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I'm on tumblr! Search for my username and someone somewhere will have written about me.

Ms. Eckhart - Has whole lectures based on slash fiction and thinks it's healthy for women.

This thing was once a woman and now claims to be a man. Classical tumblrista.

Italicized are my responses, bold and italicized are my commentary, and regular are the horde.

Rule Breakers and Snobs - Infantile at their best, depressing at their worst.

I am now frequenting AO3. I go under the moniker TFF. Enjoy your reviews!

Note: FFnet has had a problem with links for some time. If a link is not working, and you would like to see the source, please PM me and I can send you the link directly. AO3 links are particularly troublesome and I may have to add the number ID for the fics in the future. Thank you and thanks to those who pointed out dead links.

For many of these dead links, I have hoped to correct them with the WayBack Machine. They will archive the deeds of these individuals, who may have erased their worst aspects.

I have decided to use asterisks to note links off-site that re-direct to this profile. Each link that is broken will have one, and the link will appear at the bottom.

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I guess reading comprehension isn't your strong suit - piewacket, on thinking Raven Paradox and I are the same person.

What’s creepy is declaring yourself the Police Officer of All Fan Fiction...Your failure to see that is worrying. - A *tumblr so obsessed with me that I am the bane of their sad existence. Run by a girl who doxxed herself on the KiwiFarms. May be closed in the future.

You just can't tap someone on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledgehammer. And that way, you have their full attention. - John Doe, Se7en

Greetings. I am the Fox Familiar, flamer extraordinaire and wanderer. You may be here because I flamed you, leaving my multi-chapter reviews that cover almost everything wrong with your story in under 1400 words. Or, you may be here because of the many tumblr blogs about me, replete with the opinions of tumblristas who, after receiving their college degree in whatever soft science or social science they wasted $60,000 dollars on, decided to cry to the wide world how their jaw-dropping IQ was insulted. I have encountered individuals that have ages ranges of 6-60 years old, from those who have spent years studying for med degrees who have not read a basic, easy-to-read CDC report on STDs. You could also be here because I said something to a friend or lover of yours, and in their dramatus personae, dumped their spurned heart into my inbox, a devoted thing that has tolerated your rage since 2010. But I do have one rule that I require people to follow: if you are going to say something, it had better be noteworthy. Otherwise, I'll be bored by you and it'll be promptly deleted. If you offer more excuses to me than you did in your work, then I am of the belief that your waggling tongue should be welded shut in your mouth.

I will always be honest with my reviews, and I try to be straightforward with what I am saying, so you know what to expect and know that you won't be lied to. Any story ranging from slash, het, AU, 100,00 word stories- anything that has an open review box that catches my attention will be visited. For my work, I have been called every name in the book: racist, sexist, homophobic, narcissistic, etc. I don't particularly care anymore, as I know the mentality of these people, and I know that they will always be perpetually offended. If you came here to be entertained, have at it! But be warned that many of these messages are old, and I rarely showcase anymore.

Contrary to popular belief, I do not flame everything. If there is a story that has great potential but needs a little push, I'll leave a review saying so. Others are gems that need attention. And there are those who I flamed in the past who have sent me PMs thanking me for what I did, and how I got them on the right path. This is my ultimate goal, and I know it's more or less a hopeless one, but if it works for some, then it works for me. I have always worked to give authors a taste of reality, no matter how many reviews they get fawning over them. In fact, the more positive reviews there are, the more I am driven to trash it.

These days, I occasionally flame, but mostly on AO3, even though that website has no concrete reviewing rules. I mostly take requests, but if it's a fandom I'm not aware of, you'll have to fill me in. The fandoms I hover in are: Dishonored, Assassin's Creed (more or less dead to me), Captain America, Avengers, Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell, Game of Thrones, Resident Evil, The Last of Us, BioShock, Grand Theft Auto, Overwatch, Transformers, Bully, and more.

Now, as a fanfic author, you have limited, if zero, rights. Do not think a disclaimer on your work or how you don't own your fandom protect you. Creative License and Fair Use does, and it means you can get away with writing fanfic without getting sued or prosecuted. Though lawyer and courts have better things to do, there are those who desire to see fanfiction a protected right, which is more or less a desire to profit (even if it is not monetary profit) off of someone else's creation. There are celebrity fanfics, which are not allowed on FFnet but allowed on AO3 and other sites, that do involve a great deal of defamation of the characters they include - if you want to read every word including the hardcore BDSM torture of former Disney stars - that have not been restricted. Companies are aware that there will be fanfiction of the works they help to create, but they can't do much, and when it comes to TV studios and the actors involved in those shows, the response is either resigned disgust or 'I'm totes cool with it', which is the progressive route.

Nonetheless, this creative license does not mean you get to do whatever you want. It doesn't give you the right to write characters OOC in a fandom you don't actually care for; and all those tumblr posts about how 'cool' and 'deep' you are for deliberately and ruthlessly twisting these characters around to become shadows and monstrosities of their former selves will earn you a visit. You are, in a way, making a property that is not yours yours without expressed written permission. You are reminded that you are an entertainer, and you are governed by the canon law of your fandoms. You write for attention. And if you write poorly, do not expect the 'It's just fanfiction!' excuse to work. You have forsaken your rights.

One last thing: since you have no rights, (The link is for a Kent Law seminar, written by a Ms. Estes. If you'd like the link, as FFnet bars outgoing links for some reason, PM me.) that also means your stories, if they violate the rules, get removed. If your work is some pseudo-psychological piece on the struggles Sam and Dean Winchester have in their man train, then there's really nothing more to say then that we have reached Peak Civilization.

Next, here is a list of some pet peeves/notes that are standard in bad stories.

1) A cliched story. Self-explanatory, can be anything including bad romance, repeated plot lines, or just general stupidity.

2) Slash stories. Now, this one has earned me the most ire since I announced my opposition to it back in 2011. These stories feature the worst so-called writers have to offer, and they are all based on deception. They are mostly written by teenage girls or college-aged women, who apparently have not read anything by Randy Shilts or any other book that details the realities of this lifestyle. The basic premises of these works is any man who shows affection towards another in their selective fandom are closeted homosexuals, and so need to express their love in a hostile world. Nearly all of the works I have read, no matter the fandom, feature the most obscene things: rape, child abuse, child rape, torture, drug abuse, 'internalized homophobia', and the classic bigoted Christian father and/or parents. The individuals writing these works are unaware that they are confirming the stereotypes they warn against in their tumblr posts - without them even knowing it. It is their enabling of a dangerous lifestyle and the horrors the individuals face under silence.

3) Insert stories. I.E. Fangirl gets warped into her fandom story. Admittedly I like these stories if they are done well, because we all love the butterfly effect and chaos theory. Rarely done right, though.

4) Porn. Pornography is one of the constants of human civilization: it has been around since humans learned to sculpt the human form. Know now that there is a difference between pornography and erotica. Though the terms have been conflated and are considered mutually exclusive, pornography is meant to degrade, defile, and devour. It is a powerful, addictive drug, and there are tastes for everyone out there. It is a vast enterprise with billions invested into it. It is a tool to get someone off; it is not a tool to show beauty. It is ultimately a scapegoat, and those who write it often have some mental faculties with the doors left open (among other things).

5) Horrible and untalented authors with a vocal fandom. A true God complex who believes everything they vomit out is gold. Serves best results when flamed.

6) Abuse stories. There is only so much a reader can take, and we know bad abuse when we see it - yes, it exists. Having a character denied something that they want but is not needed is not abuse. Having a character trashed because they are 'the wrong race/sexual orientation/gender' is popular in the social justice sect, but the ones doing the abuse to those individuals are largely themselves. If it is used as an easy way to evoke pity, you'll get none over here.

7) Rape stories. A big beef of mine. I notice a double standard that has not faded among the years, be it mainstream works or fanfics: a rape is disgusting and inhuman when done to a woman, but it is hot and normal when done to a man. Rape is common in slash stories and is not treated the same as man-woman rape. In fact, under these rapes, the victim often sees the act as a bond and falls in love with their rapist. If not that, they'll act as if it is no big deal. On tumblr, many avowed feminists who decry the rape of women and celebrate Mattress Girl write gay rape with a drooling mouth. These types are and always will be rape-supporters, as they do not treat this act as evil and have the audacity to ask why they receive hate. Most of these writers are females themselves, and feel no disgust to what they do. It's a sign that not all is right inside.

8) Toxic Women. Mainly the perps, the commissioners, and enablers of the examples above. For example, on AO3, I encountered a brutal rape story that featured a man being ruthlessly sodomized repeatedly. The victim did not act as if the rape was bad, and suffered no consequences of the rape. He also taunted his rapist, saying, 'What? Afraid I won't feel your dick?' The readers of that work commissioned, and drew, artwork of the scenes. They did so with nothing in them saying it was wrong. These enablers are precisely why fandoms are toxic. It's not neckbearded men with Doritos breath complaining of girls, it's the women and always the women.

9) Canon is bastardized. If done accidentally, I may forgive you, especially if you admit your mistake in honesty. If you do it on purpose, and skew the facts and act like you don't even know what you are writing about, you will be visited. Half the time, I wonder if fanficcers are even real fans.

10) If you decide to appeal to, or use, tumblr self-help blogs on your writing, you are signing your own death sentence. Warning and style guides on how to avoid stereotypes and make you write the best minority character will make you a sell-out. Identity politics are never good, and if you decide to listen to some random tumblrista who writes stereotypes to a T and is not aware they are confirming the worst aspects of the lifestyle they are trying to protect, then you will become a sell out. I will post some examples in the link drop below.

11) I will not care if you are published or if you have a university degree. I will not be swayed by your attempts to bolster your intelligence. Nine times out of ten, you won't pursue the degree you studied for, not to mention you tend to ignore some basic scientific facts. This appears to be a growing trend.

12) If I catch you plagiarizing, either from another user or from a published work, or catch hints of it with no reference points, you will be flamed without reproach. I have zero respect for thieves and will hang you out to dry if I catch you. Congratulations on being an unoriginal shit that can't even try and who has nothing better than to steal from others.

13) If you ask for reviews or beg for criticism, and then snipe about how you don't like it, then don't open your mouth. You get what you ask for, so don't think that snark will save face.

14) I am a scrooge for facts and accurate representation. I'm an analytical person by nature, so I will pick things up you and your four betas did not. If your betas failed in their nit-picking of your work, then you're going to get a handful from me. Lazy editors are one of the main reasons bad writing gets published, because they're too busy sucking the e-penis of the author they are beta'ing for. There is no excuse for incompetence.

15) The cockier you are, the snarkier you are, the more snarkier comments you'll get. I love seeing you squirm when someone of actual taste puts you in your place ;)

16) You are not original if you write the same formula that is endemic in the Chick-Lit you condemn under your breath. If your summary goes as follows: 'X male character gets into a situation he can't get out of. Then he meets Y male character. The one look in their eyes shows a spark. Can they work together and find true love?' It will more than likely end up worse than the cliched of cliched Chick-Lit, with fandom characters getting thrown in the middle. See Rule 1 above.

17) One of the unwritten rules of this site and beyond is the Smeyer and EL James rule: the more you say you are not like either of these authors, the higher of a chance that you are. You may condemn these authors for their poor work, but you cannot claim a moral and skill high ground when the topics and prose you write with exemplify poor intelligence. The Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments, and Divergent series are badly written and researched, but that doesn't stop their audience from buying their works and seeing the films. Deep down, all authors seek a form of fame, and just because your story has more than a thousand reviews or a million words, doesn't make it good.

18) Stories that should be 100,000 words long end up thrice or ten times the length. If it takes you an entire chapter (or three as I have seen) to convey a single point, then you're writing nonsense, not content. A paragraph should not not form an idea, it should form a setting, date and time, and details. Every word must have a purpose. If you can't do that, you are taking a 'Looks-at-me' stance, in which you think word count makes the author.

What to expect:

I will flame any story that violates the standards I have listed above, or if they violate human decency. If you are under the impression that you are excused because of your glowing reviews, think again. Those people are staying for the fix, not the story. And you are their enabler giving them their drug. If I offend you or your idea of 'love', TFB.

As the years have gone by, I have noticed a significant drop in the quality of stories here. Given the availability of AO3, tumblr and blogging sites, authors are moving works that would otherwise be torn apart and moving them to safe spaces where they know they will get praise no matter what. Con-critters rarely go after the stories I have listed out of the sole fear they do not want to be labeled a homophobe or a sexist. Since I am not burdened by those terms, I review as I see fit. Con-critters for the most part agree with these authors, just not on their level of extremism.

For an example of this extremism, look no further than to Fierce Awakening, who wrote the following:

I don’t mind Megatron being the main antagonist of something, and I think stories where the main antagonist is pure evil can be written well. I don’t mind reading Megatron raping other characters (hell, I’ve written it myself!) But when Megatron is a marauding rape-beast and everyone else is a character, I cringe.

See the rules I set above.

I am aware that I was once a huge hit on tumblr. One of the major ones was started by catbountry, a woman who doxxed herself as said above. The rest are confined to the WayBack Machine, and I'll leave it that way. I know I'll probably be forgotten one day, and I don't really care. I did what I had to, and I still will, albeit on different mediums. I'll still be around.

You might have noticed that I refer to AO3 a lot. It claims to be an Organization of Transformative Works, yet it is more of a Castro bathhouse for fanfiction. Every single pairing and every single fetish you can imagine is there, written by college-age women who have never heard of Randy Shilts or Larry Kramer except in passing. Their idea of sexual minority love is based on what they read on social media, and they are die-hard LGBT supporters. They do not care for the fandoms they write for, as they are committed to destroying them. True fans find themselves intimidated, as these authors are backed by artists who can draw with Photoshop instead of crayons and usually have a larger following. Homosexual fic outnumber heterosexual fics 3-to-1, and what they include for 'sex' can be nauseating. The most obscene - and I do mean that word - forms of rape can be found here, and there is a lot of pederasty. It is the updated form of Adult FFnet, albeit degrees worse, and they demand large sums of money every year for a beta that looks the same as it did in 2013. There is no criticism allowed there, but if you want to try, have at it.

It also promotes a 'peer-reviewed' journal, where you can read about the postmodernism involving Kirk and Spock having raunchy bareback sex. It was featured on the Twitter page of 'Real Peer Review'. A joke, if you ask me. Fanfic as legitimate study, what a world.

I will rarely review anime stories. Anime never really struck a chord with me, although years ago I dabbled in Hetalia. I no longer associate with that fandom as I find it to be incredibly childish and degenerate. But if you have a good recommendation, tell me about it. I'll watch it.

There is also the issue of what happens when fanfiction is sold to the general public. With the recent SJW craze with Marvel comics, such as She-Thor, gay Ice-Man, Kamala Khan, and more, it is an attempt by people who do not know how markets work try to use their lack of talent as an excuse. One of the major examples was Maighread Scott's Windblade and her treatment of Knock-Out.

Windblade on her own is not a bad character, per se. She just suffers from bad writing from a feminist author who advocates for more female characters yet cannot write them. Scott's research and her treatment of Transformer lore was contradictory and insulting; Caminus was an all-female (or mostly female) planet, whose major societal roles revolved around dance and art - strictly female things. It is written that the planet is running out of resources and is in general up shit creek without a paddle. The Mistress of Flame belonged to a Heavy Metal movie, and nothing had a logical explanation. It was a fanfic-to-comic story, that got paraded around as Scott was the comic's first female writer.

But we're getting to the good part. Her treatment of Knock-Out, who was a charismatic, somewhat cruel, and selfish character who was talented at medicine and not away to crush others beneath his feet in order to get what he wanted as he was portrayed in TFP, was reduced to an effeminate, one-dimensional gay stereotype who probably belonged on 'Queer as Folk'. He was paired with Breakdown, as Scott wanted to tease fans who had paired them together that it was a real relationship. Their 'marriage' - a Conjunx Endurae - was another slap in the face for us true fans, because we never asked for gay marriage for robot no more than we asked for rainbow flag robots. In the end, Scott's Knock-Out and Breakdown were complete shams; one-dimensional and predictable, and instantly forgettable. They were defined only by what political purpose they served, and it wasn't even a good one. The art itself didn't help; Sarah Stone, her commissioned artist, draws fancy-pancy anime and that's it. A real 'Shit all Same' scenario.

Yet, it seems Karma has had the last laugh. Maighread Scott's latest comic has been cancelled: (www) . mscottwriter . com /2017/06/01/transformers-till-all-are-one-is-cancelled/

Diversity doesn't sell. No matter how hard you try.

Now, a bit of reminiscing: I didn't skyrocket to infamy until I announced that I did not support homosexuality. It was as if I had dropped a MOAB on these people's homes. I have very good reason not to support it, and I disapprove of it not because of Christianity or any religion. I oppose it because I have read the studies, the reports, and the data on homosexuality from different sources and I came to my own conclusions. I have read testimonies from ex-gay men (yes, they exist) and what they endured in the gay lifestyle. Were their stories heard, we'd never be in this predicament. Instead, decades of pop culture and misinformation have led individuals to believe that what these people do is no different than what we do. A 'Just Like Us' argument. Well, they are different, and they admit it as much. So if you're 'LIKE, LITERALLY?!' shocked at what I am writing, or what I'm saying, I just didn't decide one day I was going to be a 'homophobe'. I did it because I learned what was taboo and what you're not supposed to say. When I go after slash fangirls, I do so because they are promoting a complete lie. The amount of shock and ignorance people have around this untouchable subject is shocking even to me. Though I suppose that disgust response is still in there, despite all the brutal sodomy and rectal mucus.

But hey, it ain't my fault. It's yours.

If you have any questions, or still want to vent your useless anger, my PM's up there.

My hate mail:

fellow traveller - Abandoned.

Some weeaboo - wants to get rid of those meanies. Backwards twit.

Crazy bacon - Cannot handle the truth and doesn't like it when people are straightforward about it.

Sleepy Wolf - Located at your nearest Red Light District. Words of hookerness:

So I'm going to admit right from the start that you think I'm a sick f*. I really have no qualms about that, though, because your list of reasons I'm a sick f* is too long and near all-inclusive to bother wasting offence on. The only reason I'm even messaging you, and not calling you out for being rude termagant, is because I have to say I'd be downright flattered if you read my stories. I'd probably do a dance if you actually /reviewed/ one - or more accurately flamed it. (Because reviewing isn't really your thing, huh?) Why? Maybe I'm an attention-seeking brat? No, no, I assure you that's not why.

I'm not popular enough for people to fight on my behalf. It's simply because, however you may take this, I feel quite bad for you. The offensively narrow minded are often astonishingly lonely people, but it's easier to be angry and blame the world than to admit you have a problem. And I have the feeling that you might want to call me out as having an "I art holier than thou" mindset, but I'm not even claiming to be an excelent writer or knowing the meaning to life or any of that. I'm just saying. And in case you were going to fall back on that attention-seeking claim, let's get something out of the way. I'm not setting out to argue with you. I rather enjoy a good yaoi story (many of which I've actually /seen/ on this site) , I'm not offended by * for the most part, especially because "M" is fair enough warning for any literate person, and BDSM, ABO, mpreg or several other fetishes (note how I didn't say ALL), aren't anymore disgusting or wrong than normal * (or attraction) as long as it's consentual (I'll grant you the rape thing).

I have no issue admitting that and quite frankly, darlin, it's irrelevant whether or not we agree. I'm not going to argue morailty and the appropriateness of fetishim with you. Most of the people you've argued with have made very valid points that you glossed over and I'm not going to waste time telling you truths you don't want to hear. The purpose of reviewing - negative or not - is to comment constuctively, but that obviouslly doesn't matter to you. So yeah, I only have 3 stories but I'm working on more, many of which will * you off. Leave the people who hate you alone, stop bugging them and review somebody who will actually read your commets with out seeing red. I'll be the first to volunterr, because I'm far too spacey and aloof to be offended by a belligerent harpy I'll never actually meet. Have a yaoilicious day. Sleepy

I told you yaoi fangirls have no logic. Oh, for anyone that has been tortured, or been abused, send this little queen a heartfelt message.

My response:

"Most of the people you argued with have made very valid points" - Name them. Other than the fact that they have been completely intellectually checkmated, I don't think they have anything else to say other that they're an idiot. Case in point, you.

"I'm not going to waste time telling you truths you don't want to hear" - You just wasted your time writing this message. What was the point of it? Oh, yeah... "I'm a sick f*ck, and I'm going to tell you to stop arguing with sick f*cks, because I am a sick f*ck , so not all of us are like that." Yeah, that's all I got out of it.

"Leave the people who you hate alone" - This is a public site. All comments are welcome.

"The offensively narrow-minded people are astonishingly lonely people" - Argumentum ad hominem. You're attacking the man, not the argument. Your message, in all its horrible logic and messed up WTF'ery, really shows that you couldn't even think of something coherent even if you were high.

"Mpreg, BDSM are OK as long as its consensual" WTF. What the hell. That is f*ed up, even for you. BDSM involves torture, which any living person who has experienced that sort of thing would know that is not sexy. Oh, Marquis de Sade, you kill me.

As for Mpreg, I think it's a sort of psychological thing: the girl who writes it desperately wants to have a baby of her own, but can't find a man to screw her. So, she takes her favourite male characters, pairs them together, and in an act so unnatural and against all realistic expectations, he gets pregnant with her nonexistent baby.

"I rather enjoy a good yaoi story" - Good and yaoi are oxymorons. Basically, as long as it's "consensual", it's OK to you. So, what exactly is so hot about homosexuality? There is no love, no devotion, and, not to mention it is a dead end. I find that girls who support this normally want the guys to bang them, but get upset since they are too fat, anyways. Yaoi is basically a popularity contest. Any "plot" in yaoi is just two guys banging each other in the ass.

"The purpose of reviewing is to do it constructively" - Had you read my profile, you'd know that I do give concrit. Flames are still concrit, but they rip everything apart. Don't like those meanie flamers? Take your own advice and ignore them. Practice what you preach, for goodness' sake.

"I'm too spacey and aloof to be offended" - If you really were, why did you write your message? Clearly, you ARE offended, hence why you resorted to ad hominem and ad nauseum attacks.

A story that is rated M is only for incidences of violence and coarse language. It is not a scapegoat to post porn. Do that on Adult Not here.

"You glossed over stuff" - Nope. I read all of their messages in their entirety, and none of them made a valid point. Take a logic course, sugar, and see what I mean.

You pretty much admitted that you are a sick , and that, once again, are completely unable to make paragraphs. You know, the 'Enter' button can help move apart paragraphs. Use it.

"I'm not going to argue morality or the appropriateness of fetishism with you" - That's probably because you can't argue in the first place. Fetishes are abnormal sexual attractions to things. In some cases, they are disorders. In a way, you are glorifying disorders. Nice going.

"It's easier than to admit you have a problem" - Take your own advice, darling. I know full well what I do, what I am, and I actually have morals. Problem, yaoifag?


She did respond, but to be quite honest, I am not in the mood to answer. She, like all the rest, is full of circular and self-defeating logic. So I won't waste my time.

xLitva - Incest lover. Also located as your nearest street corner.

Now this one blocked me before I could even reply. So, I'll reply here.

Backwards twat - Made the biggest mistake of using "she" instead of "he" in her gay-fests.

A response to your review at

Listen. Eight words, eight spaces, three commas with a period: blah, blah, blah, shut up and grow up. I can why see you have nothing better to do than go around and flame and hate other people's work all because you dislike/loathe incest and such. This doesn't make me a 'sick *' and I could care less if this is any of your concern.

Firstly, my story is however I want to write it. There are more than a million of yaoi stories in this world because it's popular along with others. Gay, straight, bi, and so on. It doesn't matter nor for the fact that the three are related. So what? If I want Altair, Ezio, and Desmond to be gay and OOC, then it's my choice and your concerns are neither desired nor required. And whoever calls people these so called 'fanfags' are the ones who haven't been taught or disciplined enough to come up with some better vocabulary. It's a) not a word, b) soooo cliche, and c) is a poorly describable word to use just like 'fanwhoring', which ALSO isn't a word. Mainly because it's created by the dumbest, most inexperienced person in world: you! :D

You obviously sound like a babbling child...

LOL, me? A babbling child? Time to get schooled.

"I can see why you loathe other's work because it has incest" - Why, yes, because incest is wrong and a genetic disorder. Essentially you are promoting a twisted gene pool.

"This doesn't make me a sick f*ck" - Yes, it does. You openly support incest, male characters doing things that would please you (objectification) and things that they would not normally do, and the whole fact that "it doesn't matter that the three are related" shows how completely dumb you are. If incest was truly normal and healthy, then the generations of incest of Spanish, Roman, and Egyptian families would still be alive. Incest also causes immense psychological trauma, and obviously you can see this with Lucrezia Borgia. It's obvious you are scientifically illiterate.

"Fanfags is not a word" - I know it isn't - it's an abbreviation. Learn how to use the Internet.

"Soooo cliche" - I'm honestly wondering how much foam is coming out of your mouth right now. Sure, you're trying to sound like you're coming out on top, but in reality, you're showing how much of a pretentious cunt they are.

"I write how I write, AND THAT'S FINAL! YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!" - Now, I know you didn't say this directly, but your whole message revolves around this idea. When someone tries to tell you that you are fucking up the fandom, you freak out, showing your ignorance and complete inability to write. Truth is, you're not a writer - you don't have a message to tell or a story to show. All it is is mindless pornography and butchery of the characters.

"The dumbest, inexperienced person in the!" - How eloquent. Truly, it must have taken years of figuring out life's mysteries and discovering the raison d'etre of life to write that.

"There are millions of other yaoi stories" - Argumentum ad populum. Just because there are a "lot of them" out there, doesn't make yours any unique or speshul. Obviously you think you're an immune special snowflake and DON'T DESERVE THIS TREATMENT FROM A NO-LIFE BABBLING FLAMER. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW.

