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Author has written 8 stories for Ice Age, Monsters Inc., and Bolt.

Hello profile stalkers!

I'm a pretty average guy that likes reading probably as much as everyone. I love Ice Age, evidently.

Ice Age isn't my only favorite. I also like:

Brother Bear, Lion King, Balto, Bolt, Madagascar, and The Wild. I also like Over the Hedge, Alpha and Omega, How To Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, Monsters Inc., etc. So as you can see, I like animated movies.

I'm more than happy to review a story I like! However, I won't read stories with a confusing writing style. I don't care how good it is when you read it, the distraught writing arrangements is enough to make me puke out of disgust. I also love originality! In fact, read my stories! Their plots aren't anywhere near the word REPETITIVE. But if your story is so freakin' amazing though the plot is used once again, I'll still read it :)

One last thing, I'm not really much of a reader. Well, fanfiction reader, I am, but not long novels like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. I want to read it, but I find myself too idle or busy. So, I'm gonna be humble and say it: I'm not a professional. My advice in reviews might not be as accredited as fit so I'm only going to critique up to only my level. I won't go far as tell anyone what they should be when I myself do not hit that kind of standard.

I also have a fictionpress account, so if you're interested in reading some of my non-fanfiction works (which may not be that good), be my guest: http://www.fictionpress.com/xiontheauthor (when it says the user account is gone, you are going to have to refresh the tab/window where the link popped out again so it would show it. If that doesn't work, press enter in the url window itself.)

I'm an avid music lover by the way, and my singing isn't half-bad(at least everyone says so). I have a lot of hobbies :P

My Stories:

1. Ice Age Journeys: Two Roads, One Destination (Ice Age fanfic): Complete Fourteen chapters! (Original)

2. It's Not A Pleasant Story (Ice Age fanfic): Complete Six Chapters! (AU)

3. Bolt Inc. (Bolt X Monsters, Inc. crossover): On-Hiatus Three Chapters (Thinking of an ending/climax...)

4. Ice Age Journeys: Raising A Cub (Ice Age fanfic): Complete Twenty Chapters! (Revision complete)

5. Forgotten Worlds (Ice Age Fanfic): Complete Fifteen Chapters

6. Raising A Cub: Legacy (Ice Age fanfic): Complete ONE-SHOT! (Yey, first ever oneshot! A bit long though :P)

7. Family Day -Humanized fanfic- (Ice Age Fanfic): In-progress Two Chapters (two chapters remaining)

8. Ice Age Journeys: Two Roads, One Destination v2 (Ice Age fanfic): In-Revision Six Chapters

Sparks of Insanity (aka stories I'll probably write in the near future, no specific order whatsoever)

A note for the future, all stories entitled "Ice Age Journeys" don't necessarily connect with each other. Perhaps what will only connect them is the theme, a recycled character, and multiple chapters. It's only a way of identifying the stories I write here.

Continental Drift has made for scrapping a LOT of ideas. Anyways, here are those I want to write based on priority.

1. Ice Age Journeys: Pawprints in the Snow

Now that he has become a full-fledged hunter, Roshan has become perfectly capable of taking care of himself and his tribe. He was courageous, smart, but over those traits were flaws of stubbornness and impatience. Little could he remember about anything that happened to him during a baby. Peculiar thoughts made him wonder, and soon enough he had gone to Runar for answers. His father narrated to him of the story of how he lost his mother, and how he His father thought he was lost forever, until one day a mammoth - strangely accompanied by a sloth - saved his life and returned him to the tribe. For that, he gave the mammoth a necklace.

But his father knew nothing of the saber that completed the trio. Angered for never knowing his mother, he went out and sought revenge. He was in a terrifying rage, and all he wanted to do as a brash young man was to kill a saber. Any saber tooth tiger would do. For blood to be repayed.

Life had been sweet for the herd. A mate for Diego, Shira. Manny and Ellie's child growing up, and more wonders surrounded the happy family. One day, Diego was at on a hunt by himself. Diego confronts an old friend - but now an enemy. Soto attacks him and he defends himself. He defeats Soto, but makes him run off instead of finishing him. Soto declares threats of what will happen for letting him live, that he will still continue to exact his revenge. As Soto left, Diego didn't notice another hunter dwelling in the shadows. Even the great predator of the wilds can be defeated in subterfuge by man who could learn. Roshan had found a prey. When he looked at it, his body felt a strange string of familiarity. But he mistook those feelings, and with his anger over it, he believed the one in front of him was the one killed his mother.

But he didn't know. He didn't know the rest of the story. He confronts the saber. At first, Diego growled back, but when he looked into his eyes he could only see the eyes of a boy whose life he spared. He didn't know the man in front of him was the boy he saved years ago, but as the changed saber he was he planned to outrun the hunter - away from the herd.

