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Author has written 4 stories for Harvest Moon, Persona Series, and Uta no Prince-sama.

Just to clarify, I do know it's Squall Leonhart. I'm Holy Leonheart. It's all about copyright...

Just kidding.

Anyway, Hi, welcome to my profile. I'll give a brief information about myself.

I love to write, but English is not my native language so maybe the story I wrote won't be in good English/Grammar, please bear with me. I'm still practicing.
And for those who (maybe) are wondering, my native language is Thai, I'm from Thailand.
I've written many fanfictions (mostly Yaoi) and some fantasy stories in Thai, but I've never wrote a story in English before, so here I am! Trying..
Also, just in case if anyone is wondering (maybe not), my profile avatar was drawn and colored by me. I also love to draw and I just start to do CG :3

Name: Fon (But I preferred to be called as my pen name Holy Leonheart or Liolf)

Sex: Female

Birthday: 23 July

Likes: Wolves, Mangas, Games, Drawing, Writing, Yaoi

Final Fantasy
Vampire Knight
Starry Sky
Uta no Prince-sama
Persona 3
Hiiro no Kakera
D.C. Girl's Symphony
Harvest Moon
Tsubasa Chronicle
Moe Kare!
Black Cat
Uwasa no Midori-Kun!
Mahou Sensei Negima!
and many many other mangas

Dislike: Insects, SM, Ghost, Horror

Favorite Character:
Kiryuu Zero - Vampire Knight
Tohzuki Suzuya - Starry Sky in Spring
Miyaji Ryunosuke - Starry Sky in Summer
Hoshizuki Kotarou - Starry Sky in Autumn
Shiranui Kazuki - Starry Sky in Winter
Hyuga Ryuya - Uta no Prince-sama
Ichinose Tokiya - Uta no Prince-sama
Jinguuji Ren - Uta no Prince-sama
Hijirikawa Masato - Uta no Prince-sama
Ittoki Otoya - Uta no Prince-sama
Harada Sanosuke - Hakuouki
Kazama Chikage - Hakuouki
Hijikata Toshizou - Hakuouki
Murasame Jinnosuke (Jin) - Yo-Jin-Bo
Tsubaki Tainojo (Bo) - Yo-Jin-Bo
Tatsunami Ittosai - Yo-Jin-Bo
Shinomiya Ryouhei - D.C. Girl's Symphony
Shinomiya Kei - D.C. Girl's Symphony
Kutani Ryou - Hiiro no Kakera
Komura Yuuichi - Hiiro no Kakera
Onizaki Takuma - Hiiro no Kakera
Inukai Hibiki - Hiiro no Kakera - Shin Tamayori Hime Denshou
Allen Walker - D.Gray-Man
Ichikawa Arata - Moe Kare!
Hino Tsukasa - Uwasa no Midori-Kun!
Haseo - .hack//G.U.
Jacob - Twilight
Fai D. Flourite - Tsubasa Chronicle
Touya - Cardcaptor Sakura
Roxis - Mana Khemia
Cloud Strife - Final Fantasy VII
Squall Leonhart - Final Fantasy VIII
Noctis Lucis Caelum - Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Couples: List still growing!


Bella/Jacob - Twilight
Zero/Yuuki - Vampire Knight
Akihiko/Female Protagonist - Persona 3 Portable
Shinjiro/Female Protagonist - Persona 3 Portable
Claire/Trent - Harvest Moon
Negi/Asuna - Mahou Sensei Negima!
Tsukasa/Midori - Uwasa no Midori-Kun!


Kurogane/Fai - Tsubasa Chronicle
Touya/Yukito - Cardcaptor Sakura/Tsubasa Chronicle
Kanda/Allen - D.Gray-Man
Akihiko/Minato - Persona 3
Shinjiro/Akihiko - Persona 3
Hikaru/Kaoru - Ouran High School Host Club
Roxis/Vayne - Mana Khemia
Sasuke/Naruto - Naruto
L/Light - Death Note
Skeith/Haseo - .hack//G.U.
Haseo/Tokio - .hack//Link
Seishirou/Subaru - X/1999
Fuuma/Kamui - X/1999

