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Author has written 16 stories for Teen Titans, Cinderella, Atomic Betty, Kim Possible, Totally Spies, Amazing Spiez!/SpieZ! Nouvelle Génération, Twilight, Shaman King, Soul Eater, X-overs, Kuroshitsuji, and Professor Layton.

Hello! And welcome to my profile/not-so-daily journal I hope you enjoy learning a thing or two about how extremely dumb my life and thought process really is. I come here more often than you think, so chat me up or something. Request something OTP related (Kid x Liz because that's really all I'm good for).

The journal entries before May 20, 2014 are deemed old and fangirl-y. Also call me Finn, because past me has no say over my nicknames.

Likes: I seem to have something for wheel-y chairs. I don't know... They just amuse me. I mean they let you spin and you get a moving sitting ride in a office or school. Who doesn't love that? I also have a thing for vampires (not the Twilight kind really), bad guys, guys with dark or black hair, guys who could be bad guys but aren't, guys who could be good guys but aren't, and the colors black and red.

Favorite Shows: Soul Eater, Teen Titans, Kuroshitsuji (aka Black Butler), Ouran High School Host Club, Shaman King, Jimmy Two- Shoes, Totally Spies, Amazing Spiez, Danny Phantom, and more! (Can't name them all or can't remember.)

Favorite Movies: Harry Potter, Grease, Hercules, the Avengers (along with all the lone hero movies or whatever), and more! (Can't name them all or can't remember.)

Favorite Characters (in order by show/movie): Death the Kid, Crona, Maka, Liz, Patti, Raven, Robin, Ciel, Sebastian, Alois, Haruhi, Hikaru, Kaoru, Yoh, Hao, Ren, Heloise, Marc, Lee, Tony, Megan, Sam, Danny, Harry, Hermione, Sandy, Hercules, Meg, Hades, Loki, Steve, Tony, Bruce, and more! (Can't name them all or can't remember.)

As of September 25, 2010...

Well... I feel the need to say that my life is over...

Not in the dead sense but these past few days, I have been having some trouble with my stories... It feels like I haven't really felt anything from some of them.

They feel sort of dead... So I put up that hold note to the ones that I feel might not have an ending...

Here I've come to a breaking point. So I declare that... And I'm only speaking for the ones with the 'on hold' note on it...

I'm giving them away... I feel so upset now :(...

Please... I think these stories are like dogs, they've grown too silent, so... (Thinking it's my fault) I give them to a better family.

Either that or you can info me some of your ideas if you think my first choice is either unfair or you just like the way I add that story sparkle to them chapters you people like so much. :) What a nice thought...

I know you people might think this is a bad decision but every time I look into one of my old stories I try and pick on what to write next I come at a blank...

But of course, some I still try at... I have a few documents from some of my stories I put to hold... You people could take them and rewrite them as you please.

I wish to the few fans I have that you'll understand...

Tanks 4 sticking up 4 meh... T,T

I'll miss you all...

As of September 26, 2010...

Here's something else...

I have way to many ideas in my head and can only focus on one at a time... Some I just abandon on the field of boredom... Which feels wrong... So I find giving them away as well an idea. Here they are... PS They all involve vampires so you can change them in anyway...

Full summary and title...

Cinderella Vampire
A classic story with a new twist. Already started but giving away... TAKEN!!!

Danny Phantom
We all love Sam... But her family isn't at all as it seems. Like Selena Gomez said: Everything is not... What it seems.

X-Men Evolution
Rogue is targeted by a secret hunter society bent on cleaning the world of vampires. The X-Men are not letting them take her away at all costs, no matter what she is.

Johnny Test
After getting grounded from tests, Johnny watches Mary get a test of her own. They some how lose her but she finds someone with a few things in common.

Kids Next Door
Rachel's got everything coming straight to her as the family honor is passed to her. Once Nigel finds out, he protects her at all cost, not telling the others what the heck is going on, only saying that it's important. People get suspicious... What are Nigel and Rachel really hiding?

