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Author has written 16 stories for Harry Potter, Inuyasha, Dark-Hunter series, and Scanguards Vampires.

English is my second language, so there is probably a million spelling and grammar errors on this profile.

My name is Izzy.

I like to read all kinds of things: comedy, romance, action, drama (Mostly, I love watching foreign soap operas).

Once I find something I like, I become obsessed with it-extremely obsessed. I have to know everything about it, until I find a new thing to obsess over. And as of now, it's the Harry Potter series, before it was Inuyasha but my family moved and it took forever to get the satellite/cable on. So I spent my days reading some of the first Hp books that's where my obsession began. I love the Twilight Zone as you can tell from my user name. I finally watched the Twilight series after years of avoiding it. It wasn't as great as I thought it would be. I still favor Harry Potter over it any day.

Stories Summaries:

Harry Potter Fic:

The Marriage Contract

Draco/ Hermione

Draco and Hermione are forced into marriage by Narcissa, who literally lost her mind. Watch as the couple turn from friends to lovers, and learn to deal with Narcissa's antic. I always wanted to do this marriage challenge.

You Were My World

Draco/ Hermione

This story is about Draco staying after hours in the Ministry, where he works as an Auror. One night he hears an explosion in the labs, when he goes down to investigate he finds none other than Hermione under the rabble. Acting on impulse he took her to his penthouse and upon her awaking he thought up an evil scheme to get back at Harry for constantly putting him on paperwork duty. He lied and told her he is her husband when he found that she has lost her memories. He wanted to use her as a House elf. Things became complicated when his best friend Blaise comes for a visit and finds Hermione there claiming to be Draco’s wife. Realizing what Draco is up to Blaise decided to help his friend out by teasing him to the point of where Draco insults his mother. Blaise, wanting revenge, goes to Hermione and tells her he is her husband also.

I wrote this story on impulse, because I was reading so many Draco/Hermione stories. I just felt this unbelievable urge to write my own. I thought up several hilarious jokes and moments while brainstorming this story, but sadly some of them didn't really fit together with the rest of it. So I decided to use what I have on my other stories.

Hermione (I have not decided on a pairing for her as of yet. Go to the poll above and vote.)

This is a retelling of the HP series. What if Hermione was a pure blood spy. In this story, Hermione's real name is Lyra and she is Bellatrix and Rodolphus's daughter. When they were sentenced to Azkaban she was originally sent to live with her aunt Andromeda but because of her unfamiliarity to her aunt she acted out and was sent to live with her other aunt, Narcissa. When rumors fly that Harry Potter was spotted in Diagon Ally, Lucius comes up with the idea of sending her to Hogwarts as a muggle born in order to befriend Harry and get information out of him.

This story actually formed in my head while I was in the middle of brainstorming for another story of mine. In Hermione, I want to show a different side of Hermione/Lyra, one that is Slytherin worthy. While I was reading the HP series and watching the movies, there were certain scenes that just stuck with me; they were constantly playing over and over again in my head, and made me wonder "What if...".

I want to show all the possibilities of what could have happened if Hermione/Lyra was a pure blood, super genius. Almost everything that has happened in the book, she made it happened one way or another and she is pretending to be dense in certain areas, involving boys. And to answer the question many of you probably have... she's not evil. She is just doing what her uncle tells her too because she loves him and her aunt so much. It's complicated for me to describe the story to you right now; I'm still putting things in order. The beginning chapters are about how Lyra becomes Hermione and then afterward each chapter will be about each of the books. Yes, they are going to be very, very long. But I might cut them in half, depending on the circumstances of my time and school work.

I got the idea after watching Oprah-which I normally don't- it was playing during my lunch break at school, and we're not allowed to change the channel. Anyways, the program was about children of mass murders and serial killers. They were speaking of their pain at the thought of some one they loved doing those horrible things to another human being. The program showed videos and documentaries of the murders, speaking of the crimes they committed: hat they did to the bodies, the date and time. A girl was being interviewed, she said the time and date when her dad just finished raping and killing a random girl was right before he went to visit her. He played with her like nothing happened. It totally made my skin crawl how he could do something like that.

Let me explain here because one of my betas was asking me about chapter 1 after I told her how I wanted my story to be as close to the books and movies as possible. Yes the Lestranges' were caught while torturing the Longbottoms' but I wanted to let you see how demented they are. Going to dinner just after torturing the Longbottom's, eating and play with their daughter like it was a normal every day thing. They are demented, yet are able to act so normal when they want too. I think that is the most frightening kind of people.

