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Author has written 17 stories for Invader Zim, Nightmare Before Christmas, Vampire Hunter D, Lupin III, Gravitation, Tsubasa Chronicle, Fruits Basket, Naruto, and Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

Hello / Hola / Konichiwa / Bonjour / Hallo / Ciao / Привет / : To all readers and writers. I am Nicole DeLosSantos, I also use the pseudonyms Invader Nicole, I.N.D., Nicole Seguchi, Nicole Jigen, Niko-ru, and at times, Isis. However, I have been dubbed the terms 'the girl in black', 'devil worshipper', 'the girl who reads too much', or 'the girl that says squeek,' but thats besides the point. Just call me Nicole if you wish.

My appearence is that of any average teenage girl, although I wouldn't mind changing a few things here and there. I mainly dress in black shirts, it'll be a cold day in hell the day I'm actually seen in red or even pink. Baggy black pants, random jeans, or pleather skirts with hanging chains also complete my attire. Somewhat long black, dark brown hair cascads down to the middle of my back, I wish it was longer. I have dark brown, almost black eyes that are usually outlined in black eyeliner and mascara and little black oval-shaped glasses. I wear contacts as well, but I find them most bothersome, especially when I don't remove them after a few weeks or months and my eyes hurt like a bitch when I do. My skin is an normal Hispanic-shade similar to cinnamon and my fingernails are either their normal humang color or range from purple, dark blue, green, silver, or black. Five piercings adorn my right ear, and four on the left, a nice little tongue piercing as well. I tower over the majority of my friends being a not-too-tall but not-too-short 5'5 and 1/2. I am, sadly, overweight, I need to lose weight, especially for soccer season. I have numerous scars covering my forearms, arms, wrists, stomach, and legs; but they're healing in time. I wear numerous accessories, a studded black bracelet and a Japanese power bracelet around each wrist. Random, metallic rings encircle my writing digits. And finally a Pentacle hangs aroubd my neck, along with a beaded necklace holding a mood star, and a black choker with small, stubby spikes, a small metal heart with the work 'Hunter' inscribed into it; hanging from said choker.

As of March 28, at 2:15 a.m. I've turned a wonderful sixteen years old. Thankfully I'm at the middle age were some of my friends are older than me and some are younger. At times I act older than I really am, fooling some people into thinking I'm sometimes older than eighteen (my height is an advantagge as well), but at other times I act very much like a sugar-high five-year-old, it depends on the situation.

Likes and dislikes, I could be like Kakashi-sensei from Naruto and respond with "I have no desire to tell you about my likes and dislikes." But I won't say that. I find comfort drawing, reading, writing, art, poetry; basically anything that involves art or self-expression creativity. I'm not sure if it would count as an art-form, but I enjoy music/singing. Sadly, I can't play a single instrument, but I do enjoy listening to music and singing; although I hardly ever sing in puclob or ever on stage, I just like to sing to myself when no one is around. To say bluntly, if I don't know anyone or feel uncomfortable (which is quite often) I'm a shy person that usually is quiet. But if there is someone I get along with or find that I have similar interests with, I do like to talk with them, it's a mix of things most of the times. As I said before, I do enjoy playing soccer, have ever since I was little, although I'm not very good at it I still love it. Watching TV is okay to do, admittibly I spend most of my time in my room watching anime dvds' or on my computer, enjoy horror movies as well. As a note, I'm not going to say I'm 'anti-social' although, at times, I display certain traits to being that. Sociopath? Maybe, I have been called a schizo at times by classmates and even parents. I do like to hang out with my friends, my close ones anyway. Going to the mall with them is fun since we usually do something insane like when we brought ky pet snake to the mall, started a food fight at the food court, or beg receiptsd off people for free DDR games. Ah . . . good times. Oh yeah, I love playing Dance Dance Revolution, still a Light mode player, but I'm working on advancing to Standard mode. I love Wicca, to make a long story short, went to Catholic school for twelve years and hated it, discovered Wicca and knew it was (for lack of better words) 'meant to be.' I love animals as well, especailly wolves, gdigs followed by a close second, have always loved animals and I'm one of the few who actually loves snakes, insects, things with claws or fangs, etc. I also enjoy visitng different places, as I'm sure most people, I love visiting new places I've never been to or am curious about. I apologize if i offend anyone, but I loathe the United States, I hate it here. I reside in the little town of Kearny, NJ and feel that there's more out there (duh!), I want to leave. I want to leave the U.S. after high school or after college, I want to live or atleast visit France, Canada, or Japan. I know it sounds childish, almost like one of those five-year-old reams of visiting a 'magickal place of flying ponies, faries, and happy stuff,' but it's my dream to go to these places and live/work there. Strange, I know.

