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Hey everybody, I'm a huge fan of this site now. I'm really into Dragonball Z, Bleach (two favorites), and all of the stories. Ecspecially the Gohan and Videl or Ichigo and Rukia ones. Thier my favorites, Gohan is totally my favorite charachter. I'll be reading and writing plenty of humorous stories In the near future.

I'm not an anime freak by any means, but I know a good show when I see it. Thats why Dragonball Z and Bleach are my two favorite shows. Right up there with those two is Historys Strongest Disciple Kenichi. FMA and Inuyasha aren't half bad either (Even though Inuyasha is the same exact thing every episode.)

One of my most favorite things in the world is music, all of it, I function better with it. I seriously have music on my ears all the freaking time. My favorite band is a tie, Murder by Death, then Blue October, people write them off as an emo band (which is absolutely incorrect), and they miss out because of that one overblown assumption. My other music includes everything except for rap (the whole bitches and hoes thing just isn't for me.) So heres a maybe not so short list; Blue October, Mumford and Sons, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Manchester Orchestra, Gorillaz, Sugarcult, Muse, Anberlin, Chevelle, Dashboard Confessional, The Killers, Hurt, Red, Taylor Swift, Blind Pilot, Death Cab For Cutie, Stars of Track And Field, Hollywood Undead, Carolina Liar, Rob Thomas/Matchbox Twenty, Dirks Bentley, Bluejuice, The After Midnight Project, A Day To Remember, Counting Crows, lots of good anime songs (ecspecially the tracks from Bleach), Gavin DeGraw, Train, Breaking Benjamin, and I'll stop there. (Rest your Eyes).

Oh yeah, One of my other most favorite things to do Is To eat. All sorts of different foods, the thing I eat the most is apples, I freaking love em'. Believe it or not, I usually eat at least 15,000 calories or more everyday. I'm able to maintain my weight though, thanks to the fact that I'm really into martial arts. I spend and average of six hours a day at my dojo.

I Love Alabama Crimson Tide Football, In And Out, I Bleed Crimson! Its Practically the only time I pay attention to sports, seriously, I don't like sports at all unless its three and a half hours of Bama...

Current Projects:

Bleach: Romeo's Not So Sweet, Neither Is Juliet. Takes the characters of the show and sticks em' in High School. Read if you wish to know more!

Bleach: A challenge between myself and another author on this site, we each decided a genre and a character for the other. We have to write from a first person point of view as the chosen character. Unfortunately for me she's half evil, and she gave me Western as the Genre, and Yumichika as the character.

Kekkaishi...To the Future-Takes place after the end of the manga. It will be a continuation of the story. As I feel that the ending was a little unsettling. With the innocent kid and Yoshi's mom bieng sealed away.

Upcoming Projects:

Dragon Ball Z...Haven't decided on a title yet. This will essentially be a rewrite of the story starting when Gohan entered High School. I will be crossing the original storyline with new twists.

I'm stealing this idea from one of my favorite writers on this site.

Song of the Month: Foxglove By: Murder By Death

A girl came in the night, She brought me a fever, she laid her hands upon my head till I was burning up,

I woke alone, I was still burning, the fire was all that was left, all thats left of you,

It was always you, It was always you, it was always you -ooo

It was always you,

I cut through the brush, I followed your scent, to find the way to you, to find the way to you,

I'd travel through floods, through valley and lakes, to find my way to you, to find my way to you,

It was always you, It was always you, It was always you,

It was always you,

I followed a sound, that runs in the deep, I woke and I found, the voice from my sleep,

The girl waited for me, young and pretty, she gave me something cool to drink, and that was it for me,

It was always you, It was always you, It was always you,

It was always you.

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