You're not special. You're not talented. You can't write worth for shit even if you were tortured to write a story. Your attitude of "If I want them to be, THEN THEY'LL BE, AND YOU" really shows how much you've been coddled in your uninteresting, spoiled, and overdramatic life. If anyone is the babbling child, it's you, because you don't like it when someone openly tells the truth.

Grow the up and get outside, or in the kitchen. And blocking me before I could answer? How cowardly. In the end, the only person you embarrassed was yourself.

Bleach therapist - Old news, made the 'suicide is not a joke!' argument while likely being a cutter herself.

Promiscuous Ginger - Now at pubs everywhere!

A response to your review at

1. I actually do know quite a bit about history and the traditional Catholicism's view on homosexuality. I do know that it is punishable by death. However, that didn't stop some men and women for committing it. As in this instance of FICTION. Oh lawdy god fiction! Someone stop the presses if someone takes a historical character and one from a game and writes a situation that probably didn't but could've possibly happened. OH DEAR GOD.

2. It's horrible for both genders to get raped. It's horrible for anyone to get raped. It's not okay between two men or two women or a man to a woman or a woman to a man. It's not funny, it's not sexy, etc. This is just how the story happened to evolve. I was given a prompt by a Tumblr User and I went with it. There's simply no way for Cesare and Ezio to have had sex anyways, so I wrote this, no matter how terribly graphic is is.

3. There is an outcry about homosexual rape in prisons. And syphilis is contracted every day by both sexes, so you have no point in mentioning that. (Other than Cesare contracted it. Ooooh STD.)

4. I've had quite a lot of sexual experience with both men and woman. I've had both anal and vaginal sex and no anal fissures here! Or in most of the gay men I've talked to. (Maybe one, and that was from him going to the doctor for something else entirely) People didn't have condoms and I didn't use one, obviously.

5. This comment is just rude, thank you very much. I'm not a sick f*ck. I also skimmed your profile (to see what kind of stupid person I'm talking to), and I'd like to say that you obviously don't know how varied people can be. Rape, Necrophilia, Pedophilia, etc, I have to agree with you about. But BDSM? Homosexuality?
BDSM can be absolutely beautiful in many ways. It's about submitting and dominating. It's about testing just how far the person can go in the threshold of pain (if the couple is using the SM part of BDSM) and just how much they can torment them to almost orgasm and how many times. It's a play between two people, trust and mostly love. Now, the people that do it commercially? The same thing. It's consenting adults.
Homosexuality. Alright. Some people like different things. It's like if someone asked me if I liked cake or pie. I'd say the whole damn desert bar because I do love all genders. (Although I'm more gender blind, seeing as I'm Pansexual, thanks.) I implore it of you to stop pushing your opinions on other people in a bullying fashion. Especially about sexuality and such.

Oh, and the suicide thing? Alright. That's your opinion. But as a human race, we're naturally survivors. It's hard to drown ourselves and it's hard to starve ourselves. Everyone is attempting to live on this Earth. So, yes, it means a lot whenever someone commits suicide . When someone is absolutely that low in their life that they decide to take their life. No matter what they've gone through in their life. A lot of people are chronically depressed and they simply can't help it. I know, because I've struggled with it and I can sometimes over come it. I just wanted to say that some of your opinions are absolutely disgusting and you need to educate yourself before you shittily attempt to educate others.

Thank you and I won't respond to anything else you try to send me. Because you're a rude and disgusting person.
TARDIS Time Lord (Natalie)

BDSM is not beautiful. It is a mental illness. Anyone who shows pleasure at experience immense pain has a brain that does not respond to stigma. Chances are, she does not have a good relationship with those around her, because no sane human being would ever consider things like that as normal. Welcome to the Brave New World, ladies and gentlemen.

Hoo boy, I hit a nerve. Let's take apart your message point by point.

"I've had lots of sexual experiences with both men and women" - Bullshit. The way you write clearly shows you are a virgin. Really? The "gay men" you've talked to HAVEN'T gotten sick yet? Then why is that that over 60% of ALL homosexuals contribute to the AIDS epidemic, oral cancer, anal cancer, hepatitis, HPV, anal fissures (I'm sure the "gay" men you've talked to most certainly did not have sex with condoms). So, you're a "bisexual". So f/ucking what. It doesn't make you special. It makes you a menace to society. Oh, stop the presses! I said something mean!

You are a sick f/uck, since you are completely incapable of understanding logic and common sense. As I can see, the people who preach tolerance are the most intolerable.

"I agree with you BUT BDSM and Homosexuality are not sick" - Yes, because people clearly LOVE to be abused. People LOVE to be tied up and dehumanized in every possible way. You make Marquis de Sade look tame. BDSM started in prisons with people being abused in every which way. Your liberal logic of: "It's perfectly okay, and if you find something wrong with it, you're a bigot" shows the thorough indoctrination of homosexualists. And they used activism, not science, as you do here.

"It can be beautiful" - What planet are you on, and what are you smoking? BDSM means tying people up and abusing them. And what if it isn't consentful? What happens then? BDSM is, in medical textbooks, a sign of SOCIAL MISCONDUCT, DISORDER, and DISSOCIATION WITH REALITY. So, perhaps you should educate YOURSELF before educating me, da? Just because something is in the mainstream does not make it right.

"I just wanted to say that some of your opinions are absolutely disgusting" - What we have here, i.e. you, is a person who uses FEELING, not reason. My opinions are backed by fact. You haven't breached my shield of facts, instead, you've shown that you are completely detached from reality.

"OH MY GOD, I wrote something that couldn't possibly have happened! Stop the presses!" - What a whiny baby you are. Oh, BAAAAAAW BAAAAAAAW I DON'T LIKE YOUR OPINIONS, SO LIKE, MINE ARE OKAY BECAUSE THEY ARE CONSENTFUL.

You are not a pansexual. In fact, the whole multiple genders thing is just a myth. It is not backed by any science. You are a woman, and a clearly disturbed one at that. If you are a "pansexual", i.e. a person with a DISORDER, than you are neglecting your natural role: BEING A WOMAN. You are either that or a man. Or, I can call you an IT, meaning something WITHOUT a gender, like a bacterium. "Gender blindness" exists only in feminist and gay THEORY, not reality. As I said, the only things without genders are bacteria and protista. You are in the kingdom animalia, which involves TWO sexes: male and female.

"As a human race, we're naturally survivors" - I find that ironic how you would mention that, since you adamantly defend homosexuality and BDSM. As a human SPECIES, our main purpose is to REPRODUCE, hence heterosexuality is the norm. Homosexuality, bisexuality, and your so-called "pansexuality" are not healthy, not helpful to humanity, and should be DESTROYED. If you want to be a Darwinist, maybe you should educate yourself on how this race survives. People like you are detrimental.

"I've overcome depression" - You seem to think I give a shit about your personal life. Maybe you should have pulled the trigger.

"You're a rude and disgusting person" - Typical female liberal logic. Since you cannot attack my arguments, you attack me personally. I've had much fun destroying your pitiful attempts at arguments. Maybe you can tell rape victims who have been victims that BDSM is fine. Maybe you can tell those medical professionals, who think that the whole thing is strange, is fine. The BDSM is no different that arguments for incest, bestiality, polygamy, and then some. I know I'm rude. But I'm honest.

Cesare Borgia was not gay. And in an effort to please your little leeches, you wrote your little piece of shit story. Oh, I know it's fiction, but fiction has RULES. And that means keeping canon character in canon, especially if they're not yours. If you know that the two characters couldn't have sex in the first place, why did you write it? Because you are talentless and appeal to young women's insecurity. You honestly think the world revolves around you, eh?

"I won't respond to your message" - Well that just shows how intolerant you are, you sick f.uck. You are not a pansexual, you are not bisexual, you don't have depression: you're just a sick woman attempting to get off. Thank you for showing your stupidity.

BDSM has a long, long range of sexual paraphernalia, and isn't just limited to whips and chains. It can involve animals, objects, even sexual attraction to vegetables. By and large, despite a few newspaper articles that try to say otherwise, it is a sexual disorder with a wide range of causes and effects. She can define love however she wishes, so I find it odd how she doesn't support incest or paedophilia. That is considered love in most cultures, after all.

Miss I have no Daddy - RAGEQUITTED and fled to AO3. Should call Maury.

Subject: re: Your review to Explosions


In regard to your review on my story "Explosions", I would like to make it clear the tone you used was both unsavoury and offensive. Thus, this is why your review has been reported. Regardless of this, I would also like to make it known that there was not an ounce of, what you called; "rape" in the fanfic mentioned.

I also find nothing wrong with homosexuality, and to glorify it is to accept it, so I take it you are one who doesn't respond well to seeing two men kissing, or two women flirting or anything of the kind, correct? Unfortunately, both incest and homosexuality are reality. I made it clear both in the description and the summary that it would be Incestuous, but not rape.

These are Assassins and Templars, fictional characters, might I add, and they kill people everyday. Surely incest is not as bad as murdering people on a daily basis, no? If you think differently, then I suggest counselling.

Secondly, these "daddy issues" you have referred to. I'd like to make it clear you do not know me, nor of my personal life. True, I have not witnessed incest at all, and my father is absent, since leaving myself and my 4 other siblings homeless along with my mother at the age of 3, but I am sure you already knew that since you felt the need to call out on my "daddy issues", correct?

Feel free to report. And I must stress it is spelt "reported", not "Reeeeeeeported" as you have stated.

If you had been a bit more mature about your comment, I may have regarded it a bit more, but fortunately, your use of offensive language simply proves there is nothing of your opinion I should take into account.

Have a good day.

Georgia (AKA MalikRuttingAssassinAss)

(Because I will not hide behind a username like some.)

The fact that she lives in a fictional world and dares to compare murder to incest shows that she cannot make proper connections. She sees the little things instead of the bigger picture. She says on her profile that she is "realistic" and tries to stick to canon as much as possible. If she even lived in the real world, she'd know that homosexuality is NOT healthy, and neither is incest.

I want to tell your father that he made the right choice in leaving your family. Anyone who gave birth to a pathetic, twisted, sick daughter would likely kill themselves. No one would ever want to claim the birthright of you.

"It's spelled reported" - I know full well how it is spelled. Surely you don't know a thing called humour.

"Surely incest is not as bad as murdering people" - HAHAHA OH WOW. Yes, because HAVING SEX WITH A SIBLING IS AWW-RIGHT. Let's just disregard the fact the incest is usually caused by abuse and psychological disorders. Essentially, you're supporting a mental illness. Good for you! Not to mention even comparing murder with incest is downright retarded. That's like comparing stealing with bestiality.

"I also find nothing wrong with homosexuality" - Yet another problem. So AIDS, syphilis, anal fissures, and disease are all alright to you? You are not aware that it is an evolutionary dead end? Typical. I suppose you would have the same feelings towards bestiality, right? After all, THAT is a reality, too. Supporting homosexuality is the same as supporting alcoholism: it is a destructive lifestyle. Not to mention you are supporting broken relationships, drug abuse, rape, broken families, promiscuity, and that oh-so-precious word you libtards love: love. Because anything can be love, right?

Have you ever spoken to a victim of incest? Rape? Because the two ARE related. Consensual incest is usually the result of long-term incestuous rape. To even speak to someone who believes that incest is normal begs the question: Did it happen to you? Were you abused? I think so. The emotional gap between your family proves this. In fact, you admit you haven't. Shame on you.

"Your tone is offensive" - Oh, BOO HOO. I HURT YOUR LITTLE FEELINGS. Good to know I was indeed right about the daddy issue thing. You haven't had a good role model in your life, nor have you been taught how to properly think. What went through your mind when you wrote this? "Oh, Connor and Haytham are hot. They're father and son. So, I'll pair them together because incest is perfectly acceptable and healthy! But I don't need to know that it isn't! Science? Logic? What's that? I'm too emotionally depraved!"

"There is nothing of your opinion I should take into account" - Yes, there is. You are a sick f/uck. Had I given a proper, long review, I would have told you this:

You are a shitty writer. You don't have taste. You know that the fanbase will love you and treat you with the love you never had as a daughter. You know full well what you have done. You know that the lifestyles you support are unnatural and unhealthy. Study science. Incest and homosexuality will bring humanity's end. What do you think happened to the Greeks? They were too busy having buttsex that they all died out. That's why the Turks were able to take over their culture. Incest in royal families eventually proved disastrous, because all the heirs began to die off. Genes do not lie; incest = death.

"I will not hide behind a username" - Ah, but you are. If you are not afraid, post your full name and phone number on your profile. You should be incarcerated. Even your username just begs for it.

I live in the real world, unlike you. I am aware of the abuse of incest and the damage it does on one's psyche. I know the difference between murder and love. Serial killers are often sociopaths because they cannot connect with others. Your behaviour to me and others show that you are not aware of the real world, and instead dwell in a fictional one where homosexuality and incest are normal ways of life that have happy endings.

If anything, I feel sorry for you. Your appeal to pity did work for me, surprisingly. But I am more worried for your mental health. Being a sub-human incapable of thought, emotion, or morale is tragic, and you know what the solution should be?


Because people like you have lost the right to live. You shit on the suffering of others. You enjoy seeing others in pain. You writhe in the filth of mental illness, and instead of seeking help, you rejoice in it. Instead of living in the real world, you live in a world you built for yourself, trying to hide from the judgement of others. But you will not hide from me.

I hope, that one day, something happens to you. Something so horrible that it will make you think over what you have done. Something that ravages you from the inside out, and finally makes you realize that the things you have written are rightfully looked down upon.

You are not worth arguing with, because a sub-human has nothing to give away, anyways. Usually I attack the arguments of my enemies, but you? You gave me nothing but your excuse for sanity. Burn in hell, you sick f/uck, and I hope you take your supporters with you.

Maury: in the case of Georgia, random British man: you are NOT the father! Her beautiful artwork

14-year-old paedophile - Words of paedo-ness:

Subject: re: Your review to Old Man Winter and the Ice Prince

A response to your review at

Thank you for the review, love. Sorry for the late reply, I only recently logged on again and found your sweet comment. No, just because I like shota doesn't make me a pedo. Little kids are cute but they do not 'turn me on'. I know kids younger than me and they are in no way, shape, or form sexually attractive. If you can't understand this concept think of how people play violent video games or read violent comics, but they don't go around killing people in real life. Just because you play a violent game doesn't make you a heartless murderer in real life and just because I like shota doesn't make me a pedo in real life. Same thing with vorephilia, which is the sexual fetish of swallowing a person whole or being swallowed whole yourself (I will never understand the attractiveness in such a fetish but whatever floats people's boats I suppose...), but those people don't actually go around eating people or try to get swallowed by boa constrictors and stuff, it's just a fantasy fetish. Any way, what I mean is that there's a barrier between fantasy and reality.

I'm actually surprised you are a homophobe because you're reading a Hetalia fic and Hetalia has a lot of gay references, I guess you just enjoy making yourself angry...If you know anything about the character Russia, he is hinted to have a crush on China (who is a male) in the series. And really? Russians don't like homosexuality so Russia himself can't be gay? There are minorities in every country, man.

Also, you didn't even read my story closely. Russia didn't bite Antarctica's fingers. Antarctica accidentally cut himself and Russia sucked the blood off. AND Australia is both a continent and a country, so I decided that Antarctica could be like that. I don't mean to be rude but it's you who needs to check your facts. You seem to have conservative views and although my work doesn't show it, I also consider myself conservative even though I am bisexual. I do have strong moral views and I think pedophilia in real life is wrong since a child is not mature enough to make correct decisions and they can get taken advantage of. If you yourself have been sexually abused as a child, I can only sympathize and not empathize. Again, I think pedophilia in real life is wrong.

I did do some research on Antarctica for this fanfic and I let Antarctica speak Latin simply because I like the language, I apologize if my lack of years of studying Antarctica and my lack of accuracy on a work of FICTION has offended you. I never said I was a historical genius, I've just always thought that the idea of Antarctica being a country in the future would be cool.

I was actually one of the top students who graduated and although I know I don't know everything, I feel that I am quite intelligent. I am completely human, and I'm surprised you called be mulatto because I am. I detect that you are racist because of your bashing on Africans, and I think THAT is morally wrong.

Gay is not a synonym for pedophile, most adult gay men like other adult gay men. What, all of a sudden straight men like to prey on little girls? You can't set double standards like that, dude.

To be honest, your review has really invigorated me to continue writing my fanfic. Before I was really busy with high school, but now I feel like I want to set time aside just to finish this just to spite you. I suppose I'm a person who enjoys confrontation, I see your negative review as a challenge and I accept. I'm embarrassed with myself that this dumb review is what I needed to kick me back into writing again, but I suppose I need to thank you for this so um...thanks! (Please excuse any grammar and spelling mistakes I have, I was very excited to finish typing this )

Feel free to further torture yourself by reading my next chapter as soon as it's out, and I would be most honored if you reviewed that chapter as well.

With love and God Bless,
Princess Calamity the Demented Lolita Princess


I suppose I should change my username to PrinceCalamity, I have come to discover over the years that I'm genderqueer. (Oh, the horror! Haha!)

The intellectual bankruptcy of the LGBT movement makes itself ever more clear. I have watched nearly all the Hetalia episodes and there is no mention that Russia is homosexual. Yaoi freaks use the episode where he was in China's house as an example of his alleged homosexuality. These days, you are gay until proven straight.

LMFAO. I am surprised, both at the fact that you answered and at your petty arguments. Let's dissect them one by one.

"Me liking shota does not make me a paedophile" - Actually, it does. Shota is the Japanese porn of underage boys. Do you see that word there, "underage"? Just because you do not prey on boys in real life does not make you immune to criticism. Since you like shota, you therefore get attracted to underage boys engaging in sexual activity. Your brain gets stimulated, therefore, making you a paedophile. However, making the connection to voraphiles is, in a way, trying to swerve the argument around you.

"I find paedophilia wrong in real life" - Yet you like porn of underage boys. It does not matter if the subject does not exist, the fact is, you are getting stimulated.

"Russia is hinted to have a crush on China" - Not in canon. There is no mention of Russia being gay. He desires China's land, not his ass. Personal interpretation does not stand up to scrutiny. I have watched the series with a critical eye and there is no indication that Russia is homosexual. However, based on your hyper-sexualisation and completely ignorant view of reality, I would expect a half-breed freak such as you to interpret Russia as homosexual.

"Russians don't like homosexuality so Russia can't be gay?" - If anything, Russia is a reflection of his people. If Russia has always had negative views of homosexuality, his representation of that would also be negative. Yes, there are minorities in every country, however it is the majority that matters. The term "sacrificing the few for the many" is what is important.

"I did do my research...therefore Antarctica speaks Latin" - And here you make no sense at all. Why would a continent speak a dead language? Here's what you're doing: you're twisting history and canon because YOU want to. Yes, this is FICTION, but it is not YOUR fiction. The characters are not yours. As you cannot respect canon, you are violating copyright.

"I was actually one of the top students who graduated" - Sure, you are. Homosexuals usually have a "better" education than the public, and they actually don't get bullied as often as the media makes them out to be. But I highly doubt that your intellect is as high as you claim. I suspect that you had a liberal education, and your complete lack of knowledge of history and science shows that. You are trying to make yourself seem as the more intelligent individual, but if anything, you are showing the same thing all homosexuals and their half-breed ilk are showing:

An entirely emotional argument.

"I was surprised by your homophobia" - And that is your argument overall. Homophobia. First, let's get a few things straight. A phobia is an irrational fear of something, such as arachnophobia - the fear of spiders. With that said, the homosexualists turned a scientifically valid statement into a political one to crush dissent. You are trying to shame me with the word homophobe, and I am in no way ashamed.

"If you were abused" - Here you are turning the argument on me. In no way have you justified WHY paedophilia is right; as a matter of fact you said it was wrong, while simultaneously liking shota, paedophilic porn. So, not only are you a hypocrite, you're a sick . You haven't proved me wrong; only right. You say that in REAL LIFE paedophilia is wrong, but I should mention that women, or men, that view things on the Internet are far more likely to act it out IN REAL LIFE.

I should also mention that homosexuals make up the vast majority of paedophiles. So it's not surprising to me that you like underage porn. In reality, you are a man, born a man, and forever will be a man, and no surgery and political correctness can change that. By saying you are a woman, you are committing the act of MANIPULATION, and hiding what you really are. That is immoral, wouldn't you agree?

"I am bisexual" - Here again you are using some sort of oppression card. If, indeed, you are bisexual, you will live a short, unhealthy life. Your lifestyle is not normal or healthy. You didn't even question my facts on homosexuality; instead you skirted around them, no doubt denying them.

So, based on your writing, it's obvious you want to live a life of pleasure instead of well-being. Your writing shows your FANTASIES, therefore that you want to abuse underage boys. You may call my review dumb, but you haven't pointed out what is dumb with it. If anything, I showed that you are the one that is dumb.

"God Bless" - Ironically, The Bible, The Koran, and The Torah ALL condemn homosexuality and other sexual deviance. To see that you are using the religious card suggests that your parents are not true Christians and the overall take over of religion by homosexual activists.

All in all, you have showed me the intellectual bankruptcy of the LGBT community, and of the yaoi fandom. You do not know canon, you do not know the difference between pleasure and morality, and you are pretending to be something you never will be. You admit that you are a sick , because you have failed to distinguish how shota is different from paedophilia. It seems that you are the one who cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality. In your attempt to justify your views, you have made yourself a fool. I wonder why that is?

I know why: all the evidence is stacked against you. There is NO evidence that your lifestyle is healthy. There is NO evidence that Russia even leans towards homosexuality (I wonder why you didn't use the incest card!). There is NO evidence that the continent of Antarctica would have any Latin influence. Changing reality to suit YOUR needs instead of WHAT THEY REALLY ARE is a little bit immature and retarded, don't you think? Simply put: your lifestyle is "I WANT, AND I SHALL HAVE! IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!" You are content with forcing your lifestyle and views down other's throats.

You are not a writer. You have nothing to show. You are a sick who can't even provide the definition of paedophilia. You distort canon to suit your needs. You ignore and distort history. You use the "minority" card. Well, if we all fell into our sexual urges, we wouldn't exist, now would we?

You never once addressed my points, nor refuted me. I guess the facts are just too devastating on their own. You are not a "genderqueer" - that term does not exist IN REALITY, it exists IN DEFINITION, which is entirely AN ACTIVIST THING. Oh, you don't like that, do you? You're a man, albeit a sick one, who can't be what he was meant to be: a man. So, in that case, you have failed your purpose in society: serve as a masculine role model.

You're in high school? Lol. It's not hard to ace high school, especially if you're in minority status: they'll automatically give you As. In that case you never earned your high marks, they were given to you.

Your argument has been dismantled and defeated. You /tried/ to spite me with your scorching rhetoric and the accusation of homophobia, and I have successfully destroyed every little piece of your argument. As a matter of fact, no, I am not a homophobe, but I do see them as a threat to society because of their lifestyle. We put a ban on smoking. Why not that? And besides, if paedophilia is so wrong in real life, but OK online, I suppose rape is OK online, too? Ah, hypocrisy.

I do not speak to fag-lovers or half-breeds who pretend to be human. Yes, there are minorities in every country, but should they represent the people? No. Natural selection demands the best, and the best survive.

A 14-year-old paedophile. Boy, they keep getting younger and younger, eh?

Zoophile/ backwards twit - BAAAAAAAW'd after I said I don't approve of the LGBT. Back-pedals and hates Christians (who'da thunkit?). Words of blasphemy:

Okay, um, what the hell?
Normally, I wouldn't take time out of my life to do this, but I just felt this had to be done...

To say your words disturb me is a MASSIVE understatement. It bothers me so much, I can barely type because I'm shaking. To know that people like you still exist on this planet in this modern time makes me physically nauseous (I nearly threw up on my screen reading your filth). I came across you after reading a rather hilariously ridiculous review on one of my friends' stories, but I sure as hell wasn't laughing at the complete garbage I saw on your profile.

First off, I would like to state that you'll no doubt be disgusted by me -- For one, I'm a girl with a girlfriend and I have an interest in several fiction fetishes that I don't commence in in real life, such as BDSM. Disgusted yet?

I would just like to know what kind of a family raised such a narrow minded, hate filled scumbag such as yourself. You say yaoi is disgusting and that all people who enjoy or write it are filth and don't know what anal sex even is? I'll go ahead and say that, though obviously many amateur writers DON'T know what all goes on during such delicate situations, you're equally unintelligent to think that NOBODY knows what happens, and I don't think you do either, if you think it's so incredibly terrible that it cannot be performed. I know you're against porn, but try watching some gay videos on anal sex and tell me what you think then, because it sure looks possible to me, both men and women actually.

And it appears you've quite the affinity for flaming on fetishes as well, such as rape, incest, BDSM, etc. Well, for one, I would like to clarify on rape. Am I saying that it's hot? God no, or that it's some sort of fetish (in which case would be psudo rape, and not actual harm would be done), but you must understand that some stories, not ones written for rape to be arousing in any way, incude rape as a simple event in a character's life, something that changed them. That doesn't mean the writer nor the readers are "getting off" on rape. Yes, many do, and yes, they're terrible amateur stories that ought to be revised, but I think, yet again, you're equally stupid for lumping every writer in one group and not examining thoroughly to the quality stories.

"If you write such things, you are a menace to society and deserve to be burned." Oh my god, really? What kind of horrible f/ucking monster are you? Saying that just because somebody wrote any of those, even if not meant to be for sexual gratification in a FICTIONAL story, that they need to DIE? You're ten times worse than any of those people! I can't believe anyone believes that writing a story about BDSM or including rape or incest (In a story mind you, which is not hurting ANYONE) is worse than being burned!

