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Author has written 2 stories for World Is Mine, Twelve Kingdoms, and Deadman Wonderland/デッドマン・ワンダーランド.

The only I love is the one who confess in me. When we are in elementary. But I never thought that I will never see him. The last day is that I have confess to him. I always remember what happen when he’s gone . I suffer a lot. I cant eat, I cant sleep well, and even I went to hospital in 1year. But even am in junior high school I will never forget about him . Because he is the only I love even I die right now. I’m so stupid, I thinking him even thought I never know what he look like or what kind of person he is now . I don’t know anything about him. I never know him , lol.. so stupid

The Start of the New Semester

Click… click… click… ding … ding .. dong..

Misaki: Good morning . Im misaki , I live in a normal family , I don’t have a bf, and im totally single. Aahhahahaha what the hell im talking . right now im a simple and normal high school girl, im 15 years old. It a first week of our new semester .But im totally hopeless . Why?? .. because I cant sleep well cause when im thinking the past of my confession .wah. cant help it.

Mom: Mi-chan wake up . It already 6:50 . You need to wake up or u will be late again in ur first day

Misaki: Yes. mom

Mom: here ur packed lunch. Remember that u have to drink ur medicine before u eat ur lunch. That’s the doctor say to u , remember or else.

Misaki: yes I will remember. Bye Bye mom. Im off...

(misaki are walking towards to the train station and she meet sukari her bff .. )

Sukari: Misaki. How are u ? , did u feel well.

Misaki: yah. How about u . and I think u grow a bit, they say that u are going to study abroad

Sukari: no way , I decline it. I don’t need to study there .

Misaki: I thought that ur dream to study in aboard . why ? I really don’t understand u . sukari

Sukari: do u want to know why I decline??

Misaki: of course . so why ? sukari

Sukari: cause ?? _ ah the door are closing. Lets go , !! hey misaki do u know the band name NeWs

Misaki:of course (hey sukari why did u change the topic, why? , why do u have to keep it secret. I really wanted to know , suakri) I think they’re having a open concert in the plaza.

Sukari: Inbried plaza

Misaki: yah. And I heard that they giving a new poster, U know it’s free. But it only a 100 poster so we have to be 1st to go there and get their free poster. How do u think sukari

Sukari: count me in ! Misaki

-Girls in the train are shouting –

Sukari: look misaki . the girl over there are shouting like crazy

Misaki:yah . lets go there , I wanted to see to wat there are crazing about .

Sukari: okey.

Misaki: look sukari , dinera are there too , lets ask wat is all about it

Sukari: Okey

Misaki:dinera. Wat are u doing there

Dinera: oh, misaki , here I will let u see, come on stand in here so u can see clearly, do u see it nah, the six boys that sitting ..

Misaki: yes. I can see them clearly, they’re look pretty cute , who are they dinera

Dinera: You don’t know them

Misaki: not at all. And I don’t have no idea who are they

Dinera:Okey I explain it to u. That six guy are the pop that nike’s

Sukari: NO way. Why they doing in here, I thought there are only riding in they on car. They have a great guard that no one can touch them or see them at the public

Dinera: yah that correct. But I heard that , they wanted to search for a girl. Who has a compatible to be there gf in the mean time, so that why they re riding in a train

Misaki: ah so that why u dinera are here, and it’s my 1st time see u , riding a train

Dinera: stupid misaki, this is my fifth riding a train, u really are so rude

Misaki: sorry, I didn’t mean it , it’s just that..

Dinera: wat, say it!!

Sukari: come on! Don’t tease misaki

Dinera:im not , oh sukari I heard that u are really popular in boy’s

Misaki: no way. I didn’t heard it

Dinera: eh , even her bff didn’t heard it, okey I will explain it to u . it because many boy are become interested to sukari and suddenly confess to her , but she denied them all . But her popular did not vanished it went to up and she became more popular.

Misaki: ah. Wow that to far u are sukari, and u didn’t even tell me

Sukari: sorry I didn’t mean not telling u .

Misaki: ahahhahahhah , why are u crying. The one who suppose to cry is me , right

Dinera: come on stop crying, or else somebody mistaking us that we are bad girl that bullying u for some reason

Sukari: sorry, I stop crying

Misaki: look, we pass the bried it really big

Dinera: u can see it clearly even through it far away and the train is so fast

Misaki: no! I just using my imagination on it , so that why I can see it clearly

Sukari: misaki is too weird.

Dinera: ahahhahahh, totally weird

- Dinera step a foot to a huge guy and it look like a gangster-

Dinera: ah sorry

Storm: ah, all u have to say a sorry, u step on my shoes, do u know how much it cost

Dinera: .. I don’t know but if u want I pay for the damage of ur shoes so don’t kill me, so how much u want

Tinera: so u are a rich girl , wat a waste

Misaki: oh storm and tinera , how are u ??

Storm: oh misaki , I’m fine and then u girl pay me 10 000 ,

Dinera : here – dinera give him a 10 000 – I’m totally sorry

Tinera: where’s sukari,

Misaki: right there, I think, ah, oh many passenger are coming and the train are being full of girl. Ouch – misaki shouted ouch!!-

Storm: all of u get out the train, or else do u want to die

Girl: ah storm, let get out, yah I don’t want to be dead

- All the girl are left even the crazy girl that got first in the train –

Storm: ah the train are now a pretty not full this good. Hey misaki, are u okay

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