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Bring the nightshade, fight love, free your people then kill the enemy and you will prevail!

Me, Myself, and I

HeIsTheAuthurOf;; The Diary of Jeff Crows, The Power of Seven, The Nightshade series, Destruction of Life and other Short Stories ColourOfhisEyes;; Bluey Greeny..
ColourOfHisHair;; Brown..
HisSisters;; Bec and Mel
HisFavouriteColours;; Black Red..
HisStarSignIs;; Gemini..
HisZodiacsignis;; Rooster
HisFavouriteBandsAre;; My Chemical Romance, Glee Cast!, The Quietdrive, We The Kings, 30 Seconds to Mars! Yeah..
Addicted2;;Myspace Facebook

sports: Not a very sporty person

Happiest When: Writing and meeting up with friends

he's different because... He loves life as it is, and hopes it will never change!

Films: harry potter starwars Eragon dundeons and dragons heroes,

69 random Things About Me

Height: 6ft1

Weight: 86kgs

Birthday: 8/6/93

Town you were born in: C'town

Single or Committed: single

Favorite band: 30 Seconds to MARS!

Favorite sports team: Parramatta Eels

Favorite drink: Orange Juice!

Favorite getaway: My room

Favorite pasttime: Dreaming

Favorite reality show: I survived a Japanese Gameshow

Best thing to ever happen to you: My friends

Favorite clothes: Quicksilver

Your hair color : brown

Pepsi or Coke: pepsi

Do you kiss on the first date: no

Chocolate or Vanilla: Choc

Favorite restaurant: The house of Bamboo

Favorite movies: The ugly truth, Percy Jackson, Saw!, Halloween

Love or money: Money

Blondes or Brunettes: blondes

Your ambition: To become a successful writer

Ever bungee jumped: no

Ever swam in the ocean: yes

Ever been in love: no

Ever broken someones heart: yes

Had your heart broken: no

Broke a bone: yes

Favorite TV show character: Vicky Pollard

Cats or Dogs: cats

Pizza or Burger: burger

Your first crush: It was this chick in Primary

Ever lied to your parents: yes

Worst fear: losing everyone I love

Your weakness: easily distracted

Any tattoos: no, but wants one!

Favorite subject in school: Business

Kisses or hugs: hugs

Done anything you regret: yes

Passive or aggressive: aggressive

Morning or Evening: evening

Summer or Winter: winter

Ever won a sports medal: yes

Ever been out of your country: no

Your dream vacation: Venice

Best gift you have received: Tickets to West Side Story!

Favorite Actor: Dont have one

Favorite Actress: Helen Boham Carter

Best compliment someone gave you: You have beutiful eyes

Do you hate anyone: yes

Hip-hop or Rock: rock

Favorite perfume: Linx

Ever been fined by a traffic cop: no

Country you want to go to: France or Italy

Ever been to a drive-in-movie: no

Ever lied to teachers in school: yes

Craziest thing you: Shoplifted

Your craziest dream in life: My book be published

Ever dyed your hair: yes

City you live in: C'town

Favorite day of the week: Wednesday

Favorite memory: when I found someone as werid as me

Do you swear a lot: yes

Ever puked at a party: no

Ever danced all night long: no

Have a crush on anyone: not anymore

Your best buddy these days: Nat and Seniorita Nikki

Are you a health freak: no, though I do have alot of things wrong with me

Vehicle you drive: i dont drive, unless its people up the wall

NOTE: All character's in my stories are OC's (original creations), if you want to use any of them, ask my permission first

These are some of my OC's

name: Vintor

species: Angel

status: Knight but sometimes a scholar, Angel of Light and Hope

age: looks like a 16 year old but thousands of years old

gender: Male

appearance: Gold wings, Blonde hair, white tuxedo, gold shield with a tree displayed in the middle, Hold a Gold short sword in right hand, has a bow and a quiver of arrows hanging from shoulder

Personality: Highly intelligent, extremely loyal, does not show emotions often, often withdrawn and quiet (repercussion of being in the War of the Immortals - Will write a chapter/short story bout it later. Half way finished now peoples!)

theme song(s): The Times are changing - Bob Dylan (from the Watchman soundtrack), Calling all Angels - Sarah McLachlan and K.D.Lang

relationships (these are only for Dragonfire2lm):

Dragonfire - friend

Enemies: All beings of evil

- Can fly,
- Klavoyiant (able to see the future),
- Telekinetic
- Telepathic
- Swordsmanship skills
- archery skills
- Immortal
- hand to hand combat
- can turn invisible
- able to create a force field made of beams of light (no creature of evil can touch it without dying)
- can restore dead creatures and plants back to life with one touch
- extraordinary healing powers (if ever hurt. NOTE: being immortal does not mean he can't get hurt)

likes: peace, friends, family, music, sleeping, food, and most importantly Hope

dislikes: bullies , murders, fighting, unrest, traitors, having to kill when necessary

Catchphrase or memorable quote: Light is all powerful, not matter what, look for the light, then hope will guide you back.

People from The Power of Seven (will put in more detail later)



The First of Seven. The Sorceress of Electricity and Light.


The Second of Seven. The Sorcerer of Telekinesis.


The Third of Seven. The Sorcerer of Earth.


The Fourth of Seven. The Sorceress of Air.


The Fifth of Seven. The Sorcerer of Darkness.


The Sixth of Seven. The Sorcerer of Water.


The Seventh of Seven. The Sorceress of Fire.

The Princess, The Captain

Elves that lived in Babyington, a city floating above Japan

The Theives

Seven theives that stole the powers of the Sorcerers thousands of years ago. Under the command of an un-named character.

Aliens Vs Humans by Rip1357 reviews
This is about a group of teenagers who are captured by some aliens who wish to kill/sacrifice them because of their blood type.
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A look on a terrorist attack in the CBD of Sydney and how strong the human spirit is. A continuing journey through suburbia and finding out more about yourself than you ever thought.
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The Diary Of Jeff Crows
This is the story of Jeff Crows, a gay teenage boy who lives with his violent homophobic father. It highlights his cinical views of himself and world.Challenging stereotypes placed on the Gay Community this is not a book in progress that should be missd
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The Power of Seven: The First Alignment
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The War of the Immortals
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Shannon's Short Stories reviews
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