"This is a result of mental retardation, an acceptance of mediocrity, and abnormal behaviour."
Okay, so, you've lost me. Apparently you don't understand even the meaning behind "mediocrity." Having abnormal interests makes you medicore? I'm sorry, but that's the stupidest ing thing I've ever read, you're completely contradicting yourself. If everyone had such disgustingly intolerant minds like you did, this would truly be a filthy, mediocre place. My parents are healthy happy individuals, I'm pretty sure that my unique interests are not a result of retardation or a mentality of any kind -- I simply am not narrow minded and utterly misguided like you are.

What in the world is so WRONG with something like BDSM anyway? Or foot fetishes? Or any other things you find odd? I find fetishes such as with feet or watersports/scat strange yes, but that doesn't mean I feel the need to constantly bash these people and tell them that they're disgusting and need to be burned alive or eat poison simply because they're, god forbid, DIFFERENT than I am.

And your constant issue with homosexuality. Tell me, in what way (other than the completely idiotic and untrue BIBLE bullshit than people like you tend to regurgitate out) is homosexuality SO ing evil and disgusting? Just because somebody loves in a different way than you, how does that make it suddenly so wrong? And I'm not talking about some twisted version of love, such as, "I hurt you because I love you," I'm talking about your regular every day gay men and women.

I find it incredibly hard to swallow that anybody still has such an outdated, ancient mindset. Not all yaoi writers write disgusting scat rape incest in an amateur fashion and write nothing but porn. In fact, there are many writers (Ever heard of Anne Rice, my good sir/madam?) who are brilliant, both professional and fiction in what they do, and they don't need simple mindless porn to write great fiction that may include something that you find disgusting. Yes, by all means, disagree with a topic or someone's interest, but know that your hateful logic of "anything that's different from what I think is disgusting" and thus the people who do not fit in your puny pen mark circle should be burned is completely and utterly unadmireable, and you will find that your own views are extremely mundane, outdated, and very, very, very unethical. You are by far the most immoral person I've ever come across. Expand your mind and open up the idea of "free will" in writing, and know that there are millions of people in the world who are a hundred times more enlightened than you, including an amateur such as myself.

Those who fail to prove their point or justify their views, while condemning others that have, indeed, proven theirs, have nothing to say. Liberals claim you have a mental problem for not conforming to their views when they have mental problems of their own.

"What is wrong with BDSM" - Well, since you can't figure it out yourself, I guess I'll tell you:

It is a psychological disorder associated with dominance and submissiveness. One is the dominant one and subjects the other to humiliation. The one being humiliated is abused so much that they eventually "like" it. However, given the field evidence and personal testimonies, I fail to see how BDSM is healthy or a sign of a good relationship.

Now, if you want to argue immorality, let's begin:

You support a lifestyle, and even engage in, a lifestyle that is unnatural and unhealthy. You're a lesbian - so what? I don't care. I know that you'll probably get bacterial vaginosis or HPV, and probably your girlfriend will leave you. Or, you'll engage in drug activity and alcohol abuse.

So, you constantly tell me that I am such a bigot, that you can't believe people like me exist. Yet you state that watersports/scat is strange, yet go on to tell me that other sexual deviances are A-OK. You try to tell me that I am unintelligent; you try to tell me that homosexuality et al is perfectly fine and demand that I watch videos of anal sex. Well dear, I have a thing called a book on physiology, and it shows that the anus was in no way designed for constant penetration. Since you oh-so-forget this fact, I quite correctly assume that you are an idiot.

Besides your scorching rhetoric, which I'll simply gloss over.

Then you assume that I am religious. Of course you'd attack Christianity, which is responsible for the DON'T HATE ME FOR WHAT I AM values that you use here (oh, doesn't that hurt?) but you'd NEVER attack Islam or Judaism; the former because of racism and the latter for anti-Semitism. Besides, the Bible shouldn't be taken literally, but I do know that Christianity is responsible for the rise of science and why we are such moralistic individuals that don't kill each other on a daily basis like savages. Of course you'd attack Christianity and religion, because it RIGHTFULLY condemns your unhealthy behaviour.

"Having abnormal interests makes you mediocre?!" - You condemn abnormal practices in one paragraph, and support them in another. You condemn rape in one paragraph, yet celebrate BDSM, which involves dominace/submission, a typical situation in rape. Nice self-defeatist logic.

Now, given your little tirade, what did you prove? Oh, that people who have a traditional set of mind are wrong, yet you never prove to me how I am wrong. You can't believe people like me exist. Well, then, that shows me about you:

YOU cannot stand someone with a dissenting opinion. ANYONE who DARES question homosexuality, BDSM, bisexuality, etc ARE IMMORAL PEOPLE. "Immoral" means I have no morals, yet I have a CLEAR sense of right and wrong, unlike YOU. If ANYONE has proven themselves to be immoral, it is you. YOU never prove how homosexuality IS RIGHT, you just ASSUME that it is, because someone else told you. THAT IS AN ACT OF FAITH. You never looked at the evidence yourself, you never went outside your bubble, because the TRUTH CONTRADICTS YOUR FAITH. You are no different than the Christians you unrightfully bash. YOU are showing yourself to be a bigot because you cannot handle people that question your sick and unhealthy lifestyle.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: homosexuality is unhealthy and unnatural. There is no gay gene. You were not born that way. It is a disorder. It lowers birthrates. And no, you will NEVER, EVER BE EQUAL TO HETEROSEXUALS.

My views are outdated? Ha! Prove me wrong. Oh, that's right, you didn't! Oh, my dear, I am so sorry that I questioned your faith! I am sorry that I have a shield of facts that is clearly impenetrable! Yes, my dear, anal sex is so "delicate" that even gay writers admit that it hurts and that it is unhealthy. You don't even follow the words your own people say. Why is it that the CDC reports that STDs are among the increase for homosexuals, and why must they keep quiet? Because it would hurt the feelings of people like you. When a medical community has to keep quiet in order not to "hurt people's feelings", that really says a lot about society, doesn't it?

So it's clear you have no idea of the science or psychology of any of your points. You fail to prove how my views are wrong, and you try to tell me that my logic is "hateful".

And that is where the curtain is pulled back: behind the curtain lies the clanking machinery, the rusted gears, the loud squeaking of intellectual bankruptcy. Your argument was the appeal to pity, argumentum ad hominem, and argumentum ad ignoratum. Oddly enough you advocate free will, and I express my free will, THEN you turn around and tell me that I am a hateful bigot for expressing my free will. That is self-defeatist logic: you can't even practice what you preach and you attempt to crush any dissent because it questions your world view. Now who does that sound like? Christians, or Homosexualists?

Those who preach tolerance are the most intolerant of all. You have shown me what you really are: a sad, abused little girl who uses her anger to tell those who HAVE A DIFFERENT OPINION, as well as THE TRUTH, that they are so hateful. You've used every card in the book. You tried to call me a Christian with no evidence; you attack religion and the Bible without knowing why it condemns your lifestyle; you are completely unaware of the science that proves homosexuality and BDSM are unhealthy; and, in the end, you try your best to defend sick s, because they are the same social outcasts as you.

It is you, not I, who is the hateful bigot; the ignorant one; the one who lives in her tiny-narrow minded view. I am a traditionalist. I am a racist, a "homophobe", a fascist, and I'm damn proud of it. Since I do not live in a bubble, I am more than content to piss off emotional, logic-starved brats like you. If my message made you physically nauseous, GOOD. That means I am doing something right.

Indeed, if your sexual deviances were "the way" then perhaps Sodom would still be a bustling city. Holy Texts, science texts, medical notebooks - they ALL condemn what you believe. Your self-defeating and self-refuting logic, your scorching rhetoric, your failure to address my points and provide evidence to disprove them, prove that you are no better than the people you hate.

Hate is a product of love, my dear. Heterosexuality is the future, because after all, we don't need a third party to have children. If you love BDSM and homosexuality so much, go to Africa where that is practiced en masse. There you will see that those who succumb to every sexual urge is no better than a savage.

And so that is what it is: you are a sick ; a savage who screeches and wails at those who do not give her what she wants.

This coming from a person who gets off on animals in compromising positions, I am not surprised. Her beautiful artwork

Needs some trenches - got upset after I reviewed a rule-breaker. Eventually called me a racist. Hard to believe this one's a guy.

Hi, I'm Shadowsilv3r, but of course you already know that from under the link to this message. Anyway, I reviewed a terrible story you just recently reviewed as well called 'Dishonored remake' and I must admit that I was greatly confused with the way you insulted someone that CLEARLY admitted to being a first time writer.

So I took a look at your extensive profile page and discovered that while you and I share the same opinion of gay/lesbian, bestiality, necrophilia, ect. to a point (I actually tolerate gays/lesbians as long as they understand I'm not gay) I however can not put up with the idea in your head that your opinion is superior to others just because their opinions grossed you out.

You state clearly in a repeated fashion that it is your opinion when you review stories, but then you go out of your way to insult them by calling them sick s, idiots, and/or morons which suggest that you think of their opinions as garbage for simply insulting them, and place your opinion as fact, or at least better then theirs comparatively.

It is their opinion, it is not fact, nor is yours, and nether is better, what I got from reading your profile page suggest that you are an intolerant man/woman that needs to loosen up a lot. yes, some people are going to post terrible stories, yes people are going post yaoi and yuri and poorly written stories (Not everyone can write Shakespeare) and there is nothing that will stop it. But that doesn't mean you can just go and insult and tell them to drink rat poison just because you hate what they put up, negative does not mean insulting. You're not providing hard truths to people, you're just flaming for the sake of flaming.

I expect a response from you. Note that I intend no argument, and if it turns that way it will be on your behalf for I want this to be civil, gross stories or no, there are a bunch of nice people on this community of fanfic writers if you know where to look, and your flaming only degrades it.

Good day.

Retards should stop pretending to be smart.

If you actually read my profile, you'd find that I am in fact a woman.

First of all, you post a great contradiction of yourself. You state that it is not fine for me to express my free will as it is rude, yet here you are, engaging in the same conduct, believing that, somehow, you can make me change my opinion.

Second, I do not care if it is someone's first time writing or not. They violated the rules by posting a non-story, and by defending it you are defending rule-breakers, and therefore chaos. Well done.

"Your opinion is superior to others...because you get grossed out" - Why, I do admit I am superior to others because I am. And frankly, hardly any of my opinions are just sole opinions - they are based on facts and reason. If you can't handle that, you therefore can't handle reality or contradictory statements, and that makes you a spineless coward that flees in the face of evidence.

Third, you keep making assumptions - which you tell me not to do - about me based on my profile. You're not practicing what you're preaching.

Fourth, give me an example of these "bunch of nice people". These "nice people" are brats that write mediocre and get nothing but ass-pats. By saying that you don't like me flaming, you are therefore suppressing truth and allowing these people to live in bubbles. Essentially, you don't like it when someone says something nasty. Well, based on your scorching rhetoric, I am not surprised.

Your message has no merit and you really didn't prove anything.

"Negative does not mean insulting" - Okay, I'll just use sugar and spice and kiss ass. Will that work for you?

"Your opinion is fact" - You seem to have a hard time telling the difference between the two. I back up my arguments with facts, then I form opinions. It should never be the other way around, as you have done here.

"I agree with you on gays...I tolerate them" - So you admit that you don't support them yet tolerate them. Oh, child, where did you get your education? Obviously you don't know basic anatomy or reality. You tolerate something inhuman, anti-family, and support extinction. As such, I am not surprised why you are a complete f/ucking retard that can't prove anything which she says.

You're "confused" by my review yet you wrote this PM, showing that you are not confused. Obviously you did not read the rules, which the story was in direct violation of - because you're that f/ucking stupid - and jumped to someone's defense - someone you don't even know. You're defending strangers based on a false assumption. Bravo, kiddo.

In the end, you've shown your lack of intellect. You ask me to be nicer and say there are nice people on this site (without naming any) and support yet don't support homosexuals. Kid, you're full of circular logic.

Will I be nicer? no. Can't take the heat? Get out. Don't say you advocate freedom of speech when you can't handle it.

Now shut the fuck up and get back to fangirling, retard.

Too bad we don't live in a perfect world, else they'd be in the trenches. What a pussy.

I can't handle trolls - Weeaboo trying to tell me I'm a fail troll while admitting that I am a successful troll. Yes, because being anti-liberal equals trolling:

Subject: No Subject

6/10 would rage again. If you're going to complain about ad-hominem attacks, don't call people retarded, it's offensive and juvenile at best, attack the story not the person. BTW what gave you away as a mediocre troll, was that you come off as "WEH WEH PEOPLE WRITE THINGS THAT I DON'T LIKE OR WANT TO READ, EWW EVERYONE WHO EXPRESSES THEIR SEXUALITY DIFFERENTLY THAN ME IS A GROSS PERVERT. EWW!!!!!!!!!!!1111ONE!!!!!!" Real trolling takes subtlety, which you clearly lack.

Yawn. 0.1/10 would give a damn if I could. Recently expressed her e-boner again:

Subject: oh you

It's nice to see such an angry c/unt, still around after all these years? Must be nice being you having all that anger aimed at random strangers on the internet who like different things that you, it must be nice to hold grudges and keep a shit list of people who happen to call you out on your shitty behavior. I bet all the guys get so ing hard watching you rage in front of the computer and strangers on the internet who do things you don't like. It must be so hard to be you.

And here I thought she was the mature one. All I can say is, U mad bro?

Subtle male rape - The rape loving author and the rape - defender Words of rape:

A response to your review at

I like your intentions, and would probably find myself a fan of you in another case. But the sheer self-righteous, condescending, preachy vitriol you rail out spoiled that for me.

"No Indication that either are gay."

Allow me to present my notion that that is the weakest such argument I have ever heard. Yes, there have been no "Hints" or other insinuations of their homosexuality. There are also no readily apparent indications that people in Dishonored give live birth, and that Emily did not hatch a baby from a bright purple egg that Jessamine erupted out. Logic would have us believe that they would NOT lay eggs, but hopefully you can see my point. When there are cases like...Say, flat out-stated straight, married, mega-catholics suddenly tossing around in mad drug fueled orgies with other men, your point makes sense. But here, we know next to nothing about Corvo or Martin.

Oh sure, we see that he's intensely loyal, and an incredible fighter and assassin. But what about his personality? What is the culture of Serkonos like, and what was his childhood like? We've already seen that nobles in Dishonored can be massive sexual deviants; why does homosexuality suddenly become stricken utterly from the realm of possibility? I can see Corvo largely giving up intimacy in order to better do his duty, but your assertation that Homosexuality is impossible is just as fallacious as you accuse this story to be. (Nope.) Martin we know even less about. Geoff Curnow had a liason with a dude, so we know that the concept exists in their universe. Point is, there may be no indications that either were gay, (If you say there are no indications, it means there are none. Self-defeatism.) but there aren't any saying that they weren't either. As far as suppositions about this thing go (and I've seen a LOT of bad ones), this one stands in my book. Unless you can find in-game lore or word of God that they were both straight.

Secondly, you are letting your bias against homosexuality color your statement. I may not be gay myself, but I sure as the stones of Calvary do not presume to write off another human being's concept of love as an abomination-that, I consider to be the pinnacle of arrogance.(Being truthful is not arrogant. I'm so sorry to burst your bubble.) But that IS your view to hold, just keep your homophobia out of things when you are trying to be logical, eh?

"Maybe" AIDS? Oh look, assuming something without having any evidence of it's existence within the universe...Why does that sound suspiciously just like what you have your hemorrhoids in a knot about? Yes, there probably would be anal tears; I got a paper cut this morning, I didn't exsanguinate in a flooding torrent of my life's liquid. Some people get anal tears when they shit, it isn't an automatic incapacitating wound, especially if they've done it before and have a tolerance to the pain. (LOL: There would be "probably" anal tears...but you're a homophobe. The epidermis is not like the rectum. Immuno-suppressors, bitches.)

Aside from a few vagueities about the personalities of persons, one of which has a mysterious pas that is not elaborated on, and the other we NEVER HEAR SPEAK OR EVER GAIN ANY INSIGHT INTO THE PERSONALITY OF. Where are the inconsistencies to canon? Yes, the sex is awkward in its own way, but:
1) It was late at night
2) If you know anything about the storyline, you know that the next day referred to will be when Corvo takes out the Lord Regent, after which he will be subsequently poisoned by the Loyalists. It was meant to be a one night thing, and from Martin's perspective, it would be the only opportunity. It was made clear that theirs was just a fling, a mutual quickie. Minor anal tearsRat Plague; honestly, how the feth do you consider anal sex more dangerous than swarms of rats carrying a disease that causes you to bleed from your eyes and become a shambling disease ridden sack of meat? (Too afraid to say 'fuck'? More liberal degeneracy. Subtle rape doesn't raise any red flags to this one, because she is desensitized.)

Your primary complaint, that characters are not in "canon" does not stand in my mind. Thus, the only problem here is your vendetta against teh gheyz. The wording wasn't even that flowery! Additionally, it is incredibly rude to believe you retain the omniscient view to cut down a person's motivations to something so crude. And if she did make it for that reason...? Is she stealing profit from Bethesda and Arkane? Is she infringing on copyright law? Is she doing anything that YOU perceive to be morally repulsive?(The original story was not hers. She accuses me of white-knighting yet does it herself.)

You do not write fanfiction yourself, correct? You were a former reader, but are now so filled with indignant rage and revulsion that instead of *cough*simplynotreadingthem*cough* you spend what I can only perceive as a substantial amount of time raeging over them? Wut.

I know where you are coming from, I truly do (well, not the rabid hatred of gays I sense from you). I hate when there are gaps in explanation, when things happen for no reason, when pairings happen for no reason. I even ocassionally write rants quite similar to yours. But the difference between myself and you, is that I would give them insight on how to correct grammar and spelling, and plot inconsistencies as far as I could, instead of screaming that their minds are composed of jiggling boners and dripping lady parts.(She claimed that the work was in canon, despite saying in this message that she doesn't understand it. Grammar means nothing compared to plot and canon. Based on the story, she loves rape.)

No, instead of simply turning the away from these fics, (Don't like/don't read argument. Self-defeatist. If she didn't like my response she shouldn't have read it.)you have styled yourself the intellectual and moral guardian of every work of fiction produced by mankind. GRRM made it clear why he doesn't want fanfiction of his stories, and took the appropriate legal action, so have others for whom the concept simply doesn't sit right. These other franchises? Either they are totally unaware of the stuff, or they are reasonable adult humans that simply aren't bothered by it! Has Bethesda hired you to police the internet for fanfiction that doesn't meet your-I mean, their standards? Has Arkane provided you with a Canon Policy doctrine by which you can judge what is in character, what is not, what is possible? (Appeal to authority fallacy. I love the "holier than thou" liberal attitude. These companies didn't give you permission either, asshat.)

No. No, I don't believe they did.

My only logical conclusion? That you don't actually give all that much care about canon and in character states. (HAHAHA OH WOW. I don't care about canon? But I thought you just said there's no way to stick to canon and that I didn't own the companies! Why are you playing the authority card, now? Imbecile.)Oh yes, you are obviously a learned human to whatever degree, so I am sure that you do genuinely feel upset by these...Oh, what would the word be...Hm, defilements to human work. But that is not the whole picture, no from what I can see.

Instead, you are motivated by pride, I think. All beings of some intellect desire to be right, to have their beliefs stand at the superior validity. Me, a rather humble soul away from the facade of the internet, I openly admit that I recieve a glowing feeling of accomplishment and rush of endorphins after I have crushed what I see as intellectually inferior subhumans; I loved lording over "poor" writers with my crushing walls of text and big words. (I think this is a reference to me.)

I'm afraid I was an internet tough intellectual. Were I to speak to those people I scorned in person, undoubtedly my words would have been much different. A person's writing on the internet cannot provide a full enough picture of their character to base a concise judgement, that I have learned. In the old days, the many could not read or write. Would you deprecate a man from those times based only on his illiteracy? I hope not. (TL;DR be nicer. She's back-pedaling.)

You are too smart-I can tell-to imagine yourself as some kind of white knight, defending the world of literature from fags and heathens. You still get that high, don't you? By declaring all other morals but your own irrelevant and wrong, you stroke your own ego. This is the epitome of egotism and the misdirection of intellect. You could easily step down from this place, but you do not; all for the same reason I felt the need to write this reply: We are addicted to our own voices, slaves to our pride. (Misdirection of intellect? Lol. I'm not the one who denies race and that sexual deviance is destructive. By denying it, she's already a fool.)

I'd not challenge your morals, they are yours to have, and yours alone. But I would urge you to reconsider your method of interaction. You would like to improve the land of writing, then point out flaws in grammar and conventions. Flaming tirades can be a good motivational kick, but really, use them sparingly. The important thing to ask when descending on an author: Do you Intend to Help, or Hurt this person. Look into your motives, and don't get ahead of yourself. (Flaming is good...just don't flame gay stories/stories that I like, you fucking anti-liberal ! She's the type that would sit by and watch a person get abused and not do anything about it. To her, it's OK for men but not OK for women. Flame this .)

"That is the weakest argument I have ever heard. Yes, that are no indications that either are gay. Therefore, they are!" Logic 101: If you do not have the evidence to back up your argument, your theory is wrong. No exceptions. If we don't know the characters' sexuality, what makes you think they're gay? Logical fallacy implying there are no other explanations. My responses have been updated.


Basically you’re trying to defend the indefensible. Let’s take you on point by point.

“You are letting your bias against homosexuality ruin your statement” – I am not biased, that is the truth.

“Has Arcane...given you a policy?” – You’re just upset because I called you out. You take characters that are not yours and making them act in ways they would not act. That is a violation of your creative license to even write fanfiction.

“There’s no live indication that the people of Dishonored give live birth...they lay eggs...” – LMFAO, OH WOW. Holy , that is the best thing I have ever read. No, obviously had you known your canon you’d learn women do get pregnant from men, just like the real world! Humans do not lay eggs. Holy fuck, learn some anatomy.

“How do you consider homosexuality more dangerous than plague” – Well, because it’s seen as normal, for one. No one ever said that we should have campaigns for support of TB.

“Corvo is...Martin is...” – She’s since admitted that this was some attempt at character assassination and a logical fallacy on my part, despite the fact that I was dealing with hard evidence here.

Plus, her tirade about how Christians are bad but no other religious group is bad is also hypocritical, and she has since removed those statements on her profile. What is also ironic is that she admits she is uncomfortable about homosexuality, yet wrote in her review of the story in question that she thought ejaculation was like “a whale oil tank exploding”.

“Your homophobia” – I usually stop listening when someone uses this card, because it is an old argument and does not deserve an ounce of my attention. If this is the best you can do, you had better learn to stop talking out of both sides of your mouth.

“You could easily step down from this place” – Yes, and so could you. Why are you so special?

“You can’t judge! There’s no canon policy!” – I would love to introduce you to a word about copyright. I am sure the original creators would love to hear what is happening to their works without their consent. It’s like me taking your work (if I was a fool) and turning into a story about pimps and prostitutes and twisting everything around. What would happen then? Would you feel insulted? So there we have it.

“You’re too smart” – Why, thank you. The rest of this can be summed up as some attempt to be Holier Than Thou, and she also does the hypocrite thing again by doing the thing she warns me not to do. Yes, I can be clever and smart, but the difference between us is that I have a sense of right and wrong. I also (try to, anyways) jump into debates without knowing what I am doing.

“You’re just filled with rage” – I wasn’t mad. But are you? What’s this whole Methodist stuff about pride and glory? I’m not going to conquer nations, FFS. Stop treating me like I’m a warlord.

“Don’t like/don’t read” – For every logical fallacy she claims I have, I can point out ten of hers. She has used the appeal to authority argument, Red Herrings, appeal to the populace, as well as a lack of deduction. If she did not like my review, she didn’t have to read it, yet she says that she felt entitled to respond. Fair is fair; if she is allowed to do it, so am I. Practice what you preach.

“I’m not here to challenge your morals” – You spent your entire argument on how I have hubris and all these other things that had nothing to do with the original story. This was her attempt at character assassination and it was kind of funny to read because all of those things apply to her more than I. Basically, it was: “Don’t flame, you meanie. You’re just hurting people!” Insert inane arguments about homosexuality and religion and we have this. She is way more intolerant than me.

“You don’t write fanfiction, therefore, you can’t judge!” – Logical fallacy in the name of Ebert’s Law. I don’t need to write something in order to judge it. If you’re meant to be a cow for criticism, why not me? Except I’m more savvy and smart, right? Right? Hehehehe.

Aside from the emotional arguments, you didn’t prove me wrong. Not at all. Matter of fact, looking back at it now, it amazes me how you came up with it in the first place.

Update: She responded via another PM I sent her in regards to her new story. Alas:

In that case I believe I was addressing what I perceived as a logical fallacy on your part, in which your stance was that absence of evidence dictates-with absolute finality of evidence of absence. In a broad, and corporeal sense, this works, and I’ll even suggest that Occan’s razor supports your idea. However, I believe that in consideration of an individual trait, this being sexuality, your argument is lacking. Your statement rode on the conclusion that “I didn’t see it, therefore it does not exist.” This is the extreme end of the spectrum, so I responded with the same. “Do you ever see a woman give birth in the game? Then you have no concrete proof that Humans in the game have live births.” I don’t think the last time I tried to explain this perceived gap in your reasoning to you, you understood my meaning, and thus took my words out of context in your subsequent notarization of the encounter. Suffice to put things to rest in this regard with my assurance that I do not believe humans in Dishonored lay eggs, and I will accept fault for a poor analogy.

The second part was a macabre theoretical mode of assassination, meant to taken in macabre jest.

Purple prose, eh? The word "macabre" means horribly gruesome, so that's some pretty gruesome jest on her part for being so witless. Plus, the idea that I understood her meaning that thus took her words out of context is self-defeating, because how can I take words out of context if I understand them? I quoted you! I responded privately, but here's another take of mine.