But even cats get old. He is chased and cornered at the mountain, Half-Peak. Diego couldn't fight another human. Not another sin to sprayed on his ashes. So in the end, he let his life slip away as the hunter pierced his knife through his body. Although regretful, in his last few breaths, he looked back at his life. Not many sabers would feel happy with a life of an endearing family. And for that, he was contended. As he closely looked at the hunter's eyes, he finally recognized them. It WAS the boy he saved long ago. And that was the only regret he couldn't let go.

Roshan let the growing-cold saber slump on the ground. He had now claimed the life of what he thought was his mother's killer. He bellowed at the top of his lungs, pouring his emotions out in the bone-chilling rain that started to pour down his face. Suddenly, the rain dies down, but a flash of light erupts from the heavens. As his surroundings glow around him, an ethereal water starts pouring down in front of him, bathing the fallen tiger. Roshan stands speechless.

He curiously reaches his hand towards the pouring water, only the feel it like light warming his hand. Suddenly, it all blasts away as a stream of color paints the air around him. He is surrounded by moving images of animals that he felt had a soul and life within them. He notices the body of the saber picked up by the spirits his elders had taught him about. In the great lights were the spirits of their ancestors watching over them, and the ancestors of the saber were picking him up.

And then a gentle silhouette wisps in front of him. The moment he saw the figure, he knew that it was his mother. He slowly approached her, but her mother wore a frown on her face. She gently caresses her hand on his cheek as a tear fell down her face. She turns towards the saber and back to him before wisping away into the flourishing lights. Roshan reaches out an arm before he starts losing feel of his feet. He slowly rises into the sky as the body of the saber turns into a fluid light, streaming and covering him. Before he knows it he is enveloped in the light.

When the lights all disappear, he is left on the cold ground sleeping. Later would he know that he had turned into a sabertooth.

He wakes up to the day to rub his eye while yawning. As he opens his eyes fully he later sees the his hand was a paw. Leaning over to a puddle made from yesterday's rain, he sees what he had become. He had turned into Diego. He wanders about, searching for a reason for what happened. Later after realizing he could understand animals, he ends up meeting Rutt and Tuke, who laughs at his story of a human becoming a saber and makes fun of him. Then, three bears come into view.

The two moose explain it to their friend bears, and one named Kenai scolds them. He reminds his two friends about him, wondering if they forget. Kenai then talks to Roshan, explaining that he too was a human before. Of course, Roshan doesn't believe it at first, but the female bear named Nita insists and tells him that she too was once human. A bit overwhelmed, and is confused at processing it all, he bluntly asks if the little bear was their kid. Kenai and Nita blush, but they explain that Koda was the only real bear.

Kenai explains to him that the spirits have done it for a reason, and who knows, maybe he should stay as a sabertooth. Roshan retorts that he can't stay as an animal, as he is the future tribe leader and his people are counting on him. Kenai then tells him that if he wants to turn back, he has to do what the spirits want. In his experience, he says that he must learn a valuable lesson. Unlike Roshan, his bear form was his alone. Perhaps it had to with something from the saber's old life.

The bears and moose(that's the plural of it) tag along to help him to look for what life the saber did had. Only later does Shira find him, but she doesn't know that Diego is actually Roshan. "Diego" lies that his company were friends he found while he was gone. Shira buys it and takes them back to the herd. Roshan is mystified when he heard the word "herd". He plays along and follows her. He then finds that his transformation was only the beginning of his adventure, as he sees a familiar looking mammoth and sloth. And he remembers of the necklace his father gave to a mammoth long ago. The two knew "him" like old friends. What exactly was going on?

For a few days, Roshan is forced to act like Diego[this is the part I'll dedicate an entire chapter to this to help ease in things for the readers instead of rushing to the plot]. Everyone however finds him acting strange. He acts bashful and jumpy, unlike the real Diego who was rough and cool-headed - as Sid said. He tries hard to find out about himself without being conspicuous. Roshan asks Kenai for advice, and the bears gladly help him. There was no way he could tell them what he really was. He couldn't tell them that the real Diego was dead, and that wasn't the worst of it all -- that he was the one who killed him. Everyone doesn't seem to get suspicious... except for one person.

On some nights, he'd have vivid dreams of peekaboo. All to be blocked away by a dream of falling down the water. One in particular he had a dream of being pushed away from his mother, but caught by a gentle touch. Those dreams tend to feel so real, like he could actually feel what was happening. Soon enough, he understand that what he did was a mistake. The saber he had killed seemed to be a good soul. But that didn't give him enough answer for why he was turned into the saber itself. As a hunter, he had killed many animals, so what would another life taken do? One day, feeling lost, Roshan asks Koda and the others for help. With a wide grin, Koda assured him with a paw shake.