Kingdom Hearts Vampires
AU Sora turns into something and a fiery rage within him burns through almost killing his most loved Kairi. What next?

Lion King
Mysterious forces bring two vampires to the Pride Lands. Heart and Killer set out to find their 'family' and instead find out something they didn't expect, they never were supposed to exist!

Meet the Robinsons
Wilbur makes tough decisions and as it turns out, he makes wrong ones more than half the time! Mother Nature gets what she wants and right now she wants Wilbur to repay for his unthoughtful deeds no matter how long it takes.

The Incredibles
Violet develops a new power that has become to much to contain. Enough said...

Total Drama... Whatever.
Gwen meets a Twilight like world she never dreamed only this time its werewolf free and instead of Edward and Jacob, Duncan and Trent.

Basically all I got so far... You can take any of them but once one is taken it's gone for good! It's all in the new owners hands for now! I feel so horrible for giving them away but I want to and until I feel differently other wise, they are for sale. I'll update when I feel this either as a bad idea or have more news for you people.

As of September 27, 2010...

Have a new interest... I call it 'the King of all interest'. And by 'King', I mean Shaman King. Awesomest Manga/Anime ever! So I decided to Fanfic it. Got three already started.

One called 'The Spirit of the Vampire' Rating it T for certain amounts of blood and guts.

Calling the next one 'Vampire Brothers' Rated K for less blood and guts but it's still there.

And my newest one called 'Forever Confessions of the Eternal' Rated T for language and some smooching. 3

So... All it mostly has is vampires of course... Love the idea of Yoh as a Vampire! Cutest face invented! A must read manga that I plan on vampitizing, if that's even a word. Hopefully it will one day be, for I love it! c: If it ain't a word then screw the dictionary! :P I don't freaking care what it says! My dictionary has it... In my mind... ;) lol

Grrr! Anger tantrum! :(

Okay... I'm calm. So now that I have updated for the third straight time in a row... I bid you Aloha. (In case you don't know that's a Hawiian goodbye. :)

As of October 1, 2010...

After 4 days of thinking and typing... I finally started 'Forever Confessions of the Eternal' but now that I update this I notice that I messed up on some of the ratings and info... My bad...

So it goes like this...

'Spirit of the Vampire' Rated K for some blood and guts.

'Vampire Brothers' Rated T for more blood and guts. Also smooching. 3

'Forever Confessions of the Eternal' Rated T for the same deal, some smooching and also...(Hold for dramatic effect) language.

Now that that's fixed I can finally start my life up again! I kinda feel great. No, no kinda. I feel great! :)

As of October 2, 2010...

I finally gained the confidence to say...

The Atomic Betty Life will finally be updated! Yes and we will finally know what happens to Betty.

And The Daughter of Rosalie will be updated soon.

Vampire Brothers will be coming and so will Spirit of the Vampire.

As of October 6, 2010...

Officially Atomic Betty will be updated in a three days from now and also The Life of a Vampire Spy is to be updated after months of delay... but not today...

That's all I got to say for today. Tanks for reading!

As of October 17, 2010...

Okay ppl... I've got to admit... Writing gets headaches and hard work... and a cold or two... But in a few hours I will finally update Atomic Betty... And this time I mean it (Sorry for the delay...)!

Hopefully, after my computer stops deleting all my work and God can forgive me for whatever the heck I did to him, I'll have my latest story Forever Confessions of the Eternal updated as well...

And then there's my long continuing story The Life of a Vampire Spy that will be updated in about eight hours give or take.

Phew! That's all I have to say about that so... Good bye for now! :)

As of October 23, 2010...

Okay... I couldn't update Atomic Betty as promised but as a small wait up story I will have an Ouran High School Host Club fanfic up soon. I think it's my best work yet. :)

Anyway... Atomic Betty is back up as an 'On hold' story for the next few days. Until I can finally finish the next chapter, which won't be long...

