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It's been a while.

Story Updates

  • Nostalgia - 9,526 words
  • Please be gentle. This will not be an easy birthing.

    There will be placenta.

    Now, I'm well aware that this is not the best story out there. In many parts there are mistakes. The summary I wrote for this story doesn't seem to match up with the chapters themselves. There's a lot of shit that just does not add up. And it's still not done yet! Who knows what galvanized monstrosity will surface from the wreckage!

    Only. Me.

    But rest assured, I do know how I want to tie it all together. Eventually. Hopefully.

    But listen, something I'm not sure a lot of people fully realize is-I started writing this story 5 (soon to be 6) years ago. The person I was then no longer exists. My writing style has changed. The story has changed.

    The last thing I want to do is disappoint. But, ultimately, I'm writing this story for me. It would make me unbelievably ecstatic if other people were capable of connecting with it. But, I'm the one steering this ship. Of course I will note any complaints. But don't expect too many adjustments-I'll only make the changes I feel are relevant to the messages I'm trying to convey. And, if I end up leading us all off a cliff, well at least it took me 20 chapters to do it! Mwah. Hah. Hah... Hah. Erm.

    Seriously though guys, be gentle.

    Oh my happy clapping Kami. So much fucking placenta.

  • Chrysalis - 836 words
  • This will be my darkest story yet. Let me warn you now.

    There are adult themes. I don't want to give too much away, but I don't want to trigger anyone so please read this. I will be delving into the darkness of the human heart. If you find yourself getting upset reading-stop. If you have a history of panic-attacks, flash-backs, or any trauma in your life that is exacerbated by reading about it. Stop. Stop reading. Give yourself some time, take a deep breath, and-maybe when you feel ready-jump back in. Or move onto the next thing in your life.

    I've... I feel a strong desire to talk about some of the issues I'm bringing up in this story. I have many thoughts.. This is the only way I can shape them.

    And another thing. My time-line for this might be a little screwy. As, I am admitting it now, you can assume I'm aware of it. If you feel the need to point it out despite it already having been mentioned, no problem. But I'm not going to really care enough to light myself on fire. It's meant to take place between Rin and Minato's death. In the manga, I'm pretty sure the Yondaime dies saving Konoha when Kakashi is fourteen, right?

    Well brace yourselves. I'm about to bend the laws of space and time here...

    Kakashi is going to be sixteen in this story.

    Because I want him to be. Because I'm too lazy to go back and turn him fourteen like he's supposed to be. Because, I'm a horrible grinch. Yes. You may all proceed to launch your missiles for this unseemly infraction.

    Or, you know, you could just read it anyway ;-)

  • Miasma - 1,126 words
  • Baby Kakashi needs some attention. I've also done some more plot-work for this one. It would be nice to get it rolling again.

    Also, again-yes. This may surprise some of you, but none of my work is perfect. I am not perfect. Gasp. Flail. Stutter aghast. Too bad.

    The end.

  • Stacked Game- 2,006 words
  • I am fully aware I may end up being tarred and feathered for this but...

    I'm rewriting it. The first chapter at least.

    It will still be the same story, relatively. Same characters. But hopefully it will also be a little more exciting to read.

  • SafeHouse- erm... this one hasn't come back to life. Yet.
  • Personal Update

    Hey guys, sorry I'm late. I'm afraid I got lost on the path of life.

    What I'm Listening To...

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  • "Well, everyone needs a hobby."

    "So, what's yours?"


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