The argument of absence of evidence = evidence of absence doesn't apply here, because you used the Absense of evidence =/= evidence of existence and the logical fallacy where there are no other explanations (If A does not lead to B, it must be B regardless despite the evidence towards C and D), the appeal to authority where I cannot judge as I do not own the fandom and am not a moderator (self defeating as she claims to respect canon), the argument of the populace (don't like don't read) and a huge tirade on hubris and the human condition while saying I'm a homophobe and all that stuff because I'm...what?

I don't remember. Something along the lines of the human condition and how we're all selfish or something. Thanks, Ghandi.

Actually, my statement referred to the butchery of the characters. Because what kind of person says ejaculation is like exploding whale oil tanks?

Plus, your refusal to accept evidence contrary to sexual deviance also is confirmation bias.

Meh. Lulz had and lost. Time to move on.

Plushie Tough Gal - Words of toughness:

A response to your review at:

Okay, I am fine with the criticism, but when you go ranting on how bad my story was, maybe you should have left your ranting to the last chapter. Cause I am soo f*ing pissed that you have no creativity, it's not even funny. It's fine to say, "maybe you should had made it a bit more realistic than to have a white girl in the middle of Syria" but you go into a huge rant about every little thing. I only wrote this to put a different perspective on if there was a white person who wasn't Muslim in the setting. If it offended you THAT MUCH, then you should have stopped reading when you started to feel like it was ruined. Okay? I can go on on how bad I felt when reading each review made BY YOU, I clearly must read your stories to see how bad they must be. Like if you would have been nice about one thing with that I'm doing a bit of a good job, I might not be soo pissed off. Review again on this story and nothing you say is positive, then I will report you about how disrespectful you were to me and my own creativity. EVERYONE KNOWS that there wouldn't be a white girl in the middle of Muslim Syria, but it's just all FICTION!!!

Her story made absolutely no sense. I reviewed. She didn't like it. Commence butthurt.


You don't own Assassin's Creed. You have a creative license just to WRITE for the fandom, you insecure twat. NO, you cannot do whatever you want. This is fiction, but not YOUR fiction.

"You should have stopped reading!" - YOU asked for reviews. But mine was just too mean, wasn't it?


Oh, and I don't need to post to judge something. And if you didn't like my reviews, and were offended by them...why did you read them? Aha. Self-defeatist logic. Practice what you preach.

If everyone knows there wouldn't be a white girl in Syria, then your story fails in realism. You pretty much admitted you're a f/ucking retard. Nice going.

Miss Internet Tough Gal doesn't like to be criticized.

Oh really? I do own Assassin's Creed and have been playing it, thank you very much. And I just got after I got home from my job. And if you even had a life, maybe you're just some rich kid that has never done wrong. And if YOU had played the game, maybe you would also recall that Al Mualim does go bad and joins in with the Templars. Maybe you should reread the game. And at least I have some gut to b*tch at you for being cruel. It isn't real, so why put it down? And I'm pretty sure that others have a character like mine that is part white. Before you msg me again, think about it. Cause when you get me mad, you will be regretting it. And I'm not threatening you. I get really mad when my "feathers" are ruffled.

Yes, because having a "job" whilst spending time writing fanfiction means you are the better person. Please. I've outsmarted university students on here. Don't think that spending thousands of dollars on a worthless education makes you better than me.

Oh, we have Ms. Internet Tough Guy over here. What are you gonna do? Throw plushies at me? Give me a break.

In case you read MY message correctly, t/wat, you'd find that NO, you don't own Assassin's Creed, as in OWNING ITS RIGHTS. You, like any other mindless fanfic author, claim that you don't own the company and the game, and yet here you are, engaging in misconduct and pointing fingers because someone disagreed with you.

Grow up.

"Maybe you're just some rich kid" - Nice of you to go into the Marxist rant there, as if the rich are responsible for your poor plight. Last I checked, you lived in a First World country - a rich country - and still have the audacity to whine about how other people who have a different opinion than you are "rich kids". If anything, that's elementary insults, if it can be called that. If you're poor, that's your fault because you're too damn stupid to count. Not mine.

Yes, my dear t/wat, I have played the game, and I know who Al Mualim is. I also know he's a Muslim and that he has a hard time with white women in his Creed. Had you studied your history you'd know this, but BAWWWWWWWWWWW IT'S FICTION. TFB. You don't understand anything and you're trying to one-up yourself against someone who clearly knows what she's talking about.

You're upset that I DARED leave a dissenting opinion. You're upset that I flamed your special snowflake story and bruised your special snowflake ego.

"It isn't real. Don't put it down" - HAHAHAHA OH WOW. You /wrote/ it, you thought of it, and here's one thing you pathetic proletariat need to realize: TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS. Admit that your story is a POS and we can start from there. Unless you still want to act like Miss Tough B/itch and try to nobly take down a flamer. Go ahead. I want to see you squirm under real debate. You've pretty much backed yourself in a corner and you simply shoo away my points because, oh My God, I criticized your special story.

It's FANFICTION. Why are you getting so defensive over a FANFIC?! You call yourself a good "writer" - which I think is hilarious - yet you can't take criticism.

You state that: "I am so *ing * right now that you have no CREATIVITY." Actually, I do have creativity, and unlike you, I also know a thing called logic. You've given no reason as to why your character is there and the only purpose she serves is to be your scapegoat for sex you've never had. That's it. And you're mad because I didn't use sugar and spice.

"At least I have some gut to be a b/itch at you" - Actually, you're not a bitch. You're an insufferable, weak, spineless little girl who needs to be smacked. You have no gut because instead of acting like an adult, or even mature, you completely whine and moan because - oh My God - someone said something you didn't like.

If you want to debate Islam and Christianity and if you really want to get into a huge debate about why your s/hit sucks, let's go. And oh, am I ever SHAKING in my boots that you're mad! You just sound like a 6-year-old with a temper tantrum. , please.

Your entire argument, well, if it can be called that, is: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WHY DID YOU LEAVE A NASTY COMMENT ON MY STORY?!?!? I'M A GOOD WRITER! SCREW YOU!"

What an impotent little you are. Grow up, and learn how to take a flame. This is a public site, and learn how to take public comments. But since you're so stuck in your little special snowflake syndrome, all you can think about is who to .

Take responsibility for your own actions and stop blaming others.

"You have no life" - Right. Because obviously anyone who DARES voice dissent has no life, despite the fact that they have to be breathing to type this. What's your job? Sucking cock? Sounds like it. I'm basically anti-everything you want, and instead of admitting your mistakes, you try to turn the argument on me. Absolutely no child should have a mouth such as yours.

And for someone with a job you sure spend a lot of time reading fanfiction. Yes, because your job is SO SPECIAL for your special snowflake syndrome.

Argumentum ad populum. When you get in the real world, and when people start criticizing you, what are you going to say to them? That they have no life? That you're Hulk when you get angry? Please. You don't know real hate, because if you met ME in real life, you'd run away in fear, which is pretty much what you're doing. You're shaking in YOUR boots because you don't know what to say to me.

In short, you are butthurt. Plain and simple. And nice female logic. Typical of women.


I'm sorry. What was your point again? That I shouldn't be mean? I couldn't hear it past the little girl throwing temper tantrums. You can't write, you don't own Assassin's Creed (the game you bought is not commercially yours) and for the love of God, stop being so damn pitiful.

Oh, and go f/uck yourself with a railroad spike. Kthnx.

I like kiddies - original story baww-leeted, but here are her words of Hansen-ness:

Well, firstly I can say that I thank you for putting in your position, and then I might ask you to remember these things:

Firstly, it's only the first chapter. There are things that I'm adding to the story to explain things.

Secondly, cursing at me isn't going to help. In fact, that makes you seem like a good-for-nothing who doesn't really enjoy life.

Thirdly, I did research. I've known that stuff since third grade. And, like I said in the 'firstly' things will be explained.

Valentine is a real name, by the way, genius. And Valentine is tough, he just seems weak in comparison, and he does as much as he can to prove himself. And yes, it's a Christian name, but Valentine isn't religious. People would ask if he was, and he would simply say no.
There are also many complications to the idea of him paired with Altair.

To add on to that, there would be the discomfort of homosexuality in that culture, of course. And remember, fanfictions aren't always going to go your way. So anything you have to say about that is completely pointless. And no, I would not enjoy being paired with any of them. If I could meet Altair, I'd probably die because I'm me, Ezio would beat me senseless with a broom, Connor... He'd just kill me, straight up, etc. And you know what? I really don't care. I'm a person who enjoys creating new, different things for subjects and getting people to think. So anything you have to say? It's been denounced. I hope you have a good day, hon. You sound like you need it.

First she says she likes my input then turns around and says I have no life. Right. Because writing subliminal paedophilia means you have a great life.

"You seem like a good-for nothing" - Sorry, what? Couldn't get past the butthurt. At least I'm not a paedophile pairing a child with a full-grown man.

"Anything you have to say about fanfiction is pointless" - Nope. If it was, you wouldn't have answered.

Oh, and how's your albino going to fare in a COUNTRY THAT IS DRY AND ARID. Logic. It's foreign to you.

"Valentine isn't religious" - No, but he's white. And he's an albino. Had you done your research you'd find that Muslims don't like whites, and still don't. But oh, no, you don't have a single bone of hate in your body, because according to you, the world is sugar and spice where people can buttfuck and not get AIDS. Nice going, you sick f/uck. Oh, and not to mention albinos were butchered. Yeah. That thought escaped you, didn't it?

I don't care if it is the first chapter. What a weak defense. The first chapter is going to tell me if the story is good or not. But based on your response, you're upset that I flamed your special snowflake story and that I pointed out a little thing called realism.

So, basically you're going to make Altair a faggot because YOU want to. You can't grasp the concept of masculinity so you go on a kultur-kampf and distort things to suit YOUR view. That is intellectual dishonesty. And not to mention if Altair wasn't straight, Desmond would not exist and the entire premise of Assassin's Creed falls apart.

I f/ucking love yaoifags. They are completely stupid.

(I added more but it's a little extreme for this profile.)

Her story paired Altair with an albino. There was no explanation why this was so and already in the beginning there are BAW moments. It was a POS, and was going to be a 15-year-old boy with a 20-year-old man pairing. Already the rape whistles are ringing in my head.

Hyperactive Taco Retard - 11-year-old on the Internet. Blocked me after I said its stories violated the rules and that it typed like a retard. Thinks I'm dead but doesn't understand that it blocked me.

Ghost rapist - likes seeing men raped by ghosts. I am not kidding.

Religious deviant

InnocenceIsDark - Did a complete turnaround. She now blogs on issues important to her, such as domestic violence, which I encourage any of you who write what you write with a straight face and believe it healthy to contact her. She is no longer an object of scorn, but one who pushes the scorn. For that, she has my support.

The following user asked me months ago not to post her response, but now that I look back on it, her response deserves to be published. You know who you are.

Original message:

So after reading your PM I deleted it and found myself toying with the idea of replying to you, even though I know better than to engage you in a PM pissing contest - I've seen what happens to those who take you on and, quite frankly, I don't fancy ending up on your -ahem- "shitlist".

To be honest, mate, I have no idea why you pulled me up on my review. I haven't given it a second thought since posting it but I guess you have more time on your hands than I do. I don't really give two shits about what you said re: my review and I'm not going to address any of it here in this message.

Before I proceed though I'd like to profusely stress that I do NOT want to engage you in a pissing contest on ANY level. Your opinions are your own, as are mine. In fact I'd rather not give your PM a second thought except that something you said so deeply disturbed me that I can't help but write to you. I hope to keep this civil and intellectual, and I respectfully ask that you do the same.

So. Your comments about female sexuality really got my blood boiling. I found it incredibly offensive - not to mention distressing - that in your commentary on Corvo's behavior in the aforementioned fic you effectively equated female sexuality and behavior with being a doormat. Correct me if I'm wrong (and I just might be since I deleted the PM) but you said that Corvo not wanting sex and then accepting it - reconsidering Martin's offer - was a distinctly female act. You also went on to say that Corvo (and I'm paraphrasing here) bends over like a submissive dog and takes it - again, a distinctly female move. The content of the fic, and the characterization of Corvo, is neither here nor there. But how can you make such a sweeping and offensive statement to the effect that women are submissive doormats who might say no but then reconsider, etc etc? You're a woman, right? Now I don't know what kind of sex you're getting - if any - but I can sure as shit tell you that I don't just accept the first hard that comes along, nor do I bend to pressure after first saying "no". If I want it, I want it; if not, I tell those fellas to take a hike lest they want their jollies broken. Seriously though, it sounds like you're trying to put women's sexuality back 50 years or something. NO, not all women are submissive doormats nor do we reconsider unwanted offers. And if we follow your logic, women who are sexually assaulted and preyed upon can't quite help that it happened to them because they were too submissive to say no or - God forbid - they reconsidered at the last second. I sincerely hope I'm wrong about your statements, though, because I can't understand why you'd lump all female sexual creatures into such a negative basket.

My second gripe is your association of being female and female behavior with the negative. You resent Corvo's characterization because he behaves as a woman does. Do you really think that being a woman is all that bad? More importantly, do you really think that men who - as you put it - behave like women or exhibit supposedly feminie characteristics like relinquishing sexual control or being "taken" are bad? I am a firm believer in the idea that human beings possess both male and female traits - after all, what separates us but a single chromosome? Take a look at Jung's work on gender identity. His theories on the shadow implies that both a part of the psyche of men and women possesses elements of both genders - with no negative consequences. So I'd ask you to reconsider your stance on male and female behavior. It's not a bad thing that some men behave like women and vice versa. Nor should female behavior be seen as this terrible negative thing. Have you no pride in your gender?

OK. That's it from me. Like I said earlier I didn't want to get into a war of the words with you. You had your say and now I've had mine. I will also add that I was perfectly civil and respectful and did not attack you personally. I would ask that you pay me the same respect in your response (if you choose to respond) and I would also ask that you keep this between us. It doesn't warrant being posted on your trophy wall.


Odd how protective she is about female sexuality, yet when it comes to men, she enjoys seeing them bent over like dogs. For a science student, she sure doesn't realize how biology works or how backwards her special feminist philosophy is. My original response had nothing to do with women, but it did have everything to do with men being treated like women. She didn't like this and went completely off the wall. Plus, I love the feminist attack of "Oh, I bet you've never had sex," when she herself is still a virgin.

Can you say hypocrite? Here is the best the world has to offer. Seriously.

I found it quite hilarious since you blocked me, then unblocked me. How nice. Aside from your scorching rhetoric and the attempt to blur the lines behind the genders, and the attempt at philosophy, I'd have to say your point is moot.

"So I'd ask you to reconsider your stance on male and female behavior. It's not a bad thing that some men behave like women and vice versa. Nor should female behavior be seen as this terrible negative thing. Have you no pride in your gender?"

Let's tackle this. First you say that it's a bad thing, yet admit that male and female exist. But the way you write it, you imply that there is no such thing as gender. If men are free to act as women and vice versa, there would be no distinct gender, would there? Actually, it is WRONG for a man to act like a woman, and vice versa, BECAUSE IT WAS NOT MEANT TO BE. I don't see male lions acting like lionesses. As a science student you should know this.

Second, the comment about my "pride in my gender", that's meant to make me recant, wasn't it? That's meant to make me feel BAD, wasn't it?

Third, the feminist tripe? LOL. Aside from the whining about "female oppression", you're pretty much upset that I dared suggest that there are such things as differences between the genders and that men should act like men and women like women. I'll just skip the feminist rant because that's 68er stuff and multicultural garbage. As a matter of fact I view that entire "philosophy" as nothing more than incessant whining and considering that women didn't liberate themselves - men did it for them.

Oddly enough you support BDSM, so you have NO room to talk. If anything, I'd say you're a hypocrite. Want to debate morals? Take a look in the mirror. By supporting sexual deviance that does dominant/submissive roles, and then going on a feminist rant, and attempt to say that it's OK for men to act like women and women like men, I'd have to ask where your logic comes from. You're supposed to be studying science. You know know gender exists. But by blurring the norms, you are encouraging sexual deviance and anti-human behaviour.

If I "disturbed" you, and you DON'T want to engage in a pissing contest, WHY did you write me a message? Self-defeatist logic.

As a matter of fact your entire message was about how offended you are. Well that is a WOMANLY thing. Why, yes, I am a woman, but I'm not so stupid to believe the little sickle of feminism that suggests white men are oppressing me. Sorry. I'm not that brainwashed.

If I offended you, good. That proves that my point made sense. Women are not men and men are not women. They cannot be both - and don't pull the hermaphrodite card. I could say that you, a lover of BDSM, which therefore defeats your entire message, are a tad bit sick in the head, but I won't go there.

Why, yes. I am proud of being a woman, but not my gender, since pseudo-women who pretend to advocate the "right thing" - feminists - attempt to one-up themselves. If you didn't want to engage in a pissing contest, perhaps it's best if you kept me blocked. You may not have attacked me personally but I still find the bleeding liberal heart something too pestering to ignore.

She eventually caved in. It's expected, really, considering how backwards she is. She wasted thousands of dollars on a worthless education, and like as not she will not bother to study it. Word of advice to you sane ladies: if you're going to study, better know what you want and better be dedicated to it. Do not be like this woman. She is a backwards feminist who enjoys male rape, but when the genders are reversed, she becomes insane. Learn from her example and learn how destructive feminism is.

Le Hypocrite and her works of love - It appears she has cleaned up her image a little, so I won't be too harsh.

Asks for reviews and turns around and says she doesn't like them

Love is Endless - But not that love

Polygamy is easy to justify, strictly from a scientific standpoint. There are naturally more women than men, so it would make sense for highly procreative purposes for a single man to have many wives/spouses/etc. Also, love is nebulous, there is no reason that a single man cannot love multiple women, and those women in turn have affection for him and each other. While it is not a lifestyle I myself would find enjoyable, I see no reason for it to be denied, save for the fact that under-population is no longer an issue.

Incestuous love...that one can be a little tricky, but I'll do my best. I believe one of the main reasons it is frowned upon is due to the fact that, as has been proven, the gene pool is diluted. Inbreeding leads to physical deformities and mental deficiences. It's unhealthy, mentally and physically. However, love and sex are entirely different animals. And I could provide no argument for the incestuous love between parent and child. That is unforgivable on multiple levels. Siblings are more understandable, though, once again, science has long since proven false the notion that incestuous breeding keeps a bloodline "pure."

Ah, that "love" argument again. Notice how she uses SCIENCE for incest and not much else. Oh, and for an "air force engineer" she has men helping her AA ass.

I took biology even though I don't understand it - Shitthor, posted some really stupid stuff and tried to tell me otherwise. Words of science:

I'm sorry you didn't like 'Comemorate', but clearly you knew you hated my work before reading 'Taboo', so I take no responsibility for that one. I'm sure you didn't intend for me to actually answer you but the anus is perfectly capable of fitting a . The basic principle of any sphincter is to streach open then close. Anal sex is also enjoyed by Hetronormative couples, which should ease your stigma towards it somewhat. And as a side note, when Steve is refered to as a boy Loki is also a child, and their relationship is platonic.

Also, Steve is in no way forced. Besides, the genders are reversed constantly. In every day life. When a girl loses her virginity it hurts. In many cases quite a lot. But they're expected to tough it out when their boyfriend/partner wants them to until they learn to enjoy it. Your problem is not with the premise, but with a man being the one in pain. You're so against the mere thought of a man being in a ttraditionally weaker position that you jump at shadows just incase it might be implied. I'm not worried about you hating my work, I'm an amature author, I don't expect everyone to like my stuff. (I am, in face, suprised by how many people do.)

What worried me most in your message is the blatent homophobia and life is not defined by my ability to attract men, so even if every man in the world became gay it wouldn't 'undermine' my 'existance as a woman'. My existance is defined by what I do with it, not some mysogonitic dogma. It's pretty insulting to be demeaned like that, though I guess that was the whole point really. Mostly, though, I'm worried about your homophobia (and general disregard of the LBGT community) because it's completely nonsensical. You may dislike their practices, but noone's making you participate. So, since you're not required to do anything, you're actually railing against other people being happy, because it's different from what makes you happy. And we all know that different automatically equals bad. On a similar note, I don't know why you felt the need to flame rather than leave structured critiscism, I assure you the latter is more likely to affect people's writing.

You'll have to forgive the hasty structure of this PM. I'm writing on my phone at 6:40am on my way to work.

PS: Elephant shit is pretty deep. Maybe come up with a better example. :)

She is a rape lover, and posts graphic content featuring sadism, torture, and male shaming. Ignores the basic functions of biology and claims to have taken it for two years. Used the gay gene myth, uses the good ole misogyny (despite being one herself) and homophobia. The usual stuff.

I love rape! But you should be nicer

Hello Fox Familiar!

Before I start anything, This is not a hate mail. For I do not hate you in anyway. But: I am awfully curious. And wanted to ask some questions. And suggest a few things. And maybe give a tiny bit of constructive criticism. :)

Let's begin my rambling.

I've recently found your user. And saw the review you wrote on "What Separates Us" It involved strong rape, Sexual themes, Gay sex, And. Pedophilla.

I admit, Your criticism was handled very well. Though, You were harsh and wasn't able to actually get the words right. You express how much hatred you have for this type of stories. You know, Fan fiction's aren't the only one's that contain Rape. Normal books do too, Very good ones. I do not support rape in anyway, And I'm glad you don't either. However, The authors do not support it as well. There was an author who made a fan fiction about rape. And was a rape victim, She made a story about a character getting raped, She said "Rape is not funny, I wish it to not be inflicted upon anyone. I made my favorite character get raped so she could reflect my feelings" I also think you shouldn't insult authors if you have NO IDEA what's going on in their lives, They could be getting beaten, Or worse.

Usually, The members on this site are the ages from 11-18. I've seen many 11 year olds on this site and I'll admit. Their grammar and spelling was written perfectly. Some, Were even rated M. The site is tumbling down as it is. Stories are getting removed because they're very inappropriate. That's why I support the idea of the rating. 'MA' It's a very good idea, And they mention it in the guidelines. Yet, They don't add it in. The Assassin's creed story you reviewed on. Your review was harsh, Mean, And unfortunately. Most of the members on this site already know to not take flamers seriously. So you did not accomplish anything.

I suggest, If you really want your words to get into people's heads. Approach it calmly. Stand your ground and be mature. Act polite. And they should take it seriously, I'm suggesting you tone down your reviews a little bit. Nothing to jack your style though. ;)

But I'm very confused about one thing, Why review on something if it already has warnings? It warned you about the rape, Sexual themes and violence and such, So why click on it? Why bother writing such a long message, And I'm sure your mature enough to know that getting upset won't make you feel any better. Don't break your mind with these fictions. I do not know if you're reviewing these fan fiction's from concern, Anger, Or you want to change the site. But long story short: You reviewing this stories, Is just like beating a dead horse. I don't consider myself a "Yaoi" fangirl, I usually act strange around my friends who are males. And act like a crazy yaoi fangirl for entertainment. But yes, You may call me a Yaoi fangirl due to me liking many gay pairings :) I usually express my love for gays by writing gay fan fiction's. For I support gay marriage. But I also support normal pairings as well, I take the internet very positively. I do not female bash due to me loving all female characters, Even the annoying one's

You know, The mind is a very dark deep place. Many sick things can come from it, I mean, Who hasn't thought of someone exploding. Blood everywhere, Chunks of their meat everywhere! Ooh, Scary Usually, Sick stories come from people who comes up with the thought, But the thought sticks there. And also, There was no story done of Connor getting molested as a child. Right? Some people have needs, Strange one's.

And another thing, In your review I spotted some sexual speech coming from you. You said something like this, You were saying how they master bate to this kind of stuff? No, I'm 100% Sure you know that you don't know what people actually do in their lives. Right?

And another thing, You don't support rape yet you mentioned rape inflicting on the author, I didn't see that as "Criticism" I saw it as a cruel type of joke, Or insult. You really shouldn't say that. You can criticize people. But saying they when they get raped. No one is going to feel bad for them? Or you hoped they'll get raped? That's just plain cruel;

I think your criticism is perfect. You just need to fix a few things :) I hope you read my ramblings. And yes, I enjoy ONE Incest pairing, And yaoi, And violence, And maybe. Rape, Only if the character gets happy. It's such a heart warming thing to see the character get happy after something horrible happens :)

I hope the best happens for you.

With a lot of hugs and kisses, -Oshoku

The stories I flamed were borderline offensive to anyone with a thinking brain. I notice a lot of ass-kissing and backwards thinking. She says that rape is unacceptable in real life, yet reads and loves it. Backwards logic. And yet, she tells me to "be nicer". Ho-ho, no. I'll be as mean as I have to be, and if you're offended: GOOD.

"Approach things calmly" - Let me guess, your "criticism" is the "be nice. Don't be mean" mantra. Sorry, cupcake, I've already tried that route and it doesn't work. I would suggest not having that high of an opinion of people. So no. I won't be "nicer." Especially with I'm dealing with rape lovers.

"Why review something if it has warnings?" - Public site, public comments. I'm not going to sit there and let these sick get away with their pervertedness. And you yourself admitted you like incestuous pairings, so you have no room to talk.

"You're being too mean. Be nicer" - HAHAHA, OH WOW. Listen, sugartits, your "criticism" isn't criticism at all - it's you trying to cow someone into YOUR way of thinking. As a matter of fact, your arguments, or lack thereof, suggest a heavy amount of mental illness and narcissism. To you, I am "bad" for speaking out against these sorts of things, and here you are, sitting and reading and supporting these monstrosities, and yet I am the monster.

Well, to that I say: go fuck yourself.

"Why bother writing a long message?" - Self-defeatist logic. Why did you waste your time writing this long-ass message thinking you're little Miss Holier than Thou? What, did you think I'd believe your little tripe on how everyone's just a poor, poor victim and a special snowflake? No. I've gotten a LOT of messages from people like you, and if anything, YOU are the the problem, because you just proved to me that there is no decency whatsoever and you are so willing to defend rape, incest, paedophilia, and whatever, because you just wasted your time trying to prove to me how you allegedly didn't.

