suited best, and then Haru said 'I ship Makoto and Rin'. I thought about it for a few minutes and decided I agree with Haru :')

SouskexRin (Free!) I have written this pairing down after episode one and Souske hasn't even spoken yet but screw it I'm putting this here as a pre-emptive pairing XD Plus I ship Rin with basically everyone anyways :P

[Again, I think it's obvious who my favourite Free! character is "n.n]

MexIllumi (HunterxHunter): Illumi is my husband. I am the only eligible lover for him, and he is the only eligible lover for me. This is fact.

Geez, there's thousands now that I think about it...

Most epic games: Any Final Fantasy but especially 3 (cuz it's my first one :D) and Crisis Core (Zack Fair fan forever!!), Kingdom Hearts, Ace Attorney (All the Phoenix ones and Miles ones), Tekken, Tales Of Vesperia, Guitar Hero, inFamous: Second Son etc.

Nice Quotation: "Contrariwise... if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be but as it isn't, it ain't. That's logic."

My Top Hetalia Characters According To My 'Hetalia Character Ranking' Results

1.) England
2.) Russia
3.) Romano
4.) Spain
5.) Germany
6.) Prussia
7.) Denmark
8.) Japan
9.) Canada
10.) Australia

((France was 11 and America was 12... surprised these guys weren't higher, but I guess the computer must know me better than I know me XD I definitely agree with the top 3 though, maybe Canada and Prussia should be higher though? Huh...))

What My Current Top Hetalia Characters Are According To Me :P

1.) England
2.) Romano
3.) Russia
4.) Canada
5.) Prussia
6.) America
7.) Germany
8.) France
9.) Poland
10.) Switzerland/Hungary (Don't make me choose- they both deserve to be in my Top 10! XD)

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