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24th April- I'm off! I'm going for a holiday, so I won't be able to update Leyenda

18th April- Leyenda's coming along! It's my pet story xD

9th April 2010- I'm done with Chapter 1 of The Region of Leyenda! I'm working on Chapter 2. I decided I'm going to use this blog to write about my stories. If you are reading 'The Region of Leyenda' you need to go to the blog, as pictures to do with the story will be put up there. And I'll also put the beginnings of chapters and thoughts there.

7th April 2010- Yes guys, I'm starting to write Pokemon FanFics. I've put my first 2 up (The one about Tara and Ian's adventures in Sinnoh is just a small project that I'll update when I just want to unwind) and I'm about to put up my 3rd after proofreading

23rd March 2010- I re-read Matchmaker and I seriously felt disappointed in myself. I personally think that the idea was okay but the way I've written it...well, no. It isn't realistic...this isn't something that would actually happen in real life. I'm deleting the story. I'll re-write it someday :P

People I'd like to thank-

Secret Keys: For being the first person who ever reviewed one of my stories.

Kiku: For always giving great constructive critscism

The Stars-and-Fire diaries!

Today: YAY! Weekend! I plan to write my FanFictions. I was thinking about writing a sequel to A Solarian Love Story which'll probably be a one shot about how Stella feels about Brandon's death. Though it won't be in ballad form. I'll write it after I finish Appartenente!

Welcome to my FanFiction profile.

My name is Stars-and-Fire and I am a budding writer. I enjoy writing FanFictions, especially Winx Club FF's.

Winx Club is a highly underappreciated TV show. While many people think it is 'babyish' and 'stupid', us watchers of the show, think extremely differently. Winx Club is in fact a show that contains love drama, the perils and truths about friendships and also it tells you about life, in a way. The magical aspect of the show just makes it more interesting. So for those of you who have never watched it, I suggest you give it a try. I would highly recommend the RAI english version as it is uncut.

Now, back to FanFiction.

FanFiction is an entertaining form of art. The best thing is that you can read a book or watch a movie and can think about the characters and then create another scenario featuring these same characters. That's what I love about FanFiction.

I want to become a Beta reader on this site someday. Hopefully, that day will come soon :)

I enjoy acting, reading and writing and my career goal is to become an actress someday. My role model is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

As for reading, I enjoy reading the works of authors such as Lisi Harrison (The Clique), Meg Cabot (all her books!), Dan Brown (The Robert Langdon trio) and Carol Hedges (Spy Girl).

I also love listening to music and my fave songs include: 4ever (the Veronicas), Untouched (the Veronicas), Evacuate the dancefloor (cascada) and Karma Chameleon (The Culture Club).


Lady Gaga: You are, what you wear it's true

Stella: Seriously! It's like the mall on a monday!

Timmy: I didn't think it was possible! But Riven seems even grumpier than usual today.

Ani: The Notebook...dan dan dann

Me: OHMYGOD! IT’S who??

Favourite pairings:

StellaXBrandon (Winx Club)- Well...I love this pairing because I think they look very cute together :P

FloraXHelia (Winx Club)- Once again, there's the cuteness factor. But I like how they are very honest with each other and so on.

AliciaXJosh (the Clique)- No lies! Alicia's always honest with Josh, and Josh is honest with Alicia. He has never (unlike the other guys in the Clique) hidden anything from Alicia, and in 'Sealed with a Diss', he is the only guy who didn't break up with his girlfriend.

MiaXMichael (Princess Diaries)- Cute couple. I like how Michael doesn't let the fact that Mia is his little sisters best friend affect anything.

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