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TheBusterSquats is a collaberative project between mspink93 and MonkeyGirlxoxo. Let's just say that we're Zack and Cloud fangirls, respectively.

In case you were wondering about the name, let us break down for you:

Zack Fair and Cloud Strife (whom we both love completely to bits) shared the Buster Sword. It orginally belonged to Zack's mentor (Angeal), but when he died he passed it on to Zack. Zack used this sword for a while, and he liked it. He was also Cloud's mentor - Zack, not Angeal. When Zack died (insert mspink93's crying here), he passed this sword onto Cloud, who used it for the whole of FFVII (insert MonkeyGirlxoxo's high-pitched fangirl squeals here), because to him, it was like a bond between him and his late mentor. Since the Buster Sword was passed down from Zack to Cloud, and they both used it for a significant amount of time, we thought that it was a good way to refer to both of our "boys". In addition, Zack was the top squatter (meaning that he liked to do the sport, not live in shacks on someone else's land) in SOLIDER, so, of course we had to find a way to incorporate that into our pen name. Not to mention the fact that Cloud was also interested in squats, because Zack liked them.

About mspink93

So, mainly I write Sonny with a Chance fanfics, because Channy is just such an adorable couple. And when I say mainly, I mean like...all 14 of my stories are Channy. All of them. Every single one.

But just because I am completely addicted to SWAC (hey, don't judge) doesn't mean that I'm obsessed with Disney. Well, actually, I am. But like, the actual good movies, from my childhood. Not like, Hannah Montana and all that jazz. So anyways, yeah, I do have time to enjoy the finer things in life. Like, for example, I like practically all Square Enix games. We-ell...I lie. Not all of them. Just like, Kingdom Hearts (and all variations), FFVII (and all varitations) and FFVIII Squall...dreamy. So, basically, I only like about 6 of the Square Enix games. Also, Genesis Rhapsodos is amazingly awesome. Gotta love Genny!!

Just to let all of you beautiful people know, my entire childhood can be summed up in four words: Pokemon, Sailor Moon and Cardcaptors. And even though I am now a junior in high school, I still watch them from time to time. Like I said up there, don't judge!!

I like all music, basically, that's bouncy, upbeat and sing-along-able. And trust me, I sing along to songs a lot. Maybe more than I should. It probably annoys the people around me.

I really love to write stories. Which, really, should be obvious, since you are reading about me on a fanfiction site wink wink. Yeah, so I kinda wanna be a writer when I grow up, so this is all pretty much good practice for me. And all of you lovely readers who review honestly make this so much more fun!

One last thing before I hand this over to my co-author. Demyx - the Melodious Nocturne - is completely OFF LIMITS. Because he is amazing, and awesome and wonderful and spectacular and fantastic and faboulous and extraordinary and just everything that I will ever want in a man. He is mine and mine alone, and none of you can have him, so stop looking at his awesome cuteness that way. Cuz he's mine. And so is Ben 10. So don't even try.

As long as you guys know that - points upwards to previous paragraph, - we'll all get along fine!!

About MonkeyGirlxoxo

"Oh, I get it now. I see myself the way you remember me, and you see yourself the way I remember you." -Roxas, Kingdom Hearts II

Alrightly then. I write stories about Kingdom Hearts. My favourite pairings are SoraXKairi and RoxasXNamine. I cannot stand reading stories that have Roxas with another woman(because he only belongs with Namine) or any gay pairings.

My favourite characters from Kingdom Hearts are Sora, Roxas and Namine. Sora and Roxas are my boys (sqeuals) and Namine is just awesome. Just like mspink93, I am a fan of Square-Enix. I love Kingdom Hearts, FFVII, FFVIII and FFX. I think that Square Enix did an amazing job making all of their characters, but there is one main protaginist that I cannot stand. I absolutely HATE Onion Knight.

There are a lot of anime shows that I used to watch when I was smaller. Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptors, a little bit of Gundum Wing, and throw some Samurai X in there too. I absolutely loved those shows. I sometimes watch them today, and I still enjoy watching every minute of them.

I like music. Similar to mspink93, I like songs that you could sing along to, but I also love the Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II OST. Even though they are instrumental, I still enjoy listening to them.

Writing stories is a hobby for me. What I'm really interested in is Photography. When I grow up I want to travel across the world, taking beautiful and exotic pictures of nature and animals. But right now, I'm focusing on my schoolwork, and writing stories for this website. It really helps me out when people leave reviews for me to read (winkwink). It helps me remember to update, because it shows me that people are enjoying my stories and want to hear more.

One more thing before I sign off. I am a HUGE Roxas fangirl. He is so awesome and fantastic and amazing. I just want you guys to know that. :)

A Different Start reviews
Sonny has just arrived at Condor Studios and Chad has just come back from a V.I.P trip. What if these two actors got off to a different start? "The new girl? The one you can't take your eyes off? Her name is Sonny. Sonny Munroe."
Sonny with a Chance - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,373 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 10 - Published: 8/31/2010 - Chad D. C., Sonny M.