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Author has written 2 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Assassin's Creed.

My computer is still crappy with expired security. The only access to the Internet is phone, which doesn't help me try my stories, and occasionally my brother's computer when he's away, which doesn't happen often. Technology is so darn expensive.

Disclaimer for all my stories: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING except for my OCs and other things from my brain. Everything is plain (fan)fiction. I will only include disclaimers in certain chapters if necessary because I am tired of adding them to every chapter.

I'll say some bits about myself. My name's actually Melissa, but you can call me Mel if you want. I just like the sound of my pen name, so you don't have to call me by my pen name unless you want to. My avatar has Winnie the Pooh wearing my glasses. I kind of type/write like the way I talk (mentally, anyway). I do not do script RPs, so please stop sending me PMs to join your forum.

I won't say where I live and I won't say my age, but I am sort of mature even though being a kid is more fun. I like positivity, so if you act like a douche or make me pissed off, I won't like you, especially if you're hating on a fictional character who I might think is awesome and other stuff. In other words: Be nice or go away. But really, I can be a nice person. Just don't give me a reason to strongly dislike you, especially when I'm in a bad mood.

What else can I add?

Well, I like to read, write, I like any music; I'm not judgmental towards books, so I pretty much love almost every book I've read so far, but I don't read spoofs/parodies because I think they can be kind of obnoxious. I love playing video games and reading comic books -- love both DC and Marvel, no contest.

  • Favorite song(s) (for the time being...): "Geronimo" by Sheppard, "Shut up and Dance" and "Work This Body" and... ah F#$& it--Any song by Walk the Moon! XD

  • Words of Wisdom... Or just random quotes that don't always make sense

    “Most gods throw dice, but Fate plays chess, and you don’t find out till too late that he’s been playing with two queens all along.” (Terry Pratchett)

    "Don't put the F in ART."
    "If the table isn't clean, you'll get the bean."
    (my highschool art teacher)

    Recently, I found this post on an Assassin's Creed forum about AC3 while web-surfing. And I liked it. It's almost like an essay that he/she explains their thoughts about Connor and why he's a good character (which he is). I like Connor and his character (F you, whiny haters), and this post pretty much sums up why I think Connor's a great character. :)

    Connor was a Child. a normal Child. He lived his life as he should. Playing, learning and growing. You feel the Innocence which is something that was absent from Ezio, because youre quickly thrown in with the line "Your sister seemed quite satisfied with the handling I gave her earlier". I never expected another Ezio and Im glad that I was not disappointed. Connors Innocence is quickly stolen by the ensuing events. He grows into a humble, powerful Young man that seemingly has no Weaknesses but his Naivete.

    In a way, Connor is still a child. His reactions to some of the actions of others' make any one laugh, but he simply finds it disgusting. His solutions to very complicated matters is Pure. "I'll tell them I'm Innocent" - Connor.

    His Gestures when Talking to people is what drew me to like him. Standing and holding his 2 hands together when talking to Homesteaders, polite, labeling them as his friends and not his townsfolk, BUT THEN he just barges into a certain Characters house, shoving that certain Characters arm away, not once, but thrice, was Hilarious. The contrast was Brilliant. He is somewhat like his father, in a way that those he deemed friends would get the best out of him, but those he deemed Unimportant or viewed them in a somewhat negative light would be shrugged off.

    The thing is that Connor possesses Noble Qualities, but is Not a Noble. Hes just so Humble and respectful that you cannot help, but like him and enjoy his Conversations. He has respect to every man and believes that every man is equal and that every is entitled respect.

    With Connor, I actually tried hard NOT to kill people and Coincidentally, it was revealed that he dislikes excessive or Unnecessary killing. He values rights Immensely that So many moments of anger might seem light to us, but I think he was entitled to every bit rage he showed.

    The only Emotional face I saw with Ezio, was when Cristina Died. With Connor, I saw that so many times. It connected emotionally with me and every time I just saw that face and those sorrowful eyes, I actually feel it.

    In the end, in terms of Connor, you find yourself killing in the same site you played in and it proves for nothing. He is Imperfect, He made mistakes, He has flaws, he does not Joke, he is a jerk to some, but as soft as a teddy bear to others. he rages and sorrows. He made me ask questions, HE asked questions. and THAT is what makes this Character such a genius Creation.

    with Pictures, Face-claims and semi-details
    (pictures may not always be 100% accurate; descriptions may change from time to time)

    My PJO story (still trying to think of an official title)

    Meet my spunky little protagonist! He's not as sarcastic and awesome as Percy, or as smart as Annabeth (no offense, kid). He wants to keep his "true kid-self" or something like that, almost like a chubby little Peter Pan who reads too many comic books and plays video games too long. Troy doesn't like taking sides and making single choices. He tries focusing on the present, and tries seeing the good things within almost everything and being a better person. Don't try to piss him off; think of him as the world's shortest Hulk. This kid doesn't completely keep his temper under control and will punch anyone's face regardless of who they are and what they'd accomplish. Heck, he'll even punch Percy or Ares for some reason. And if you offer Troy cheesecake, pie, or anything with bacon, you're automatically his best friend.

