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Author has written 7 stories for Naruto, and Star Wars.

December 3rd, 2011

Last update: January 25th, 2012. (See below)

Meian Tsukino has written

Across the Stars (a Star Wars poem, Padméx Anakin)
Betting on a Bug
(a Naruto story, ShinoxOC)

Chaotic Harmony (a Naruto story, Shino)

Dark Fantasy (a Naruto drabble, Shino)

Impervious (a Naruto story, focusing on Shino, the Aburame clan and Team 8)

Of Cinnamon and Chocolate (a Naruto story, ShinoxOC)

Resolve (a Naruto story, Hinata, one-sided NaruHina)


Most of my works are one-shots and they weren't written in the same style.



Across the stars: Poem that tells the story of Padmé and Anakin in Star Wars II. I wrote this one like five or six years ago, that's why it rhymes.

Chaotic Harmony: This style is supposed to be read with rhythm, I suppose. Shino and a taijutsu exam. No pairings.

Dark Fantasy: Drabble. I was very sleep-deprived XD It's weird and it probably doesn't make sense.

Impervious: The story behind Team 8's photo. I think this is my favorite work and I love the style I used for this one. I think the style was more focused on feelings and emotions while telling the transition that a child from the Aburame clan can go through. It's a bit angsty, by the way.

Of Cinnamon and Chocolate: An attempt at Humor. It's a short piece in which Shino learns to kiss and he's a bit of a perfectionist. ShinoxOC

Resolve: A retelling of Hinata's confession in a style that some consider slightly poetic. I liked this one a lot. One-sided NaruHina.


Betting on a Bug: Work in Progress. I'm seriously considering rewriting some chapters. ShinoxOC.

It has adventure, mystery (it begins around chapter 7), the romance is very light (they don't fall for each other and there's no love at first sight), cameos from members of other teams. I've been told that some chapters are funny (and that wasn't my intention)

She's a medic nin who loves sweet, but she's not one of those hyperactive girls. She has a troublesome (NOT dark) secret, something that acts as a handicap sometimes. Her annoying summons harass Shino and act as matchmakers. (Some people tell me they like them, others find them annoying and I think that's good)

Plus, she seems to be Neji's childhood sweetheart and hates the Hyuuga of the main house. (She doesn't spend her time brooding about that, she simply dislikes them)


January 25th, 2012.

Surprise, surprise.

I might update soon. Hopefully around these days since I haven't felt like rewriting some chapters.

By the way, reviews are welcome. :)


December 2nd
I got a Beta. (Yay!)

Her penname is DarkStarlet and she works really fast. I'm the one that doesn't write fast enough.

I'm currently writing Chapter 21 for Betting on a Bug.

I need the inspiration for a section in which people fight and at the same time, I'm fighting the urge to rewrite many chapters.



November 16th

I was able to recover the file of the chapter. Yay!

(For some strange thing, it doesn't appear but that doesn't matter anymore)

I'm updating in a couple of hours, at most.

November something
My profile seriously needed to be changed.

Now that I read what I once wrote almost two years ago, I decided to add things...

FEBRUARY 12TH, 2010.


I'm a girl who spends most of her time at college and that doesn't leave me much time for writing. By the way, English is not my first language...Spanish is. So you're free to point out spelling mistakes and things like that.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, listening music, going out with my friends, watching AMVs in youtube.

I like listening music of Evanescence, Three Days Grace, Nickelback, The Calling. (Those are the bands in English). In Spanish...Camila, Laura Pausini, La Quinta Estación, Alejandro Fernandez, Chayanne, La Oreja de Van Gogh. I also like Anime songs.

I like Naruto, Nodame Cantabile (I love the dorama), Bleach, Avatar, Full Metal Alchemist.

Favorite characters:

Naruto: Shino, Kiba, Jiraiya.

Bleach: Urahara Kisuke, Ichigo, Uryuu, Yoruichi.

