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Author has written 6 stories for Resident Evil, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sgt. Frog/ケロロ軍曹, My Little Pony, and Dead Rising.

Hello! I'm Miles Of Zelda and I'm here!I know everything about a lot of series like Sonic,Zelda,Mario,Naruto,Full Metal Alchemist,Keroro Gunso, Bleach, Phoenix Wright... (the Simpsons too and even MLP! :D )! I write something now but I will upload soon,don't worry! :) Oh,and copyright "" to the author of the avatar.

Soon stories:


Updated stories:

-Keroro Biohazard series. So yeah, someday, I was bored and I was thinking of that idea. It's not 100% accuration adaptations of the Resident Evil series but they can work.

Keroro Biohazard : Keroro Gunso story: The Sword Key

-Phoenix Wright: Mysterious Cases and Aliens : That was a funny idea I got from playing the Ace Attorney trilogy. And this will be the first cross over between Keroro Gunso and this (I think. XD).

PW:MCAA : Chapter to come : Turnabout Flower (Investigation Part 2)

-Sour Turnabout: PWMCAA Prologue : A prologue to "that" story, in the style of Ace Attorney Investigations.

ST: PWMCAA P : Investigations Part 1

-MLP Adventure : I will stay shut about why until the second chapter... Ah, just kidding. That MLP syndrome have got me too XD . And this crossover is special. Why? Just read it!

MLP Adventure : N"Ice" Meeting : Almost all the cast

Characters list:

KB:KGS: Coming soon!

PW:MCAA : Phoenix Wright: The male protagonist of the story. Even 2 years after his career has begin, he didn't chango so much (this story is between JFA and T&T).

Maya Fey : One of the females protagonist of the story. Like Nick (Phoenix), she do not change so much too.

Pearl Fey : The other female protagonist of the story (she, however, doesn't appear as much as Maya) . Even if she's a kid, she follows Phoenix and Maya in their investigations. A prodigy in the world of mediums, like Maya and her mother say about her.

Winston Payne : The prosecutor of the first case. He is not so sure what about to say to protect his witnesses.

Mutsumi Saburo : The defendant of the first case. He is a calm and cool guy. Someone has call Mr Wright to defend him but no one knows who it was.

Koiwai Garulu : The victim of the first case. She was a DJ.

Moose Ick : A witness in the first case. He's not very calm and get angry easily. Pretty manipulative but pathetic. He said that he saw Saburo killing the victim.

D. U. P. : ...A strange individual. He/She wants Phoenix and Maya to help the defendant of the second case.

??? : He's sort of a antagonist to the story. He thinks justice courts are like games, and with a weird style of doing his prosecution, he is a pro. He's friendly towards defense attorneys, weirdly.

MLP A : Sonic the Hedgehog : The most fastest blue hedgehog in the world! With Tails and his new and old friends, he will beat Dr.Eggman's new plan. Like Tails like if it was his little brother.

Miles "Tails" Prower : A yellow-orange kitsune. The mechanical genius. He see Sonic like a big brother to him. He wants to more believe in himself...

Knuckles the Echidna : A red echidna. The powerful guardian of the Master Emerald and a friend of Sonic. He seems to be in trouble now than the Master Emerald is broken...

Amy Rose : A pink hedgehog. Sonic's "girlfriend" and fangirl. She's ready to pick piece per piece her part of the story. If some trouble is involved, Amy does have a hammer, the Pico Pico Hammer.

Big the Cat : A big, purple cat. A fisherman and only resident of the present-day Mystic Ruins forest. If you hurt a friend of his, he can kick you butt-ready. A simplist but not a total fool.

Rainbow Dash : The more fastest pony of Equestria. A blue pegasus. She doesn't know anything of the world she's now but she faces the danger, no matter what. A real tomboy, except when it comes to her guilty pleasures.

Rarity : A white unicorn. A fashionist, tailor and the manager of Carrousel Boutique. Since she's not in her world, she must teams up to return to her home. Don't let that appearance of her deceive you...

Twilight Sparkle : A purple unicorn (yes). She's the student of Princess Celestia. She doesn't want any troubles and clean them if there are some. A serious person and a skilled bookworm!

Spike : A purple (with green scales) dragon. Twilight's assistant. He likes gems a lot but the Chaos Emeralds are too much power for him to eat.

Fluttershy : A yellow pegasus. She's still shy in this world but she's friendly to anyone good. That means only Dr. Eggman (...) could makes her angry. She likes nature.

Dr. Ivo Robotnik aka. Eggman : One of the Big Bads of the story. He wants absolutely all of the Chaos Emeralds for a new project. When he want, he's pretty goofy.

Dead Rising : Sonic's Scoop : Not yet.

And my uploads and favorites are down here :) ...

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