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Poll: The end of my first series is drawing near with only.... 3 chapters to go, the sequel to Petals, Thorns and Dirt is coming to an end. Now, who will Rose choose? Kurama or Hiei? Vote Now!
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I DO NOT TAKE KINDLY TO ANNOYING, RUDE, UNINTELLIGENT REVIEWERS!! SO, I have deleted my anonymous reviews due to the rude comments I was receiving on a story that I started posting a few days ago. That story has been removed and will remain so. Sorry for the people who actually read and liked it.

Name: Kitsu Brambles

Age: Lost count a LONG, LONG time ago... kidding, but you'll never get the answer out of me.

Hair: Gold brown

Eyes: Golden-brown (left) and Black-brown (right) SERIOUSLY!!

About me: I LOVE reading/writing fanfictions and watching/reviewing anime and manga! I also like fanimatoin/fanga. If you make any please let me know!

Fav. Anime/Manga:

1. Yu Yu Hakusho

2. Pandora Hearts

3. Bleach

4. Naruto

5. Blood +

6. Vampire Knight

7. Ouran High School Host Club

8. Milenium Snow

Fav. Couples (Top 3 anime only): HieixOC, KuramaxOC, BotanxKoenma, BotanxKurama, YukinaxKurama, BreakxAlice, BreakxShalon, GilxAlice, GilxShalon, VincentxEcho, HitsugayaxOC, IchigoxRukia

Current Stories:

Thorns, Petals and Dirt (YYH: KuramaxOC, DARK) COMPLETE

Flame, Embers and Ash (Sequel to TPD) IN-COMPLETE