"I support gay rights" - Whoop-de-doo, here's a damn medal.

"Modern stories use rape" - Yeah, so what? Does that make them any better?

No. I won't "act polite". Because if you honestly think me telling a paedophile politely what they're doing is wrong, it ain't gonna work. No. I will not be all sugar and spice: I WILL tell it how it is, and I will tell YOU that you are one backwards-ass POS who's defending sexual pervertedness.

"You can criticize people" - Your entire message was how I shouldn't criticize people.

"I enjoy ONE incest pairing. And rape." - Congratulations: you've proved that you are a piece of garbage undeserving of life. I regret NONE of my words.

TL:DR YOU'RE BEING TOO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! This is the Internet. Grow up and get a spine. Your tirade of how I didn't accomplish anything really speaks volumes. Your entire message didn't accomplish anything because you pretty much admitted that I do good things then turn around and say that I don't.

"Don't insult them. You don't know what's going on in their lives." - They made the conscious choice of putting their ramblings on the goddamned Internet. If they are that ed up, they need to get off their computers and get on some meds. On the contrary, I know exactly what's going on in their lives because they made the conscious choice of putting their work on the Internet. And if you honestly think you're beating a dead horse, you better read my profile again, because your little special nicey-nicey message isn't the first one, and you idiots should honestly learn that it won't work. I am so, so sorry that I hurt these poor people's feelings, the deadbeats that they are.

To you, rape is fine so long as a character "gets happy." Which means you're a sick who is, again, undeserving of life.

"I just want to offer a little constructive criticism" - Nothing of what you said was even remotely constructive; it's the typical progressive rabbit mentality of being afraid of a little flame. Boo-hoo. I hurt their poor little feelings. It isn't my fault they're disgusting.

The main difference between you and I is that I act like a human. You, on the other hand, are a twisted POS who adores rape. You read my flames? Good. You're upset? Good. You think I should be nicer?

Oh-ho-ho-ho. If you think fanfiction or the Internet is a place where sugar and spice go wonderfully, you're dead wrong. So while you come up with a response to this, I sure hope you have something new to say instead of the constant "be nice!111111" bullshit I constantly get.

I really want this one to respond. If she honestly thinks I'm beating a dead horse, she has yet to experience me in full swing. She obviously doesn't understand the meaning of my flames. My flames were completely justified and I have gotten messages by thankful users. But there are some, like this one, who claim to adore flamers yet can't take the heat.

Oh, she responded! And...there was...ass-kissing. Okay.

Hmm, So I guess you're right. You really should keep on flaming though, Not only you're making this site spicy. But also it's very entertaining.

It's a shame that you're hated by anyone. It really does, And I wasn't say you shouldn't criticize people. I actually support you 100% I was just worried that no one took you seriously.

And maybe yes, You do act like a human. That's good, Truth is. I'm an alien from outer space. I'm not trying to jack your style, And I'm only being nice because that's just how I work.

Writing my first message I wasn't intent on stopping you. I was just wondering, And very curious. I hope I didn't make you upset, I'm not defending pedophiles, They're disgusting and I've dealt with them in my younger ages.

I'm not against you hurting other people's feeling, I actually don't care. But I've been following you for a while now, Laughing at every joke you make or how badass you are. But I can tell you this, I'm not offended by your words. They're very amusing. And I said I like ONE Incestuous pairing. Because my friend personally forced me to like it. Though, It's not really my cup of tea, I haven't got the time to write a normal pairing fan fiction yet.
I don't think you're a monster, I think you're a very nice person to people in real life, You respect your elders I'm guessing.

I'm not upset by anything you do. Sure, I support gay marriage. I fully know you are homophobic. But just like how I'm an Atheist, And my relatives are Christians. I'll fully respect their beliefs and I hope they respect my disbeliefs.

Sure, If it really does exist. My destination is whoop! Hell, I'll be tortured for all eternity.

Someone call that guy from Ancient Aliens. We've got a new species here.

Wow, talk about back-pedaling and ass-kissing.

"You're homophobic." - Yeah, so what? What are you going to do about it? Oh, and an atheist, how deep.

"My friends are Christians, so that makes it OK" - That's a dead-beat argument. Any Christian who supports unnatural lifestyles are heretics, end of discussion. Plus, I don't have a phobia of humans. No different than saying arachnophobia is racist to spiders. They can't help it.

"I'm worried that no one took you seriously" - Gee, the amount of hate-mail, blocks, and BAWWW-LEETS really prove that no one is taking me seriously. I'm infamous both on this site and on tumblr; that really means no one is taking me seriously.

"My friend FORCED me to like it" - Yet you didn't resist. You never once thought that it wasn't right. And since you have no religion - besides the intellectually bankrupt atheism - you can't use religion as an excuse. You wrote rape, you write incest, and you portray it as normal. And besides, if I didn't "offend" you, you wouldn't have written your tirade on how I'm mean, or whatever the Hell you were trying to say. It seems that you're a pretty gullible idiot, and it's definitely made clearer since you perceive the world in a childish light.

Good to know my critics don't actually have any criticism of me. If anything, you admitted you were a sick , and now are trying to be a suck-up.

Better luck next time. You've got no one to blame for your gullibility other than yourself.

That was...not like I expected. Disappointing, actually.

Yet another rape lover

Subject: RE to your flames

A response to your review at

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Thanks for taking the time to say this? It means nothing to me, you are a stranger, a nobody. If you do not like these kinds of stories, be courteous enough to skirt away from them. Just as everyone is entitled to their opinion, everyone is entitled to their own likes and dislikes. Sorry but you are wasting your time.

She wrote incestuous rape, gets off on it, and thinks there is nothing wrong with it. So, everyone is entitled to their opinion? Whatever, but at the end of the day, you still love rape, and I abhor it. That's not an opinion. That's fact; something that you have no concept of. Among other things, of course. She also blocked me before I could respond, the lackwit.


Message # 1:

A response to your review at

Now that you are getting offensive, I have reported you. Stop reading and go find something better. Trolls are unwelcome. and will be henceforth ignored as wasted text.


Message # 2:

A response to your review at

While you are entitled to your own opinion... and as the writer, I agree with your opinion on my draft. What I do not agree with is the lack of constructive criticism. It would be like me saying your comment sucked and was a waste of time. Not useful, engaging, or helpful in any way. If you don't like it, don't comment and stop reading. Go find something else to waste your time and bad temper on.

I flamed her in the past, and this time around, I decided to give it another go. My reviews weren't actually full-out flames, and actually did touch on a few topics. Sadly, her womanly feelings got in the way.

"If you don't like it, don't read it" - You know, for someone as old as you are, with a husband and with a teaching career, that is certainly something that speaks volumes to me: it shows that you really, really don't have any talent and have the mental capacity of a teenager.

"Your reviews are not useful in any way" - Oh? Do explain, fraulein. I may have flamed you in the past, but I always flame for a reason, and your story has given me a lot to work with.

"Go find something else to waste your bad temper on" - Well, considering I wasn't flaming you hardcore, this is a rather weak statement, and shows me how utterly pathetic you are. It is clear that you have been sheltered all your life and what you subscribe to and what you believe shows that you are a person devoid of logic, empathy, and most of all, talent.

"It would be like me saying your comment sucked..." - That's pretty much what you did. You've been ass-kissed to kingdom come, and lo and behold, when someone who doesn't have an IQ of 5 comes around and tells you - rather civil, I might add - that your shit sucks, you throw a fit like a teenager. Plus, this is a public site, so expect public comments. You wanted reviews, and you got them. But if they're not what you want, you throw a fit like the kids you teach.

That reminds me, you are not worthy of being a teacher, and I truly feel bad for the kids you teach. Having a teacher that writes horrible homosexual pornography and embarrasses her husband in public really shows me that there is something wrong with the world.

But at the end of the day, whether my comments are "useless" or not, they still ring true because you haven't bothered to refute them, and besides, you do show that you can't handle them. There's a saying that insults really sting the most when they have an ounce of truth to them.

Going as a gem on my profile. Have a nice day, ScarletWhore.

The Coward in Disguise - Irrelevant.

Some tough guy - tarded in depth; is actually a man. Perverted and has an unhealthy obsession with the Avengers and Harry Potter. Words of wisdom:

Indeed I have. Self-administration and Lois using sex toys may be the only way Supes CAN get his rocks off.

Well, in Smallville, apparently AI!Jor-El taught Clark a few ways around it...

Writes TL;DR stories about Thor in Hogwarts. More WTFs than anything. Tried to pull a Hamlet on me and failed. Still complains to whoever will listen.

Need some Jenkem- Pervert, believes eating human waste is OK, despite the evidence otherwise.

(Edited due to explicit content, even for my tastes)

Do you know how long it takes for one, just one, tree to grow? And how long it takes to cut down a thousand? A million? Do you know how long it takes for hydrocarbons to form? Sorry sweetie, but there are no more dinos to run around and then die in order for new hydrocarbons to be created. Sure, plants, woot, they can die and form this stuff too. But guess what? :D IT TAKES FOREVER TO CREATE IT.

Okay lady. Stop putting your random ass shit in other people's mouths. They tend to hate it and want to murder you. Violently. It will not be fun. . .for you, of course. I never stated that I wanted to actively reduce the population. Wars, famine, plagues, natural disasters do that job for me. But they cannot keep up with how fast the population is growing. Which is why I don't think that homosexuality lowering birth rates is such a bad thing. There are a lot of children who need a good home, who are dying out there because there is no one to take care of or love them. Supporting these poor people, yes they are people and not sub-humans, in getting the right to get married and adopt these children is a wonderful idea. How dare you and your narrow minded ideals deny this to people who have been fighting for years to get equality. Has anyone ever denied you the right to love someone? Have you ever had a person punch you, kick you, basically beat you to within an inch of your life for being in love? Have you?

So what's with the murder spiel? Does the thought of someone's life ending excite you? You do like to tell people to kill themselves quite often, after all. Not quite sure how that fits in with your moral superiority though. You are of course morally superior to us mere, illogical, sub-humans.

Yes. You are completely right. Cannibalism, kinslaying, infanticide, eating human excrement, etc. has happened in the human history. Some tribes in South America eat their dead as a way of honoring their life and sending their spirit to the other side.

Kinslaying was very popular with the noble families of Europe and was very, very, very popular in the Bible. Oh wow, look it is Cain and Abel. Awww, look at them. Such adorable, sweet, loving brothers. :) Oops. Cain just killed his brother. Awww. How sweet! :D Such a wonderful family! Dinners must never be awkward, no, not at all!

Now, infanticide could fall under survival of the fittest, considering in the past if a child wasn't strong enough to survive, then there was no point in trying to take care of the poor thing. Technology back in the day was very limited in terms of medicine. Leeches were used to cure headaches and cause your liquids to be balanced, etc.

Eating human waste products. . .yeah. That is pretty weird. Some people like it though, lots of recycled protein. Good stuff. But unfortunately can cause an outbreak of hepatitis A. Not so bad, you would be miserable for a few weeks but there is no long term damage to your body. Hell, you could even get it off of some produce that you get at the store. Which was fertilized with human waste. There are in fact some countries which use human waste to fertilize their crops. Some of those crops are imported to North America and other areas. Uh huh, take a second gander at that tomato you be eatin'.

(Content expunged; basically, a how-to on porn.)

I hope that this has brightened your day, it was lovely chatting with you! :D

FactFox is unimpressed. Searching for facts, instead got damns. Amount of damns given: none.

Excuse me Mister! - Blocked me before I could respond, instead baaws over at her tumblr. It's cut off, but here it is:

I'm glad you're enjoying my story enough to keep reading it. I apologize that you've caught up. I had intended to have quite a bit more posted by the end of today, but I got distracted by playing the game and watching the canon scene where male Shepard and Kaidan do the dirty dirty. Man, I love that game. I've played it a ridiculous number of times.

Thanks for taking the time to review most of the chapters. Your comments are funny, if lacking finesse. My personal favorite is the remark about men not using shampoo. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. My husband, who just ran out of shampoo this morning, thinks you're a little weird, but I assured him that you're obviously crazy and that he shouldn't worry about your opinions on hygiene.

And thanks for visiting my Tumblr! I'm so sorry it hasn't bee as NSFW lately as it usually is. I promise, if you decide to visit occasionally, I'll attempt to do better.

Oh, and if you're ever ready to come out of the closet, you can come to me to talk about it. I understand that self-hatred can be super poisonous, and it's hard to keep it all inside. It ...

Kinda glad it got shortened, because all I can see is foaming at the mouth. She says it herself: "I am a wannabe writer."

I know it took you less than a few minutes to write your diatribe, but in the end, I still win, because you blocked me before I could respond. Did my hate finally get to you? You can go back to your lemon parties and cuddle with your swiggle friends and try to make yourself feel good, but I know that you're just that pathetic.

Husband? What's this now? I wonder how he feels about his wife writing hardcore homosexual pornography. I guess you can't satisfy him enough, hmm? But let's be serious here. You did not think my comments were "funny". You said this:

"This is a shitty person saying shitty things for shitty reasons, and trust me I am EXTREMELY PISSED at them. They are suffering many horrible fates in my imagination. But I’m not going to give them the satisfaction of thinking they’re getting to me.”

I didn't see laughter there. But then again you're putting on a show to boost your frail ego. I highly doubt you're married, and if you are, I feel bad for your husband.

"I assured him you were obviously crazy" - I take it you never actually read my reviews, or were too busy rage-quitting to actually read what I wrote. What exactly was crazy about them? I never wrote a story about two homosexuals who never build up a relationship but already go into the sex. That's not talent at all. And based on the way you write, you have the mental capacity of a hormonal teenager, hence your dismissal of my reviews and trying to appear as if I am the crazy one when on your tumblr you show a completely different personality which suggests instability.

"Oh, and if you're ever ready to come out of the closet, you can come to me to talk about it. I understand that self-hatred can be super poisonous, and it's hard to keep it all inside." - Ah, the token "you must be gay!" argument whenever someone does not accept homosexuality. But I think the person who's trying too hard not to seem like a socially inept wad is you, because I don't have these mental conversations with myself or resort to writing bad homosexual pornography. Very, very ironic coming from someone who is allegedly straight. Yet clearly your husband cannot give you the pleasure you desire, so you do the next best thing and whore yourself out. Doesn't matter to me.

But lol, U Mad Bro? I clearly got to you, yaoifag. Don't try to deny it.

Silly girl. But I do feel bad for your husband. He must be one emasculated male in order for his wife to act like that. Self-hatred is all consuming and paranoid schizophrenia is a completely excusable thing. That's just a few of the illnesses of fangirls, supreme idiocy being the first. And as for my reviews, I believe they are humourous and filled with wit, because otherwise, who wouldn't be raging?

Another baww-lock. Probably up there in the hundreds now.

You are so hateful, dude - Uses the "everyone has an opinion" card, doesn't like rules and lost it when she spoke to me. Hypocrite and backwards scum. Ironically, her message was titled "Actual Talent." Rule-breaker.

The New Twilight - Wrote a purple prose, horribly written Star Wars fic and blocked me before I could respond. Words of Meyerness:

A response to your review at

Thank you for bringing me so much amusement at the end of a tedious day; indeed, having perused what portions of your profile page I could decipher in the space of thirty seconds, I realize that we are tantamount to soul mates: having, as it were, a shared predilection for prolixity in shit-spewing that few others can hope to achieve. A privilege to make your acquaintance, though I do not think there is room in fandom for two such fountains of drivel. And so, adieu. Best regards,rb

Predilection: having a liking or predisposition to; Prolixity: prolonged or drawn out by excess of words. I reviewed her work and said that she went the Twilight route, and it looks like my predictions were right. She blocked me and still writes like a self-absorbed twat. At least people can understand what I say. If you cannot write what you mean and instead hide by purple prose, expect no one to like you but tomfools.

Smut's not art? - Basically, his entire argument was - actually, it wasn't one. It was more of lame excuses. Here is his last PM, because of another baaw-lock:

I've just finished reading your reviews, and damn. You've put more thought into this than I would have thought. Let's be honest: there is no way I could get you to change your mind, and no way you could change mine. You're wrong, I'm wrong, you're right, I'm right. There is no way on this planet that we'll change that. You mentioned that you could hear me typing away writing a long response to you, but why fight fire with more fire? You're the flamer here, it's your job to start the fire, and mine to stop, drop, and roll. I try to entertain a calm mind when it comes to conflict, but you have a great talent in fighting with words. I applaud you for your resolve and resilience used to combat what you deem to be poor. Thank you for this conflict of ideals, but I have better things to do. Good night, and I wish you find peace.

JR (Calc-Man)

Anyone who reads his work needs eye bleach. Earlier, he tried to convince me that he was a writer, and I offered him all the reasons to why he is not. Even actual or somewhat decent smut writers would roll their eyes at his attempts at smut. But I do not mince words: if I tell you you can't write, you probably can't.

Get in the Chambers - Twisted wench, writes incestuous rape porn. Claims to be not offended, but says otherwise here.

Message #1

You are a huge but I respect you. I think it's respectable that you have such a strong will when it comes to your beliefs.
Ps. Anti-feminist isn't the right term, it's sexist

Messages # 2 & 3:

Feminism I think, shouldn't exist anymore because I believe women are now equal. However, there was a need for it. That's just my opinion though. Women were being suppressed by men no matter how you look at it.

Ps. thanks for the review ;) Was waiting for it, wanted to add on to my number of reviews

Message # 4

Come on baby, keep those reviews coming! You can definitely help me reach my next hundred!

Message # 5, in regards to the question of rape:

No to the rape, and...sometimes to the underage. I do have some slight morals and never go below sixteen other than that I'm a sex deprived lunatic lesbian who absolutely loves to make incestuous lesbian porn. I also like my little pony porn, but in human forms. I'm trying to thing of other things about me...I'll have to get back to you

Message # 6, in regards to her mental instabilities

I could literally read what you say all day. You word things so beautifully I can hardly handle it

Message # 7, in which I was not inclined to respond due to my work already being done:

I love that saying, butthurt, you know? It really shows the pain of anal sex. I admit I did think you were a male, and I corrected that mistake. You might not wanna call me my dear though, because then I'll desire you sexually. It's a huge turnon for me.

This person admits to wanting a transgender, Transformer porn fic involving me, Megatron, and Optimus Prime. When she's not in the Oppression Olympics, she goes full WTF mode. Not sure whether to be confused, or not.

Race Card Driver - Upset that someone actually left honest reviews. Pulled the race card and whined despite being almost forty years old.

A response to your review at

I have read your reviews and have come to two conclusions, based on both what you wrote and your own personal page:

1) You are basically a person who flames people in order to get attention. As such, I've disregarded your reviews. It doesn't help when you blatantly make racist, sexist, bigoted remarks. You are an attention whore. There are many, many of you out there. Your opinions are just that, opinions. I'm happy you hold them, but frankly, I could care less what you say or feel since you've identified yourself as someone not reading to enjoy but to tear down.

2) You have zero understanding of Christianity. The point is not to sit around, judging people and telling them they will go to hell, but of course someone of your nature would only focus on that part.

Contrary to what you probably think, I don't hate you for your reviews, because you clearly didn't bother to read very far into the story. I actually suspect you simply cherry picked a few chapters. You seem to be missing the point, of course. I am hardly going to waste my time (or yours) laboriously explaining out what you should be seeing, and I wish you grea...

Ends there. Not entirely untypical, but it is amusing to see how people react to flamers.

Ah, another block? Why am I not surprised? Honestly, had I read every chapter, I think you'd find that there would be no difference in the way I review, or the faults in your stories. Besides, in some, I wasn't even flaming, and offered legitimate questions and criticism. Good to know that people truly are immune to criticism.

As for your first point: no, I don't flame to get attention. I flame because I am pointing out shit where shit is. While my flames do get attention, I do not actively seek it. So your point is moot. As for the second, the 'racist, sexist, and bigoted remarks', I couldn't care less, because I am a person who speaks sense and truth, and if that is how you see it, so be it. And for the third, no, I am not an attention whore, though there are many of them out there, you included. I would expect from someone with as much experience as you to handle my remarks a little more level-headed.

'Your opinions are just opinions' - As are yours, though my opinions are based on fact. I make my opinions later. Though, if we are going to go into that opinion argument, it is automatically void, because why would I give two shits about your opinion?

Actually, I do have an understanding of Christianity, and from what I know, you would be considered a heathen for promoting unhealthy lifestyles. Christianity can be considered bigoted, sexist, and racist, but it is what it is, and I guarantee you, I probably know more about it than you do.

'You seem to be missing the I'm not going to waste my time' - You felt obligated to defend your work despite its flaws, and were unable to use what I had to say. So no, I'm not missing the point at all. As for cherry-picking, I did skim through a few chapters and read others, but it was little more than a re-hash of the game, with an unrealistic protagonist, unrealistic characters, and most of all, eye-rolling romance. What, exactly, should I be seeing? For someone with the name 'LogicalPremise', none of your claims are remotely logical. But, then again, what can I expect from butthurt fanfiction authors?

Update: he bitches more here, says he's a functional paranoid:

1) Shepard is lesbian: Shepard spent her youth being sexually abused by males. She is bi-sexual and probably was that way at birth, but the events she went through in her early life shaped her as well. I am fully aware that rape does not one make someone a lesbian. However, it will make a person with bisexual tendencies more likely to pursue female rather than male relationships.

For someone who claims to know biology, he is unaware that bisexuality/homosexuality is not genetic or hardwired. Suggesting that she may be bisexual and using the genetic argument implies that there is a hormonal or genetic defect. Of course, we do not see that argument. Second, for someone that is attempting to create a ‘realistic’ Shepard, it really has to involve a bunch of misogynistic males, a clichéd background of ‘oh, I was raped’ and the clichéd devolution into a psychopath, and best of all, misandry, makes you a cheap and very, very pathetic. In this case, he used both the Nature and Nurture argument, though for the most part, lesbians are lesbian because of their hatred for men and their blatant mental illness.

His attempt at creating a character that goes from a car tire to a ‘real person’ means absolutely nothing, especially when said character is stripped to an anime style character that has zero charisma; or better yet – a Mary Sue.

2) Hilarious lack of information on the military: I’m a functional paranoid and they let me in. The military (especially in times of war and when recruiting is low) has very low standards for entry. That’s why we have so many issues today with rape, abuses, drug abuse, etc. As to the PT part, there are women TODAY who can do that workout, you idiot.

3) Rape charges: Shepard was (and is) dysfunctional on several levels. Psychologically speaking she was trying to perform role based reclamation, which is unhealthy but hardly unusual for victims of abuse.

Actually, that goes against military protocol. In all other militaries, such as the Chinese military, they do not allow functional paranoids or anyone that can compromise the health of the unit and the operation at hand. Even in WW2 Germany at their defeat, they did not allow mentally ill individuals to fight: they used young boys, old men, and disabled people. Not a single schizophrenic there. The US has low standards for entry because of equality mandates. Women cannot perform well as men, and performance varies between the races.

‘Women can do that workout, you idiot’. No, they can’t actually – they can’t even throw a grenade at the proper distance. Plus, if women were as good as men, they would not need Title IX or Affirmative Action quotas. Women run shorter marathons, have longer run times, and avoid active combat. Women are promoted because they are women, not because of their performance. Under stress and combat, women will break easier than men because they cannot handle the stress. Oh, and on the topic of rape and abuse, maybe we can go on about how military women get pregnant to avoid their terms, all the while getting free benefits and pay?

Any dysfunctional soldier is not fit for combat as per military protocol. If you are a functional paranoid, then you were allowed in because of your stature, or you never served any time at all and only stayed on a base. No paranoid, and no mentally ill individual, is allowed in combat. Maybe in the US that holds drag races on Okinawa base, but nowhere else. On another note, it does make sense why you even bothered to write such things and openly call me out. It truly shows your insecurity. If I recall correctly, don’t functional paranoids make things up on a regular basis?

Your story is 111 chapters, 611,000 words long, and is little more than a Mary-Sue who got raped at an early age. That’s not ‘dark’. That’s making up a flat character that has nothing to live for. And it’s also something called Pink Sci-Fi; since when would a rape victim, let alone a bisexual, a blue alien? There’s a comment on YouTube made from a sensible person (not me) that even a progressive female Shepard in real life wouldn’t go for Garrus. In this scenario, it’s little more than a re-hash of the game with a flat villain and a protagonist that is as deep as Marcus from Gears of War.

I remain amused at the number of people thinking the fact that they can hold an opinion means anyone else is entitled to bother to listen to it, especially when it’s riddled with racist, sexist, bigoted overtones.

And of course, he/she/it calls me out on Christianity, basically saying I can’t be a Christian if I don’t act like the fucking Westboro Baptist Church.

Perhaps you should keep that ego in check and obey the rules you set out; mainly, that you asked for reviews. Of course your only excuse is: ‘Oh, Shepard’s was raped and she’s a functional paranoid so believe me plz I have degrees and WHAT’S THAT?! SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU RACIST, SEXIST HOMOPHOBE!’ You are just living Bioware’s dream, you nutsack. And yes, I can call you out on your religion, because by all rights, you are a heathen. And the WBC is old news; it was a troll’s den to begin with and a liberal’s favourite toy. Me? I don’t subscribe to any religion, so you can’t call me a zealot. On your hand, though, there are plenty of things that can be attributed to you.

Extra update: I've gotten more info on this claim from people who have served, and it turns out that it's not so pretty as he paints it. In some cases, this man wouldn't even pass standard protocol. In others, he'd just be drugged. So even if you /did/ serve, you likely did so while under drug use and influence. Hello America: serving your freedom with the Afghani opium fields.

