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Hi guys, it's Yuki and Seira and we are. . .the Temptation Twins!! If there's anything you want to know about either of us, separately, then you may visit our individual accounts!

Seira: Punk Angel's Dream
Yuki: Little Miss Morphine

As for us together, Yuki and I have been best friends for over a decade (we're both in our early 20s), but have only been writin' fanfiction together for about 5 years. Of all the stories we have written (excludin' our 1 original story), we've only posted one.

We usually have the same taste in EVERYTHING! Our only exceptions are anime guys. . .For example, I (Seira) am an obsessive Gojyo fan while Yuki would rather have Sanzo. I'm for Sasori (actually, if it's a redhead, I'm all over it!), she's Deidara (ditto for her and blondes). Hell, I'm team Sephiroth, while she is so in love with Cloud, she dated a cosplayer who dressed as him. How's that for fangirling!

So, there are gonna be several stories headed your way pretty soon. And by several, I think my last count was 8. Some haven't been started yet, due to changin' obsessions and writer's block. . .but each are in the anime/video game category except one. . .


Yeah, it's Twilight (dodges flying objects). I realize we probably lost a few readers here, but don't worry. We don't obsess over it as much as we used to. . .that's reserved for Kingdom Hearts and Ouran High School Host Club!

Anyways, to contact either of us, you can reach us here. . .


Yuki Seira

Gaia Online:

Yuki Seira

Yahoo! IM:

Yuki: morphinekiss206
Seira: giddyfangurl206

Only Seira has stuff on these sites for now. . .but when Yuki gets her's up, I'll be sure to add them!


Until next time, and remember, you can resist everything. . .but Temptation.

Punk Angel's Dream (Seira-sama)
Little Miss Morphine (Yuki-hime)


(Please copy and paste this onto your profile and answer the questions! Axel says to spread the KH fever!)

SECTION ONE: The "Favorite" Questions

1. Your favorite KH guy?

I'm a Demyx fanatic. . .Yuki is currently obsessed with Mar-Mar (Mangina)

2. Your favorite KH girl?


3. Your least favorite KH guy? Why?

Um. . .um. . .um. . .Xemnas??

4. Your least favorite KH girl? Why?

Again, Um. . .I'll just say Kairi and get it over with

5. Favorite World? (Includes both KH1 and KH2)

World That Never Was

6. Least Favorite World?

100 Acre Wood. . .that shit was stupid!

7. Favorite Weapon? (Includes both KH1 and KH2)

Demyx's Sitar!

8. Least Favorite Weapon?

Any of Goofy's Shields. . .how the hell can you fight with a shield??

9. Fav. Summon? (includes both KH1 and KH2)

Tinker Bell

10. Fav. Form? (aka. Sora's Forms)


11. Favorite yaoi, Why?

Axel/Demyx, for the Opposites thing. . .

12. Least Fav. yaoi couples,Why?

Zemyx. . .they're only together because of their numbers!

13. Any yaoi out of wack pairings you've heard of? List 'em.

Donald x Goofy

Goofy x Leon

Sora x Pooh Bear

Sora x Sephiroth

14. Weirdest Pairing(s) You've Ever Heard Of?

Riku x Mickey

Axel x Kairi

Yuffie x Namine

Yuffie x Kairi

15. Any "Kh-pet-peeves" you have?

Killing off Demyx (cries hysterically)

16. Fav. Partner in KH? (includes both KH1 and KH2)


SECTION TWO: Do you believe it, or not believe it?

17. Do you believe in the Xemnas/Saix theory?

If they are gay for each other? Xemnas might not be, but I believe Saix would be all over that in a heartbeat

18. Do you believe that Zexion is emo?

Oh yeah. . .that makes him hot!

19. Do you believe that Marluxia is gay?

I do. . .Yuki would kill anyone who says he is

20. Do you believe that Kairi is the most annoying character in KH?


SECTION THREE: Answer Yourself!

21. If Roxas had to choose either Namine or Olette, who would you root for? Why?

Namine. It's just too perfect

22. What's your theory on KH: Birth by Sleep?

Um. . .Sora's parents or past life. . .it's been awhile

23. Was Chain of Memories a waste of time?

Haven't gotten to play it yet

24. If you had the choice of meeting ONE (and ONLY ONE!) KH character, who would it be?


25. Which KH character do you relate to the most? Why?

Zexion, for the bookish-ness

26. What's the most embarrassing moment that ever happened to you that had something to do with KH?

Almost getting 'raped' by a bunch of cosplayers so they could steal my Demyx plushie

27. Have you ever cosplayed as a KH character? If so, who? If not, who would you like to cosplay as?

No I have not. . .but I'm going to

28. The Funniest Moment in all of KH would be...?

. . .all the times I couldn't keep a straight face, because I was rememberin' the part of KH on Crack that the current scene was coming from.
Try playin' with a straight face while picturin' Sora humping the floor. . .

29. The Hardest Enemy/Boss was...?

Truly it's a toss up between Xemnas and Demyx. . .

30. What was a good edition in KH2 that made it oh-so-addictive?

Easier controls!

SECTION FOUR: Decisions, Decisions...

Note: You MUST only choose one! "Both" or "Neither" or " skipping" in unacceptable!!

31. Hayner or Pence?


32. Zexion or Marluxia?

Zexion for me. . .Marly for Yuki

33. Riku or Roxas?


34. Roxas or Sora?


35. Axel or Demyx?

I say Demyx. . .Yuki says Axel

36. Kairi or Larxene?


37. AkuRoku or SoRiku?


38. Namixas ( Nam Rox) or Namiku ( Nam Riku)?


39. Zemyx or AkuRoku?


40. SoKai ( Sora Kairi) or SoKu ( Sora Riku)?


41. SeaSalt Ice Cream or Paopu Fruit?


42. Cloud or Leon?


43. CloTi ( CloudxTifa) of Clerith( CloudxAerith)?


44. Simple and Clean or Passion?

Simple and Clean!

SECTION FIVE: The Last Section!!

45. List all the KH character you've fallen for. (This includes Final Fantasy charcter as well)

Demyx, Axel, Luxord, Zexion, Marluxia, Xaldin, Xigbar, Riku, Roxas, Cloud, Leon (Squall), and Sephiroth. . .

46. What crossovers would you like to see with KH?

. . .Put it with Naruto. . .I'd fall into a fangirl coma

47. Does anyone in KH look like another character? List 'em all!

Roxas looks a bit like Sora (duh), Riku looks like a younger Sephiroth

48. Which new KH game can you abosolutely NOT wait for?


49. Do you like KH1 or KH2 better? Why?

KH2. . .it has meh Demy in it!

50. LAST QUESTION! What makes Kingdom Hearts one of the best games in the world!?

The storyline pulls you in. . .the characters are easy to obsess over. . .and the game pretty much just kicks all kinds of major ass!

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