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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter, and Stargate: Atlantis.

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The man behind the pen

So I will start with a little about me, I am born and raised in England, I first ready the Harry Potter Series when I was around eight back in 2000-2001 since then i have followed the series and read them countless of times to the point that a number of them are falling apart. Over the years I have also followed the film series and whilst I do enjoy them they leave so much out from the books and add their own scenes that it took something away for me. I am also a fan on Pottermore (GobletHalleon25397) and I continue to follow the HP Universe.

I discovered Fanfiction when I was fifteen, I was reading Inheritance Cycle Fanfiction as I had become addicted to that series after the first two books and I was impatient, eventually however I began to dabble into the Harry Potter fics and I have now lost count of the amount of stories that i have read. I have read many different stories, from time travel fic's, Read the book's fic, post DH fic, Marauder fic, and many AU fics.

My first toe in the fanfiction world was a story that posted onto a Harry Potter Fanfiction website, my pen name at that time was Phoenix7, I began to write a continuation from the Deathly Hallow's and how I thought the characters would go on to meet where the Epilogue showed. Eventually I gave up writing it, life got in the way and I had become disheartened.

I stopped writing for a long time but eventually I was inspired to write a AU Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The story was born out many different inspirations, a few Ancient Houses fics, television programs and films. I took my favorite themes and put them all together.

Eventually I also discovered the Stargate Series, and after watching all three SG1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe, and Watching all tie in films i decided to write a continuation for my own amusement.

Thank you for Reading and I hope you continue to enjoy my stories

Jayan Phoenix


30th January 2015 - I am writing the new chapter but I just cannot get happy with it! please bare with me!!!!


My Stories.

Harry Potter and the Wizarding World - On a different site.

This was the first Harry Potter fic I wrote, it is no where near perfect and i abandoned the project, but the story is still out there. Readers of the next story will see that the remodeling of Grimmauld Place came directly from this story.

Harry Potter and the New Order of the Phoenix (First Version) - Removed

This was my first version of the story, a AU fifth year where Sirius takes control, the original was more followed very close to the book, I had added my own world into JKR's but it was too similar to the original. As the story went on I diverted more and more however this story was removed by the administrators due to having "Copy write Song Lyrics" so I was forced to re-post

Harry Potter and the New Order of the Phoenix (Second Version) - Removed

This version of the story went well, I got three quarters of the way through, but after I read all that i had written on one long night, I chose to take the story down, It was full of plot holes and mistakes where I had merely used the old chapters rather then rewriting entirely.

Harry Potter and the Return of Heritage (Final Version)

This was my entirely new rewrite of my two previous versions, and from the off I was writing my own story, I used plot points from the JKR's book and wove them into my own narrative and into the story. This for me is a my best work as I was able to finish it how I had envisioned it a year and a half before.

Harry Potter and the Peverell Legacy (In-Progress)

This is the direct sequel from the Return of Heritage. This story followed Harry's Sixth year and is a continuation of my version of the wizarding world.

Stargate - ascension of the fifth - (In - Progress)

This is a story I was inspired to write after I finished watching the Stargate series in its entirety a year ago having discovered it on netflix.

I write this for my own amusement, and it had not been edited.

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