He has sent me yet another message, and has still kept me under that baaw-lock:

Subject: Your followup

Someone wrote me to let me know you'd actually bothered to post up my review response, so I read what you wrote about military forces. I was in the US Submarine Service for four years, not sitting on some base. I haven't laughed so hard in quite a while. Why don't you get back to your fucking 'sources' and let them know what they understand of the military could fit in a thimble, kid.

I have no problem if you hate my writing or stories -- it's not like I'm great or anything. People glorifying rape, people who can't write anything but horrible furry porn, people making a mockery of a story -- bashing that stuff is fine. But the core problem you have is that you've decided that anything that fails your own personal likes or dislikes automatically falls into 'bad literature' and relying on flaming and hyperbole to make a point, thus, attention whoring.

If your object, as you claim, is to "defend good literature and give authors a taste of reality", then you are failing -- no one getting a review like that will listen. They will either dismiss you as a troll, or (if truly idiotic) engage you in some sort of long-running dialogue.

I wish you the best of luck in the Hetalia forums, assuming...

Wow, what a mouthy little thing. I should mention that my 'fucking sources' include an actual Master Sergeant and people who have actually served, and they have told me you are lying. Second, I have read more of his story, and it actually kinda sucks. A lot. So no, I'm not 'attention-whoring' considering that I review when I feel that a story needs changing, and based on his previous reactions to other reviews, he does not like criticism. Third, the troll comment is so old. I'm not a troll, and calling me one is the fastest way to show you're an intolerant prick. And lastly, not sure about the Hetalia forums. I haven't been in any, and Hetalia is old news. U Mad, Bro?

I swear I'm not EL James- Blocked me before I could respond, has a 'writing blog' here. Unblocked me to show her intelligence, and then blocked me again. Messages here. Update: she has since fled to AO3, as FFnet wasn't inclusive enough and didn't have a safer safe space. I see it as a way to avoid the criticism she enjoys doling out to others, and for her to erase the awful attitude she has. Evolved into a pure Smugglypuff.

Subject: ...

A response to your review at

Sweetie, you're reported, and frankly, the fact you freaked out tells me that I'm doing something right. You're awesome :)

I exchanged my views with her, asking her why she would make Corvo or anyone else gay and that her story isn't remotely close to canon or logic. Before blocking me, she went on a Woman Rampage and proceeded to say this:

Last message before I wash my brain of your misogynistic, homophobic ranting:

I'm entitled to post what pairing I want, for what fandom I want. If I want to post an entire story with Corvo and Daud basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking, I can. If I wanted to have Piero, Sokolov, and Corvo running off into the sunset together, I can. If I wanted the Carebears to descend from Care-a-lot and defeat the Dunwall plague with sunshine and happiness, I can. If I wanted the Star Trek Enterprise to beam down Captain Kirk and Spock to help overthrow the Overseers, I can.

Do you see the pattern here?

As long as my story adheres to's guidelines - not YOUR guidelines - but this site's rules, then all you can do is stomp around and throw a little 2k temper tantrum on my review board. That's it. That's the extent of the damage you can do. You can't even report the story because it breaks no rules.

So what now? Hm? You'll post this message on your mile-long profile that people probably hide? Oh no. Please. Not...that.

Anyway, I'm blocking you now. Because if you're going to piss and moan, I'm making you work for it. Be sure to use all your other sock puppets each chapter, or go anon if you don't...

Message two:

by the way quoted from the Dishonored Wiki: Piero's Spiritual Remedy is the second of two anti-plague elixirs to have been created, the other being, Sokolov's Elixir. It is named for its creator, Piero. It is likely that the remedy is profoundly expensive, and [that only the rich can afford it] alluding to why the rat plague is still an epidemic in Dunwall.

Yeah. That. And FYI, referred to the Wiki several times, and have played Dishonored several times, both DLC's also on both High Chaos and Low. Unwrap your head canon from the actual source material. Kay? Thanks.

Canon is canon. Your argument of 'I WRITE WHAT I WANT!' means zilch. In a hypocritical fashion, it is OK for her to criticize other works for violating canon (she accuses me of favouriting stories that violate canon but can't name one), but not for me or anyone else. She has a long history of generally being a mouthpiece.

Message Three:

This is about slash. This is about your disgust with homosexuality in general, and I'd suggest seriously, to deal with your hate. It's not healthy. If I had paired Corvo with a female, none of your "discontent" would exist. Hence you are the one with the problem. I'm not pulling the story and I'm not intimidated by you. You can get all your friends to review if you like - as I said. Reviews bring people.

Thanks again for the typo catch and mentioning that perhaps Piero's Remedy might need some Overseer confiscating. I'll add that in and give you credit.

Have a super day, dude :)


She's gotten worse as things have gone along. She's a mouthier wench than E.L. James and writes just as bad as her. She also accuses me of using nothing but my 'head-canons' and bullying people because they're not adhering to it. Read on, comrades:

Subject: Bait and Switch

I think it's fucking hilarious I can PM you when I've blocked you. Holy shit. Priceless. Gotta love FFnet's twisted logic.

You know, I realized I never followed up on that anon. You were so pissed that I updated. LOL. Damn, girl. So pissed. And numerous reviews telling me my story is shit? Um...besides yours? One was a giant rhetorical question, and the other was a review discussing canon aspects that I debated privately via PM - and received an apology as most were head canons, or aspects discussed on forums, not the Dishonored Wiki itself. in a half nays? Numerous indeed.

Your exaggerations aside, I know you were tempted...oh, so tempted when I posted chapter three of my well-received story to offer up another blathering display of entitlement propaganda. But good for you, you resisted. And damn...the irony. I actually WANTED you to review. I even made wagers with another friend what you would about next. I wanted more quotes for your Tumblr. disappointed.

So here, let me bait you behind a block (lolz, so fucking funny, FFnet!) Updating seems to be a trigger for you. Nothing seems to piss you off more. I guess I can understand. All that hard work de...

Such cowardice. I would expect as much from someone who associates themselves with 'Of Cabbages and Kings'. The more you scream at me, the more you show that I monopolize you. Here is my response, as the coward cannot respond directly:

Cool story, bro. I think in all of this you show that you are a mentally ill degenerate who doesn't have the respect you accuse me of not having. Your behaviour is akin to a five-year-old who didn't get the right candy cane from the candy store, and now resort to white-knighting those who have found themselves under my foot. It's noble, but only in appearance. The fedoras don't get bigger. However, the constant foaming at the mouth, the stalking, and blatant attention whoring show that one thing is clear:

You are butthurt. And you can't handle the truth. The only people who are calling your story good are two people: one is a blatant ass-kisser, the other a fellow sick f.uck, so that is no surprise. In the end, I will tell you that your purple prose, bad canon, and generally bad story-telling is a self-face-palming moment, but since your ego's too damn big along with the rest of the rolls, you couldn't handle it. As much as you want me to be, I'm not as mad as you are. But I haven't seen an author toot their own horn as loud as you, and you are a fresh gem I haven't mined in a while. The louder you cry, the more you disrespect your readers. There's only...what? Two people reviewing your story? Sure, sure; AO3 has more people, but those s have more rolls than a New York bakery. They can't write to save their lives, and are content raping anything in their path. Off to the gulag for them.

I don't really see this as bait. I see it as the same old, same old. I'm guessing that head trauma never went away, eh?

A few little birds have their thanks for me. You put a lot of the pieces together. You know who you are.

Update: the gift that keeps on giving, more than a year after the initial encounter:

I'd rather post where there's a watchful eye on reviews and reviewers - even if it's only my own. At least on AO3, I can delete stupidity.

Ah, speaking of which, here's a quote from a very...special user here on FFnet. Her name isn't important, nor is her mammoth shit-pile of a profile, but one quote bears mentioning (edit: see my comments on canon):

Hmm...*looks at TOS and Guidelines* How strange...I don't see anything in the rules that specifically states an author must follow CANON. Nothing...nothing at all. How odd. I do hope fanfic authors have the common sense to take this user's "opinion" with a grain of salt. A very large one.

Follow or don't follow canon. It's your right to be creative.

Le sigh. When removing all evidence of wrongdoing, continue to throw salt behind a barrier.

I suppose when you realize that engaging someone that is inherently your better, you tend to throw out things that contradict you or aren't necessarily true. One thing about pathological liars is that they project. When confronted with their lies, they project some more; when that fails, irrational tempers flare.

My name used to be listed, but people often remove it or continue to spite it without ever once speaking to me directly. It is easier to claim victory over an opponent when you haven't once spoken to them, or even attempt to understand their position. At this point in time, there's little to do but shake your head at the attitude of a 35-year-old woman that acts worse than Anne Rice when she receives something she doesn't like.

It's an unspoken rule that the best fanfic stays as true to canon as possible. It's not your property, so it is your duty to make fans of the work happy as well as try your hand at style. I'm not entirely impartial to fanfic writers taking bold leaps with their work; in fact I support it. At the same time, though, they should be responsible enough to respect the work. If someone gave you a very expensive car to drive, it would be your responsibility to take care of it. You're not going to go around and put dents in it, especially if the person who loaned it to you expects you to treat their property with respect. You can think of more examples and they can apply.

People do have a right, in a sense, to be creative. But with fanfic rules do apply. The work isn't yours. I've said this multiple times and people do not seem to understand it. As for those upset or angered by my 'opinion', you are free to pay for an editor to read your work, and if they said something you didn't like, you can't say that all of their work was just 'opinion'. You are also free to post it on other public sites, and there are those that specifically host good quality stories and you have to pass certain requirements to get your work in there. But when someone leaves a review, and gives reasons as to why, you can't say you didn't exactly ask for it.

Dismissing people that hold views like mine (and most are not that hostile) as 'cyber-bullies' is, well, pretty pathetic. If you're an adult, you should grow up by now. Stop acting like an angry feminist/social justice warrior/what-have-you. Let's be mature here. As for telling people to move to AO3 to specifically avoid nasty comments: you're more or less telling these terrible authors and terrible people that they don't need to change. And they are indeed terrible people. It's one thing for fanfiction to be a hobby. It's another to treat it as a way of life and a form of escapism. If using the 'cyber-bully' card is your only excuse, I can only wonder what really goes on inside your head.

This is a perfect example of 'Rice Out.' If you send your work in to editors, are in a Critique Circle, and have a style that is similar to the author mentioned, and yet still do not improve and have a horrible attitude, I have no idea what to tell you. Something is indeed wrong. I wouldn't say intellectual nastiness. That would imply some level of wisdom. But I do see a lot of bait-and-switch, as well as things that would definitely imply butthurt on a supreme level of trolling, when I have done no such thing. But I do suppose making an excuse for writers to write paedophilic fanfiction under the guise of 'creativity' would, indeed, prove that wrongness.

Old work. This comes from Raellien's 'The Good Kind of Wrong':

I'm not in this fandom, but I feel the need to address the bullshit below me.

Ignore her. Ignore her head canons, her opinions, her holier-than-thou sexist homophobic propaganda. She has no clue what fiction is. What fanfiction is. She also has no clue how to use the back button, or how to talk to someone like a human being. She lacks respect so she deserves none in return.

She projects her silly, idiotic fanaticism in nearly every fandom unfortunate enough to interest her, and expects everyone to adhere to it as if she's the f.ucking queen of canon. Sorry, no. Not even close.

Consider this the worst she can do. Stomp and and throw a temper tantrum on that excessively long, pompous page of spewlege she calls a profile. That's it. This story won't be removed because it violates nothing. And this story won't be removed because people like this narrow-minded twit can freely harass people on this site and bully them into not updating or in rare cases - not write again.

If FFnet allows this bully free reign, they won't touch this story.

Don't be intimidated by this bitch. She isn't worth your time, your tears, or even your anger. Keep writing (if you're not posting here, I hope you're posting on AO3) because that's the best way to beat her. She doesn't like it when you update. Hates it. RANTS about it. So block her hating ass and update. Update constantly. Slash to your heart's content.

It's your right as a writer, and fan.

Lol, nope. Read above on 'No Rights'. Most notable is that she never claims to censor people or control them over the Internet, yet does both. By far the loudest and most butthurt one I've had in my roster. Even six months on, she is still obsessing over me.

Don't Assume Things - Rape lover and sick f.uck; completely ignored my flames and shows her true colours here. Messages as follows:

A response to your review at

Coming away from your posts, I'm left a little unclear about your intent. Is it to vent about the state of fandom and culture in general? Or do you actually want to help bring about change to the issues you're seeing?

If it's just to vent, hey, whatever works for you; more power to you. If it's actually in the interest of change, a few pointers if you want to be more effective, particularly with the fangirl subset demographic it seems like you're targeting:

1) Focus your argument. Pick a single topic that's particularly heinous and stick with it, and beware convoluting your message with many different sub-topics from a single umbrella. The more focused your argument is, the smaller the chance of weaknesses.
2) Avoid assumptions about personal characteristics and opinions other than those that are specifically stated. With generalizations, you may hit a lot of things on the nose in some instances, but statistically you're going to swing and miss a lot of the time as well. A single incorrect assumption weakens your argument in their eyes and makes it easier for them to dismiss the valid points you do make.
3) Avoid the name calling. Sometimes it's well warranted, but again, if you actually want to make people think, making their brains shut down with that easy crap isn't going to cut it. Instead, give them the benefit of the doubt whenever possible to formulate the least stupid version of their views you can (so you avoid the straw man trap), then tear them apart; it requires more thought, but it hits a lot harder.
4) Do the research. Read up a bit on the motivations behind huge portions of the people writing this stuff. Reading a bit on the psychology behind human sexuality and arousal in particular may also be beneficial. Reading about these topics may not appeal, but hey, you're already reading the shitty fic, and if you really want to bring about change, you have to commit. The more you know, the more effective you'll be.

Make people have to fight for it if they want to dismiss you as just another troll--fandom needs people like you who are passionate about raising community standards and who are willing to call people out on their bullshit. I may not agree with your some of your points, but I respect the hell out of you for devoting the time to addressing problems you see around you. Good luck.

-A Proponent of Good, Old-Fashioned Debate (even on completely newfangled topics)

Message Two:

Just to clarify, I didn't address your review point by point because A) I was left with too many questions about what your viewpoints actually were (at least in regard to the fic in question) to address them properly, B) it seems clear that we disagree on such fundamental concepts as the distinction between fantasy and reality (and the idea that an author doesn't have to condone an activity to depict it) to such a degree that productive debate is impossible, C) I didn't want to insult your intelligence with itemized breakdowns instead of letting you make your own inferences, and D) frankly, my schedule was full enough already.

I avoided making as many assumptions about you as I could, though you haven't paid me the same courtesy. You've assumed a great deal of things about my personal life, and I don't feel like discussing my personal life with you enough to refute them, so you may just have to go on incorrectly believing you were right.

If you'd like to formulate a response that meets the standards I set in my first response, I'd be happy to respond with a full rebuttal, but until then, I really don't have the time.

If you've come across a fic similar to mine with, say, Blackarachnia and Silverbolt or something, I would love to read it, though. ;)

Message Three:

Well, if you're trying to convince me that further dialogue might be productive, I can't say you're doing the best job. Looking into more info for recycled attempts at ad hominem doesn't really speak well for the substance of your argument.

"'My schedule is full enough already.' - I am sure that it is. Women hate to be proven wrong, don't they?" No really, not everybody has as much time to devote to ranting fruitlessly about what gets people off as you apparently do. I actually enjoy being proven wrong, but you'd have to do some actual proving instead of spouting things I already know or that've been said a thousand times before (often by Social Justice Warriors, oddly enough).

I do wonder for you when you claim to know more about homosexuality than actual gay people. "Unnatural obsession with homosexuality" indeed.

In the mean time, still waiting on a post that meets those initial standards.

My last response as follows.

"Looking for more recycled attempts at ad hominem won't help you" - It seems you completely forgot about why I flamed your fic and didn't even raise the issues about the contents of your story. I said that the characters were OOC, and that you wrote one groping another while drunk, pointing out that if the genders were reversed and if that were a female being groped, you would have a completely different reaction. Not only that, but you seem blissfully unaware of how long I have been doing this, and so, your 'points to take' don't really mean anything as I already do them.

But I've done some research of my own, and I can tell you: you have zero room to talk. Do not lecture me about ad hominem or whatever logical constructs you've got, because you do not adhere to them and most of all, if you think I have an obsession with homosexuality, take a look at what you favourite.

It's always best to do a little self-reflection, don't you think?

So, I'll repeat myself again, as you forgot MY initial objections:

Focused argument: I already focus my arguments. If I don't, why should I bother to flame? I always have a purpose, and as it is a fandom I know quite well, I already know the canon and already 'do the research' as you suggest I do. For the second, on generalizations and learning the motivations behind these people, I know quite well what are the motivations of these people, and I know they are broken individuals. They are disturbed, sick, and seek a niche to normalize their disgusting behaviours. I have already told you that I have gotten responses like yours before on the subject of 'you're doing it wrong', and while it's a change, it still makes me shake my head, because honestly, we are not talking about me here. We are talking about you. I criticized your story as it was above the rating of the site, where you admitted your hypocrisy (srs bsns indeed) among other things.

I'm still giggling about the 'do your research' part. It reminds me of conspiracy theorists when confronted with inconvenient facts.

For the third: avoiding the name calling. I'll accept this as 'be nicer'. You probably haven't seen many of my reviews, but eh, whatever.

"In the mean time, still waiting on a post that meets those initial standards" - I'm still waiting for you to admit that what you wrote was disgusting and wrong. And based on your favourites on AO3, you adore rape, beastiality, incest, and other sexual fetishes that render you a sick f/uck. So while you're too busy making up a straw-man, I'm still wondering when you'll admit to your own fetishes. Usually people by now will go up in arms about what I've said. While you've been evasive, I know who and what you are.

Lots of people believe I am a troll because they cannot handle the fact that people like me exist in real life. I offered you my rebuttal and it was sound, and yes, I used vulgar language because now that I think about it, you deserve it.

"You're spouting things I already know" - So, someone else has told you you're a sick f/uck? How surprising. If you've heard enough from the Social Justice Warriors, I'm sure you think you're one of those NAPALT who think they're above the seam. We'll also bring up an old message of yours:

"Just to clarify, I didn't address your review point by point because A) I was left with too many questions about what your viewpoints actually were (at least in regard to the fic in question) to address them properly" - I gave you plenty of advice above the sarcasm and wit. Shame you didn't get it.

"B) it seems clear that we disagree on such fundamental concepts as the distinction between fantasy and reality (and the idea that an author doesn't have to condone an activity to depict it) to such a degree that productive debate is impossible" - Actually, there are plenty of productive debates, the first being that as you thought about the subject, wrote it, and posted it, implies nihilism and desensitization. Plenty of room for debate. I am willing to listen, but for the moment, it really, really seems you don't want to admit that there is something wrong with you.

"C) I didn't want to insult your intelligence with itemized breakdowns instead of letting you make your own inferences, and D) frankly, my schedule was full enough already. " - You have already assaulted my intelligence, so that line has been crossed. Plus, if you truly want to rise above me as my intellectual equal, you can start by actually addressing the things you believe I have done wrong, and instead of acting like a Social Justice Warrior (lol) you can start clean and fresh. Though I believe that is asking for too much.

"I do wonder for you when you claim to know more about homosexuality than actual gay people" - Hmm, do I sense some assault on my character? Do I smell the 'you must be in the closet' meme? Plus, we'll quote from your tumblr:

'I like the kinky stuff.'

'And this is why I cave and write the fucking first and then go back and write the other things. ;D'

Plus, you re-blogged and entire essay on how extreme BDSM relationships are normal and healthy in regards to your multiple OTPs. So, not only do you disregard canon evidence, you disregard real-world evidence in regards to these relationships. So, who really has the obsession?

And lastly, for D - Yes, yes, you are clearly ever so busy - that's why you re-post and translate robotic pornography and rape on your blog and offer your services for them instead of acting like a decent human being. You cannot and will not be a proponent of debate or logic if you are a hypocrite and your arguments are based on shaky foundations. It is you, not I, who support and enjoy reading male rape, dubious consent, tentacle porn, and other Rule 34 tropes that are suited for 4chan. If you are such a proponent of debate as you claim to be, perhaps you'd realize that your premises are flawed, and so therefore, the argument is flawed.

I guess I'm not name-calling enough. Plus, shutting people's brains down is exactly why I do this. It gets them to cry. It gets them to think. And most of all, it gets them to cower.

"I actually enjoy to be proven wrong" - Is that so? It doesn't seem like it. What I gleamed from your posts is that you are a highly elusive deviant and degenerate and relish in it. You are no different than the Social Justice warriors you claim to be different from despite being one yourself. In the meantime, I'm waiting for you to respond to my initial objections. It really seems as if you're trying to mask the entire thing (strawman).

What a shame. Debates are framed by evidence, reason, rhetoric and most of all, logic, which you do not possess. Remember what you wrote; remember what you like. Do you not see why I have flamed you? It appears it has all been lost on you.

"You can go on incorrectly believing that you are right" - You said that I should do some research, which I did, and always do, and usually, my generalizations are bang on because I actually know what I am doing. As it turns out, I am in the end right, and you are wrong. Hopefully this meets your criteria, but as for me, you're a lost cause. You are illogical to begin with, so no more time shall be wasted.

- From a Believer in Sound Logic, Reason, and True Debate.

It gets worse as we go along. She finally snaps here.

I, Raelien, am a bad, bad fangirl who likes to read/write/translate bad, bad things. And I would make a list of those bad, bad things, except the list would be exceed the character limit, so let's just say pretty much everything short of stuff involving underage characters. (And maybe scat--that shit's nasty.) I am a sick, sick , and I am in excellent company. However, what I do is in no way normal, as that would likely be less fun. Today, I continue to crank up "Highway to Hell," as I have since I was but a wee lass, and keep on truckin'.

I would've thought this was rather self-evident, given the apparently exhaustive research you've done on my person, but if it needed to be said, it has been.

Now, where were we?

"I said that the characters were OOC, and that you wrote one groping another while drunk, pointing out that if the genders were reversed and if that were a female being groped, you would have a completely different reaction." SEE? If you'd stuck to expounding on these two points, you would have had moderately focused posts!

Context is key: complaining that a PWP drunksex kinkmeme fill is out of character is a bit like doing the same with gen crackfic. Any response I can possibly make to this point can be summed up with a single, atrocious word: duh. You got me. If you're looking for a brilliant, high quality fan novel, you're clearly in the wrong place, and you knew that going in. I'm just left mildly puzzled that you bothered pointing it out in the first place.

I'd glossed over this before, but I would happily read a het version of a fic like mine. Or a femslash version. I really dgaf; we just don't have as many options with the ladies in this franchise, though recently people have started writing some great stuff with Nautica. ; ) If we're talking about Real Life with Actual People (look carefully now, we're crossing the mystical border between fantasy and reality!), you bet your ass I'd have a problem with some guy directing unwanted groping at myself or a female friend, and, as I am a not an idiot, I would have just as much problem with said guy directing unwanted groping at my brother or male friend. Replace some guy with some lady, and (gasp!) same results. Creepy behavior is creepy behavior, and I don't really care who the target or perpetrator is; anybody who does deserves everything you spew at them.

"You seem blissfully unaware of how long I have been doing this," you betcha. It seems I was right not to care, given the clear example of experience frequently not equating to skill. Plenty of people who've been drawing for decades still suck at it, for instance.

OK, the obsession thing; let's tackle it. Let me try to frame this situation from my perspective in a way that makes sense. From my side of the fence, it looks a lot like a right-handed person going around telling left-handed people who write about left-handed characters that they KNOW NOTHING about left-handedness but are clearly obsessed with it. I am quite sure it seems VERY different from your side, maybe replace left-handedness with crack addiction, but at least you can /kind/ of see why I'm left a little speechless on this one.

This is the first time I've seen you mention the content being beyond what's currently permitted on the site according to the rules, and I would have been quick to acknowledge this as a valid point had you brought it up earlier. Alas, it was not always so, and some of us who still remember the lightbulb logo halfheartedly attempt to maintain our corner of the M section, away from all the kiddie eyes. Policy is policy, though, so if stuff gets yanked, it gets yanked. We've always had other platforms.

"Lots of people believe I am a troll because they cannot handle the fact that people like me exist in real life." Please. If people couldn't handle that, we wouldn't be able to go about our daily lives. I went to school with you. I work alongside you. I see you at family reunions. People like you are everywhere; many of them just go about life bringing their offense to people's faces instead of their FF.N inboxes.

"For the third: avoiding the name calling. I'll accept this as 'be nicer'." Nope, it was really "Don't make yourself look like a dumb f.uck to everybody who isn't an impressionable 13-year-old." Except I wanted to avoid name calling. Whoops.

You keep saying that you're a logic master a lot more than /showing/ that you're one. I told you pretty flat out that I wasn't addressing your myriad initial points because of the way they were presented, etc. You endlessly jamming words in my mouth and then attacking some distorted version of my views is a much clearer example of a straw man. "You said that I should do some research, which I did, and always do, and usually, my generalizations are bang on because I actually know what I am doing." This seems very telling to me--that I suggested researching points you brought up about which you seemed rather unknowledgeable (coming from my frame of reference), and instead you took it as an incentive to look up more info on me instead. Making a discussion about (often completely irrelevant aspects of) your opponent instead of sticking to topics of substance is the very essence of ad hominem. I mean, playing the "ugly" card--really? It makes it very difficult to take you seriously, but I've tried, I swear. Lest the hypocrite card come out yet again, I'm fully aware that I haven't stuck to whatever the numerous original points were over the course of this meandering discussion, but that's pretty much just been to refute the random accusation or to attempt to futilely raise the coherency bar.

"Plus, shutting people's brains down is exactly why I do this. It gets them to cry. It gets them to think. And most of all, it gets them to cower." You do realize this makes you a near epitome of a troll, right? Why bother answering with the debate front at all? It's like you're wearing a cheap costume three sizes too big. The insecure ones may cry and cower, but they get older, they get over it, and they come back writing even kinker fic. And they have the rest of us cheering them on much more loudly than the malcontents can whine.