There are many things I despise, yet there are many things I like as well (Sasuke-kun ref there). I've already listed most of the things I like already so lets move on to things I hate, loathe, despise, or otherwise wish to obliterate the existence of. Math, I know, stupid thing, but I've never really gotten it since I was little so that's just an ongoing battle there. Cheerleading/cheerleaders, I'm not saying 'All' cheerleaders are bad, much less the sport, just the annoying preppy asswipes on the face of the earth, especially racists one that say things like 'only white girls can be cheerleaders' also known as KHS cheerleaders. Hate racists in general, I don't like anyone that thinks they're better than someone else just because the color of the skin or their race, it's just fucked up. Don't like homophones either, not saying I am a homo, but a lot of my friends are and I have no problem with that, I accepted it a long time ago with no problem despite the very rude people of Kearny that mostly yell things like 'faggot', 'dyke', 'etc.' I have seen/heard these things being said to my friends or people I know, and I hate it. I hate the color pink, that's just something basic for me. I hate liears, but who doesn't? You get more complications for lying and it makes things ten times worse, trust me, I know from a situation that happened between two friends a short while ago. People bothering me, as if this doesn't happen enough in school. I'm a normal person, I try to be as polite as I can to someone I don't know, I would rather get to know a person before making a judgement. But students at KHS have no manners, the majority of them anyway, and are rude and say things after knowing you for a day, whispering things that are either unecessary or inappropriate. Ignorance, hypocrites, and shallow people are another things to add to my list. Also, labels, were not friggin' soup cans so I'd appreciate it if no one will label me or others as such: punk, goth, ghetto, prep, and such. Writersblock is a bitch and nothing more.

Music, something most people can agree on at one point. Let's be honest, must people enjoy music, it's somewhat of an average thing. (I have to admit though, I'm generally not a fan of rap, reggae, reggeton (sp?), hip-hop, religion, latino, etc. kind of music, however, techno is good in my opinion.) My type can range from rock, metal, some pop, j-pop, and a few others. Linkin Park. Phantom of the Opera. Avril Lavigne. Linkin Park. Evanesence. TaTu. Slipknot. Korn. Children of Bodom. DDR theme songs. Marilyn Manson. Moulin Rouge. Ayumi Hamasaki. Nightmare Before Christmas. Metallica. System of a Down. Nickelback. Rammstein. Mindless Self Indulgence. some Iron Maiden. Cradle of Filth. a few songs by Aqua. Flogging Molly. Jack Off Jill. Orgy. The Corrs. The Ataris. A Perfect Circle. Incubus. And any song by Danny Elfman (he makes good music, examples as in Edward Scissorhands, Beetleguese, TNBC, and Sleepy Hollow). Goods CDs' are Dancing on Your Grave, Graver's Paradise, and Metal for the Masses Volume One.

A lot of people love movies, for me mostly horror, cartoons, and anime, but they range. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust. Lupin the Third: First Contact. Pirates of the Carribean. Strangeland. Moulin Rouge. Akira. Night of the Living Dead. Edward Scissorhands. Cardcaptors: The Movie. Predator. Onca Upon A Time In Mexico. House on Haunted Hill. X (one). Freddy VS. Jason. Blow. Sleepy Hollow. The Omen. Halloween (anyone, there all good). Harry Potter (1, 2, and 3). From Hell. The Crow (all 4). The Lost Boys. The Excorsist ('tis funny). Jurrasic Park (all 3). Dracula by Bram Stoker. Stigmata. The Craft. Mulan. The Faculty. The Blair Witch Project. Spiderman (1 and 2). Silence of the Lambs. Hannibal. The Grudge. Underworld. Scream (all 3). 13th Child. Freaky Friday. Shrek (1 and 2). Dogville. X-men (1 and 2).

