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Author has written 4 stories for Pokémon, and Digimon.

Name: Well, I'm named after my great aunt Rosalie, but just call me Rose

Age: July 1993 So I'm almost seventeen!

Fandoms: Digimon, mainly, but some Bakugan, and a little Pokemon. I really do like Gossip Girl and Charmed, but not really for fanfiction.

Favorite Digimon: My three favorite rookie Digimon are Lalamon, Floramon, and Palmon. Next, Lillymon and Rosemon. I also happen to like DemiDevimon for some reason and Patamon. They're both just super cute, DemiDevimon is in an evil way.


Yamasora: I kind of find Matt to be cuter than Tai, so sorry Taiora fans!

Jyoumi: This one might happen, but I think that Mimi might hook up with Michael. Still, Joe is cool.

Takari: Azulongmon said something about Light and Hope once. So, TK and Kari are connected somehow...

Kenyako: Yolei is pretty hilarious, and I like Ken, too. They're cute together.

Bakugan shippings:

Klaus and Alice: Klaus was nice to help Alice out a few times, and he does have a crush on her.

Runo and Dan: This one is the most canon. They fit well, together.

My Stories:

Digimon Force: The Beginning- The first fanfiction in a three story arc. Twelve year old Yugi Tanaka is surprised to be partnered up with a Digimon, Dracomon. Eventually, he joins a team with his allies, Aima, Shin, and Touya and their Digimon Lalamon, Betamon, and Ryuudamon. Now, with numerous Digimon making destruction in their world, Yugi, Dracomon, and everyone will need to fight back and uncover the more serious threat behind it all.

Hey Digimon: After moving to a new town, Junpei Falls, Haruka is very shocked to be transported to the Digital World among old friends. After being partnered with a shy Biyomon, Haruka and her friends must journey across the Digital World to face DarkSeasarmon. However, thiis journey will not be easy. Accepting two more OCs through my forum.

Johto Journey: A journey through Johto with Rosie and her trusty Chikorita, Petals. With friends, allies, and rivals Team Rocket makes a comeback as the villains. But it appears that there is something more going on with the trios of Johto.vAccepting OCs through PM. See chapter two for details!

Please do enjoy my stories. Don't forget to reviews!

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Johto Journeys reviews
Rosie begins her travels with her friends and Chikorita by her side. Along with Team Rocket, there does appear to be an even bigger threat regarding the Johto Trio.Will Rosie and friends save their home region? OCs submission on hold. PM me for info!
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