I guess I might seem like a feminist to somebody who doesn't know a lot of feminists, but darn it, the actual self-identified feminists deny me access to their club for enjoying action movies, Lana Del Rey, and kinky as doujinshi way too much. C'est la vie. A note about Social Justice Warriors (and why they get poked fun at by the rest of their community): they willfully look for things to get, for the lack of a better word, butthurt over--often things others are enjoying that don't affect /them/ at all. They frequently claim that these things are disgusting and dangerous, and they are 100% RIGHT about these things. Not much point in discussion, because dissenters are already completely wrong before any discussion starts. Forgive me if this sounds familiar.

You did get something absolutely right: I'm comfortable with myself, my hobbies, my abilities, and my preferences (rapey robo porn and all!), and I don't particularly care who knows it. I can only wish you the chance to know the same freedom--it's marvelous.

You told me in the beginning to get out of your America, but guess what? The "slash fangirls" are just as much a part of this country as you are, and if you've been watching legislation the past several years, you know which way support for gay rights is moving. Meanwhile, those vehemently opposed to homosexuality and women expressing their (deviant!) sexuality might find their cultural values better reflected in areas of the Middle East. Or, you know, they could just learn to tolerate or avoid people they don't agree with. Whichever.


I was debating to myself whether or not to answer, but a part of me said: 'Do it, do it!' and lo and behold, I got the answer I was looking for.

"SEE? If you'd stuck to expounding on these two points, you would have had moderately focused posts!" - I did. Guess you forgot in the first reviews.

But as we go along, we get the classic, ever so old, 'it's just fiction' argument. I shall tackle that gladly.

"Context is key: complaining that a PWP drunksex kinkmeme fill is out of character is a bit like doing the same with gen y response I can possibly make to this point can be summed up with a single, atrocious word: duh. You got me. If you're looking for a brilliant, high quality fan novel, you're clearly in the wrong place, and you knew that going in. I'm just left mildly puzzled that you bothered pointing it out in the first place." - Now here's where you crack. You're using the 'don't like/don't read' argument. I obviously won't know what a story is going to be like if I haven't read it, and of course I'm going to review. After all, you ask for them, so I will deliver. Plus, as for the 'duh' comment, I will respond to that with 'no shit, retard.' It is not your property, and therefore, you are obliged to follow copyright rules and adhere to canon. Not only that, but I didn't actively search for your badly written story - I found it by chance.

But you're right: context is key - too bad you have none of it.

"If we're talking about Real Life with Actual People (look carefully now, we're crossing the mystical border between fantasy and reality!), you bet your ass I'd have a problem with some guy directing unwanted groping at myself or a female friend, and, as I am a not an idiot, I would have just as much problem with said guy directing unwanted groping at my brother or male friend." - This argument is used a lot, and has no ground in reality. I heard a similar argument that said child pornography via artwork was not child pornography as it did not include real children. The same rhetoric applies here. It does not matter if it is real life or not; you wrote it, you like it, and therefore, would probably engage in it if you could. Writing is an expression of someone's thoughts. Your attempt to dismiss this premise makes me giggle.

"OK, the obsession thing; let's tackle it." - You never did. The comment on hands was a strange allusion, though.

"Nope, it was really "Don't make yourself look like a dumb to everybody who isn't an impressionable 13-year-old." Except I wanted to avoid name calling. Whoops." - Now, if you were honest, maybe we could start somewhere, but at least I rattled something out of you. Now here you are, promoting debate :)

"Alas, it was not always so, and some of us who still remember the lightbulb logo halfheartedly attempt to maintain our corner of the M section, away from all the kiddie eyes." - I guess you missed the 2012 purge where the FBI was responsible for purging the caches of child pornography. It doesn't matter if it is 'M' rated or not, all it takes is a click of a button. Those 'innocent kiddies' are only as responsible as the people who willingly put their filth on the Internet. The blame goes both ways, but those who produce the porn are the ones responsible, not the consumer.

"People like you are everywhere; many of them just go about life bringing their offense to people's faces instead of their FF.N inboxes." - Damn right we are. And wait until the Day of the Rope.

"You keep saying that you're a logic master a lot more than /showing/ that you're one. I told you pretty flat out that I wasn't addressing your myriad initial points because of the way they were presented, etc." - Inb4 'I won't debate with you because I don't have time/you're dumb/etc. I've had other people accuse me of strawmen, of moving the goal posts and whatnot, but the point remains: you did not address why I flamed your fic because you were 'confused'. Oh, hell, even those idiotic 13-year-olds know what I'm talking about. But you? Oh, Hell, you're pulling every logical fallacy in the book, from the Appeal to Authority, Tu Quoque, and missing the point entirely. When I pointed out you distorted canon, you replied: "Duh. That's the point of X". When I pointed out your hypocrisy, you ignored it, as evidenced by: "I'm fully aware that I haven't stuck to whatever the numerous original points were over the course of this meandering discussion."

If you believe that it's difficult for me to take you seriously, holy Hell, you've got me rolling. You were semi-serious to begin with, but you deteriorated as time went along. Like I said: I've gotten responses like yours, saying that I should be more focused or not do the name-calling, but there's a good statement about flamers: they hit you over the head with a crowbar, tell you what's wrong with your story, and then piss on them (the flamee).

"This seems very telling to me--that I suggested researching points you brought up about which you seemed rather unknowledgeable (coming from my frame of reference), and instead you took it as an incentive to look up more info on me instead." - I will confess outright that I was irked by your 'do some research' claim, because it implies that I have no clue what I'm doing or what my demographic is. You also suggested that I look into other human sexualities - a topic that I am well-versed in. Why did you think I flamed you?

And your other responses? Oh, aren't they golden.

"You do realize this makes you a near epitome of a troll, right?" - I am not a troll, my dear, but it flatters me to think that. Again, it's an excuse to dismiss any dissent, because OH MY GOD, people like this exist in real life.

"Why bother answering with the debate front at all? It's like you're wearing a cheap costume three sizes too big." - Implying that I am trolling

"The insecure ones may cry and cower, but they get older, they get over it, and they come back writing even kinker fic. And they have the rest of us cheering them on much more loudly than the malcontents can whine." - So you're pretty much saying that it is okay for people to be rape-lovers, paedophiles, and sick fucks, and that they shouldn't listen to the haters and just do as they please because they're not hurting anyone. Where have I heard that before? Plus, all your standards and logic fail under this statement, and you are no longer serious to begin with. This is the epitome of nihilism and savagery. You even admitted you are a paedophile. Why should anyone be respectful to you? You deserve to be called out, belittled, and thrown aside, and from what I know, the insecure ones just get more insecure, and they get viler. No matter. So long as people like me exist, they have a reason to cower.

You have not tried. If anyone has made the strawmen, it is you. If anyone is in denial, it is you. You are right; it is impossible to argue with degenerates such as yourself, because they are so deluded to begin with. You have no place to dictate what I should do in regards to reviewing when you are, by all accounts, someone who does not use that system herself.

"I don't care what people think of me and I don't care who knows it" - And that is the admission, people! Ah, you degenerates all say the same thing. Plus, unlike you, I don't actually just 'say' I use logic - I actually use it. Hence why I'm shaking my head at such a sad, backwards individual.

"Slash fangirls are as much a part of this country as you know which way gay rights is moving" - Argumentum ad populum. There's no mention of entire nations such as Russia opposing homosexuality, and not a word about the totalitarian behaviour of the LGBT. Basically, it goes like this: 'If you're against us, you're part of the Old World!'

And lastly, "Or, you know, they could just learn to tolerate or avoid people they don't agree with. Whichever." - Implying those nations must accept homosexuality or else die. Nobody needs to 'tolerate' people who clearly are sick in the head, and whenever people try to avoid them, the so-called oppressed follow them! Also, in the Middle East, they hang homosexuals. They also like to sell women such as yourself in harems. Not only that, but you're pretty much saying that those who disagree with homosexuals are just like Middle Easterners. Really, really respectful to your people, hon.

Here you call me unacknowledged.

You believe no morality applies to you; that the rules don't apply, and pretty much give a middle finger to society. It takes a lot of mental fuckery to sit there and say: "Hey, I like underage robot porn! Aren't I cool?" It takes even more to say you're proud of it. If you ever wondered why I decided to use 'ad hominem' it was because it was deserved. I had no reason to respect you, and despite your sweeping comments, I will not tolerate or avoid these subjects, and others shouldn't either. Clearly, for a delusional woman such as yourself, the truth would only rub your wounds the wrong way.

By the way, you never proved how homosexuality was allegedly normal. Or how male rape is acceptable. Your hypocrisy still stands. If anyone needs to do the research, it is you. But your futile attempts at dismissing me only makes my ego grow bigger, and the 'I don't give a damn' sentence gives it all away. You support incest, rape, beastiality, xenophilia, and a whole horde of other fetishes. And what do you do? You relish in it.

If you think /I/ look like a dumb to non-impressionable people, look at what you look like to normal people! Holy f/ucking shit, what the Hell did I just read?

She went full retard. Never go full retard. Minor update: she thinks I'm a guy, and refers to my posts as 'desperate BS'. Totally winning, bro.

You offend me! - Blocked me before I could respond, used the usual rhetoric here:

Subject: So,

I managed to stumble across your delightful profile and I must say, it provided me with about thirty minutes of enjoyment to read. After thinking it over a little, I decided to write you, an obviously civil and broad minded person, a message telling you that whilst I am not at all offended by what you post (not that I condone it at all), I feel that you, my good friend, are an insufferable twat.

I don't know what time period you are unfortunately stranded in and how you have managed to gain access to the internet, but this is currently the twenty first century where things are a little different. I am not going to tell you what you can and cannot say, freedom of speech can be a wonderful thing, but it does not give you the right to say things like you do.

You appear to have some kind of irrational hatred towards anything that you deem to not be "normal", not that such a thing exists, and in order to deal with your quite obvious oppression of emotions in the real world, you unleash them upon poor, unsuspecting authors. I have also witnessed that you do not like it when people do things with characters and change them in a way that is not to your approval. Perhaps sometimes people do write OO...

You can't honestly expect me to read your drama llamas or fedora atheism if you block me. If anything it's too revealing for you.

I decided to post this because a lot of people send me messages like this without understanding that people have already said the same thing. Do not use the Freedom of Speech card when you cannot handle real free speech, and you can't tell me to sit down and shut up because I say something you do not like. Plus, you /are/ telling me what I can and cannot say. Lol.

Of course anybody against those poor fanfics authors must have some obvious oppression going on in their lives, because who would dare to hurt such innocent snowflakes? And lastly, for the OOC argument. How many times must I say this? You do not own your fandoms. Disclaimers cannot and will not protect you. Under copyright law you are required to honour the rules and regulations set by canon. Until you get some money and start lawsuits, you can't do jack shit.

"Not that such a thing (normal) exists" - Sounds like Shadowfeathers. She said the same thing. Au contraire, normal does exist: it's called Natural Law. Humans shun the abnormal because we see it as a threat, so it's an entirely natural reaction. Deal with it or go the Solzhenitsyn way.

I'm immune, silly - this one gets off to writing obscene amounts of rape, paedophilia, incest, and abuse, and doesn't think it's wrong. Initial message:

A response to your review at

Sorry if I confused you with the kemonomimi theme; I thought it might be a fun take on the cast of Animated. Sort of like a more day-to-day version of Beast Wars. After all, the Transformers franchise is filled with war. Sometimes it's nice to imagine what their lives would be like before, after or even outside such conflict.

To answer your questions, I thought it would be appropriate to put them in clothes for an alternate reality within this theme. Secondly, the character First Aid was, yes, raped. He first said yes, but when he changed his mind, the second party would not stop and continued on; making this a case of rape.

Seeing as how robots don't have genders it is very feasible for the "females" to have s as well. After all, it's basically just external equipment and carries no biological standards.

I do apologize that everything else thus far has seemingly offended you, and since I believe you are attempting to give me constructive criticism, perhaps you'd kindly give me a list of things I can do to improve next time?


I proceeded to tell her that what she was doing was wrong and that she was a bad writer. She refused to acknowledge this, instead saying that /I/ knew nothing about canon and that I am somehow horrible for raining on her rape-parade. Her last message was this:

Nope. Just wondrously immune darling *kiss* Perhaps you should stick to harassing underage children, seeing as you are unable to arouse many adults' ire.

She, along with the other butthurt, criticism-fearing idiots out there, has made a DA journal about me and even went Eric Holder to her local press. As if local newspapers have better things to do rather than listen to the ramblings of someone who gets off to such sick fetishes. See here. My response as follows:

You know, it's really, really something when people get this upset over legitimate criticism. For the record, it's not bullying or harassment when it is directed to what you are writing and what you are putting out there for the world to see. The fact that you see me as some sort of monster when you are writing what you are writing shows how f.ucked up some people are, and that some people really have no common sense.

You wrote rape, incest, and paedophilia en masse and didn't have anyone tell you otherwise, and you're getting upset that someone has burst your bubble. Get over it. You have a total of...six people supporting you and on the public stage you've made yourself look like a fool. Don't get angry when someone is telling you the truth you need to hear. The only people supporting you are fellow sick f.ucks that think I need to be more intelligent, but until they prove theirs, these are meaningless comments since that's the best you've got.

You are clearly a mentally ill and broken individual detached from reality and you go whine to police that have to deal with real criminals and real problems with your bullshit. It's clear the only niche you've found is one of backwards, mentally f.ucked up misfits that should be in a mental institution and not on the Internet spewing their crap.

Also, unless you suddenly age backwards, you're not a child. You're an adult. More than half the people I 'harass' aren't even children, though they act like them. Perhaps it is you, not I, that needs to reconsider their views on life.

Update: Ms. Fritzl send me this lovely message:

I know you can see this, I know you are watching. I know, you know, that I don't care. I have no problem with what you do, I have a problem with whom you do it with. You think me a fool for going to the media- very well. The point is not to punish you, for you don't even see your own crimes; the point is to protect an entire generation of young people from your ridiculous hate-spree. You are free to say what you want- you are not free to abuse children.

The attempt at actual conversation that I proposed was shot down by yourself, and your pride has turned the reality of our conversations into a woeful tale of your supposed failed charitable act of guidance. No matter.

Thank you for adding me to your list and for hating me so much. When you are ready to talk with an actual adult, I will be waiting. Until then, I will continue with my "foolish actions", I will continue writing and I will continue living contently with myself despite the "sins" you state I have committed.
Awareness is the friend of our children, siblings and comrades- you are not.

Have a good day, Fox.

Well, all I can say to this is: LMFAO.

Me-ouch. Your letter touches my soul! Such passion and prose that it melts my poor, rotten and black heart! Alas, this wouldn't even make it past my telomeres even if it were sincere.

Where to start? For one, if you, or anyone, thinks honest, legitimate criticism is a hate crime, then you're just one of a score of individuals both online and real-world that need to check their morals and learn that they're fucking idiots. Second, it's not at all a hate-spree if what I say is true, and if you want to dismiss it as racist, sexist and homophobic go right ahead - it still doesn't change the fact that it is the truth. It is only hate if the person on the receiving end says it is.

Thirdly, when have I ever abused children? Half or even seventy-five percent of the people I flame are adults like you. The age range is at least 20-24 to 16-20. Not at all children. That said, I find it immensely hypocritical how you claim to be for the interests of children when you write and normalize paedophilia. If that isn't shooting yourself in the foot, I don't know what is.

Fourthly, you may be an adult in age, but not in personality or maturity. I have been completely honest with you and amazingly civil by my own standards, and still you cannot grasp the fact that you are a disgusting individual who needs urgent help instead of spewing your shit on the Internet. What part of you writing obscene amounts of rape, both adult and child, do you not understand? If you are content with these traits: congratulations, you're a sub-human savage that needs to get the f/uck out of my country and learn a lesson in humility and civil behaviour. Anyone with traits like you that is proud of it needs a bullet to the skull.

Fifthly, your use of big words does not negate the fact that you were 'shocked and appalled' like a soccer mom at the things I had to say despite your claims you've seen everything on the Internet. If I offend you so, I can't imagine what reaction you'd get from actual people in the real world with nasty things to say. I'd expect an 'adult' as mature as yourself to be a tad bit smarter, because as of now, you're just another Friztl.

Lastly, if you honestly think you're crusading and protecting the younger generation from me, you're way beyond the wrong side of the tracks, hon. Because I'll tell you that most people won't give a shit and will forget about it ten minutes later because they have better things to do, and most of all, they won't flock to your side because they'll see what you've written and correctly conclude you're an insane, disgusting woman and go somewhere else.

But hey, you're right! Awareness is key, and the more ostracism you get, the better. Some people just don't like the truth and won't accept it when they see it, despite them asking for honesty. Oh, the wonders of hypocrisy.

This snippet comes from 'Sexually Repressed Blues', which is linked above. It is a reference to copyright:

I noticed a glaring, utterly hilarious flaw in The Fox Familiar’s argument. She claims that any derivation from the original cannon (AUs, making characters gay, etc.) are “illegal” and uses this academic paper (quoted below) as proof. However, here is an excerpt from the article that she cites as “proof”:

(See the paper linked earlier for excerpt.)

In other words, fanfics featuring characters getting all slashy with each other could potentially be seen as “transformative work” because many of the characters in question do not “behave” this way in cannon. Furthermore, the typical romantic structure of a slashfic is usually radically different, plot-wise, from the source material, also adding to its transformative status.


The Fox Familiar used an article stating that fanfics which differ greatly from the source material are more likely to be protected in court in order to “prove” that fanfics differing greatly from the source material are illegal, no questions asked. She then proceeds to make an ass of herself on a public website and throw temper tantrums about fictional characters being portrayed as gay.

My response, as these idiots couldn't tell apart a llama from a camel, and since they are too cowardly to take me on by themselves:

Actually, that is not a glaring flaw at all on my part, though it is a glaring flaw on yours. I doubt you read the article in its entirety, and it clearly states that fan-fiction is a copyright violation and that Free Use is the only thing that protects people from court hearings. Also, 'slash' cannot count as a Transformative Work, as you are still using other people's characters. Worse still, you are effectively taking that character, changing it to your own, and are, in extreme cases, plagiarizing. Note how the paper mentions that, and plagiarism is a big, big violation of the law.

The paper also linked isn't concrete in its thesis, going from 'it's okay to do this' to 'it's not okay to do this'. It clearly states that canon law matters greatly, and that fan-ficcers must respect it, hence why they are here on FFnet or AO3 in the first place. The characters, setting, and general plots are not yours, and as stated before, Free Use is the only reason why you are allowed to use it.

As for the entire homosexual thing, that is a matter of politics, and since these are not your characters, unless they are specially stated as homosexual as per the author's wishes, their sexuality should not be of any concern. If the characters are allowed to be interpreted however they wish, who's to say they can't all be insane, bomb-wielding terrorists, despite what the canon says? If anything goes, anything goes; there are no rules to follow.

Christ, you people are so easily taken apart. I don't even need to try. Canon is canon, people, and while I can tolerate logical, reasonable drifts from canon, in other cases, you will be criticized for not respecting the author's original work. If this was your head-canon or work that I wrote about and you complained that it wasn't canon, and I told you to f*ck off, I can do what I want, what would you say?

You'd say I wasn't respecting you and that you'd want your work honoured. Change the seats of power, and you'd be the one screaming at me for not upholding the dignity of your work.

So: no glaring flaws on my part, but lots on yours. It must be easy to sit on a Special Snowflake corner and act like a badass to other Special Snowflakes. It'd be great if you weren't talking to fellow imbeciles.

All the anon asks sound like they come from the same person. It wouldn't surprise me if they all did.

This next bit comes from catbounty, my Savonarola:

I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility that TFF is a woman. There’s a lot of women out there with internalized misogyny out there, TFF seems to pride herself on being “rational” and not one of those silly sluts.

Just something to keep in mind.

Internalized misogyny = being against feminism and recognizing it as evil and intellectually bankrupt. Plus, I am quite rational and have been complimented as such for a while. A rational person, such as myself, does not bother with trivial matters from untermeschen.

You're losing your touch - asked for comments and criticism on her work, didn't like it when I gave them. Bad writer and bad artist. Messages:

A response to your review at

Usually I find you hilarious, but today I think you just overdid it. I got bored reading all of that really fast. Broken record, much?
Not even sexist or homophobic enough to post on Tumblr for laughs. Nice try though.

There goes that passive-aggressive behaviour. If you didn't want criticism on your works - don't post them. It isn't my fault that they're bad.

"I just got bored reading it" - Typical. What this usually translates to is, "You're too mean for me." It also shows that you can't take criticism and that you don't actually like people giving you reviews.

"Not even sexist or homophobic enough to post on tumblr" - Awww. That's too bad. What's funny though is that I pointed out your hypocrisy, and you don't even want to admit that. You don't even want to admit your mistakes. I don't think you find me hilarious. That's the word people use to dismiss me, but it's a clear indication of that passive-aggressive feminist POV, which you abide to a T.

Did you really get bored reading what I had to say, or did you just shut your ears because someone actually abode by your rules?

After all, it was you that said: 'Comments and criticisms greatly appreciated.' It's what I gave you. If you don't like that, don't post on a public forum.

Might as well go back and let other people do the thinking for you, considering the level of intelligence you've shown me ;)

Message # 2

Still not especially funny. I think you're losing your touch.
Try some new material next time.

The 'I find you hilarious' card is a typical card used by people of her calibre. They're not really laughing; in actuality they're offended that someone came along and popped their bubble. This one has a habit of associating herself with those more popular than her, and using their talent to boost her non-existent one.

No More Hardbodies - blocked before I could respond, has a thing for the carpet.

Subject: Review Reply

A response to your review at

For something that sucks, and for someone you apparently dislike because of my writing, you certainly took the time to waste to explain everything you hated. Kind of sad if you ask me. Dont much care if you like my writing or not, interesting considering you are reading chapter 7 of a story. Meaning you decided to wait until then to spew hate on it.

Not my problem if you like it or hate it. This is indeed a flame and not constructive criticism, youre just hating, just to hate and that makes you more pathetic than you claim me to be. I have my tastes and likes and dislikes and you have yours and it makes you pretty shitty person to tell others that their likes suck. And the fact you go through my profile just to mind more reasons to hate on me is pretty interesting thing to do, a childish and pathetic thing to do. Your homophobia is pretty ridiculous, being afraid of gay people is probably the most gayest thing to do.

Cant imagine you having any friends with that charming attitude of yours. Try to come up with better insults too, seem plenty of those before, and by the way. YOu message me again and start more pointless drama, ...

Ah, no proper table manners? I am heartbroken. I haven't had a guest in quite a time.

Mm, are we ungrateful for receiving the thing you asked for? Petulance, child, I suggest looking it up, as it fits you. It seems you are ungrateful in my presence; what flames I give have all the heart, passion, and undying distaste for the flamed, but I do offer some concrit because a flame is not complete without it. You got the best of both worlds, but alas, it didn't seem to resonate in that empty heart.

I am entitled to say that your likes suck; everyone does, and since I am on an entirely different plane as you, I can deduce that your intellectual prowess abates to little more than video games and comics. Not that that is bad in itself, but since you offered nothing in return it is fair to conclude that your intelligence is that of a second-grader. Try to open up your thoughts, mmm?

Au contraire, and I have said this before: I am not afraid of homosexuals. I simply disapprove of what they do and what they demand from society. I do not quiver in fear. But it seems that you are fond of mimicry, and since you cannot offer much in the way of tact, it's safe to conclude that what you get off to at the end of the day are women you cannot have eating the carpet.

You /did/ get that reference, didn't you?

Tsk tsk. These people do not change over time. Less tactful, more emotional. All the better to tear apart.

I am not entertained - writes more words than those who suffered in WWII. Hate to use that comparison, but you'll suffer enough when you read her works. As per usual, a block followed. These are her messages.

Message One:

Subject: re: Your review to The Diego Diaries: Part Five

A response to your review at

Thanks. All views are welcome here.

Message Two:

I have reread your review and I am entertained. You don't know me or what I do for this but you do write fun feedback. Thanks.

That good ole' passive aggressiveness. Hasn't gone away even after all these years.

As promised, here are the dead links that take you off-site. Many of them are from the WayBack Machine.


Library of Rape: /users/Bibliotecaria _ D/pseuds/Bibliotecaria _ D *BottomBoyPuddle: /users/dracoqueen22/pseuds/dracoqueen22/works

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*Self-Describing: /users/statisticsfag/pseuds/statisticsfag *Don't Assume: /users/Raelien/pseuds/Raelien/bookmarks

Le Hypocrite: h t t p s : / / web . archive . org / web /20141018142651/ h t t p : / / archiveofourown . org : 80/ users/CaliforniaStop/pseuds/CaliforniaStop - I don't know if she's changed, so I won't be too harsh.

Tumblr (many of these are done by the WayBack Machine):

First thing: h t t p s : / / web . archive . org / web / 20110825004734 / h t t p : / / bob - chan . tumblr . com : 80 /

Parody site: h t t p s : / / web . archive . org / web / 20150827063323 / h t t p : / / thefoxfamiliar . tumblr . com : 80 /

Bad writing advice: h t t p s : / / web . archive . org / web / 20140718223855 / h t t p : / / butcherofblavikenrps . tumblr . com /

h t t p : / / destinae . tumblr . com / post / 38353220756 / writing-gay-characters

Rape fans: h t t p : / / decepticonsensual . tumblr . com / post / 103046045733 / stray-thoughts-automatic-to-the-story

Mega-rape fan: h t t p s : / / web . archive . org / web / 20150207081629 / h t t p : / / fierceawakening . tumblr . com : 80 /

Catbountryh t t p s : / / web . archive . org / web / 20121004230253 / h t t p : / / catbountry . tumblr . com / - You can witness the whole drama from the past.