Nodame Cantabile: Nodame, Mine, Chiaki, Kuroki.

Avatar: Zuko, Toph, Iroh.

Full Metal Alchemist: Al and Edward Elric, Roy Mustang, Maes Hughes.

CCS: Syaoran, Yue, Eriol.

Rurouni Kenshin: Kenshin, Sanosuke.

That was almost two years ago. Let's see the present...

November 10th, 2011.

I should say something among the lines of...


I'm a girl who got evicted, had to interrupt her studies at college (because some people interfered in my life, I think there's an approppriate saying: The road to hell is paved with good intentions) and because others lied. I also plead guilty about it, but I cannot claim full responsability.

I suppose I should also add Killer Bee to my list of favorite characters, he's funny and his voice and attitude remind of a character from Nodame Cantabile (the Dorama.)

Full Metal Alchemist: I should add Xiao Mei, Ling and Greed.

And I guess that's all.

By the way, I think I forgot to say that before writing fiction about Naruto (and that small poem about Star Wars), I wrote in Fictionpress. The link is

I suppose I can say that I haven't been in the happiest of moods so I've been writing sad, depressing stuff in whatever empty pages of notebooks I can find. Luckily for me, I found a couple of drabbles that were worth finishing. One of them is already published, Impervious. (I'd started writing that one almost a year ago...)

To be honest, I chose the title a long, long time ago but I think I only had like half of it (I'd been adding notes to it whenever I remembered that it was there where I had the sad stuff). I'm not 100% proud of it, but I think it would've droven me crazy if I hadn't finished it. Anyway, I like Impervious, I like that style a lot. Frankly, I had no idea of how to end it but like I told you, I got evicted and I lost most of my memories and stuff that held some sentimental value so...

P.S. Oh, yeah...for those who want to kill me for publishing Impervious and not updating Betting on a Bug, well...a couple of things have cheered me (a very nice review and the latest episode of Shippuden). You might've not noticed but BoaB is different from most of my works in that I write more and it has a lighter mood (and I should've finished by now, but I never thought I would get in so much trouble). I must update this week, I should try bribing my mom with chores :)

November 4th, 2011.

So...things aren't good right now (haven't been since God knows when) and since I couldn't go back to college, I'm living again with my parents and the laptop belongs to my mom so I kinda had to give it back (and I can't use it as much as I'd like). I was originally going to update on September or during the first days of October but I read what I'd written and deleted most of it. I considered it lame and frankly, I'm have doubts about uploading what I have right now.

I might try to get inspiration by checking some of the drabbles that I never finished.

If I see that I can't go anywhere with chapter 20, I'll upload what I have next week because I think it's frustrating me. I'm really, really sorry for making you wait.

July 9th, 2011.

Betting on a Bug: Around 50% of next chapter is done.

June 18th, 2011

I've just updated Betting on a Bug. Once again, I'm sorry for the delay. I hope I update soon.

May 1st, 2011.

SaniaKatilette/WrittenByAnri, I read your message a few minutes ago but I haven't been able to reply via PM because you've got that feature disabled.I hope you visit my profile so that you can read this.

You've got my permission, it's very sweet of you. Thanks a lot and good luck!

April 23rd, 2011.

Hi! Hola

I've been busy but I've been writing, I've also been trying to be brief with filler scenes. Hmm...

Por cierto, ¿quién es de Brasil, España, México, Ecuador?

Hoy visitó esta página alguien de México, como a las 7 y cacho, le calculo. Te aconsejaría que si te interesa Betting on a Bug, la leas completa porque aparentemente, los capítulos más entretenidos son el 5, el 7 y el 10. ¿Acaso estabas buscando algo en particular? Mi historia tiene desarrollo, al menos eso creo. Ojalá la leas más detenidamente.

