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Author has written 21 stories for NCIS, Hunger Games, Het Huis Anubis/House of Anubis, and X-Men: Evolution.

The Guardians Characters

Guardians: Kylie Hollis/Red, Dakota Shade/Silver, Evangeline Thanos/Gray, Rose Rios/Green, Jade Madara/Purple, Camry Loudoi/White, Jason Delek/Yellow, Hugo Zeller/Cyan, Ben McLemore/Blue, and Danny McCain/Orange.

Minor Villains: Shea Leonard, Nymeria Stark, Dmitri Kyle, Minnie Lin, and Kimi Hana-Richardson

Extras: Grace Oberlin, Adal Kauffman, Lily Greeves, Emery O'Reill, Raiden Brennan, Rita Carmichael, Marina Gray, Anita Benson, and Alyssia Capella.

My Character: Kylie Hollis/Red

Name: Kylie Hollis

Age: 16

Gender: Female

School Grade: Junior

Guardian Color: Red

Appearance: Kylie stands at 5'6" with a slender, athletic build from running track and cross country. She has long legs, narrow hips, slightly broad shoulders, and long arms. She's naturally fair skinned with a couple of freckles on her face and there's even an awkward one on the side of her neck. Flaxen blonde hair goes down a bit past her shoulders and is typically worn in a braid for school, but in a ponytail for athletics or for the Guardians. Her eyes are almond shaped and blue-grey.

Personality: Kylie is a tough cookie who won't give up on anyone and has a tendency to push herself or other people too hard. She can be a little bit tricky to get along with, but if she likes you then it's pretty much forever and she's a loyal friend. Sticks up for her friends no matter what and will do close to anything to make sure they're safe, but not necessarily happy. Hardworking and determined, she's the never quit type and is known for really pushing herself. Doesn't have a good sense of humour and the jokes that she does make are pretty bad, thankfully, they're few and far between.

History: Kylie was born in Bayville and her father is a high-ranking police officer so she's always been involved with the law in some way or another. Her mother teaches group fitness in town on the weekends, but her real job is as a clinical psychologist in the Bayville General Hospital. Kylie grew up with her older sister Chelsea, who is three years older than her. They were best friends all there lives and it was Chelsea who first learned about Kylie's mutation when it developed in seventh grade. Kylie had been running since she was in sixth grade, in both cross country and track. She continued in high school and it's become a source of stability in her life. She started the Guardians as a response to her sister being killed by a mutant as an anti-human hate crime.


Jacob Hollis (45): Police officer

Marisa Hollis (42): Psychologist

Power(s): Invulnerability (She's unable to feel physical pain, cannot be shot, stabbed, or damaged in any conventional way. She never bleeds and her skin is cold, which are dead give aways of her powers. She is able to be killed by drowning, poisoning, or lack of oxygen. Her powers make her supernaturally strong and she has to hold herself back a lot)

Why they joined the Guardians? Because of her sister being killed

Would they join the X-Men or Brotherhood? Which one and why? X-Men, because they help people

Hello, and welcome to my profile. I do not really feel like posting great deal of nonsensical things on here at the moment I will simply give my thoughts on a few things. I very much enjoy watching NCIS and I approve of the TIVA and McABBY pairings. Sorry if you're a TATE fan, I'm not. While it might seem dumb, I like X-Men (Cartoons and everything). I know more about X-Men than my boyfriend, so I really am a total nerd. My taste in music is always changing so I am not even going to bother saying what it is current;y. That's all I really have to say.

Most of the time I'm a pretty happy person, but everyone has there bad days so if I happen to send you a blunt constructive criticism review I'm most likely having a rough day. Life's not easy and I have a lot of bad days so I can be a very cynical person who has a bit of a pessemistic outlook on life. I'm a private person who doesn't like to share a lot of personal information so please don't ask. Don't ask me about my religious views or try to shove yours day my throat I've had religion shoved down my throat for years so I will just ignore you if you try to do something silly like persuade me that what you believe is correct. I'll stop before I accidentally offend someone.

That's really all there is about me.

My good friend Sammy has a photography magazine called "Young Souls" with a girl named Sarah and it's amazing:

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Fall 2012:

Fanfiction Awards

-1st Place in Inkheart4112's February Challenge with "Secret Admirer"

-1st Place in Sibuna-Club-Fabina-Forever4569's Contest with "MASH"

-1st Place in siriusblackrox123's Songfic contest with "Call Me Maybe"

-1st Place in m5HOA's CHALLENGE with "Army Wives"

-2nd Place in Winkmepink's Writing Challenge with "Good Girls Go Bad"

-3rd Place in Sibuna97's Fabina Oneshot Challenge with "The Story of Us"

-3rd Place in Starvation's March Prompt: Insanity with "Fallen Apart"

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The Guardians reviews
The Guardians; vigilantes from both sides of the conflict, the ten members of the group seem to strive to stop the fighting before an all out war breaks. The X-Men want to recruit them. The Brotherhood want them to fight for the mutant cause. The law enforcement want them behind bars. Only problem is, no one knows who they are.
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Call Me Maybe reviews
AU. Fabian and Nina are nineteen and both of them go to college in America. They never went to House of Anubis and they've never met before. Are they destined to be together in every world? For siriusblackrox123's songfic contest.
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