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Author has written 18 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, and Misc. Games.

Note from Captain Oblivious:

Just to inform anybody who's actually reading our profile, this is our second account. Our first account is: . All our stories there are for Static Shock and we couldnt bare to ruin our perfect streak of all Static Shock stories.

Alright, on this account we're going to post all our non-Static Shock stories, so please enjoy yourselves.

Finally have stories on here! YES! In case anybody cares most of her stories will probably be about Sonic characters. But never ever ever ever Amy...Skippy REALLY doesnt like Amy.

Definition of Songfiction: For those who don’t know what a songfiction is, it’s when a story is based off of a song. One way to do such a story is to have the lyrics in the story themselves to break up moments or even set times, and are shown in italicized. If one wants, they can be skipped but it kinda ruins the effect of a songfic. I’m not a very good writer so I tend to do more of these so I have more of a natural flow. It’s just how I always been-always have to have a basic set of rules and just build off of it, even if it gets off topic. A story just takes life of it’s own, ya know?

Another thing-Because I don’t have internet and have to borrow my friend’s computer I don’t have the time to use beta-readers like everyone keeps suggestin‘. My only option is to beta-read myself and everyone knows that’s pretty damn impossible but I try. I’m goin’ back and tryin’ to fix all of my mistakes and make some stories run smoother. I’d have my friends beta-read but they are worse at it then I am. They miss more than I do. So just please understand-I know I am a bad writer so just bare with me.

Hey-I’m Skippy. In case some of you are wonderin’ the name Skippy the Intolerant Lesbian just kind of happened on Youtube. I was skimmin’ fer a favorite couple for several hours when I kept gettin’ slapped in the face with my all time most hated couple. I went ballistic in a comment sayin’ that the two guys shouldn’t be together without really clarifyin’ that I actually hated one of the characters so my opinion was completely bias. Ya see-in the show Static Shock everyone likes HotStreak and Richie together even though they rarely even speak in the stupid show, HotStreak acknowledges Virgil much much more but noooooo, internet fans just deny me my fantasy. In the comic-Richie’s character-Rick-though gay hates the homophobe HotStreak and shots him, hinting that HotStreak dies cuz he never comes back…then again I’m kinda screwed anyway cuz the sexy red head is a homophobe…kay I got off subject here. Someone thought that I was hatin’ on gays and lesbians and they called me Skippy.

Somethin’ like “Well Skippy-” and then gave me a lecture on intolerant people and their opinions and how I needed to shut up…in much more vicious words. I looked back and realized my wrong.

I sent somethin’ back statin’ that I was also datin’ a woman and then I got an apology from the older sister. Turns out she was a lesbian and her little sister was just defendin’ her. Good for her. And I just kinda became Skippy the Intolerant Lesbian since. So yeah.

Name: I am Carrie…My mom is a Stephen King fan…she named me after the first book that she read…Carrie. I’m named after a homicidal psycho…figures…

Sex: I am a girl…last I checked…hang on*squeezes boobs* Yup. I’m a girl

Age: I’m old. Really old. I‘m twenty-one…and am going through a crisis about it. When the songs I grew up on have their own station because nobody listens to them anymore, I’m frickin’ old. I picked up the first Now CD and I knew every song on it! I’m old!*cries*

Eyes: A lovely shade of Brown…like coffee with a dash of cream in it. I think the warm color of hazelnut cream despite my dislike for it.

Hair: Brown…I think. I dye it a lot. So lets try this…

Current Hair Color: Half blonde. Half black

Height: Um…that’s a good question…

Weight: I weighed myself just now…I weigh about 125lbs…since I graduated high school I’ve been sittin’ in front of the computer typing up stories between Solitaire games and obsessin‘ over video games…I’ve been losin’ weight actually. I use to weigh about 145lbs…the most exercise I get is walkin’ to the coffee maker…except for that month I was obsessed with DDR…

Loves: My very patient friends, my arrogant family, coffee, video games, bacon, and tentacle rape

Likes: Cats, poking dead things with sticks, solitaire, and coffee.

Dislikes: Chocolate(bleh), flies, spilling my coffee, and when my cat runs by me bites my leg and bolts before I can catch her furry ass.

Hates: To be continues on TV shows, runnin’ out of coffee(decaf-BLEH), dogs, children, when the toilet paper goes under and not over, when people try to prove me wrong, and that damn hole in the blanket(You know, that ONE hole that captures your toe and when you move the blanket it seems to follow you even though there is only ONE frickin’ hole in the damn blanket).

Fears: Spiders, heights, water, small places. I’m also afraid of wakin’ up to find that my coffee maker is gone*shudders at thought*

Addictions/Obsessions: I don’t have any*drinks coffee*

And that’s me. Roughly. I’m quite complicated actually. We can’t afford medication so I’m kind of in a rough spot. I’m bipolar and suffer from manic depression and anxiety disorder as much as ADHD. The fact that my biological father is in prison for murder and my step father was an alcoholic doesn’t help much, neither does gettin’ raped by a boyfriend a few years back. I have a lot of social problems, I’m a heavy cutter and I’ve also tried to kill myself multiple times. I find that writin’ helps with my anger, even if I should just leave writin’ to people with talent.