    My lame attempt to sketch his appearance:

  • He's about 13-14 years old, a year younger than Percy; pretty short, between 5'2" and 5'4"
  • his skin tone has light brown or medium tan; he is a Native American descendant
  • thick hair and naturally very spiky and messy like a hedgehog from the 80s or Billy Idol
  • has a physique like Pillsbury Doughboy but not too chubby, a somewhat husky-broad frame (he'll grow out of it after Camp, maybe "builtfat")
  • Has a small faded (white) scar on his bottom lip
    She's... sort of like her mother, a slightly more intense and/or passive-aggressive version of her mother. Do not underestimate Roxanne because of her family background, both godly and non-godly. She despises stereotypes and takes almost every little thing seriously. All she wants to do is prove something.

    (will fix this after first appearance)
    Inspired appearance between Debby Ryan and Maia Mitchell.

  • She is about the same age as Percy or Annabeth, almost a year older than Troy
  • 2-3 inches taller than Troy and has a farmer's tan
  • weapon of choice is a golden Harpe (a type of sword/sickle hybrid. And that's why there's Google.)
  • IAN
    Meet Ian, Troy's satyr friend.
    His personality is similar to Grover from the movie adaptions; I picked Roshon Fegan for Ian's inspired appearance

  • Age 14 in human years (actual age 28 satyr years); few inches taller than Troy, with a lanky figure
  • slight darker tanned complexion than Troy's
  • Black bristle-like, short and curly hair
  • wears thick framed glasses made of wood; often wears cargo shorts when not undercover, no shoes
  • currently has no horns (supposedly a "late bloomer")
  • (Random fact: Before Troy, the first name choice was actually Nick/Nicolas. Thank god I changed it.)


    More will be coming come soon...

    (*asterisk* = published; {curly brackets} = currently researching and/or working on first(?) chapter)

  • Twilight Saga :
    I had this story called Wolf's Bayne...but I deleted it. I don't know if I'm going to write it again or not. There are still a lot of kinks I'm working on, especially about my original character featured in this story and in the main original story I'm trying to work on. I'm actually working on something NOT related to Wolf's Bayne,'s going to take awhile.
  • *Assassin's Creed : set before the events of the series
  • Legend of Korra
  • Saint's Row
  • {Harry Potter
  • Naruto...Actually, I highly doubt I will do this (I love Naruto. I'm just embarrassed to write the story based on it :P)
  • {Grand Theft Auto
  • Percy Jackson & the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus sequel (based on my first story if I'll ever finish it, that is)
  • Crossover of PJO-HoO and Kane Chronicles
  • Crossover of Tomb Raider (2013) and Assassin's Creed (connected with my first AC story)
  • The Sims
  • {Star Wars - movies & games
  • Glee and/or Glee/Greek (ABC Family show) crossover (I had a weird short dream about it)
  • {Avengers movie/MCU
  • {?}DC or Marvel comics
  • Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • Another PJO-HoO that might/might not be connected with first Troy's story with different OCs (and maybe cameos)
  • Hunger Games Trilogy
  • That's pretty much it for now. I got a lot of ideas :)

    NOTE: I do not do parodies/spoofs

    (v)(.• Percy Annabeth

    (.• . •Forever•.••.)«• Lightning Thief •» •.(•. .•).•
    «• Sea of Monsters•» •.(•. .•).•
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    «•Battle of the Labyrinth•» •.(•. .•).•
    «•Last Olympian•»

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    The Wooden Puppet by Gracie-luu reviews
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    Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

    The Other Story of that Other Hero that No One Really Talks About
    Starts with a bad dream, then a brawl with a teacher & ends with a house-fire. Troy should be in juvie but got adopted by a nice family. Most wouldn't complain but he does. Weird stuff happens, like birds stalking him. A god who claims to be his parent but really isn't (huh?). A quest to find a weapon that can potentially destroy the world and doesn't exist. Nothing to worry about.
    Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 3 - Words: 16,544 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 7/3/2014 - Published: 12/17/2013 - Chiron, Kronos, Prometheus, OC
    Assassin's Dynasty reviews
    (On hiatus. Will be rewriting chapters and researching. I'm very sorry)
    Assassin's Creed - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 3 - Words: 13,633 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 6/13/2014 - Published: 4/27/2014 - Ezio A., Sofia S., Marcello A., OC