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Author has written 8 stories for D.Gray-Man, Naruto, Maximum Ride, Avatar: Last Airbender, Dragon Ball Z, and Kimi ni Todoke/君に届け.

So. information.

age: 21

birthday: I really don't see why this matters unless you're the same age as me and you really really care to know if you're three months older than me or not. I don't do horoscopes.

gender: female (mentally and biologically)

height: 5'4"

blood type: B (why do people think this matters??? This literally only matters if I am giving you a blood transfusion...)

real name: just go with the pseudonym, stalker.

family: some people. you guys don't really care.

Pets: 1 birds, 4 cats, 2 dogs. There are also a couple turtles. :) *not a joke


author's section:

So hey! I write stuff, like you! (if you don't write stuff, you should try it! it's really fun!) I'm not gonna give you all my life story. I'm a college student, psych/art major. Like many of you probably are (or were) I was into manga as a kid and read all kinds of big hits like Naruto, Vampire Knight, Death Note, Meru Puri, Kimi ni Todoke, D. Gray-Man, Dengeki Daisy (that one was super mushy), Fullmetal Alchemist (loved that one!).

Side note, in high school, I was often referred to by my other anime/manga-loving friends as "Kira-sama" (from Death Note). The name stuck for various reasons (disclaimer: I am not a homicidal freak). Feel free to use this nickname in reference to me; I will probably also use it myself.

I wasn't a big anime fan, but with my sister I watched a lot of YuGiOh, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and a little bit of stuff like pokemon and digimon. My favorite was always Dragon Ball Z. I'm also a big fan of cartoons like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, the Teen Titans, young justice, and films from studio Ghibli.

The movies I enjoy tend to be things like Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Ender's Game, or anything with fantastical elements (that includes Disney and Ghibli).

As I mentioned, I read a great deal of manga in my younger years and wasn't much of an anime watcher. I was always a big reader and loved adventure/fantasy stuff. I read all of the Maximum Ride books (and some of the graphic novel adaptations), all of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, etc, Pendragon (D.J. MacHale), Twilight (that series got WAY too much hype), and the Mortal Instruments, but those are just the big titles. I was and still am a huge fan of A Wrinkle in Time and all related books, The Giver and related books, Other dystopian novels like Brave New World, and more fantasy books like Howl's Moving Castle (there is also a Ghibli film adaptation) and The Floating Islands. I also like Life of Pi (book, not movie) and various science fiction novels and short stories such as Ender's Game, and titles from authors like Isaac Asimov and Greg Egan. As a young child, I read things from Emily Rodda and Beverly Cleary, stories like the Boxcar Children and Magic Treehouse books, and of course the classics like heidi, the secret garden, oliver twist, hans and gretel, (I'm not referring to 'hansel and gretel'), white fang, call of the wild, great expectations, and a number of other titles (most of these last were condensed versions intended for children under the age of ten).

I also love the Bible (I'm considered a conservative evangelical Christian), but writing fan fiction about the Bible tends to be blasphemous unless you're producing children's stories with mildly extra-biblical but still feasible elements.

Needless to say, I tend to read and write in accordance to what I enjoy reading or watching. I am open to reading recommendations!!! I tend to dislike stories that are pornographic or explicit in their content, although in the event that a story is very well-written and has an interesting plot, I have in the past skipped over the portions that are to my distaste (it's especially nice when an author includes warnings before and after said scenes so readers like myself can be aware and skip over it). Honestly though, a well-written and interesting story is miles above a trashy romance, any day.

So, all you readers! Keep reading, keep writing, keep improving, and KEEP REVIEWING!!! ;)

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