Later that night, as the entire herd gathered around a Sid-made fire, Koda pops out to ask how they all became a herd. Sid recognizes it as a good question, although asks many times now. Peaches insists the story to be told as she loves it dearly. Shira asks if "Diego" could start the story, but he respectfully declines with an excuse. Manny and Sid goes off with the story. With each word passing through their lips, Roshan felt a rush of understanding... and horror. He kept a straight face while hiding the terror as he learns of what it was all about.

The story he heard from his father was incomplete. There was a whole other side filled with joy and adventure... but right now in his ears he heard was ghost story. And he was in one. Ellie notices how shaken up he looks - breathing heavily, sweating profusely, and practically uneasy. After saying it, everyone starts mentioning how odd he had been acting lately since he came back after a hunt. He tries to make an excuse, lie so he wouldn't be caught. But he only ends up muttering words until Shira finally says it with a determined look. "Because you're not Diego." She says.

Knowing the truth was finally slipping out, Roshan starts confessing, first by finishing the story. "But the child never knew the saber that braved off his own pack to save him. And that one day, when he came of age, he had learned of his mother's death and he went off to search for a saber to exact his revenge."

"My name is Roshan. I'm the only heir to leadership of the East human tribe across Glacier Pass. I'm... the boy in your stories. I'm not Diego. I'm a hunter... and I" he cleared his throat with a distinct pain in his chest "...killed him.

Everyone was astonished. They were all confused. Especially Manny and Sid. Should they be happy that they got to meet the boy whose life they saved, or should they be terrified and enraged that he had killed a close friend? Roshan stepped a paw back. As he disappeared into the darkness, the approaching ending of this story must be awaited until it is fully published. And only to be left for you all to imagine is the figure of a saber amidst the shadows hunting "Diego".

--> I have it all planned out now as you can see. And yep, its a crossover with Brother Bear but I won't post it at the crossover boards as they are just supporting characters (and the fact that not many people check there). I just need to know what happens after Ice Age 4 and what Shira is like. So, yeah, this will start around July or August. Sorry. Another thing I could probably be sorry about is that there won't be a wolf OC. Again, my apologies.

2. Ice Age Journeys: The Four Seasons of Life

--> Let's just say I've got a big surprise here for everyone

2. Ice Age Journeys: Howling the Notes Right

With everyone living different lives, Diego could feel everyone drifting apart. No one could have expected it, but with the herd getting larger, it should be no surprise. As drastic measures arise, he attempts to take them all in a journey to bring the old memories back, bringing new additions for them to hear their tales. But upon their travels Diego doesn't feel like his attempt to create quality time together with all of them is working. When all hope seems lost, the herd encounters a peculiar wolf, Cahil, who is flamboyantly loquacious, a bit egoistic, and worst of all, has a knack for singing just about everything; and he's not half-bad at it.

Manny and Diego doesn't like him at first. The wolf was albeit annoying. But in his songs of fun and endearment, he sees the herd slowly coming together. The saber approves of Cahil's company, but then the wolf's business starts to get in.

Turns out he's a wanted criminal, and his brother Noah was sent out to kill him. Not so fun now, I suppose? Worst of all, the herd is now dragged into this mess. But aren't these kinds of adventure what bring them all together?

--> Songfic-ness! Not sure if I should make this, considering posting musical lyrics can get you banned. If I write my own lyrics, no one can relate to a tune. If I change the lyrics and refer to a song, I'm not sure if I still won't get sued by it though T.T. Why do I want to make a story like this in the first place? Well: 1.) Its fun. 2.) Its a fanfic, reasons don't matter in the end, and 3.) I take a certain trait I have and add it my OC (like most of us). This guy gets my knack for singing a lot (I may not be the best singer, but I know I can sing). Also, if I do choose to use real songs, I ought to use those from disney or any animated movie.

3. When Herds Collide

Vincent the Grizzly Bear is your lovable pack Patriarch. He thinks ahead for others, humorous, and keeps his loved ones safe from harm. Banished from his original herd for adopting two predators whose kind is well known - Clive and Robin, a set of twin dire wolves - he set out to make one for himself. And his warming smile invited many outcasts like himself to a family where each and every one cares for each other. Magenta the ferret was driven away out of jealousy of her singing voice, and Gabriel the sloth wasn't just a tad bit tidier than most sloths. And around their lives, Vince even met the woman of his dreams, Guenevere. A graceful bear who could swim unlike any other.

So a mismatch herd like this should be just as friendly to our sub-zero heroes... right? Well... I suppose there's a war for everything when they start claiming who owns whose land, and who was here first. Hence a title for a battle between herds!

--> I just adore the idea of another herd just as strange as our sub-zero heroes! Yes, more wolf OCs.

