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Due to a number of issues, this FFN account is going to be dismantled and migrated to different archives, primarily AO3 and EFFN, as well as my (public) 'fic journal at Dreamwidth. Many of the stories here are going to be discontinued and / or reworked. The account will remain open for the sake of reviewing works belonging to friends who continue to post here, but that is all. I have saved each and every review, minus the trolls, that I have received in my time at this archive, and I will always treasure them. For those of you who have read my works and might still be present to read this notice, thank you. Your critiques have helped me improve, your praise has helped me keep going, and the fact that you bothered to read at all is encouraging to me in ways that I cannot describe. I wish you many happy returns, and, if you feel the same wanderlust that I now feel, I hope to meet up with you again. (Updated March 6, 2017 – no changes, only doing a quick check-up here.)

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