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Nobody is who i am

Welcome to my page, why your here, i have no clue

but i'm glad you came and soon you will be to.

On this page hopefully you'll find stories worth your time

... hopefully you'll review

, so for the time being

I bid you ado,


~ Nobody :|

Just kidding

man i'm bored.

Then why the fuck are you up a 6 in the morning?

I don't know, i think it's cause of my insomnia. why're you up?

normally because i have school, but i'm staying home today for the hell of it

speaking of which, why don't i ever see you go any where?

because i'm home schooled

*winces* really?

yea, why?

nothing, i'm just saying that's kinda rough since you just moved out here. how're you supposed to meet people?

I met you didn't i?

yea but that doesn't count cuz i'm your neighbor

it does too count because everywhere else i lived i never knew any of my neighbors


well except for when i lived in riverside, but that's probably cuz i was a lot more sociable in elementary school

oooh, so you talked to the wrong stranger back then, ey?

what, what are you talking about?

i'm talking about the reason why your not trying to make friends

and what would that reason be?

that some stranger molested you because you were being friendly


I'm right aren't i? it's ok you can confide in me, im here

I wasn't molested you idiot

...are you sure?


are you...HIV positive?

Oh hey! you watch that show too?!

pssht! who doesn't? it's like the greatest show ever

heh heh, that it is, that it is.

hmm, so what is home schooling like?

eh, kinda boring but, can't complain

is that so


hm, well shouldn't you be in it?

while technically i can go in at any time, but i don't like to go in before noon

O.o really? why?

cuz that's when i'm fully awake

but i thought you siad you normally wake up at midnight

mmhmm, that i do what's your point?

then why are only fully awake 12 hours later?

i dont know, im just weird like that

hell yea you are


what, you said it yourself

*sigh* i know

heh heh your Pretty.Odd.

i like that cd




so what do you plan on doing today?

i...really don't know


well sense you're not awake 'til noon, wanna go get breakfast?

sure, where to?

i dont know, lets just drive around 'til we find something

ok, meet you outside in 30?


conversation i had with my neighbor Marcus(who i call Mercutio for some reason) at 6 in the morning. our windows are right next to eachothers so we just talk across the way. great guy.

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River of Tears I: Growth by Wynth reviews
Konoha demands Soul Society to train a few of their ninja after they were nearly destroyed by hollows. The pros? Konoha can be defended against future attacks by said beasts. The cons? Future events change drastically. •Multi-pair / AU / BLExNAR / 1:3•
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