My Major OC: *CAUTION* CONTAINS SPOILERS (I rightfully claim ownership of all my OC)

Minor OC are not included (ex. Humphrey the Crazy Rabbit)

1. Ryan

Age: 20

Specie: Wolf


From: Ice Age Journeys: Two Roads, One Destination

Distinguishing Features: Scarred-face.


2. Barret

Age: ?? Two minutes younger than Buck

Specie: Weasel


From: Ice Age Journeys: Two Roads, One Destination

Distinguishing Features: White fur.

Synopsis: Buck's younger brother.

3. Diana

Age: Same age as Diego

Specie: Smilodon

Personality: Wild-at-heart, cheerful

From: Ice Age Journeys: Two Roads, One Destination

Distinguishing Features: Pregnant during the story. Has most of Diego's characteristics, only her head fur is longer and more smoother, and has a more slender body (which really isn't obvious as she was of course carrying cubs)

Synopsis: Diego's long lost sister. Gives Diego a closer figure for what he could call a family. During their journey, they encounter her randomly and Diego rejoices that he had found his sister. The father of the cubs she carried, however, was almost as close as what Diego could also call as family.

4. Nia

Age: 19

Specie: Wolf


From: Ice Age Journeys: Two Roads, One Destination

Distinguishing Features:

5. Flik

Age: 20's

Specie: Osprey

Personality: A temperamental individual. He has a witty way of speech, and is somewhat arrogant. Flik however is incredibly loyal, and has a profound sense of nobility. Not much is known about him.

From: Ice Age Journeys: Two Roads, One Destination/Raising A Cub

Distinguishing Features: The only osprey ever mentioned in both stories though they do not have any relation whatsoever. In 2R1D though, he has a peculiar locket while in RaC he doesn't.

Synopsis: In 2R1D, he isn't much of a major OC and helps only in the final battle. In RaC, he acts as a major guide for Peaches and Eli throughout their journey, but has a dangerous secret that ends up being found out. I actually plan to put him in every Ice Age Journeys story I make. Just for fun. He's a pretty mature person, and has a quite a sharp and loose tongue, almost never letting a single thought not pass through his beak. He's also a bit like Buck where he has a Bird chauvinism in respect to Buck who has a Mammal chauvinism, but that trait reflects mostly in 2R1D.

6. Elias (nicknamed Eli for short)

Age: 5/17

Specie: Wolf

Personality: A fun-loving, carefree child, but when he puts his mind into something he definitely does it. He is sometimes obedient, but is at times too eager and confident. However, Diego trains him to be smart and cunning, therefore acquiring a bit of Diego's cool-headed personality although he doesn't show it. At times needed to be serious, his fears and doubt would be nowhere to be seen.

From: Ice Age Journeys: Raising A Cub

Distinguishing Features: White-colored fur with amber-colored eyes. Being an adopted individual, he kept his mane the same way as Diego did.

7. Leah

Age: 16

Specie: Wolf

Personality: She has a quirky personality, confident with herself. Because of her brother's influence, she is raised to quite the dutiful person. Since her father is relaxed and tense-free, she feels the need to be a bit serious. She shares her father's wisdom - something her brother doesn't have - but at times she shows that she acquired her father's carefree attitude, sometimes letting lose and having fun.

From: Ice Age Journeys: Raising A Cub

Distinguishing Features: Light chestnut brown fur and her head hair distinguishing of a female.

8. Amelia

Age: Same age as Buck.

Specie: Weasel

Personality: She is smart and courageous, also sharing Buck's desire for adventure. Amelia however is more reserved, following a more intuitive lifestyle, balancing Buck's rough instinctive nature. She is sensitive and caring, putting others ahead of her own sake. She takes care of Buck like a sister when they were young although they are roughly of the same age before realizing how non-platonic her love actually was.

From: Forgotten Worlds

Distinguishing Features: She looks almost the same as Buck only she has short peppy hair and doesn't have the brown spots on her underbelly unlike Buck.

The Villains (OC)

1. Garic

Age: 42

Specie: Dire Wolf

Evil Personality: Prideful. Traditionalist.

From: Ice Age Journeys: Two Roads, One Destination

Distinguishing Features: Gray hair and menacing amber eyes. He has large black tribal ink tattoos on both sides of his front thighs.

2. Ricardo

Age: ??

Specie: Vulture

Personality: Power-hungry and sadistic. Aggressive and hardly ever pauses to think. His patience is as short as his temper.

From: Ice Age Journeys: Raising A Cub

Distinguishing Features: Jet black feathers with a giant with a large scar across his beak. He has a mean-looking profile, and has two feathers sticking out the top of his head.

3. Drakon

Age: 100?

Specie: Dragon

Evil Personality: Possessive and domineering.

From: Forgotten Worlds

Distinguishing Features: Has orange scales with spikes going down the length of his back. Drakon generally looks like a western dragon in appearance. He has tattered wings judging maybe from overuse, and has old yet devilish eyes.

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