Forever Confessions of the Eternal is a possible delay. But my Amazing Spiez fanfic will still continue.

The OHSHC fanfic is about Hikaru and Kaoru. I won't give out a summary until I publish it.

And also those other Shaman King fanfics I said I might publish will likely be published, still not so sure.

In other news, I've noticed a lot of other people on writers block as well, whom have written vampire fanfics. If any of them would like to give away their stories, you may give them to me if you want. I am your vampire fanfic graveyard. xD

That is all that I have to say... TTFN Ta-ta for now! And tanks for reading! :)

As of October 24, 2010...

My, my. So quiet are we...? People... What's wrong? You've been quiet all too long. Speak. Wake up. Come on! (sob) Okay... Breathe.

Sorry... :) Just being dramtic. I'll have my OHSHC story up in a bit. Slight vampire story. Didn't get much involved. It's mostly a one shot adventure I'd like to call...



The- the door?


What is the door?

The door is everything!

All that once was and all that will be!

The door controls time and space.

Love and death!

The door can see into your mind!

The door can see into your soul...

Really the- the door can do all that?

Heh no!

Okay... getting way to overly dramatic there... I love that video though...

Anyway... I wrote it for school and decided to add it onto here. Hope you like it!

Adieu my lovely readers! :)

As of November 26, 2010...

Well... Wow O.o it's been more than a month since I last updated this proflie...

I made a Soul Eater fanfic about Death the Kid. I got bored and lazy, k? But he is cute.

Well... that OHSHC one shot won't be posted due to my computer being gay and stupid! Poor Hikaru and Kaoru! :'(

Anyway... Atomic Betty is officially back on hold. Having said that I continue to watch the 2:30 episodes the Hub channel has for some slight insperation.

I updated Forever Confessions of the Eternal at least and I am probably thinking of changing the name due to the extreme gayness of it. It won't- I repeat WON'T- be a vampire fanfic. I have redused it to a normal Shaman King Hao-turns-good story.

Bye and Tanks! J

As of December 18, 2010...

People... not updating does not mean I'm done for... I just got a lot on my head this winter break...

I might get things updated and I might not. I am slowly processing my ideas onto the computer and to FF. Anyway... Atomic Betty is my current project. If only I could find a website that has ALL the episodes on it. But no person or website is perfect.

KK! Bye! x3

As of January 23, 2011...

Well... I won't be updating for a while. I am busy writing some stories and finishing 7th grade.

Right now... I hope to make a Professor Layton fanfic. I watched the Eternal Diva and played all 3 games. Anyone want to watch it can click the link:

Eternal Diva Movie

It's 97 minutes long, chopped into 13 parts and on Youtube... Truely a awesome movie. Luke is so darn adorable! And his voice in the UK version is awesome.

Hope you guys enjoy an oh yeah!

While your waiting for the movie to load read Beautiful Nightmare.

As of March 6, 2011...

I have updated for once. A miracle by me thank you.

I've updated Forever Confessions of the Eternal(still think the title is gay), What If(my 1st Soul Eater Fanfic), and The Suicidal Circus(my 2nd Soul Eater Fanfic).

Hope you all like my stories! I update as much as I can, no doubt!

As of May 14, 2011...

Okay... I've become crazy... 12 stories (one was taken)! I can't keep this up.

Randomosity is a strange new story I thought up.

Trash was just something to get rid of all those stories I don't know what to do with.

I've recently noticed people either read Suicidal Circus or Forever Confessions. What's with you people? JK I love that people care! I will hope to god that I can update them.

Right now I can only hope to update the good stories and my new stories.

Okay then... Now that I've updated you people on what's up, I'm gonna go finish another chapter. See ya! x3

As of July 31, 2011/ August 1, 2011...

God... I haven't updated my profile in two months! What's wrong with me?!