Favorite Voice Actors/Actress:
Midorikawa Hikaru - Sanada Akihiko [Persona 3]/ Matheus [Beast Master & Prince]/ Tomoe Yoh [Starry Sky series]/ Leonhardt [The Legend of Heroes: Sora no Kiseki]/ Hino Tsukasa [Uwasa no Midori-Kun!]
Ono Daisuke - Tohzuki Suzuya [Starry Sky series]/ Sebastian Michaelis [Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler]/ Snow Villiers [Final Fantasy XIII]
Ishida Akira - Hoshizuki Kotarou [Starry Sky series]/ Arisato Minato [Persona 3]/ Mochizuki Ryoji [Persona 3]/ Vayne Aurelius [Mana Khemia]/ Kuja [Dissidia Final Fantasy]
Yusa Kouji - Harada Sanosuke [Hakuouki]/ Mizushima Iku [Starry Sky series]/ Hyuga Ryuya [Uta no Prince-sama]/ Ichimaru Gin [Bleach]/ Hyobu Kyosuke [Zettai Karen Children]
Nakai Kazuya - Aragaki Shinjiro [Persona 3]/ Soma [God Eater]/ Doumeki Shizuka [xxxHolic]
Miyano Mamoru - Kiryuu Zero & Kiryuu Ichiru [Vampire Knight]/ Ichinose Tokiya [Uta no Prince-sama]/ Riku [Kingdom Hearts series]/ Yagami Light [Death Note]
Ishikawa Hideo - Squall Leonhart [Final Fantasy series & Kingdom Hearts series]/ Tsubaki Tainojo [Yo-Jin-Bo]/ Uchiha Itachi [Naruto]/ Ukitake Jushiro [Bleach]/ Raye Penber [Death Note]
Toriumi Kousuke - Saito Hajime [Hakuouki]/ Alfred [Beast Master & Prince]/ Inuzuka Kiba [Naruto]/ Raven/Gilbert Nightray [Pandora Hearts]/ Iori Junpei [Persona 3]
Suwabe Junichi - Jinguuji Ren [Uta no Prince-sama]/ Kain Akatsuki [Vampire Knight]/ Grimmjow Jeagerjaques [Bleach]/ Monou Fuuma [X/1999]
Namikawa Daisuke - Fai D. Flourite [Tsubasa Chronicle]/ Komura Yuuichi [Hiiro no Kakera]/ Ulquiorra Schiffer [Bleach]/ Italy [Hetalia]/ Narukami Yu [Persona 4 Anime]
Suzumura Kenichi - Hijirikawa Masato [Uta no Prince-sama]/ Zack Fair [Final Fantasy series]/ Lavi [D.Gray-Man]/ Shiro Kamui [X/1999]/ Amaha Tsubasa [Starry Sky]
Sakurai Takahiro - Cloud Strife [Final Fantasy series & Kingdom Hearts series]/ Haseo [.hack series]/ Kanda Yu [D.Gray-Man]
Miki Shin'ichiro - Hijikata Toshizou [Hakuouki]/ Urahara Kisuke [Bleach]/ Kojirou [Pokémon]/ Touya [Tsubasa Chronicle]/ Munakata Kyousuke [Papa to Kiss in the Dark]
Okiayu Ryotaro - Terra [Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep]/ Reever Wenhamm [D.Gray-Man]/ Scar [Fullmetal Alchemist]/ Kunimitsu Tezuka [The Prince of Tennis]/ Nero [Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII]
Sakamoto Maaya - Aya Brea [The 3rd Birthday]/ Fujioka Haruhi [Ouran High School Host Club]/ Aerith [Final Fantasy series]/ Lightning Farron [Final Fantasy XIII]/ Aigis [Persona 3]
Makino Yui - Sakura [Tsubasa Chronicle]
Irino Miyu - Li Syaoran [Tsubasa Chronicle]/ Niwa Daisuke [D.N.Angel]/ Sora [Kingdom Hearts series]
Kobayashi Sanae - Allen Walker [D.Gray-Man]/ Lucy-Nyū [Elfen Lied]/ Xing Huo [Tsubasa Chronicle]

Special obsession: Incest (Older brothers/Onii-sama type), Teacher/Student, Kichiku Megane, Split Personality

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