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Hey guess I think we've all been missing on Ashcroitt's fanfics for quite a long while. Truth is my sis has adapted to a lifestyle of a workaholic and tearfully told me how she had lost her muse for writing. I received this profile with the hopes that I would continue her old works and also bring along new ones. I hope I won't disappoint the old readers (I myself was once a huge fan of her Aqua fanfic) and hope to get along well with all of you!

Games that I'm totally in love with:-

1) Persona 3:FES

2) Persona 4

3) Final Fantasy VII

4) Final Fantasy VIII

5) Final Fantasy IX

6) Final Fantasy X

7) Final Fantasy XIII

8) Kingdom Hearts

9) Kingdom Hearts II

10) Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (my favourite now, due to the appearance of bad-ass heroine Aqua!)

I'm a pretty huge fan of the Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts series, prolly' cuz' I like Animes and they're RPG games!!! (Kingdom Hearts, by far, the sweetest cuz' its got both!)

I'm also a huge fan of pairings, buuuut I often get headaches on who's good with who when I'm writing my fic! But here's some that I DO like:-

Persona Series












CloudxLightning (crossover pairing ;P)

ZackxAerith (the sweetest couple! aww)

ZackxAqua(KH) (hehe, I like to fool around with this pairing ;P)


SquallxFang (jes for fun too ;P)


TidusxYuna (this pairing is sweet too)

RikkuxAxel(KH) (now this one's a new idea! But not bad...hehe)


SoraxKairi (After more than a dozen hints that they've got feelings for each other...jes' GET TOGETHER already!)

RikuxXion (I think they're okay together)

RoxasxNaminé (like Sora & Kairi)

TerraxAqua (By far, my fav. pairing!)

Aqua is by far (like in a millennium) the hottest, bad-ass chick in KH! I mean, okay so Kingdom Hearts lacks super-powered girls or one that can actually fight (aside Larxene) but Aqua sooo makes up for it! In the game she's quite disciplined and pure, but she can be quite hard on Terra (although her actions were all for his sake) and the fact that she kept believing in him just melts me!

Some of Aqua's quotes and dialogues in the game:-

"Would it be alright if.. I tried on the glass slipper?"

"Do you think maybe, my circle of friends can become yours?"

Kairi: Here!Aqua: Are these for me?Kairi: I picked you some flowers. Thank you for saving me.Aqua: Oh, they're lovely. You're so sweet.

(to Braig) "Go ahead if you want to waste your time. You try to drive us apart with your mind games, it'll never work!"

On the side note, I'm a huge fan of any comedyromanticdrama fics (Long list of combination, I know). Humour is my best asset, aside from dramatic bits in my fic. Oh yeah, I also love to chat with new people about Kingdom Hearts and Animes so feel free to pop in and leave a message kay?

And to all of you who just knew me, my favourite word (seriously, I use this line every day of my life since I thought it up) iiisss 'ya-haw'! Or any form of it being elongated is just the same!

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Second Life reviews
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Jocks, Culties & Us Outcasts! reviews
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