Anyway... Randomosity is really fired up! I just got #6 of the Black Butler manga and now I have to wait until like what? The next month or two just to get #7?! (I'm too lazy and stubborn to look it up online... xD) I really love the circus ark... mostly Ciel's costume... it's fab and adorable!

And in other Kuro news... rumors keep popping up about a season 3 (fangirl squeal!) for Black Butler! A recent one is that it's gonna come out in September 2011 (louder fangirl squeal!) and now i can't wait! (happy dance! flail of random fangirl happiness!) Only... one month away! Hooplah! I'll be watching every moment with girly feelings of joy xD What my hopes are for this season is that Ciel returns all demon like :3 Just so we see how badass he is for a 3rd time x3

No words can express my growing excitement and happiness for this September... The new Professor Layton game comes out that month and I'm all happy to see how Luke and Layton met for the first time! i wish i could get back my Curious Village though... one of my friends borrowed it and never gave it back... my mom's gonna be PISSED... xD $40 down the drain... but i already finished it so... yeah... she'll never know... if anyone has a Curious Village game that they don't want anymore please... i'll take it... just... without the box... PM me and i'll give you the details... :

Anyway... Schools starting soon over here... And that means... MORE STORIES! I figured out that when I go to school, I seem to get more done... and when it's summer I tend to be lazy and work less... I always carry a notebook to jot down story chapters when I get them. If I had a laptop or computer for just one whole period I would be so happy. Mostly if it's the last period of the day, then I could just sit there all happy like with my friend 'America' and we would laugh at stuff on DA and shit... I would be typing and she would be drawing... I want school to start O_O

Alright... So... This might be the longest update I've ever written... So... Yeah... I love how people enjoy my stories and stuff. And just so everyone's clear... I (Finn) am only a representative of TFDRAGON. Half representative... (Tiff's the other... yeah... now you know what TF means... haha.. no... i lie... really... it's something entirely different)

So... This be all! And if anyone wants to read Tiff's story Alois's Alive? go on DA and search TFVAMPIRE... I want to make my own account on DA but Tiff just let's me share it with her so... I guess...

BYE! (Happy Fangirl Wave!)

As of August 6, 2011...

Oh wow... I am so weirded out today. Not telling you people why... Just going to nod and say I am. (nods)

So, as I continue to write I wonder and wonder. Do you people think I should make a page for Randomosity on Facebook? Just to keep you guys up to date on what's happening where? I dunno... Message me what you think...

And if I do... Would you guys like it? I'm just at my wondering stage in my year. This happens a lot. Everyone knows. And then there's my anger stage...

I'll shut up now... So... Think about it... Message me what you think and shit...


As of May 16, 2012...

Holy shit!

I haven't updated this profile in months!

Well, anyway, good news:

Summers coming up!

Better news:

I'm editing and updating my old stories!!


Stories currently being edited:

Kim Possible and The Vampire Coven

The Atomic Betty Life

Life of a Vampire Spy

Forever Confessions of the Eternal (which still needs a better name)

Currently adding chapters to:

Suicidal Circus

What if...

And that's it.

You're welcome.

Sorry to people who were hoping for my other stories.

Randomosity is officially a summer project.

So whatever. PM me with any comments.

As of July 7, 2012...

(LATE) Happy Birthday, America! Woohoo!

Let's drink 'till we're drunk!

God, I love inside stories!

God, I love today!

I don't know why, I just do.

I think it's because I'm watching Sucker Punch and it got me real excited about everything.

Hey, does anyone know the difference between Blue-Ray and DVD? Cuz I don't see the difference.

So, birthday in five days! Oh yeah!

Can't wait to update more stories! I really want to finish The Reaper, The Kishins and The Cullens! It's my favorite ones to write!

And apparently I'm a fan of Soul Eater canon pairings! I just cannot get enough of them! My mind is Soul Eater!

Okay. Now I have a headache.

Talk to you guys another day! Yahoo!