Veo que leíste Chaotic Harmony y Of Cinnamon and Chocolate así que supongo que te gusta Shino. :)

Me encanta ver que personas que hablan español (en el caso de Brasil, sería portugués), lean mis historias. Probablemente si las traducciones al español de Naruto fueran más...¿neutras?, Betting on a Bug estaría en ese idioma. Claro que al menos de esa forma practico mi inglés.

Eso es todo.

Have a nice day!

February 24th, 2011

So, I updated twice on February to celebrate the anniversary of Betting on a Bug. A year! Yay!

February 14th, 2011.

I disliked this day. I've got an exam tomorrow and I'm not done with a few things. *sigh* That and a certain someone shouldn't look so hauntingly handsome in my eyes.

Anyway, about Betting on a Bug...I have like a 30% of it done but I suppose I'll change many things later because I don't like how a few things repeat. I hope I can update before February ends and well...I'm really glad to say that the story has a year on FFnet and that people are still reading. It'd make me happier if some of them that have never commented could review (if not chapter 15, at least next chapter...).

It'd be really, really nice.

So please, wish me good luck for my exam. See ya!


Betting on a Bug

Official Summary:

She’s a talented medic nin who adores sweets and has a troublesome secret. Her annoying summons harass him and try to act as matchmakers. Plus, she seems to be Neji’s childhood sweetheart and hates the Hyuuga of the main house. How could it work? ShinoxOC

Full Summary:

How could Shino fall in love with an unlucky, quiet medic nin who adores sweets and has annoying, meddling summons that like to harass him? Not only that, she seems to have been Neji’s childhood sweetheart and she also holds a grudge against the Hyuuga of the main house. She only glares at them, though. (And she's not a princess or something like that, btw)

Besides, she seems to have a troublesome secret. Ironically, it’s because of that secret that she’s an excellent medic nin. Oh, and she was Shizune’s apprentice for a while. There are other things that you’ll discover later but for now, that’s all.

More about Betting on a Bug:

Please note that troublesome secret does not equal dark secret. Like, oh, she wants revenge or is trying to save someone. I don't hate clichés, in fact, sometimes I like them a lot. However, I hope to avoid them. In my humble opinion, it is much more entertaining.

I'm not going to have Shino fall in love with my OC immediately. It's not going to be the typical story where two characters see each other and their glances meet and they fall in love at first sight. Besides, can you honestly picture Shino blushing and making goo-goo eyes at some pretty girl out of the blue? In my opinion that would make him OOC

Another thing, she likes sweets but that doesn't make her hyperactive. She simply likes them a lot and let's say that people *cough* Shizune *cough* can blackmail her with that weakness of hers.

About her summons: Two summons that have their own personalities. From what I've read in your reviews, they're more popular than I thought. I think that Itsuki balances the story because we all know that Shino's serious and considering that my OC dislikes Hinata due to her dislike of the main house, she will be slightly cold for a while.

My OCs actions towards the Naruto characters do not reflect what I feel about them. For example, I find Sakura irritating but for the sake of my story, I can't bash her or anything. Another example is Neji, I like the guy but I think I'll be embarrassing him due to my attempts at humor.

Chaotic Harmony

It's a story in which Aburame Shino must take the taijutsu exam in order to become a jounin. Strategy may not be enough to show that he is a capable shinobi in that art. Let control and impulse fluctuate in chaotic harmony.

My narrative style here is very, very different from that in Betting on a Bug. If you like the style, tell me. I might try to write more things like this. Let's say I'm a bit versatile when I get in the mood. =)

Well, that's all for now.


While I'm neutral to most couples in the Narutoverse, I think some people can see this as a NaruHina. If you want to, it's fine because one of the only couples that I dislike is NaruSaku and sometimes I don't even understand why.

The thing is that this is some kind of tribute for Hinata. The episode of the Confession, I liked the anime episode enough and I winced more than once, really.

I think that it's because I can relate a bit to her in the way that she identifies with Naruto. I'm not going to discuss if she loves Naruto because Kishimoto isn't good with romance. IMHO, he shouldn't incorporate it to the series but...

