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I do have a real name, but I've adopted the kick-butt nick name Mixwe. I'm from Minnesota, and NO: I'm not a farmer, I don't go ice fishing, and I have absolutely no idea what tapioka is (or how to spell it). But I do talk Minnesotan, so I'm sorry if that comes off in my writing! You know you're a Minnesotan if you hear a motorcycle and think it's a cow in pain (i've done that!)

About Me:

i like to keep to myself but i can be outgoing when convenient. Such as in biology when i got that other girl to dig into the innerds while i took care of the worksheet.

i like bones... that's it

my favorite color is that of dead corn

i do my best to resist conformity, maybe to a fault

i scuplt, i paint, i paint what i sculpt

i started watching iCarly when it was more apropriate for my age, and now i can't stop

i've been crazy Seddie from the beginning X)

i've rediscovered my obsession with pokemon, but I don't know if I'll do any fictions about it... mwaybay... *eyebrows raise and lower in a creepy fasion*

I really can't stand Seddie fanfics that aren't realistic. I think the Freddie and Sam charaters are compatable enough without people changing them up. I really need some inspiration for my next story since I finished up iStuck, which by the way, is totally lazers and you should all check it out! I hope you give my one-shots a chance too, I'm proud of them XP

I just started this new series called iCabin, it's were the gang go to a cabin for summer VayCay, but the cabin totally sux and is all falling apart. The first chapter I just kinda used to explain everything, but i have a LOT of seddie-filled ideas! So don't give up on it after the first chapter, you could even SKIP the first chapter if your attention span is that short, I pretty much summed it up for ya already. I must warn you guys, I just completely abandoned this story, SORRY! But I kept it up so if you want to read it go ahead.

Seddie Game is a one-shot I just cooked up. It's basically a fun flirty sam/freddie thing going on :) I love it! I may find a way to continue it, but I think it's fine on its own. tell me what you think!!

HEYYY!! have you peoples read iSecret yet? Well if you haven't you gotta. it's my absolute favorite so far! This one shows the most character growth and honest emotions. I feel like I kept to the true heart of Carly Sam and Freddie. In this story it's the annaversary of Sam and Freddie's first kiss, before Sam knows what she's doing she's repeating that night. This unleashes lots of held back feelings, but they aren't ready yet and complications come fast and hard. you know you wanna read this! It's so sweet, and heartbreaking some times... and also funny too! Tons of Seddie! SO SO SO SO SO SEDDIE!

Sam eats strange goo out of a trash can and now can read minds! Mixwe writes a totally insane story! Has the world gone mad?! Pwetty pweaz read iMind-Reader! I think it's cool...

LaughingGasLove, read it, love it, review it up! Freddie and Sam share a romantic moment while under the influence of laughing gas, but what happens when the secret gets out?

Boy likes girl, girl likes boy, girl falls for boy's translator?!? in iTranslate, Sam starts dating the new only spanish speaking exchange student, the only problem is his translator is a certain tech dork... hehehe, I've got oodles of ideas, you know you do too! so tell me 'em before I finish this!

Okay, so MAYBE, just MAYBE seddie can't happen yet because they aren't mature enough. Can anyone say "future fic"? Sam and Freddie are in college together (Sam got into college!) and are still going on with their little river of denial. The thing is, a river of denial still moves forward, and the two unknowingly become closer and closer until they start crossing some lines beyond friendship.

I'm back! Well, sorta. I'm actually writing a book (as in, with my own musings not already established characters or settings, I know, it's a lofty concept) and that takes up the majority of my writing energy. but with iSAFW on its way I got excited and made this one-shot. Only The Moon Knows About Rainy Roads and Gas Stations, on top of having an awkwardly long title has a certain stability about it. It encompases all the light-heartedness of a show on nick, mixed with the reality of future, all scribbled down in my words. Hope you like.

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"Dude." She swallowed hard. "That's not just the most disgusting prize you've ever wanted, but that sounds a lot like…a date."
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It was so plain... so simple. Yet... it was everything she wanted... everything she needed.
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iWouldn't Ask Anna That by Mistress of Craziness reviews
In order to avoid Summer school with Ms. Briggs, a reluctant Sam is forced to become the new advice columnist for the Ridgeway Press. But what starts off as a lame assignment soon becomes interesting when a certain TechWiz starts writing to her. SEDDIE.
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iTranslate reviews
The new guy at school has all the girls falling over themselves for him, including Sam. Freddie, being roped into the job as translator, finds himself as a third-wheel in the Adan/Sam relationship. SEDDIE, woop woop!
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A road trip out of Seattle and away from everyone. Freddie and Sam get away one night to find a better world for themselves. Genuine and carefully put: read if you care about the written content of a story
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iHear You reviews
A small action, a look or a step, can be a call; a need. Freddie and Sam are in college together with Carly. The two know each other so well they hear this call and are there no question. But Carly has lots of questions. worth reading.
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clan·des·tine: –adjective- characterized by, done in, or executed with secrecy or concealment, esp. for purposes of subversion or deception; private or surreptitious. A SEDDIE ONE-SHOT! ENJOY! not what you think *wink*
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Freddie finds a note taped to his locker, he thinks it's from Sam. I LOVE THIS ONE! THE END IS THE BEST PART! SEDDIE SEDDIE SEDDIE!
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We seddie shipper's LIVE for these moments, A Freddie POV showing his changing feelings, TRUE seddie, not any of that fake mushy-gushy stuff that is SO not Sam and Freddie! ENJOY THE SEDDIE-NESS!
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