As of October 19, 2012...

Wow... I haven't written on my profile in forever.


I'm really excited right now cuz in 7 days Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask comes out for the 3DS!

I've prepared for this moment. *puffs out chest*

Anyway, I've played all the other 4 games at least once and have gone through almost all the puzzles and the fanfics that I actually like.

I'm trying to restart my already one year old fanfic, 100 Chapter Challenge YOUR Choice! It's just hopping from one fan idea to the next until one of them is actually finished. I've been letting people down, I know.

Randomosity is already a year late but I don't really watch or read Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji so I might not even keep going with it. I dunno. Maybe. I mean, it's my most reviewed story so I might try it again.

The Reaper, The Kishins and The Cullens is really the one I've been wanting to finish. The last Twilight movie is coming out in a month, right? Yeah, so that'll help me get back into the spirit of things.

The other stories that I haven't mentioned are either still on hold or I'm not really working on. Is that the same thing? I'm not sure.

Oh, well!

Goromochingo! If that's a word in a different language then sorry. I just wanted to type something random here.


POOP! Yeah...

See ya! Kiddy, out!

As of October 22, 2012...

Mother of fuck...

My emotions have never been so flared. It's not even shark week anymore! (Anyone who understands what that means is either a female or creepy.)

Professah' why?!

What happened, you ask? Well its something called the internet. Being the amazing fuck it is, it suggested I watch a video on Youtube that was a trailer for The Miracle Mask.

Watched it and Kripes! My emotions! (Kripes is something I say and write often for some of my other things, don't worry.)

Layton is just the greatest gentleman alive with the most depressing past. My god!

And I don't know what's going on but there's been speculation about Emmy where she's the bad guy in the 6th game or something like it. Kripes guys, the 5th game hasn't even come out and you're already talking about the 6th!

But the things about the trailer. Holy shit they're good.

How did a game with fun puzzles and exciting features turn into such an emotionally tearing game?! (With puzzles.)

Here's how:

1. Giving the people some cool characters that are seemingly perfect (Mary-sue? What? No.).

2. Add in some awesome game features that get a person into the story.

3. Profit.

4. Make a couple more stories. Each one being more heart wrenching and dangerously awesome than the last.

5. Profit some more.

5 1/2. Make a movie that captures the essence and keeps the story in motion.

6. Continue profiting until your swimming in money from adoring fans who can't stop crying.

7. Announce a couple things and give the fans a trailer for the next product, telling them you're close to ending this all.

8. Make all the fans cry and want to buy more of your stuff until you're too rich to handle.

9. I don't know where it all goes from there but seriously Level-5, where do you go from there?

There might also be a third trilogy coming out for Professor Layton depending on the success of all the other games. (I highly believe that the trilogy will come out, because the IPhone game looks like shit. What the fuck is with Layton's 'son' anyway? Who is the mother and where can I find and beat her to death?)

Okay. Too much fan ramble. Kripes, I need a life.

On a fanfic note:

I'm prepared to say that my Professor Layton fanfics are almost done. At least one anyway.

Sweet slipper and graham cracker! This update's done!

Have fun, looper! Kiddy, out!

As of October 27, 2012...

OMG! Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask comes out TOMORROW!

Yeah, I said it would come out in 7 days eight days ago but turns out it comes out on October 28 here in America where I live (and that's all you're getting out of me), not the 26th like I originally thought.

So tomorrow it is and thank goodness too, cuz I want all the Sunday I can get out of it.

Oh wait a minute...

I have to go to school the next day! FFFFFF. F everything. Crap!

I didn't think this through much, did I? Nope.

But oh, well... I just really want the game.

3D effects make me feel iffy about it but who cares? I don't. Mostly because the trailers made me so emotionally excited for it.

Randell immediately got into my Top 10 Favorite Layton Characters. Seriously. Look.

1) Layton (Of course.)

