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First off, this is a collaboration project(profile) that we decided to create for certain stories. By we i mean Natsu, Gray, and Lucy. This is Gray speaking. Unfortunately Natsu is too lazy and Lucy went to the mall...so i'm stuck typing the profiles.

Update as of 03-22-2011

Natsu: I apologize for the delay in the writing of the second chapter. but over the course of alot of deliberation ( if I spelled that right... ) we have been trying to change the opening of chapter 2 with no real concrete final drafts... which basically means we keep sayin', " oh that would be fine, oh thats good too...". There is also the extremely unhelpful aspect that is school that keeps butting its way into everything so it has slowed down the actual writing considerably. Just know that a new chapter is coming... just slowly, for those who have decided to honor us with adding our story to your alerts and those who are waiting for us to " finally finish the freakin' 2nd chapter. For those who haven't and this doesn't really pertain to you, well... disregard this I suppose. I guess if you still decide to read this, thanks for your utmost patience with us.


Since i'm typing this, i'm taking the liberty of going first. Let's see, what am i really supposed to put here? I know, i guess i'll write about my writing. I like for readers to picture exactly what i'm thinking when i write, so i tend to put in a lot of detail that doesn't necessarily need to be there. I'm not entirely sure if that's a bad thing. Even so, i'll tone it down just a bit. This is a collaboration after all. I like to write about...um, well i guess i like to write fighting scenes. They look really cool in my head and i get eager to get it down on paper so that i'll never forget it. I like to read romance, but i'm not too sure about writing it myself, fluff especially. I realized i'm more of a reader than a writer when i decided that i wanted to write a story and kept forgetting about it because i kept wanting to read more fanfics and manga and now visual novels too. At any rate, thats about it. To sum it up, my writing can be described as detailed to a fault.


crap, he's done? alright, well i guess i better get started. I wanted to eat some more, aw well. My writing style... hmm, it depends on my mood i guess. Mostly it can be straight forward, or very sarcastic. i love to write comedies, or to go on rants so my rants can go really crazy. man, idk if im still hungry or not... well, i like fantastic stories, but if they are not funny, there may be no point in reading them, i mean the world is already drab and depressing as it is, doesnt everyone want an escape? I shine the most when it comes to writing banter and one liners, romance hmm, well give me some time and it'll get reaaaallly good :P i've got a weird sense of humor i suppose. when i say things people laugh, even if i dont want them to be funny... like i said, i focus more on back and forth dialogue than anything else. I dont like to write descriptions because i can see them in my head I just figured everyone else could, lol! other than that, the stories that i write, whatever interests me. The first fanfic that this collabo is gonna start is gonna be hilarious. Since lucy is gone for now i suppose i should tell you that if anyone wants to join our collabo. just message us, and say you wanna be a part of it, lol. I guess the main reason we started this was to meet a bunch of people and write some stories, i think it'll be fun. Now if you'll excuse me, we're at CiCi's so imma get summore pizza and junk XD


Hello everyone! Sorry my part is like a day late cause i went to the mall when gray and natsu did theirs. I kinda dont feel like doing this cause i was in the middle of reading a really good manga until natsu comes out of nowhere and says 'oh yeah the fanfic thing! do it.' so here i am i suppose. My writing style is...well im not exactly sure i like to write details about the scenes and people but not a lot like Gray does b/c i think it gets boring and i just dont feel like reading it anymore so i dont think other readers would. I like writing dialog too. But if that goes on for too long i start to just ramble and the conversation that i was writing doesnt make sense anymore...i do that when im talking and explaining stories too...weird. Anyway I suppose i'm in between Gray's style and Natsu's style. The fanfics i like to read are comedies, romance, adventure,and dramas. And coincidentally I excel at writing romance, drama, and adventure so i hope to bring something awesome to the fanfic we are making. Okay thats all im writing for now b/c i want to get back to that manga then after that i have to watch that tv drama. O yeah i almost forgot im in charge of the beta thing so once we get our fanfic under way e-mail or message me if you would like to be our beta cause we need one, like really need one. Okay now i'm done so yeah bye bi! ;)

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