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Hi im Davison and I love games, Vocaloid, manga and anime the list is endless. I get introduced to so many new thing every day so I love diffrent manga's/anime's and songs everyday

Things about me

fave games: silent hill saga aka silent hill, silent hill 2, silent hill 3 ect there is also Bioshock, Bioshock 2, soon bishock infinite, resident evil saga aka resident evil 1, resident evil 2, resident evil 3 and also resident evil 4 and lastly the sailor moon gameboy game XD.

fave vocaloid: Rin Kagamine



fave colours: yellow,orange and pink

fave food: pizza(yummy)

fave songs: Paramore-misery buisness, Paramore-monster, powerpuff z opening 1,pretear opening white destiny

(I dont dare put a VOCALOID song on because I love nearly all of them XD)

gender and age: I'm female my age is well I am in my early teens so 13-15 :)

hair colour: brown hair but i dyed it black cause it was a god awful brown

eye color: green/blue/brown yeah confusing but my family and friends say diffrent colours so yeah.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OK so is your wondering why im not writing another chapter is cause my laptop crapped out on me and the laptop im using at the moment has crappy keys and I dont think you guys would like a chapter with lettrs missing and the speech marks dont work im really sorry about this i'll ty and get my laptop fixed or if it comes to the worst case buy a new one thanks for takin the time to look at this nore :DD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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I was walking down the cold rainy street with a orange umbrella. I happen to see a box shaking around weirdly then it stopped. I slowly walked over to check what was inside the strange box. I hoped nothing bad happened but what I didn t know was that this one this changed my life or you can say fate. Inside the box was 3 harmless husky pups
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Maiden Heart The defender of earth reviews
Rin Kagamine,She's Maiden Heart Defender Of Earth who get's help from her team Maiden Cloud & Maiden Sun to denfend the earth and the Prince Len But love is cruel Rin & Len are in Love but what about the princess "Rin, remember your past" RinXLen.
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That's insane! reviews
Rin finds a rumour being past round school very intresting a girl goes missing and she finally decides to see if this rumour is true oh Rin have you ever heard of the saying Curiosity killed the cat well Rin's gonna learn the hard way!One-shot
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