2) Luke

3) Emmy (Actually, I'd call it a tie with Luke but I dunno.)

4) Clive (Because what fangirl didn't?)

5) Randell (See?)

6) Claire (If you didn't cry for her, you're a heartless, cruel creature sent from hell. I mean, she was the Professor's girlfriend and he loved her so much and... Okay. Too much emotion now. I'll stop.)

7) Descole (Eh...)

8) Inspector Grosky (I laughed too much for words but he's really weird.)

9) Flora (I didn't put her last cuz I guess she's a decent character)

10) Barton (He's misunderstood in my eyes.)

Not to mention: Inspector Chelmey (I really despise this idiot... Sorry but it was Diabolical Box that did it. He was also number 10 but you can guess why he's not anymore.)

Also, I swear, if Randell's the Masked Gentleman, I'm gonna flip a table or eight! Kripes, I hate that!

I also think guess that whoever Layton's helping up in that one scene is either Randell (Masked Gentleman or not) or Luke, his new partner in puzzle solving. The past scene with Layton trying to help Randell up made me wonder who he was trying to help out.

Highly doubt it's Emmy but you never know.

I can already tell this will be a lot of fun and excitement. I'll also be crying from the very beginning. Seriously, if that preview got me all emotional super easy, then the rest of the game HAS to be heart breaking.

And how is Descole involved with Miracle Mask? He was mentioned as a character that was coming back from the last game and I was kind of confused.

Now it would make sense if he was the Masked Gentleman cuz if I was him and I had that kind of power, I'd obviously use it to my advantage.

Kripes, okay. Now I'm crying for some reason. Don't mind me. I'm just gonna go.

Kiddy out.

As of March 18, 2013...

Happy (Late) New Year!

Wow. And what a crappy New Year it's been.

So, as it turns out...

Wait. Should I give you guys the good news or the bad news?

Mkay. Bad news first.

I lost my flashdrive. *SIGH* Yeah. You guys are probably like "Who cares about a stupid flashdrive? I don't." Well, you do if you wanted to see those Professor Layton stories I promised. Haha! Who's upset now? (PS. I NEVER back up my files. Takes waaaaayyy too much space.)

So now you know the bad news. Let's announce the good.

I have literally spent every cent of my life funding this project (not really but you get the idea).

That's right. I'm getting The Reaper, The Kishin, and The Cullens done! Jeebs and Kripes!

It has become my pride and joy for months now. Literally. I lost the old Eclipse story (which is probably good) and had to create a totally new one. I personally think this new one has more badassery than the old one. I've also already planned out Breaking Dawn. Might I say one word? Ahem. Mindfuck! Okay. That's probably two words but who cares? And yes, Breaking Dawn will be in two parts.

Two different plots. FYI no. Liz does not (permanently) become a vampire. I have concocted a way to allow her to temporarily become a vamp. But you'll have to read Eclipse to find out.

My god, I'm way too excited to get this done.


Kiddy out.

As of April 4, 2013...

I'm officially deleting this account.

Haha! Kidding!

Anyway, if you all really want to know, April Fools Day for me was bland. No pranks anywhere in my school. It was ridiculously sad. I was half expecting the principle to tell us to go home. Nope. School.

My writing work is pretty epic these days. I think I've mastered the art of romance stories. In my opinion. I haven't actually fallen in love but have seen the people and felt the desires. Basically, I'm a hopeless, love-loving fan girl who really needs a new life.

Official OTP:KidxLiz

After weeks of contemplation, I think I should really make it official.

So all of you who prefer other pairings from Soul Eater that aren't 'canon pairings' can suck it. I've fallen too far in to care. Besides, in my opinion, it's a pretty unloved pairing.

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING HAS BEEN RATED 'R' FOR RANT. Reader's discretion is advised:

You'd think there would be more KidxLiz since it's 'canon'.

I kid you not (no pun intended), there are more KidxMaka than KidxLiz stories on this site. Look at the numbers for yourself. I'm not lying.