Life and Love of a House Elf

Draco/? Astoria or Hermione

At the end of the final battle, Voldemort found out the Malfoys betrayed him. Before he dies, he threw a hex at Draco, making him disappear. Everyone think he's dead, but he's not, he's been turned into a House elf. Draco is cursed to be a House elf and can't speak in a normal way. Astoria transfers to Hogwarts from what ever school in America and meets Draco/elf. It's a love story of how they meet and Draco sees what it's like to be an elf. I kind of want to get him back for how poorly he treated his elves. I'm still debating if I want him with Astoria or Hermione. Since I already did a DM/HG I kind want to do a AG/DM.

What do you think? Who should I pair Draco with? There's a poll above, where you, my readers get to decide. Since I'm having trouble choosing.


Lucius/ Narcissa

This is set during the First Wizarding War, a little after they graduated from Hogwarts. Lucius Malfoy is heartbroken after finding his wife, Camellia Black, dead as a result of his recent mistress's handy work. At the funeral he meets Camellia's twin sister, Narcissa, and figures his Camellia is playing dead and enacting her revenge upon him. Two can play at that game. And Lucius intends to win. This is all I'm saying for this story because I'm still working out the details.

Tom Riddle's Redemption

Tom/OC, Honey

Honey had an imaginary friend name Tommy, who she loved and trusted. Tommy was actually one of Tom R. horcruxes and he was using as a means to regain his body. Twice he's attempted to kill her, but his plans are foiled every time. Now she has the upper hand and she's not allowing him to manipulate her anymore.

Inuyasha Fic:

The Story of Lady Shu

It's an Inuyasha fic, where Kagome finds a book of which she thinks tells the life of a certain female demon she had met in the past. As Kagome reads the book she noticed many similarities between the character and the demon, including the names of the rest of the characters. She believes what's written in the book will happen to the demon and is determine to stop it, especially when the character dies in the end.

Dark Hunter Fic: Books in order:

1 Shadow of the Moon

Pairing: Fury/ OC, Holly

This is my continuation of Shadow of the Moon, Fury Kattalakis's story. Fury is one of my favorite characters and I was very upset that his story was so short. Vane and Fang had full books, why should he? I also have issues with the heroine, Angelia. She stands by and lets him get beaten twice, the first time she was in on it and stabbed him, the second time she waited until he was severely beaten, then decided to save him. I think that deep down she loves him but have conflicting feelings for him. I created a Mary Sue character, Holly, to be Fury's true mate. In my story, Holly is Fury's true mate and Angelia cast a spell for him to be her mate. Holly was a person from his past that he could not remember. He dreams of her and their time together, but never remembers it when he wakes up.

2 Athena's Missing Owl

Rimi/OC, Pallas a.k.a Sage

When Zeus was married to Metis, his first wife, there was a prophecy that foretold that if she gave birth to a son. The son will dethrone him and take over. Zeus solves this problem by eating Metis and keeping in his belly. But she was already pregnant and gave birth inside him. Both sister grew up living inside him and escaped when they reached adulthood. Pallas is Athena's twin sister, who often takes a form of an owl. She meets Rimi when she and her friend, Lacy, take a tour around the world.

3 The Heartless Nymph

Nick/OC, Lacy/Mintha

Lacy is a character present in Shadow of the Moon and Athena's Missing Owl. She finally gets her own story as the daughter of Hades and Persephone. Her past is slowly unfolded through a series of flash backs. It's revealed that she's not who she thought she was. The only thing that she knows is real is her love for Nick. She's so deeply in love with him that she's willing to do everything for him. Nick never knew of her feeling for him. He only just realized his feelings for her and wish to be with her. He does whatever he can to make her see that they were meant for each other.

Scanguards Vampires:

Oliver's Day Walker

Oliver/OC, Sunny

Since his turning, Oliver feels neglected until one night he ran head first into a mysterious woman's boot.

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You remind me of a girl, that I once knew. I see her face whenever I look at you. You won't believe all of the things she put me through. I know it's so unfair to you, that I relate her ignorance to you. I wish I knew, wish I knew how to separate you two.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance/Mystery - Chapters: 4 - Words: 4,801 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 4/1/2014 - Published: 9/8/2012 - Severus S., OC
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This is my attempt at writing the marriage challenge. Draco and Hermione are forced into marriage by Narcissa, who literally lost her mind. Watch as the couple turn from friends to lovers, and learn to deal with childish antics.
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