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Author has written 7 stories for Dragon Ball Z, Elder Scroll series, and Power Rangers.

Personal info:

Name - Stephan

Age - 21

Sex - Male

Other stuff:

I like to write, not so sure I'm that good at it but I try. Im mostly interested in writing and reading AU stories.

Favorite Food - Tacos, hands down

Favorite thing to say - Coolio Doolios

Favorite Anime/Manga - Gantz (DBZ being a very close 2nd)

Favorite Video Game - Well thats a toughie, probably Star Ocean 3, Fallout 3 and New Vegas are up there

Favorite Color - Orange

So I update my story Piccolo's Choice every so often (unless I'm on one of my many hiatus), which is the only story that I currently pay any attention to. None of the others ones really give me the drive to write, but I've been having a lot of fun with Piccolo's Choice and I don't plan on ending it any time soon!

All of the fan fictions that I'm currently involved in other than my own:

Savior of Demons: Role - Continuity Wizard/Editor

The Majin Legacy: Role - Former Editor/Consultant

Gohan: The Fallen Hero: Role - Occasional Editor

Piccolo's Choice:

My second attempt at making fan fiction after the abomination that I spewed out in the summer of 2010. This one is an alternate universe story where Piccolo never really changed from his old ways, and stays on a path of evil. The timeline is generally the same, he still trains Gohan, but with a twist, and when the Saiyans arrive on Earth, things change dramatically.

Mighty Morphin' Orange Ranger:

My nostalgia finally got the better of me and I began writing this, and I was enjoying writing it before I stopped. It's too bad that I stopped writing it though, because now its waaay on the back burner. Don't know if I'll continue this one or not.


Two DBZ stories that I made simply for the hell of it. Not that awesome really. Also, there is my Oblivion story that I really liked, but I don't think I could do it justice if I continued, so I'm sorry if you happen to be one of the 20 people who read it and wanted me to continue :(

Future Plans:

Well I have a few idea's I've been kicking around in my mind, one Pokemon story about a team rocket member, another story that will chronicle some of the stories that are found throughout the wasteland in Fallout: New Vegas, and also perhaps some sort of Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts story.

So that's about it for me, if you wish, feel free to PM me about anything, questions, ideas, whatever, I'll definitely respond.

Other Fantastic Fics From Friends:

Savior of Demons

By: Ryu no Ohi (A.K.A. Roketto)

"The overall theme of SoD is, 'becoming more than what fate shaped you to be'. Frieza's fate takes a different path as he tries to come to terms with being spared by his hated enemy."

A first time fic of Ryu no Ohi's, but she delivers in this fantastic AU story focused on Frieza after he comes back to Earth to take revenge on Goku. I'm the main editor on this story, so be sure to give it a read!

The Majin Legacy

By: Ledgic

"DBZ Alternate Universe: What happens when Goku sacrifices himself to defeat Kid Buu, and Vegeta is left to train Uub 10 years later? Starts during the battle with Kid Buu."

Gohan: The Fallen Hero

By: Gohandominates

"Gohan, a great hero in DBZ becomes the ultimate villain. How will the Z fighters respond to this new threat? Can they possibly defeat their friend or will they fall at the hands of their former comrade?"

Also a great story by one of my DBM friends Gohandominates.

Dragon Ball A-Z

By: Arcane Hurricane (A.K.A. Arcane Super Saiyan)

"Dragon Ball A-Z is Dragon Ball "After Z". This is my version of what happens after the last chapter of the Dragon Ball manga and the last episode of Dragon Ball Z."

Replacing Dragon Ball GT's plot hole ridden nonsense, Arcane does an excellent job of recreating what should have happened after Dragon Ball Z had ended.

Android 1

By: Supersaiyaninfinitygohan

"The life and struggles of Gero's first creations."

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The overall theme of SoD is, "becoming more than what fate shaped you to be". Frieza's fate takes a different path as he tries to come to terms with being spared by his hated enemy.
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Rememberence reviews
One-Shot. Months after the Cell games, Yamcha attempts to return to his pedestrian life. However, sometimes you have to acknowledge the past before you can move on.
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Piccolo's Choice reviews
Death and destruction is promised in this grim retelling of Dragon Ball Z. King Piccolo's vile soul has corrupted his son, and with singular purpose Piccolo grows more and more bitter after each passing day. How will things change with evil gripping Piccolo's heart?
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