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I am on tumblr now. I do not understand it. I may be doing it wrong. But I am there. So... yeah. Add me. Or don't.

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Rubicon was born of my abnormal and unnatural love for Vulpes Inculta. I've always written morally questionable characters, but I never actually tackled anyone who could so easily be considered outright evil, though I wanted to. As the often repeated quote says, every villain is a hero in their own mind. Motivations aren't "how can I be an evil dickbag piece of shit today?" They have reasoning for what they do, and why it seems the best course of action. SO... I set out to make him the hero. That, comparatively, was the easy part.

Creating a female courier that would actually be willing to speak to him without running in the other direction or pulling a gun was slightly more challenging. I hope I succeeded in that regard.

I likely give the Legion far more of a Roman influence than intended. In game, despite what they call themselves, really... they're far more Sparta than SPQR, if you get me. But, I took Latin for years, studied Roman history, and have read most of the classical authors, though. I love an excuse to put that to good use.

Under Distant Moon and Star is a Morrowind/Skyrim crossover fic. The phrase "dragon-born" was used in Morrowind to describe the Nerevarine. When I realized the hero of Skyrim would be called, quite literally, The Dragonborn, I couldn't help but wonder about if it was one and the same. Obviously a Mer character could still be kicking around two hundred years later, but since the Nerevarine contracts Corpus and was only cured of the negative symptoms, it becomes a clear possibility for any of the races. Corpus had a side effect of immunity to all disease and aging, after all. The Nerevarine was by the end of the game immortal to all but acts of violence.

But... I had to go with Dunmer. I personally loved playing Morrowind with a Dunmer. The idea of an orphan being brought from a country where their race wasn't held in the highest regard to their people's ancestral homeland, and fighting for acceptance despite being essentially a foreigner to them, was always very powerful to me. When you consider the indirect role that the Nerevarine had in the destruction of Vvardenfall... gah, I couldn't resist that.

Dragon Age stuff...

So yeah., Right now I'm feeling fairly uninspired with the DA universe. I had been hoping to finish Apostates of Amaranthine at some point, but my honestly have no motivation or inspiration for it at the moment. I may do something new with the Maggie character at some point. I'm not entirely sure yet. DA3 may rekindle my love of the universe. Please, please, please don't bombard my inbox or the review pages of my other fics with requests to continue it. Obviously if I was in a position where I could, I would be writing it. Believe me, I AM FULLY AWARE that people want me to finish AOA. I don't live in a cave on Neptune. I feel awful that my inspiration for that universe has died so completely. I feel awful that I've disappointed so many loyal readers. If I get to a point where I can finish it, believe me, I will.

Apostates of Amaranthine universe

In chronological order these would go Blue Skies, NB, and then AOA. In order written It would be NB, AoA, with Blue Skies starting somewhere around chapter 40. The one-off stories in More than One Side to a Story are sometimes set at specific points in the timeline, sometimes not, and sometimes AU.
All follow the adventures of Maggie Amell, who began as something of an experiment in characterization. I wanted to explore what happens when you take someone who has only ever known an extremely isolated environment that is both oppressive and lacking almost any normal social conventions and throw them into regular society.
Quite a lot, as it turns out. Probably because once Maggie developed to the point that she found her own voice, well, it turns out she isn't quite balanced even by mage standards.

There's art based on the series:

Maggie by phoenixandashes: one, two (set in chapter 22 of Blue Skies)
Maggie and Anders by Galagraphia: One, Two (and the work in progress!), Three
Maggie and Anders by Aimo
Maggie by Cave Fatuam (aka Little Befu): One, Two (Mildly NSFW for bare butt), Three, Four (this one is set between chapters 71 and 72 of AoA, FYI)
Maggie and Anders by Payroo
Anders by Elethe (Inspired by chapter 83 of AoA)

There are a couple translations in progress from English to Russian of my stories being done right now, and the first Maggie story has been entirely translated. (Seriously, how awesome is this? I'm so incredibly honored that people enjoyed my stories enough to take the time to do this.) Suliven has been working on two translations. Blue Skies can be found right here: Синее небо, свобода и порождения тьмы and Apostates of Amaranthine here: Отступники из Амарантайна. Sapphire1984 of the Russian BioWare Fanfic Club has completed their translation of Never Boring, it can be found here: Скучно не бывае

I don't speak a word of Russian, but the comments seemed generally very positive from what babelfish could tell me. ;)

Stone and Sky (on hiatus) - Jowan/f!Brosca

I wanted to do a story with Jowan, since I find his character fascinating and think there's a lot more to him than most people realize. But... I didn't want to do the usual Jowan/f!Mage fic. Then it became a matter of deciding which origin would be the most accepting of a makeficar other than the people who have known him since childhood. Dalish elf? Maybe, since their magical traditions are different and they hold no love for the Chantry. But... the majority just don't plain like humans. Dwarf noble? Again, what is the chantry to them? But, they would probably be more understanding of the importance of tradition and, at the very least, the political necessity of not intentionally antagonizing the powers that be on the surface.

And from there came Sif Brosca. Tradition means nothing to someone who has only ever heard it given as the reason they're despised, and if anyone understands the desire for a fresh start it's a former carta thug and killer who found herself suddenly raised up to join a group of surface warriors even the nobility of Orzammar respects.

Leap (on hiatus) - f!Hawke/Anders

My Bioware Big Bang fic- read it on the bang community or, even better, on People of Thedas since dreamwidth didn't make me chop it into multiple posts. (actually, it's probably best seen there rather than here, since it was illustrated by the lovely nirrum and that format allowed me to include the artwork.)

The one-shots that are too filthy for this site can be found on my dreamwidth account

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