Apparently it's okay for the main protagonist of a show to just suddenly fall in love with a secondary protagonist that has decent interaction with her instead of the secondary protagonist falling in love with one of his actual partners that he hangs out with and has LIVED WITH- for f*k's sake- almost what, a year maybe? Probably more but really.

This rant could maybe last for hours of your time but I'm stopping it at Maka. Don't even get me started with the Yaoi parings either. Those are some sick stories.

Kripes, I literally could go one forever with this and probably debate it with people. Heck, I'm even thinking up more facts by the second! I'm waaaaay too commited to this, it's ridiculous.

End of rant. You may continue...

On a lighter FanFic note:

The Reaper, the Kishin, and The Cullens has been my main project with a small crossover one-shot of another kind being my other focus. I really am getting things done faster than before ever since I actually LOST my flashdrive. It's weird.

But who cares? What's gone is gone and what has happened, happened. I'm serene.

Kk! Kiddy out!

As of June 30, 2013...

Holy * on a * sandwich. I haven't been on here in a while, have I? Go EFF-ing figure... Yeah. I'm back. For about the millionth time in a long time. I mean, for the love of various gods!

I had enough time to change and rechange fandoms!

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. It's either "who the EFF cares" or "what kind of EFF-ed up stuff were you on in the past three months".

I almost did drop the Soul Eater fandom, guys. No joke.

See, in my obsession with YouTube recently, I was watching an old Abridged series called Hellsing Abridged. As okay as it was, it only had 3 episodes so I got tired of it easily. The original show that this was based off only has ten episodes, eight of which were released on DVD and BluRay... In America. (Heh heh.) Yet they only bring out one episode every Halloween. Guh! Anyway, so I decided to search for different shows I liked that had an Abridged show.

Naturally, my first choice was Soul Eater, right?


I'm way too loyal for that apparently, since I can't even look at the search after I type it in... Ra, I'm pitiful.

So I decided on the next best thing... Since my Soul Eater experience was a downfall, I looked for something else.

Lady Gaga song parodies.

Here drops the pin of surprise.

Now, I'm going to explain. An Internet friend of mine told me that if I should look for anything Abridged related, it should be my favorite show. I told him I couldn't to do that, because Kiddy's an EFF-ing idiot. He then suggested that I search for parodies of Lady Gaga songs. Obviously I asked, "WTF does that mean", to which he answered, "Just EFF-ing do it before I kill you with a RUSTY SPORK." Since he somewhat knows where I live, and I'm not in the mood to take chances, I search through YouTube.

"That didn't help", I said. He replies, "it's anime related".

"You're an EFF-ing crack head", I said, continuing to look.

Eventually, after hours of pointless bickering, he gave me a link and I was surprised at what he suggested. I went along though, because Kiddy's an EFF-ing idiot!

If you haven't already figured out what Abridged series I'm talking about, you have got to be EFF-ing kidding me.

I'm not telling you because I'm sworn to Abridged secrecy. Aka, I'm a closet Abridged fan girl. I can't let anyone I know in the real world- which apparently exists- that I watch that stuff. They will laugh. I'm in high school. People already don't take me seriously there.

So, back to the story...

After finishing what the series had, I went on my own and watched the original, like I did with Hellsing.

Bad idea, seeing as the show has almost 300 EFF-ing episodes! The series had three others after it, two of which were shit-cake. Also the ending sucked ass. Seriously, the last line was- and don't quote me on this:

"Well, the end of one adventure is the beginning of a whole new great one."

Dude, your friend that you've known for probably three to four years of your life just DIED and you just go and mention the continuation series instead? The next series had you cameo for the first and last EFF-ing episodes, also one in the middle but you only showed up on a poster or something.

That's retarded on levels I cannot express.