Of Cinnamon and Chocolate

This one was like an experiment for fluff for Betting on a Bug but with another OC based on Misao, Sayuri's summon and a bit on Itsuki's flirty antics. Kasumi's much more cheerful and she likes ants too much. Honestly, I don't remember what I was thinking when I wrote that one.

She meets Shino and offers to kiss him after learning that he's never kissed anyone in his life. Shino being Shino, refuses for obvious reasons and because he finds her maddening. Too bad for him that she can be a bit conniving...mwahaha.

Read, enjoy and review. Honestly, I love reviews. (I also write on fictionpress).

December 29th. 2010

2010 is about to end so Happy New Year!

December 1st

Hi. I'm seriously considering throwing a coin to decide something about the plot...that's a sad thing.

November 20th

I wanted to update in four days but it seems like that won't be possible. *sigh* I need inspiration...

November 9th/Noviembre 9

¡Hola, Thalía!

Been found.

November 1st

So...hi! Well, I was given an extra week and I paid more than 2/3 of my debt. There was a problem with that damn check so I still owe money but I wasn't kicked out. *sigh* I guess I'll have to wait like another week til things are better so that I pay the other third.

About Betting on a Bug.

I was writing this weekend while doing one of my homeworks. I guess I have some things but I need inspiration for a fight and I want to see if I can do something or if I should wait or what. I might not write today and tomorrow because I've got an exam this Wednesday, at 11:30 so..

However, once I'm done with my exam, I'll try to find the inspiration again to write.

I wish I can update between November 5th and 12th. Actually, I'd like to update twice on November. Why? Because my birthday is on November 24th and I'd really, really like to get reviews that day. Plus, I've got an exam on November 25th so it'd be nice that before going to sleep, I can read something nice.

So, well...see ya soon, I hope!

October 18th might get kicked out of my room/place and I...uh...only have like a week, I hope I can make a deal to get an extra week to pay the needs luck... :(

September 14th/14 de septiembre

Hi. I think I've got like 55% of chapter 11, maybe 60%. I dunno. I still don't know how to call this chapter but I liked one scene in specific. I love Kiba!

--August 30th/Agosto 30

Hi. I obviously hid my e-mail again so as not to receive more after a message I received outside of FFnet. Anyway, I thought it'd be nice to update my profile.

I'm still adjusting to my new schedule and while inspiration comes and go, I think I've got like a 5% of chapter 11. Yes, 5%. I would've advanced more last Saturday but I had plans that were cancelled. *sigh*

I forgot to say that I wrote "Of Cinammon and Chocolate". I suppose I should continue it but I've discarded lots of ideas so you'll have to wait for inspiration to strike me again for that one...sorry for those who like it and check sometimes if I update.

I'll say this again. If anyone would like me to translate Betting on a Bug in Spanish, you can tell me because I noticed a couple of wouldn't be too hard considering that I wouldn't rewrite anything but I wouldn't mind some help because I became used to watching Naruto with English subs so I dunno how some translators adapted a few things.

Diré esto de nuevo. Si alguien quiere que traduzca Betting on a Bug en español, puede decirme porque me percaté de un par de cosas. No reescribiría nada pero no me molestaría tener un poco de ayuda porque me acostumbré a ver Naruto con subtítulos en inglés así que ignoro como algunos traductores adaptaron algunas cosas en español como las frases de Gai y Lee.

For example, I dunno how they translated some of Lee and Gai's phrases. Hmm...

See ya!

--July 8th

Hi. Well, if anyone else checks my profile page because of Resolve, thanks a lot for liking it. In case you are my fifth reviewer of that small fic, I sent you a PM to thank you and explain you about those lines. If for some reason you can't read the PM, you can send me an e-mail. Thanks a lot for liking it.

About Betting on a Bug. I'm starting to think that I should've added a couple of things in last chapter but...anyway, I suppose I have written like a 60% of chapter 9 but I don't know if I should rewrite it.

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