Would TV shows go under the same catergory as movies? My guess is they would count as the same thing. : Invader Zim. Teen Titans. Gravitation. Naruto. Lupin the Third. Case Closed. Dragon Ball Z. Inuyasha. X-Men. Static Shock. Rerouni Kenshin. Tenchi Muyo. Danny Phantom. Beyong Belief: Fact or Fiction?. Futurama. Family Guy. Aaahh! Real Monsters. Rocko's Modern Life.

As I stated before, I'm Nicole. I spend most of my time online, writing, reading, talking to friends, being in my room, trying to destroy all existence of writers block, trying to quit smoking/cutting (It's been two weeks without a cig!), listening to music, and other normal teen stuff. Also, I like to learn different languages, especially japanese. I usually watch japanese-dubbed anime to learn something, also, love my manga. Good manga would have to be Gravitation. xxxHolic. Tsubasa. Fruits Basket. To Heart. Pita-ten. Tactics. Legal Drug. Lupin the 3rd. Demon Diary. Bleach. Get Backers. Naruto. Kill Me, Kiss Me. Azumanga Daioh, and a few others. Lova anime as well, sadly, I need a job so I can buy mine since my parents despise japanese anime. Nandeyo . . .

I'm working on a few fics currently, duh, and sadly, I'm cursed with the disease known as (you guessed it) Writer's Block. My interests keep wandering between my Invader Zim fics, JTHM, ones I haven't updated in months (Vampire Hunter D and both Lupin the 3rd), and I'm still thinking up new ones for anime's like Naruto and Gravitation. Sigh. In case anyone is wondering, I want to be a writer/novelist. I know this is probably a take-away from 'Fruits Basket' but since I was born in the year of the snake, I have the tendency to procrastinate so life sucks for me when I write. Kso . . .

Another thing, I call myself Goddess Isis most of the times. (or I.N.D. or Invader Nicole) but lem'me explin the Goddess thing. Why you may ask? Well Isis, a Goddess of Egypt, is the goddess of healing, magick, wisdom, love, fertility, marriage, domestic life, the Moon, motherhood, purification, initiation, reincarnation, success, womanhood, spinning, weaving, advice, divination, civilization, agriculture, the arts, protection, advice, patroness of priestesses. All of which I try and practice in my study of Wicca. I'm not saying I'll be a master all of this by the time I die, but I will try my best. I believe if I try my hardest at my goals, if I believe I can, then it's possible. Most people think that witchcraft is work of the devil, its not though, quite the opposite actually. I get lots of weird stares when I walk around wearing my pentacle necklace, and most of the times I'm followed by questions, and I explain. I admit I have no experience in some things listed above like love, marriage, fertility, motherhood, anything involving sewing, etc., but I'm trying to deal with life and learn from it at the same time. One step at a time, a 16 year old can only handle so much. Wiccan in trainging after all, I want to live life to the fullest with my practice of Wicca by my side and I'm happy with it (despite some arguements raised in this house . . . ).

I also have many, many head-voices, more than fifty actually, most of them are irkens but they vary from irkens, humans random characters liike a pirate, witches, a griffin, a centaur, and many others. My main ones I usually spek with are Zim, Reb, Ella, 'Nny, and Armani. In case anyone is wondering, head-voices (and I suck at summaries and explanations) are like brain-children, a character you create, for me, these characters are used in my fics. I have many so life can get complicated with so many different personalities lodged in me, especially in complicated situation where I'm told to do one thing, and another disagrees. Sigh.

That's about it for now, I guess. I think I've already covered up more than enough about me, I don't usually like small details so forgive me if I was a bit too imformative. Ja ne (later).

Invader Nicole signing off.

April 03, 3:07 A.M.

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