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Yup, that's me.

Hi. My pen name's Latin in case you were wondering.

Hmmm...I guess I should talk about myself a bit...I love Teen Titans. A lot. Probably more than I should. XD I am a total stickler for grammar and spelling, mostly because I want to be an English teacher when I get older, so I just think, hey, why not start now?

Hmm...I think I'm a nice person, do you? I mean, I try to get along with people. ;)

I don't really like OC's, not because I think they're Sueish ('cept some are) or horrible or anything ridiculous like that, but because more often than not, the author centers their story around them, making their original character become the focus of the story and stealing all of our Titans' thunder. It just...kind of annoys me for some reason. I don't know. It's just that this is the Teen Titans archive, not the Your Original Character With Supporting Appearances by the Teen Titans archive. But I have read good stories with OC's, so not all of them are bad...just be sure to make them realistic. ;)

I love romance and the Robin/Starfire pairing, mostly because you can tell that the depth of their relationship is there (which is reasonable- it is a Y-7 adventure show after all), but is never actually explored or elaborated on, at least to me. So it's fun to explore it yourself. Plus Starfire is my favorite character, so I suppose that plays into it a bit.

About Rob/Rae (because I'm sure all Rob/Star shippers have their opinions on that couple in their profile)- I don't mind it- too much. But I honestly and truly believe with all of my heart that Robin should be with Star, because they're best friends and know each other sometimes better than they know themselves. And I also don't really understand the logic behind it- "Ohhh, Robin saved Raven from falling in Birthmark, it must be TWU WUV!!" (and you know any of the other Titans would have done the same thing- if Robin hadn't caught her, he would have had to hate her or something) "Robin and Raven have DARK, ANGSTY pasts, so that means that they UNDERSTAND each other." (Yeah, like being sold into slavery by your mom and dad or having robot parts grafted onto you and being alienated from society isn't dark or depressing at allll, noooo.)

I know people who will relentlessly argue with me about this, but I find the Cyborg/Raven couple quite interesting. Car Trouble was probably the episode that did it for me. I also tend to drift towrads BB/Terra pairing-wise. But that doesn't mean I dislike BB/Rae. It gets just a tad bit boring and cliche with all of the squealy BB/Rae fangirls stuffing the archive with "BBXRAE 4-EVAH BIATCHES!" (quote compliments of Amethyst Turtle- thanks ;) Maybe because I always liked Terra, and I think Terra/BB a bit more believable and cuter than than BB/Rae. Hmm. I don't know.

Okay, other pairings I like-
X/Star and (please don't hate me) Slade/Star. I KNOW, I KNOW, S/S is kinda...yah...and just a bit...wrong (and makes me pause a lot)- trust me, I don't even know why I like it- but I do, so...if you kinda like it too, PM me so I can see if I'm alone or not.

I don't mind any other pairings. Unless Robin's with anyone other then Star.

Ah, well...I've just used up two paragraphs telling you my couple preferences. I must be a shipper!

On my iPod (His name's Touchy)- Evanescence, Paramore, Three Days Grace, Lady GaGa, Fall Out Boy, The Fray, stuff like that.

Favorite Food- peanut butter! And almonds! (But maybe not together.)

I lovelovelovelovelove Batman!! HE IS ADORABLE!! I even have a little Batman plushie I won at an arcade in Pennsylvania. I talk to him a lot.

I don't think anybody could truly hate Starfire. Go watch Troq again, from Season 4, then come back and tell me how you can hate her. I loathe Star-bashing. It's stupid, immature, and normally done to make Raven look good.

Welllll...I plan to have some (hopefully good) stories up soon, but I like to write out my multi-chapter ones and get them done before I post them on- there's definitely nothing more annoying than when someone doesn't finish a good story.

Thanks for reading about me! I'm a very interesting person- just kidding. ;)

Oh, and I almost forgot! Do like to make fun of Twilight? READ THIS BLOG, TIS HILARIOUS!

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