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Author has written 5 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Naruto, and Twilight.

Hey everybody. Just so you know, I love to write fantasy stories about either animes, books, or real people. I am a boy of 18 years. I love to read a lot of different stories, so if you think I would enjoy a story, let me know :). If you want to know more about me then please just message me.

First Photo Set for Horizon Cast

Second Photo Set for Horizon Cast

Name: Ryan

Age: 18

State: NY

7/18/12: Holy shit, it's been forever guys haha. I hope everyone's having a wonderful live/reading my stories (Since you probably are if you're reading this lol). Just to let people know that I haven't died, yeah, here I am lol. Life's been hectic to say the least, but I'm going to try and go back to my writing roots - Fanfiction. I've been roleplaying on tumblr (My advice, try it but you probably will get addicted). It's why I haven't updated nearly as often as I should. I have a problem lol, but yes, new chapters to come by the time I leave for college. I'm hoping two new ones by then, maybe three if I feel up to it. Stay tuned.

11/12/11: I am working on my stories now, but no promises. From August until now, my life has been one big fuck you after another, from school piling shit on top of me, to my grandfather dying, to fighting with just about everyone, and finally trying to determine where I want to go to school, if i can get in, and if I can afford to go without it completely draining me dry. I am hopefully back for a bit, with at least one chapter update coming soon, but no promises. My life has just been too chaotic to give any promises.

6/26/11: I'm officially working on a new chapter :DDDDDDDDD. please don't kill me for the delay, I literally just finished testing yesterday even though school ended the 14th -.- and...I haven't been in a writing mood lately. I've been to obsessed watching glee for the past few months to focus on anything else, but that's over too, so there's no excuses anymore. If i dont update soon (Other than july 2nd, my aunt is getting married

6/15/11: *play broken record now* I'm sorry i haven't been on much, but now school is over, so i have some free time. *ignites confetti cannons* Pray i get a chapter up for SOMETHING soon, because hopefully, things should start to flow more normally. xoxo, Ryan

5/27/11: I'm sorry i havent been on in a while. My school work has literally killed me, and it's getting worse. If anything get's posted after this weekend before july 1st, it'lll be a miracle. So, dont give up, because i'll be back this summer, hopefully with more than just one chapter for each story.

4/17/11: Well, i'm semi back. I was finally able to update, which made me happy, but I've been sick, so probably no updates for a while. I need to make up a LOT of work. What a spring break -_- lol.

3/23/11: For some reason, i'm not able to update ANY of my stories. I have a chapter read to post, but I cant update any story. Sorry for this inconvenience, and believe me, i'm pissed off about this. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

2/15/11: Hey people :D. Good news, I'm not dead! I've been really busy with family drama and a serious case of writers block that only enhanced a slight depression, but you really didn't need to know that lol. Hopefully chapters should be up soon, and notice how I said chapterS. What stories, not sure yet, but more than one for sure, especially since I have a whole week off from school. YAY! Hope you haven't given up on me, because if you have, prepare to be shocked. :). Toodles for now.

1/11/11: Hello to everyone. I hope you all had a happy and safe holidays and new years. Good-ish news, I got a laptop! Now I can write anywhere i need too . Hopefully this will allow me some easier means of producing chapters. Sorry to everyone, but some stories are still on pause for now. :( Dont hate me please!

11/23/10: Hey everyone, I'm starting to return to my writing! I know I haven't been around as much as I used to be, but hopefully, that will be changing. My new Pic is off of Deviantart, just to give credit where credit is due :). Also, hopefully as a Thanksgiving Day present to all of you, I should be able to update The Stolen Heirs, Nari's Story, AND Temptations by this friday IF all goes well. If not, they should be up by next Friday. Anyways, just trying to keep things updated for you all that read my profile and wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving :D.

10/20/10: For anyone who reads my profile, I apologize for not updating any stories except one, but as I said in "The Stolen Heirs", don't expect anything other than that story to be updated anytime soon :(. They are all on hiatus until further notice except for "The Stolen Heirs". This does NOT mean they will be discontinued, because they won't be, just on a temporary leave. They shall hopefully return by, and don't kill me, the new year, maybe earlier, but no promises. School in my junior year is very complicated and the homework is being piled on. I shall try my hardest to work little by little on them and have them up as a christmas present to you all, so please hope that my inspiration for them returns.

9/9/10: I feel so bad for not updating any of my stories for so long. The whole rest of August I had NO inspiration what-so-ever. Hopefully i will have both chapter 7 or Nari's story and chapter 3 of Temptations up by next saturday at the latest. Please don't give up on me because I'm still alive and finally getting my inspiration back. I'm seeing my inspiration everyday in school and we're spending a lot of time together.

Here is a list of my stories.

Horizon: Percy Jackson Fanfic. Complete

The True Life of Ryan Pavid: Percy Jackson/Real World Fanfic. On pause until the Horizon trilogy is done.

Nari's Story: Naruto Fanfic. On pause indefinitely.

Temptations: Twilight Fanfic. On pause indefinitely.

The Stolen Heirs: Sequel to Horizon; Percy Jackson Fanfic. In progres

Here is a list of Potential stories.

Unnamed story: Third and final story in the Horizon trilogy. Percy Jackson Fanfic

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The True Life of Ryan Pavid reviews
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