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Hi! I'm just a person who loves to read (actually, I prefer moving images (if includes action) but if to understand more on background, I prefer reading). And that includes anime manga. So when in the end I ran out of what should I read, I remembered fanfiction! Yay! LMAO.

Well, I'm not that person who writes as I'm lack on that department and not interested to write. I donno if I can differentiate metaphores or all that. but I can be a predictable reader(blame it on my photographic imagination and past experience on my materials on fiction). I dont really like nonfiction, rather I like fic ones. Sci-fic is my weakness, coz its hard to imagine that stuff. But in the end it still depend on the writer's skills to attract me to their writing. Honestly, I can't understand lyric and poem, but I understand a story with infos to keep me on track on the story. I have to say this: if the story has lyric/poem in it, I tend to skip that part. Sorry! =_=;

I somehow like to review the stories. Rather, I like to comment on the story. It includes my musings, what the characters potray, the situations, my own predictions on what occurred after the end of the story, etc. I'm not those critiques that analize everything. If I like the fic, or how I see the story tells, I just said it. However, I only read when they are done- meaning completed in status. (EDITED: I read some ongoing fanfics, those where I review to.) coz I like reading until the end. XD

I have the tendency to read dark or fairytale like setting, AU setting, action and adventure, romance ...and drama too I guess. Wait! Now I've read too much drama and I can't stand it! Save me! T_T But I really want to read mysteries(but I'm quite dense in those area) and agnst(not encouragable but still want to). Humors are love. even dark humor. I'm a person who laugh out loud, I mean really loud... sometimes. I like to read characters who had given personalities and also if the character is originally frail or just cute is given strong personality, especially females. (Yea, yea.. Makes me a bit feminist.) It is interesting to explore this. And let me be clear: I don't like and not to read(if possible) shounen-/shoujo-ai, or incest or what ever it seems to go out of nature. Coz god had created his creatures to obey him and not go against what the course had been set. Or it will bring catastrophies. To prove it, look at our world right now. (This is not a flame if you think it is.)

Its great reading fanfiction with all the images running wild, blame the fangirls/boys, me included. Honestly, I think that some(most) stories are crap, but more than that is worth as a published ones. If only those writers can write more or just published their work as original work. Yet I know the interest on writing with their favourite characters as the actors and actresses for their story.

I usually read the story first, and if I find it appopriate, good story, I'll copy it down to MS Word and save it. Sounds a bit stupid rite. But I like to reread stories I like and tend to read the same thing over and over again.

If you want me to review your work, I may do so but I hope its worth to read review to.

Enough on my babblings! XDDD Got tons of fanfictions to read! XD


CardCaptor Sakura (MAJOR reading target. mostly SxS ExT, but can the romance not be the core of the story?)

Twilight (I'm in love of Carlisle x Esme & Alice x Jasper believe it or not, I don't like Bella n please don't flame XD)

Bleach (used to be quite obsessed with byakuyaxhisana, the only shipping I like)

Prince of Tennis (just read a few only for now)

Tsubasa RC (but mostly kuroxfye, so I dont read much)

Harry Potter (somehow I dont really like to read the shipping fanfic except for tonksxlupin, so I rarely read)


Series that I would like to see more excellent fanfic(coz it worth the anime/manga series listed)

Le Chevalier D'eon


Spirited Away

Natsume Yuujinchou

Angel Beats (one of best anime and has moral values, like CLANNAD too)