Though I have absolutely no writin’ talent in any way I try anyway cuz it’s somethin’ I like to do, same thing for drawin’, I’m not the best, hell, not even close but I like it. I’ve also got this habit of writin’ exactly how I talk and in a lot of words I skip letters. I know I’m a bad author but I’m better than a lot of people as well. I know this and I’ll get over it.

I love drama-so most of my stories will be angst. Drama. And sometimes brutal. That’s all I’ve got to explain myself. The more personal struggles in a story-the better it is for me. It’s freakin’ awesome…which unfortunately sometimes ends in a character death or an awkward relationship either out of desperation or even to keep someone-or themselves-sane. I’m not a big fan of overly happy endings and everyone says I’m pretty good at writin’ a story with a fittin’ endin’, even if it’s not what most fangirls want. I know they want happy endings, my friend is one of them.

I’ve got only a few friends but they are good friends. I’ll give an small index cuz they appear in the notes in my stories.

Captain Oblivious: My bestest best friend that now lives with me. She’s also my ex-girlfriend/ex-fiancé since I’ve realized she’s more of a sister than a lover. She’s random, lazy, loud and a good kind of crazy. We just about do everything together. If it weren’t for her and Fluffy, I wouldn’t be here today. I couldn’t imagine life without her even if she drives me up the wall from time to time. But at least she helps me down when she does.

Fluffy: My best friend who’s got the worst kind of luck and I mean the worst luck. If he were to own a funeral home, everyone would stop dyin’ just to put him out of business. But he’s the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet however because of it everyone thinks he’s gay and no one will give him a chance. He’s really funny and extremely sarcastic. The two of us can relate to just about everything. He’s the only sane one out of us all. And as of late I’m beginnin’ to doubt his sanity.

Poptart: He’s my over critical boyfriend. He’s a bit of an asshole but he doesn’t mean to. He’s the smartest guy I know however he also does the dumbest things. His time bein’ spent at my house is corruptin’ his intelligence and his luck. He’s also very cheap which we won’t let him down on. He also got me into Sonic the Hedgehog again and he regrets it. He’s an insomniac and it angers me so much. His nickname was originally Poptart but then he played a game and put ‘+’ because…well…he just did and said that he must be ‘Poptart+’ because he is now better then the original. Some days…

Adventure Joe: He’s a scrawny virgin kid who plays too much Xbox 360 and is thoughtless to the girls he dates and ends up with headaches. He’s also nice and looks like a pedophile when he tries to be ‘manly’ and grow a beard. He helps me durrin’ my emotional breakdowns so you gotta give this idiot some credit.

Blade: He’s my gay friend who’s just opened up to his parents and is havin’ a rough time with life. He’s hyper and very tall and skinny. He also has the most beautiful hair I’ve ever seen and he’s a bit of a neat freak. He always creates characters for his stories but only draws pictures and never writes any notes or anythin’ down story wise so when he tries to explain things to us he confuses the hell out of us. We don’t mean to be mean but we just get so confused, ya know? He’s the kind of person who…well he is allergic to cat fur and we have four cats and he still plays with them…with or without his allergy pills. Crazy dude I’m tellin’ ya.

Right. Our cats. Just because I like them.

Nala: Age like…seventeen. She’d old and has lost a lot of weight so she’s a bit…she sags cuz she use to be a fat cat. She loves cheese so much she’d sell her owner’s soul for it…which just happens to be Captain Oblivious. But we all love her. She has to wear a cone all the time because she keeps licking her thigh which gets wet ‘cause she isn’t the best at cleanin’ herself anymore and she ends up with a rash. And her fat keeps rubbing and she ends up bleeding. Poor thing. I’ve dubbed her The Chub.

Pounce: Mom’s cat. And she’s a total bitch. She acts like a princess and is very full of herself. She also spends hours layin’ on the floor next to her very own hair brush and brushes herself. And she’s evil we swear it, she always glares, it’s almost as if she’s suckin’ out yer soul. We’ve all dubbed her Soul Sucker.

Prance: My kitty. She’s gotten fat over the years but she runs all over the place. She isn’t a lazy cat. She does eat a lot though and purrs if I’m in the kitchen. She also sleeps on the fridge. Prance has like perfect looking paws-which we call nubs-and she is just the cutest-which I say with completely bias opinions. She’s the one who will run up to me, chomp my leg and take off. She’s such a little shit sometimes…and she can really throw her weight around. We have all dubbed her Nubby…to the point where we have to think about her real name.

Fling: My step-dad’s cat he returned when he moved. He named her Fling one the first night he had her. She crawled up onto his foot and he kicked her…and flung her across the room. Thus her name. She’s an annoyin’ hoe who always meows and has to be the center of attention. She does everythin’ obnoxiously and won’t leave you the hell alone. She’s also in heat like every single freakin’ week and there is this male cat outside that drives her insane. We have dubbed her many things. Hoe, Town, Whore, Lil’ Shit, Bitch…we’re mean to her but we’d be totally devastated if she were to disappear.

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