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Author has written 4 stories for Peter Pan, Breakfast Club, Supernatural, and Harry Potter.

About me:

Hello there :) Caiti 17 from Canada!

(Originally DeanWinchesterxoxo, now WonderfullyStrange801)

Off again to Never Land

the only reason i am writing this Peter Pan fanfiction is because when i saw the 2003 "Peter Pan" with Jeremy Sumpter i just HAD to write a sequel. It was so beautiful! I'm sure everyone, at least once in their life, has imagined themselves as Wendy on some sort of adventure in Never Land. Well, i've done alot of research for this story. Who knew there were so many Lost Boys names?! But, it was a fun fanfiction to write because i am putting myself in Wendy Darling shoes and continuing the story the way I want to. I really didn't like the whole idea of Wendy growing up without Peter.

Here's a quick summary: it takes place the day after Wendy and her brothers venture off to Never Land. No one believes them, as all the proof has been left in Never Land. Michael and John begin thinking that it never happened, thanks to Wendy who forced them not to believe such nonsense, that it was probably all a dream. Though she herself wishes it was real, she starts to think it was a dream as well. And then one night, Peter returns in need of her help. Now Wendy finds herself back to Never Land one last time. ENJOY PLEASE!!


My all-time favourite movie has got to be THE BREAKFAST CLUB. I realized recently that there are a lot of good TBC fanfictions, but there are hardly any about Brian. So, i decided to make a one-shot. this is about Brian Johnston, and what really happened to make him bring the gun (or flare gun, as he later finds out) to school. As well, after watching the movie, I wondered how Brian and Carl, the janitor, knew each other, so I made my own version for that, too. Enjoy!

All the Stars

This Supernatural fanfiction is admittedly super cheesy. Me and fellow fanfiction writer RainbowTurkeyofDoom are writing this and are well aware of just how cheesy the scenes are. But it's all for fun. So if you want some fun SUPERNATURAL cheese, check it out.

Lily, Mira and Ash are all hunters, brought together by unfortunate backgrounds. They're used to fighting the Supernatural on their own, but when they meet the team of Sam and Dean Winchester, they join forces, ultimately meeting Castiel along the way.

It's a fun fanfiction because all three of the girls have different personalities, different background stories, but the same common bond to fight the supernatural. and it makes for a nice cheesy read. So enjoy, fanfiction people!

Incase anyone was wondering, the name is "All the Stars" because of this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VqNKz1wBgM&feature=autoplay&list=FLtHIL1WOCuoQ&index=11&playnext=8

RainbowTurkey and I think that "All the Stars in Texas" by Ludo really protrays Lily and Dean's relationship well, if you replace bank robbing with supernatural hunting =) You should check it out; it's really a great song.

UPDATE April 29th 2013: Sorry about the major hold on this story, guys. I don't see me or RainbowTurkeyofDoom updating it any time soon. We've both kind of fallen out of the supernatural fandom. Again, so sorry to all who read and want updates. But I'll keep what we have written up on the site so you guys can keep reading!

On His Mind

"Scabior couldn't forget the perfume scent, nor the fact that there was a girl out there somewhere who had become his new obsession. He knew he would do anything to find her, and anything to keep her with him, even if it meant defying all he's ever known."

This is obviously a Scabior!Hermione pairing, and it was originally going to be a oneshot but I've decided to make it into chapters, however short they may be. In summary, the story is about Scabior who becomes obsessed with Hermione and is unable to get her off his mind, and therefore begins to question all he's known, everything he's lived by and everything he's learned. It's basically him rethinking his life for her :) It is a romance novel, and there are some mature themes (although nothing graphic) so it's rated T :) hope you enjoy it!

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Scabior couldn't forget the perfume scent, nor the fact that there was a girl out there somewhere who had become his new obsession. He knew he would do anything to find her, and anything to keep her with him, even if it meant defying all he's ever known.
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