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Hi! The names zzz589zzz, got it memorized? ;)

I'm a newbie fanfiction writer with a lot of hope and a lot of spelling problems!

Sorry if the stories aren't Stephen Kings in the making, but I'll do my best to show how I write!!!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page!!!!!

Favorite Music: I listen to pretty much everything, so I really don't have a favorite. But I do have a certain dislike of some techno music. Cause some of it just really gets on my nerves DX

Favorite Books: Harry Potter, The Looking Glass Wars, Artemis Fowl, The Princess Bride, anything Sherrilyn Kenyon, anything Cassandra Clare and lots and lots of manga

Favorite TV Shows: Law and Order SVU, Psych, MONK, Bones, Supernatural(you cannot not love this show),

The Boondocks, Young Justice, X-Men, X-Men Evolution, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

Favorite Animes: Case Closed, IGPX, Pokemon( the original. Now it's just...ugh), Digimon, Yu Gi Oh GX, Neon Genesis Evangelion(it's really great XD),

Shaman King, Fullmetal Alchemist, Devil May Cry, Fruits Basket, DN Angel, Prince of Tennis. I could go on, but if I did this list would never end XD

Oh, and I also love anything Little Kuriboh makes. That guy is a comic genius XDDD


WOW! I haven't been on in like...forever! That really stinks DX

I feel like such a horrible author T0T talk about major writers block.

But now I'm back :D

Hope fanfiction.net can forgive me for being so awful!

Lots of love,



Hey everyone! zzz589zzz here!

Please take a look at my two stories.

Pokemon Handa now has a second chapter.

I also have a new story called The Immortal Flame. IGPX doesn't get enough credit but I love it! So please check it out :)

Thank you!

Lots of love,



WOW! Two months to the dot! XD

Hey everyone! zzz589zzz here!

Just felt like giving you guys a little update!:

The Immortal Flame now has a Chapter 2! Please check it out and read and review >

And Pokemon Handa's third chapter WILL be up within the next week or so! This I PROMISE!

Thank you!

Lots of love,



OOOOOH! I haven't updated since LAST year...LAST YEAR!!!!

I feel like a terrible human being for not updating. Yes, I understand what you're all going through. Some of the stories I like aren't updated that frequently either >

But I assure you all that by NEXT WEEK you will have a new chapter!!!!! I'm almost done with the one for The Immortal Flame!

Lots of love,




It's me! Yes I know, you are ALL probably still upset with me for not updating sooner. And I agree with you, I feel TERRIBLE.

But I love you all, so I'm going to start updating more frequently. Once every two weeks to be exact!

So expect a new chapter in The Immortal Flame on March 27th! And FINALLY a new Pokemon Handa this friday!!!

:) have a great week people!

Lots of love,



I am a TERRIBLE person! I know I KNOW I haven't updated my stories in like FOREVER!

But that is ALL about to change! I mean it! I will be updating much more regularly!

I am working on BOTH stories for new chapters RIGHT NOW! So expect an update within the week!

Hope you'll like the new chapters!

Lots of love,



I here by decree that the latest chapter of The Immortal Flame is OFFICIALLY up!...Or at least in 30 minutes according to FF.net XD

I am SO sorry that took so long, but between school work and out of school stuff I hardly had the time. Plus I was working on a horrible tiny computer. Now I've finally gotten a new one and I have free time, so I'll try to update a lot more from now on.

Hey I also noticed the new Image manager thing on FF, pretty cool huh? Too bad I suck at drawing or I would've made a cover for The Immortal Flame! Oh well, better luck next time I guess.

Anyways I'm so glad you guys have been following the story and I hope this new chapter makes up for lost times!

Lots of love,



I am working on Chapter 5 of The Immortal Flame!!! I just wanted you guys to know that! And that I am trying my best to get it up by at least the end of the week! This chapter is pretty much gonna be based heavily around Juliet and Cunningham so anyone who's wanted to see some development in that, look forward to it ;)

I was also thinking of doing a Halloween special in TIF, since the holiday is like just around the corner...or at the end of the month But I love Halloween so I was thinking why not! If you guys have any ideas for it tell me about them! Costumes, plots, characters you'd like to see, anything. I'd be more than happy to squeeze a bunch in! Just pm me or write it in a review or try to project it into my mind, whatever works best for you!