Anyway, seeing as I'm not even gotten to some form of point, sorry, I basically lost all hope after I finished the series and I don't really want to head into the next one with like almost 200 episodes. Tedious, dragged on episodes. That's why Abridged series should keep going. The people need less tediousness. So I was going to jump in and try to create a FanFic to showcase what I watched. I basically thought up like ten while watching, but, like people who were spoiled the Harry Potter endings, I just lost the ideas to the further disappointing ending.

Hell, I watched so much of the Abridged series, I basically knew what the story of all four series was going to be about thanks to the countless spoilers. (Thanks, Shade. Thanks a lot.) So I almost made a story based off of series one and two, but trashed it, knowing so much and yet so little...

In conclusion, I have gotten the courage to say I'm probably not going on to the next series and return to Soul Eater and my on-going stories, but knowing me, I'll probably do just the opposite. I'm so not kidding. I will say I'm going to do one thing and do something completely different. Like today, I was going to continue writing the Twilight/Soul Eater story, but what did I do? Sit around and play my Pokemon games because guess what?

Kiddy's an EFF-ing idiot!

So, I'm going to figure out my scheme for the Eclipse chapter, audition for an advanced high school course, get my permit, and get to my sophomore year intact somehow in the entirety of my summer vacation and the rest of the year on.

Also, if a certain reviewer sees this:

Yes. I am turning Kid into a vampire. Also Liz and Patti. But only for Eclipse.

Because I'm Flawlessly -Absolutely Flawless- going to execute a decent reason as to how they turn back.

Or fail, because guess who's an EFF-ing idiot? Me. Kiddy. Your loving author for about five seconds.

So, yeah.

Huzzah! I'm back baby!

For one measly day or so... Because... You get the picture.

K! Kiddy, out!

As of May 20, 2014...




*deep SIGH*

How has everyone been? I've been great.

Fanfiction's changed since I was gone... Huh...

If anyone's wondering where I've been, blame Tumblr. I was recently obsessed with a fandom that was chaotically in love with a game over there. It was crazy. But I got over it because, as usual, I was late to the fandom and everyone left before I could really get my own bright start. I think I tried one challenge and successfully finished it, did a few requests, and wrote an incomplete story with 5 chapters out of the 8 I had planned. Shame. The fandom just kinda left and went on to other games and the few people that were left were weird.

But I guess I digress...

I'm not sure what to do anymore. All I'm really good for is fanfiction and my blog was just filled with me loving a game and Pokemon and other dumb things. Since it seemed to be going nowhere fast, I ditched it, sort of. Now I'm back here!

Yeah that's right, Finn's returned from the dead, back and better than ever. I've legitimately been hoping for this day.

I've got some new random ideas to dish out, especially in the Soul Eater world. I'll probably post some of the other fandom things from Tumblr onto my second account on here. Not much, but still something, I guess.

I'm also really into people requesting things for me to do and I'd love to do that for Soul Eater too so if you got something you want me to write, just tell me.

For the most part, I want to get back on here, get some of these stories done, and bring out the new ones. I'll probably rewrite The Reaper, The Kishin, and the Cullens because I got this really rude review once that made me stop writing for a while. Kinda opened my eyes, I guess. I will get it done. I still got the unfinished Eclipse chapter and small ideas written down for Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2.

I've gotten through sophomore year thankfully and I guess that's what had me for a while. There was so much work to get done. So I guess this is all I really wanted to say. That and, What If will probably be my favorite place to write right now. I have so many ideas and I'll be making it a request hub for a while.

Yeah, so!

Finn's back and Finn's out!

As of February 12, 2015...

i need to keep consistant on here. Seriously.

I'm currently reworking most of my favorite fics because they're an embarrassment now compared to new fics on my Tumblr. Thought I'd give you all the benefit of the doubt. If you're even reading this.

My specific focus is on my two Spies fics. And that's all I'm going to mention. Typing on mobile Fanfiction is terrible and there isn't much else to say.

Hopefully anyway.

Finn out.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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