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Author has written 4 stories for Harry Potter, Stargate: Atlantis, and Stargate: SG-1.


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My Stories

Over the years I have written a few stories and below is a list of them.

Harry Potter and the Wizarding World - On a different site.

This was the first Harry Potter fic I wrote when i was sixteen or seventeen, it picked up straight after the Deathly Hallows and it showed Harry start working in the Auror office. I never finished this story as I couldn't get the inspiration to continue but the story can still be found on the Harry Potter Fanfiction website under my pen name Phoenix7

This work actually helped me write my Harry Potter Heritage series as I used material that I write for this to help with the renovations of Grimmauld place having spent many hours of work and research compiling the details.

Harry Potter and the New Order of the Phoenix (First Version) - Removed

This was my first version of book one of the Heritage Series.

I wrote this very close to the Order of the phoenix and while i re wrote the chapters to incorporate my story lines which branched out the further into the chapters you read until it became entirely original. However this story was removed by the admins for breaches in copyright which was probably fair now I think back on it.

Harry Potter and the New Order of the Phoenix (Second Version) - Removed

This was my second attempt at Book One of the Heritage Series.

This version of the story went well but after getting three quarters of the way through and going back an reading what was posted I saw the mistakes and plot holes that i had made and I was unhappy with the content and the way I had written it so I took it down.

Harry Potter and the Return of Heritage (Final Version)

This is my final version of Book One of the Heritage Series.

This time around when I sat and re wrote each chapter as I went through, I used my previous versions as a base and I rewove the entire book into a cohesive whole and it was entirely original using the world and general plot of The Order of the Phoenix and placing it within my own version of the Magical World and the life of Harry Potter.

I walked a very fine line with this version of the story, if you have read the story you will see that very familiar plot lines for example the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, I always planned for the Harry to go back in time and save Sirius but in so doing unknowingly led Dumbledore to his downfall.

It is perhaps one of my proudest achievements writing this story in full and sharing it, I have been in awe of the popularity it has achieved and it was for my loyal readers that i continued to the sequel.

Harry Potter and the Peverell Legacy (In-Progress)

Book Two of the Heritage Series and the sequel to the Return of Heritage.

This has been a real challenge for me to write, in the previous book I followed the underlining path of the Order of the Phoenix book in my own way and I got the balance just right, this time around I diverted almost entirely, and created the Tri Wizard Exchange and moved away from the entire Half Blood Prince Plot lines.

Writing both Durmstrang and Beuxbatton was incredibly hard as almost nothing is known about them and I needed to create new parts to the world I have created from scratch and it had caused delays in my updates but I am determined to see this out.

Stargate - Ascension of the Fifth - (In - Progress)

This is a story I was inspired to write after I finished watching the Stargate series in its entirety having discovered it on Netflix.

I write this for my own amusement, and it had not been edited.

* Jayan Phoenix *

The man behind the pen

When I was a small eight year old boy I discovered the world of Harry Potter and the writings of J.K Rowling, and since that day I have been in love with the magical world and my interest in science fiction and Fantasy Genres have continued to this day.

I discovered the world of Facilitation when I was fifteen, I had been reading the Inheritance Cycle books by Christopher Paolini and had grown impatient for the next book in the series (Brisingr) and found Fan Fiction by chance and spent weeks reading fics in their world before I realised I could look for Harry Potter fanfiction and i found a new trove of stories that I have read over the many years.

I put my first toe in the proverbial pond of fanfiction when I was seventeen in Six Form and wrote a continuation of the Harry Potter series and how I believed they would find there way to the scene the epilogue showed. I didn't finish the story as life got in the way and I ran out of inspiration and motivation but I still read fan fics and always wanted to get back into it.

Eventually I was struck by inspiration and began to plot a story in Harry's fifth year using ideas and concepts from some of my favourite books, Fan Fics, TV series, and films, all of which I used to create this new world that would become my playground.

I have written four stories all of which I write and Share for others, I do not believe that they will ever be perfect or have no mistakes but they are the best that I can make them and I hope that people can enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

I cannot keep a set update pattern as I do not always know when I will be inspired to write the next chapters or how long it takes for me to write the finals drafts, but I will post updates on my twitter page and on my profile so you can check here, or set up a story alert if you have an account.

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