On an unrelated note I'm going to get my butt moving on Pokemon Handa, I've been lacking inspiration on that one but I think I'm finally starting to get it back. I'm also considering starting to work on a Kingdom Hearts story, but I don't think I'll seriously get into that until I've firmly established both Pokemon Handa and The Immortal Flame a little more.

I just felt like keeping you guys posted. You know in case any of you actually look at this thing for story news, I figured it couldn't hurt. Anyways you guys get cracking on that poll I put up! There's only like ONE official vote and like two votes in the reviews and that's not enough for me to work with! So leave a review with your choice or vote on the polls or even PM me! Throw me some kind of life line here guys! Anything really!

Anyways I'm amazed that TIF has like over 400 views since I started writing it! You guys I'm like so happy cause of that! :) Especially you six reviewers. Whether you reviewed once or three times, I love you guys! You are really what keeps me going. That and I just love IGPX too much to stop! Anyways I'll get back to work and I'll see you guys next time!

Lots of love,



I am a terrible person. I can't believe I claimed to have a new chapter up back in like OCTOBER and it's already almost May. I am ashamed as a writer. With going into university and trying to balance all of my coursework, I feel completely swamped. But the end of the semester is coming up, and regardless of how many assignments I have due, I WILL get the next chapter of The Immortal Flame up by this time next week, if not sooner. I already have a third of it written and I know how it's going to end and where the next one will pick up. I've also got a framework for the next chapter in Pokemon Handa and I've started working on a Kingdom Hearts story that'll be set in an AU reality, where all the characters'll be going to that fabulous place known as college!!!

But I AM working on this, fear not. In fact I'm pulling up chapter five of The Immortal Flame as we speak and working away at it, so no worries! It will be up! I see a lot of people have been viewing it and I'm so glad! It really feels like my baby! I honestly hope to actually finish most of it up by the end of the summer/the beginning of next semester, hopefully all that free time in the summer will let me beat out a chapter a week or biweekly, we'll see.

Thank you for being such wonderful readers and I hope you enjoy this next chapter of The Immortal Flame and Pokemon Handa!

Lots of love,



Hey guys. I'm really super sorry about this stinking chapter not being up yet! But this week I've got a good number of exams and it's getting hard to squeeze in those last two pages or so. I don't know when, but I will try to get this next chapter up of The Immortal Flame. Really. I am NOT going to drop this story, I love it and the characters I've developed far to much to do that. Believe or not I've already pretty much got the whole backbone of the story down, and I KNOW how this thing'll end, I just have to work on getting all the in between IN there. But I won't stop. Updates MAY take a while, but I WILL update. Soon, hopefully if these exams don't prove to be too bad. I promise.

Again I really am sorry. But until then thank you all for all the love you've shown for this story. I even got a PM yesterday asking about it and I felt so happy that someone really cares that much. So I'm gonna try guys, really I am. Keep a look out for the update, it'll happen.

Lots of love,



Well folks, the moment you've all been waiting for is almost here. I have officially finished writing the latest chapter of The Immortal Flame. Meaning it WILL be uploaded tonight. Now I don't know how long fanfiction.net is gonna make you guys wait before the update goes through, but I will update today. I swear on my love of everything fictional and wonderful. Not much action in this chapter, but you do get to see a good amount of Juliet and Cunningham, which I hope you all enjoy.

By the way, did anyone else see that IGPX was back on Toonami late nights on saturdays?!?!?! Amazing right?! I remember when I first watched the show on TV, it was actually near the end of season 2 and I was so confused! But I was also intrigued, which made me get online and find ALL of the episodes! I love this series guys, love! Well I hope you enjoy the new chapter guys!

Lots of love,


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