Excuse Me Mister: h t t p s : / / web . archive . org / web / 20161107123232 / h t t p : / / ltleflrt . tumblr . com /

Get in the Chambers: h t t p s : / / web - beta . archive . org /web/20140703174859 / http : / / somethinginthenothing . tumblr . com /

Don't Assume: h t t p s : / / web . archive . org/web/20150329015338 / h t t p : / / raelling . tumblr . com :80/

Losing Your Touch: this one is archived and her page is still on the web. She uses the moniker 'LizWuzThere'.

AC: h t t p s : / / web . archive . org/web/20151003093056/ h t t p : / / ask-insatiable . tumblr . com / - Another gender bender, used to be a 'she' before claiming she was a 'he'. Terrible voice acting.

Other Websites:

WTFfanfiction: h t t p s : / /web . archive . org / web / 20161102055908 / h t t p : / / wtffanfiction . com / page / 2

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Here's a showcase of some nutcases I've wrangled recently and in the past. They're linked above near the top of my profile, but I'll give a rundown here. I'll update it when I find more authors.

Acteon Carolsfeld - claims to be a feminist yet writes nothing but rape, includes no female characters and has an entire blog on her ridiculous headcanon. She pretends to be a he on her Facebook, has 'voice acting' that will rape your ears, and has drawings that make all male characters, human or otherwise, look like women. Overall, untalented, bratty, and delusional as hell. Only gave one-sentence replies to my flames.

femme4jack - I reviewed one of her stories that can't even be called a flame. She immediately blocked me. She is all over the Internet, uses the same moniker, and writes anything from obscene rape, to bestiality. She is married and has two children. Claims to be political and historical but probably can't tell me who wrote 'The Little Red Book'. Just one of those mothers that can't find pleasure in life.

Deathcomes4u - one of those tumblr brainchilds that thinks they're bisexual. Hates white people despite being white herself, is in her mid-twenties and managed to flunk jewellery class. Took an animation course and yet it all looks like shit. Popular like the previous two, she believes she's smarter than everyone else and has that 'Kids these days' attitude. Responded with 'aight' and 'nah' to my flames, which tore apart her utopia where everyone of every deranged sexual fantasy can live in harmony. Never opened a book on anthropology or historical warfare in her life. Untalented, ill and a lackwit, she's compensating with her sex scenes a sex life and love she never had, and never will achieve. Most likely to be barren.

LadyDragon76 - if you ever needed an excuse as to how modern education has failed, look no further. An ardent feminist that reblogs Gail Dines and begs apologies for any hint of sexism, she goes on to write obscene rape stories involving male characters. Got high marks on some social education or other, but is otherwise completely clueless. Likes to stuff the Cheetos, though. With almost 500 stories under her belt, and millions of words, she is the definition of one that has nothing important to say, and so must speak more to remain the focus of attention. Artwork for her varies on the awful to downright tracing. A complete SJW, she has no rationality whatsoever.

Not-Poignant* - An Aussie who admits she has severe mental defects, and whose boyfriend (if he is still with her) reads real books. She writes 'erotic' fantasy stories involving horribly named and horribly researched themes, but the real problem here is that she is a rape supporter. She claims her work focuses on good character development, but this is a ploy to distract the readers from the fact that she writes male rape and makes it a beautiful thing. No one would get away writing the same with if the victim was a woman. She lives on disability, yet demands more than 500 dollars (US) for each chapter just to 'survive'. Says she is an award-winning author, editor, and script-writer with a university degree. Yet her work, once you read it, is bland and would not survive without its 'erotic' themes. So self-centered as to use her own works to create crossovers with other fandoms, and has fanart that varies from Shit All Same to moderately blinding.

She is an LGBT author with all the grace of Marion Zimmer Bradley. If you haven't followed Bradley's story, look no further - she molested her own daughter. The asterisk is there because this one is a real piece of human filth, as she asks for money from gullible people when all she does is write gay rape. Whoever gave her the degree or an award should be ashamed, but there will be no recompense. Her is under the same name. Don't ever give a dollar to a rapist, people.

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Mass Effect: Human Revolution by IgnusDei reviews
Adam Jensen finds himself in a time only dreamed of in vids, humanity is now part of a great galactic community that fears synthetics, and he struggles to find his place within it. Note: Primarily a DX/ME crossover, with elements borrowed and integrated from other Square Enix franchises.
Crossover - Deus Ex & Mass Effect - Rated: M - English - Sci-Fi/Supernatural - Chapters: 82 - Words: 822,355 - Reviews: 2264 - Favs: 2,241 - Follows: 2,318 - Updated: 3/10 - Published: 3/12/2012
They Who Fight Monsters by Herr Wozzeck reviews
Jodie's life takes a turn for the surreal when she finds herself warped a couple of centuries into the future. As she uncovers a galaxy-wide conspiracy, she finds that she has to stare into the abyss, and to do what she can to stop it. Various pairings, deconstruction of "Parallel Realities".
Crossover - Mass Effect & Beyond: Two Souls - Rated: M - English - Friendship/Adventure - Chapters: 59 - Words: 580,325 - Reviews: 343 - Favs: 179 - Follows: 210 - Updated: 2/20 - Published: 3/1/2014 - Tali'Zorah, Shepard (M), Jodie H., Aiden
Life, Death or a Choice by Through the Mirror Darkly reviews
Life or Death. That's usually what it all comes down to. But not for me. I got some thing else. I got a choice and now I have to change a shattered future or dying trying. (Editing and Updating Old Chapters. New Chapter is UP! Enjoy!)
Assassin's Creed - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Suspense - Chapters: 38 - Words: 312,589 - Reviews: 167 - Favs: 237 - Follows: 265 - Updated: 1/26 - Published: 6/10/2012 - [Ezio A., OC] Leonardo da Vinci
Not In This For Your Cause by The d20 Master reviews
After a teleporter experiment gone wrong sends the RED team a hundred years into the future, they find a changed world. Unfortunately, a terrible misunderstanding on first contact results in the RED team at war with the peacekeeping (and technically criminal) organization Overwatch. Can the two overcome their differences to save the world from the sinister group known as Talon?
Crossover - Team Fortress 2 & Overwatch - Rated: M - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 14 - Words: 71,514 - Reviews: 87 - Favs: 66 - Follows: 94 - Updated: 10/7/2017 - Published: 9/30/2016 - Scout, Lena O./Tracer, OC
On The Edge Of A Golden World by ReganX reviews
Sometimes a small change can have a huge impact. What would have happened if Anne Boleyn had not miscarried her child in Episode 2.08? AU.
Tudors - Rated: T - English - Drama - Chapters: 42 - Words: 400,462 - Reviews: 1288 - Favs: 1,005 - Follows: 852 - Updated: 10/1/2017 - Published: 7/5/2008 - Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII
Prelude by Rushwriter reviews
Budapest 1899. While bartering with Lucian, Tanis comes out on the wrong end of a ruthless deal. Desperate, he barters away the only thing he has left. A love story b/w Lucian & an unknown woman… NEW (Jul 26): Chapter 61: Ashes and Lye. Feel free to R&R
Underworld - Rated: T - English - Romance/Horror - Chapters: 61 - Words: 312,553 - Reviews: 429 - Favs: 214 - Follows: 197 - Updated: 7/26/2017 - Published: 2/26/2008 - Lucian
Bad Blood by WiseWhiteOwl reviews
Seliah is the daughter of a pirate with close ties to the Aztecs. Salty Bones was once the terror of the sea with a hidden past. As father and daughter fight their way through the revolutionary war, Salty must confront his past and Seliah must survive under the guidance of the Assassins. When the world of an old pirate and assassins collide, who will come out alive?
Assassin's Creed - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 49 - Words: 171,240 - Reviews: 56 - Favs: 48 - Follows: 47 - Updated: 6/6/2017 - Published: 11/26/2012 - [Connor K., OC] Apprentice, Haytham K.
TFA Kaleidoscope by Emotwo reviews
AU: A retake on TFA with some characters and plotlines shuffled around. Some things are different. Some things are the same. It all starts as a repair-crew consisting of 'six' Autobots stumble across the legendary AllSpark and... something else.
Transformers/Beast Wars - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 23 - Words: 194,481 - Reviews: 266 - Favs: 220 - Follows: 192 - Updated: 4/25/2017 - Published: 8/22/2010 - Ratchet, Wheeljack, Arcee
A Technocrat at Wit's End by drummerguy32 reviews
No matter how deeply you suppress it, no matter how well you atone for it, no matter how you try to rationalize it - your past will never go away. Set after MGSV: TPP. Rated T for language and heavy topics (i.e. depression, suicide)
Metal Gear - Rated: T - English - Angst/Tragedy - Chapters: 6 - Words: 17,762 - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 4/16/2017 - Published: 7/30/2016 - Otacon/Hal E., Ocelot, Emma E., Huey E.
The Canals are Burning (Version 1) by Cuofeng reviews
Race, class, politics, and belief. Two decades after the end of the Hundred Year War the city of Ba Sing Se is changing. At the river harbor foreign ships unload their cargo, in the inner rings professors and ministers debate the fate of the nation, and in the shadowed alleys new magic emerges. Ayika is a poor servant but she will be at the heart of a crisis in this new world.
Legend of Korra - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 67 - Words: 289,872 - Reviews: 66 - Favs: 41 - Follows: 31 - Updated: 2/14/2017 - Published: 6/23/2015 - Complete
Favors by MDGeistMD02 reviews
A decorated Naval Officer, a bookish scribe, an ostracized ex-Overseer, a streetwise Morlish girl, a brutal thug, a mysterious Tyvian sharpshooter, a brilliant female doctor; they are the Undertakers, aiding the desperate when others cannot. For their services they ask one thing: a single Favor. (OC-story: possible pairings. Rated M for violence, some gore, slight adult situations)
Dishonored - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Mystery - Chapters: 11 - Words: 68,166 - Reviews: 43 - Favs: 22 - Follows: 23 - Updated: 1/15/2017 - Published: 2/1/2015 - OC
Sansa Washed Ashore by swimmingfox reviews
Sansa is washed ashore on a strange land, where people wear furs, fight fiercely and speak in a strange tongue. WHERE IS SHE? Frickin' Kattegat, home of Ragnar Lothbrook, that's where. Expect much Westeros/Scandinavia confusion. Game of Thrones meets Vikings. May be a bit niche. Extremely Sansa & Vikings-heavy. SanSan fans - go watch Vikings and come back! I promise funtimes.
Crossover - Game of Thrones & Vikings - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 43 - Words: 113,687 - Reviews: 187 - Favs: 191 - Follows: 197 - Updated: 12/17/2016 - Published: 5/28/2015 - Sansa S., Ragnar, Rollo, Athelstan
We Are Children of Summer by SolarisSun reviews
After the events of Snake Eater, Big Boss takes a retirement of sorts to process the death of his teacher and what it means to be a soldier. He takes to the city of Kandahar, acting as a hunting and field survival instructor - which is dismal at best. However, things begin to change when a quirky botanist begins taking his classes.
Metal Gear - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 35 - Words: 84,157 - Reviews: 122 - Favs: 33 - Follows: 55 - Updated: 12/2/2016 - Published: 12/25/2015 - [B. Boss, OC]
Heir of the Bloodied Fortune by AquilaTaleMaster reviews
Years after the murder of Empress Jessamine and the tyranny of the Lord Regent, Julia Boyle had been raised by her aunts to be the heir fit for the Boyle family fortune, but she is plagued by the murder of her mother all those years ago. Survival is her main goal, and yet life seems to make it difficult for the struggling heir. (Rewrite of A Boyle's Daughter).
Dishonored - Rated: M - English - Romance/Tragedy - Chapters: 2 - Words: 9,265 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 11/5/2016 - Published: 11/3/2016 - OC, Lady Boyle, Whalers
Crossroads by gyikhu reviews
What if Lara is only one step away from getting what she always wanted but the competition is faster this time? Can she get back what's hers? – to all the action fans out there. Enjoy reading!
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Winter Song by BlueBird Blues reviews
After months of successfully eluding detection, the Winter Soldier returns to Brooklyn, NY searching for answers pertaining to his true identity. While much has changed in the city, old memories are stirred when he stumbles across a bakery that has been standing since 1925. There he meets one of the owners, Emily Cole. Bucky/OC. Post CA:TWS - Pre CA:CW.
Captain America - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 7 - Words: 33,507 - Reviews: 127 - Favs: 222 - Follows: 420 - Updated: 9/11/2016 - Published: 4/12/2014 - Bucky B./Winter Soldier, OC
Dance with the Devil by Nitrobot reviews
Before the war, Elita One was a member of Cybertron's prestigious Art caste. Her first assignment takes her to Kaon's infamous gladiator pits, where a faceless mech stole her spark. [Promise prequel]
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From There and Back by Darandus548 reviews
Near death experiences change people. Some change for the better, others for the worse. Some come back with extra baggage. Still others return with even less than when they started. Rated for: Strong Language and possible mature themes. Possible pairings to come..
Metal Gear - Rated: M - English - Drama/Friendship - Chapters: 5 - Words: 11,566 - Reviews: 22 - Favs: 42 - Follows: 58 - Updated: 8/5/2016 - Published: 9/19/2015 - Venom S., Quiet
Vindicated by LenoreKingsley reviews
The recall was sent and Angela Ziegler was on her way to rally up with her allies at Watchpoint: Gibraltar. On her journey to the old facility, tragedy strikes, causing her to veer off course with unexpected company. After hesitantly accepting his assistance, can Mercy truly rely on the man behind the mask, or is the mask all that remains of the man she once knew?
Overwatch - Rated: M - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 14 - Words: 41,337 - Reviews: 142 - Favs: 245 - Follows: 338 - Updated: 7/26/2016 - Published: 7/5/2016 - [Angela Z./Mercy, G. Reyes/Reaper]
The Transmigration Effect by Twisted Platypus reviews
After I died, I was born again. Is this for a purpose, or an accident? I don't know. But in this new galaxy, I need to survive to find out. Self-Insert of Mass Effect 1. Increasingly AU. Part Three: The Resurrection Effect now up!
Mass Effect - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 33 - Words: 216,671 - Reviews: 607 - Favs: 677 - Follows: 578 - Updated: 7/22/2016 - Published: 4/6/2013 - Shepard (F), Garrus V., Liara T'Soni - Complete
Drone 2: Drone Harder by LeaderPinhead reviews
Jeffrey is a Vehicon. A neon green, Spanish soap opera loving, gaming troll, and squirrel hunter (i.e. kitty) collector Vehicon. Apparently neither the Autobots nor the Decepticons ever got that memo. What's a Vehicon to do when he's roped back into a war he never wanted to fight? [Sequel to Drone and A Drone Named Jeffrey] [eventual ArceexOC]
Transformers/Beast Wars - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 8 - Words: 50,295 - Reviews: 216 - Favs: 190 - Follows: 220 - Updated: 6/27/2016 - Published: 7/6/2015 - Arcee, Jack D., Vehicons, OC
Of Snakes and Butterflies by Ace7321 reviews
He thought she had left for good, to never see her again and she would be in a place so far, far away. She never had left, she's bidding for her time until they meet again and she was in a place closer than he'd ever imagine. This is a Venom Snake/Quiet fic. Warning: Rating may change without prior notice.
Metal Gear - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 23,380 - Reviews: 178 - Favs: 273 - Follows: 395 - Updated: 3/23/2016 - Published: 9/14/2015 - [Quiet, Venom S.]
Epic: The Third Survivor by Indigo Siren reviews
As her hometown of Raccoon City falls into chaos, young Sherry Birkin can only follow her mother's advice and take shelter at the Police Station. But that's only the beginning of her nightmare... -Sherry's exploits during Resident Evil 2-
Resident Evil - Rated: M - English - Horror/Friendship - Chapters: 18 - Words: 61,864 - Reviews: 98 - Favs: 62 - Follows: 44 - Updated: 1/20/2016 - Published: 2/24/2009 - Sherry B., Claire R., Ada W., Leon S. K. - Complete
Falling to Pieces by Saphia reviews
Everyone suffered during the plague, but the aristocracy of Dunwall remained untouched. They all schemed against one another, and general discord reined among the elite. Their downfall was inevitable. [Image (c) Eran Fowler]
Dishonored - Rated: T - English - Drama/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 2 - Words: 5,309 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 1/4/2016 - Published: 7/19/2013 - the Outsider, Treavor P., OC, T. Campbell
Resident Evil: Prototype by Toxin Blackheart reviews
My interpretation of the Resident Evil 2 idea that never came to pass, collectively known as "Resident Evil 1.5." The story follows Officer Roy Jones and student Elza Walker as they try to survive that infamous night in Raccoon City.
Resident Evil - Rated: M - English - Horror/Adventure - Chapters: 18 - Words: 24,131 - Reviews: 69 - Favs: 20 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 12/22/2015 - Published: 9/21/2009 - Elza W.
And the Sky Fell Over Me by m r s . w r i t i n g reviews
[HIATUS - UNDER REVISION] [Johnny V x OC x Derby H] A series of interactions between a new Bullworth student, long time acquaintance Derby H, and a love-struck Johnny Vincent.
Bully - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 17 - Words: 83,146 - Reviews: 66 - Favs: 46 - Follows: 46 - Updated: 12/15/2015 - Published: 1/6/2012 - Derby H., Johnny V., Lefty M., OC
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Kazhal is lured by the smell of incense, a hint of curiosity, and a one-armed hermit into the constant chaos surrounding the Levantine Order in 1191, AD. Canon, and then some. Malik/OC. -Was complete, adding additional chapters upon request!-
Assassin's Creed - Rated: M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 19 - Words: 55,199 - Reviews: 75 - Favs: 96 - Follows: 98 - Updated: 11/14/2015 - Published: 3/23/2013 - [Malik, OC] [Altaïr, Maria T.]
Duty and Deceit by Subterraneangem reviews
A 'Con agent is given an assignment she never wanted; infiltrating Autobot ranks. Duty demands she obey. But her mission goes wrong when Terabyte finds herself doubting her loyalty to the 'Cons. Trust is gained and lost by many. The near loss of her closest friend only compounds her conflict. Will she ever be able to decide? And if she does... Whose side will she choose? Prime/AU
Transformers/Beast Wars - Rated: T - English - Suspense/Angst - Chapters: 50 - Words: 257,614 - Reviews: 210 - Favs: 90 - Follows: 76 - Updated: 10/8/2015 - Published: 4/9/2014 - [Skyquake, OC] Cliffjumper - Complete
The Suit of Swords by Sera dy Relandrant reviews
Theon Greyjoy calls himself the heir to Pyke, a boy from the greenlands. Katniss Everdeen is a thrall's daughter, surly and serving under his sister's command. What do they have in common? Black hair, grey eyes - and a way with a bow.
Crossover - Hunger Games & A song of Ice and Fire - Rated: K+ - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 5,579 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 11 - Updated: 6/3/2015 - Published: 3/10/2015 - Katniss E., Gale H., Theon G., Asha G.
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Hesitant steps. Familiar. Object enters left field of vision. Human. Female. Scarred face plates. Black head strings. Blue optics. Stares. Stare back.
Crossover - Transformers/Beast Wars & Mass Effect - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Suspense - Chapters: 6 - Words: 9,355 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 76 - Follows: 108 - Updated: 2/27/2015 - Published: 9/30/2013 - Shepard (F)
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A tentative first attempt:The Court of Jerusalem, raddled with intrigue and tainted with secrets, as seen through the eyes of a reluctant pilgrim.Possibly AU as it develops.
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A twist on the story of the "friends since childhood", from the very beginning, to the very end. They made their marks in the past, but dealing with an unexpected future isn't as simple. Winnie Johnson and the two men out of time struggle with heroes, heartbreak, and memories. T - for themes, violence, and language. Bucky/OC
Captain America - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 14 - Words: 114,153 - Reviews: 51 - Favs: 184 - Follows: 76 - Updated: 2/6/2015 - Published: 1/24/2015 - Steve R./Capt. America, Bucky B./Winter Soldier, OC - Complete
Alone with Death by Lemur reviews
A Winter Soldier mission, circa 2000, from the point of view of the target: ...Harper jumped to hear the discharged weapons in the distance, through the empty echo of the building. 'One man,' she thought desperately, 'it's only one man,' but watched as the black-clothed figured moved, gleam of silver, and it was the guards who fell.
Captain America - Rated: T - English - Drama/Suspense - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,507 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 4 - Published: 2/1/2015 - Bucky B./Winter Soldier, OC
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She didn't have need for an assassin, but she couldn't very well reject the gift without angering the Serkonos regency. They were a traditional people with a traditional mind. She'd have to work around it. (A take on how Corvo Attano came to be the Royal Protector and the object of Jessamine's heart.) CorvoXJessamine mute!Corvo
Dishonored - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 25 - Words: 112,417 - Reviews: 486 - Favs: 922 - Follows: 949 - Updated: 12/6/2014 - Published: 1/12/2013 - Corvo A., Jessamine K., A. Sokolov, H. Burrows
Shiver by The Great Wicked reviews
Staring into the cold, steely eyes of death, and feeling its sickeningly warm breath on her face, it was hard not to be afraid. Somehow Chenoa managed to keep her composure and remain stoic and still although inside she was screaming. It had been a Hellish two days and it was certain that she hadn't seen the worst of it yet. Connor K/OFC
Assassin's Creed - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 34 - Words: 75,663 - Reviews: 100 - Favs: 84 - Follows: 96 - Updated: 9/24/2014 - Published: 12/23/2012 - Connor K.
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2183 - Before Mass Effect, before the Battle of the Citadel, Gabby and Ken were part of an exchange program with the Turian Fleet. Join our intrepid engineers and a full cast of OC turians, asari, salarians, and a krogan, as they face adventure, romance, lethal enemies, and boogying aliens. Content warning: includes violence, swearing, nudity and moderate sex. Complete.
Mass Effect - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 42 - Words: 211,160 - Reviews: 189 - Favs: 209 - Follows: 190 - Updated: 9/24/2014 - Published: 10/11/2012 - [Ken D., OC] Gabby D. - Complete
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Months after the fall of Hydra, the Winter Soldier is adrift and desperate for answers. In New York, he takes a young woman hostage in hopes of using her connections to Stark Industries to regain his memory. Much to his surprise, she becomes an ally in his search for the truth of his past.
Captain America - Rated: M - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 11,015 - Reviews: 40 - Favs: 75 - Follows: 177 - Updated: 5/11/2014 - Published: 4/14/2014 - Bucky B./Winter Soldier, OC
Causation by Mythal Rising reviews
Clara's idea of normalcy changes unexpectedly when an experiment gone wrong projects her into a fictional world – one she knows all too well. But how will she survive five years until Shepard arrives? And what is Cerberus planning in the interim? "Self-Insert" AU, leads up to Shakarian romance in ME2. T for violence, language, and sexuality. Rating may go up.
Mass Effect - Rated: T - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 12 - Words: 58,204 - Reviews: 49 - Favs: 96 - Follows: 149 - Updated: 5/6/2014 - Published: 10/10/2013 - Shepard (F), Nihlus K., OC
A Boyle's Daughter by AquilaTaleMaster reviews
The plague is gone. The city of Dunwall has entered a golden time in its dark history, the Empress is titled 'Emily the Wise', and her Lord Protector remains by her side like he was with Jessamine. It is a marvellous time to be alive. So why does Julia Bo
Dishonored - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Family - Chapters: 15 - Words: 26,574 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 17 - Follows: 17 - Updated: 4/12/2014 - Published: 1/7/2014 - Zhang Fei - Complete
A Whistle on the Wind by Onion'n'Pitta reviews
Transported back over 1,500 years into the past, how can a modern girl learn how she came to be there and how to get back home, or will she eventually find that home there? ... But not before she possibly changes the course of history and the mythical story behind the great King Arthur and his Sarmatian Knights...Tristan/OC AU-All knights alive
King Arthur - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 14 - Words: 53,118 - Reviews: 118 - Favs: 130 - Follows: 213 - Updated: 4/11/2014 - Published: 3/9/2011 - Tristan
Dishonored Effect by Darridus reviews
Corvo Attano, newly reinstated Royal Protector of the Empire, finds himself lost in an unfamiliar world when the Outsider decides to take interest in the world beyond the Isles, and further still.
Crossover - Mass Effect & Dishonored - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 9 - Words: 40,722 - Reviews: 277 - Favs: 599 - Follows: 724 - Updated: 3/19/2014 - Published: 12/6/2012
Drone by LeaderPinhead reviews
A Vehicon is left to die after a routine battle between the Decepticons and Autobots. Imagine his surprise when he onlines in a human repair shop to find a deranged human banging on his hood. [Drabble fic set in Prime!verse and takes place prior to "Out of His Head"; OC-centric]
Transformers/Beast Wars - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Friendship - Chapters: 28 - Words: 6,454 - Reviews: 265 - Favs: 229 - Follows: 126 - Updated: 2/28/2014 - Published: 2/1/2014 - Vehicons, OC - Complete
B'ezrat HaShem by cheerios789 reviews
Charlotte Elizabeth Nacht was a loud and obnoxious woman. She was also a student, a friend, and a cripple. She loved her life though; spend all night playing video games, go to school, go to work, then get home and start the cycle all over again. Charlie's life was about to get a little more complicated and weird, and not even give her the common courtesy of asking first.
Mass Effect - Rated: M - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 40 - Words: 183,626 - Reviews: 81 - Favs: 90 - Follows: 115 - Updated: 2/23/2014 - Published: 8/21/2013 - Admiral Hackett, Garrus V., Executor Pallin, Kaidan A.
Chronicles: Wrath of the Galaxy by Sidereal Space Seed reviews
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Mass Effect - Rated: T - English - Mystery/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 6 - Words: 3,842 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 2/21/2014 - Published: 1/14/2014 - Harbinger, Sovereign, OC
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