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Author has written 11 stories for Het Huis Anubis/House of Anubis, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, and Harry Potter.

So hi! I'm Alexa I have TONS of ideas not all of them are fanfictions... possible FFs for PJATO! Max Ride! House of Anubis! Doctor Who! Harry Potter! Adventure Time! and others:) idk but most likely for PJATO cuz I LOVE that series!! I have like 4 ffs that I've thought up ideas for' 1st story 17 chappies in and drwing to a close if I ever gat around to finishing it! It makes me happy that I'm getting so mamy reviews, even though alot of them are from my friend and her brother, who I do not own, I just wanted to make that clear. Also, I do not own any of the things that I write Fanfictions about, just as an overall disclaimer, because I keep forgetting to put it in at the top and end up with it on the bottom. So yeah. I officially have too many books that I need to read and also too many Animes that I need to watch/ finish, so grr! I do believe that I was British in a past life because I am obsessed with Brits and England! Also, in a completly different former life, I was Japanese... and a boy. Just because I am an extreme Tom-boy and the only pink I own comes in dress form. I have insane friends! Paige shares my love of all things British, while Valeria shares my obsession with Anime (which I got her hooked on in the first place ') and Erica shares my love of books and they all share my love of RANDOMNESS! Yep I love being random! YAY FOR RANDOMNESS! so yeah! THE KITTIES ARE ON FIRE!!! See what I mean? TENGO UN GATO EN MI PANTALONES!!!!! OI! OI! OI! SPANISSSHHH! (Doctor Who reference sorry lol)

Well, he's a little bit crazy, but that's just the way I like him

He's a little bit clueless, but he's cute when he's confused

He's a little bit stupid, but that's alright, a-alright cuz',

That's what love's all about: looking past the imperfections

To see the heart that's underneath

RANDOM JAY FANDOM! (not really, he's a psycho killer, but still)

"She put glitter on my psycho!" "Wait, Jay's MY psycho!" "Well, she put glitter on my picture of your psycho!"

"He's not emo, he's just crazy!"

Jay is actually a character from my friend Paige's on going story. He's the villain who goes around killing people. The characters are Jay, Rory, Amy, Luke, Clyde, Donna, and Jenny. The first story she wrote with these characters was a survival story where they had to survive in the woods with a killer on the loose *cough* JAY *cough*. In that version they're all like 20-21-ish and Rory is engaged to Jenny, but Jenny dies, along with Clyde and Donna. And I think in the end, Jay gets the electric chair. MUAH HAH HA!! the other version is even more complicataed and I had a whole explination but it accidentally got deleted, so whatever.

Paige and I have been working on our collaboration story! It's a really interesting story that takes place in an amusement park and the main chartacter Andy has been working there for like 2 years and she's finally been promoted to a band manager for the bands playing at the park. Andy is determined to keep calm in the face of the lead singer of a famous band called False , who is notorious for being a jerk to his managers, and many have quit, but she is trying to stick with it. She knows that FAlse is coming in a few weeks. Before the band comes, she befriends one of the poolboys who also works as a lifeguard. That would be my character Steven. The second book is all about Steven and Andy's relationship, and it will make people really angry that they didn't get together, because they don't. Steven falls in love with Andy, but then she goes to a dance and she dances with James, the lead singer of False she has a mask on, but she drops the mask and it's kind of like a cinderella story from there. so yeah . We're so far in it even though she barely lets me read it >.> She's the one writing it I just help... with everything lol.

I have a new recent obsession with the Fionna and Cake genderbend Adventure Time characters. I know all the costume designs of the genderbend characters by heart while I had to look up references to find out what Marcy and PB's looked like. I now feel pathetic that I love one episode more than the show in its entirety. I WAS SOO PISSED WHEN MARSHALL LEE DID NOT GET TO SPEAKK!!!! He didn't even have one line!! that is so unacceptable it's not funny, because he's my favoirte character even though he didn't speak. He's like Matt from DeathNote: Five seconds on screen and you have a hugemungous fanbase lol.

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