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UPDATE 13 JUL 2013

I've started working on Flash Fic submissions in an attempt to kick start my brain. I pulled the first one to repost now that I've completed more than one. They will be loaded under Flash Fic entries and each week I submit will be a "chapter."

Thanks for sticking with me.


UPDATE 27 JAN 2013


Yeah, it still isn't happening for me and I'm sorry. My writing is in perpetual stand-by. I tried NaNoWriMo, but was unable to complete it. I did get an original fiction started (fantasy/supernatural/romance). Unfortunately, I'm not certain when that will complete either. At this rate maybe when I retire.

I am not certain if I should mark AAT as complete, or just leave it as is for now and post the rest if I can ever get the words out of my head. I apologize for letting those down that wanted more of that Bella and Edward.

Again, I am very sorry. One day, maybe when my real life challenges do not occupy so much of my time.

For those that have read anything of mine, I very much appreciate it.


UPDATE 03 Nov 2012

I think that many of you have noted that I'm pretty much fail at getting An Accidental Text updated. Yeah. My writing mojo has been kaput lately. It has left me tremendously frustrated. So I am taking November to participate in NaNoWriMo and see if it will kickstart my writing and get to a place where I can get it finished. I really feel guilty that I've not been able to get AAT going, but send me your good writing thoughts that it goes well.

Thanks for sticking with me and I appreciate your patience.


UPDATE 15 Jul 2012

The lovely SweetLovinCullen created a lovely banner for my one-shot The Darkening. Check it out!


UPDATE 09 Jul 2012

Well hello all. I am again trying to work on An Accidental Text. It has been difficult due to health issues and stress at work. But I am indeed trying to work. My plan is to write it to its completion, or nearly, so I can post it to completion. I haven't decided if I will do it a day at a time or sooner. I hope you'll enjoy it when it's completed.

Thanks for being patient.

UPDATE 29 Nov 2011

Okay, I am fail as an author on my future take for Mal's fundraiser to get her service dog Leo. I was unable to make the deadline for the compilation. I felt very bad about that, but my life wouldn't allow me the time I needed to finish it. I am very happy to say that Mal and Leo will have their happy ending! Enough funds were raised and a wonderful compilation was sent out for that. For anyone that contributed to that cause, I thank you very much.

Even though that future take didn't make it to that compilation, it *will* make it to the Fandoms4Me compilation due out on January. Fandoms4Me is a fandom fundraiser to bring awareness to Myalgic Encephalopathy (commonly known as ME or CFS) and aid research, run by SweetLovinCullen & TwiLucy_UK. Go here for more information.

The future take for The Singer and The Sorrow is called Sanctuary Song. You can find the banner here. It was created by the amazing TKegl.

MG :o)

UPDATE 26 Sep 2011

Naughty boy for a day, Addictward, visited Jasper's Naughty Girls and offered a recommendation of The Singer and The Sorrow! Check out what he had to say. Many thanks to both @Addictward and @lizzylillyrose. Make sure you check out this naughty boy in his own fic - Addicted, written by the lovely @lizzylillyrose.

MG :o)

UPDATE 04 Sep 2011

Many of you have asked if I will be continuing An Accidental Text. I most certainly will, but I have decided right now to finish The Singer and The Sorrow first. I am at a point where if I stop, I will lose the writing momentum I'll need to finish. We're not too far off. I ask your patience, but I promise I will finish AAT.

MG :o)

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Hey all, I have just been notified that I was nominated Walk of Fame Awards.

I am nominated for:
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The Singer and The Sorrow is nominated for:
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Full Summary

The Singer & the Sorrow
By MG2112

Neither can survive without the other. They have to be together or they will both perish.

Bella Swan is a graduate student working on her master’s thesis when she finds herself drawn into a world of dreams, the like of which she has never before experienced. A mysterious, passionate man is seducing her in a dream state. Who is he? And more importantly, where can she find him?

Edward Cullen is an incredibly beautiful man… and an immortal vampire. The smell of human blood sings to him making it nearly impossible to be around anyone, save his own kind.

Epilogue links

Bella's ring as commissioned by Renata

Chapter 25 links

Chapter 25 graphic created by my amazing pre-reader ADM_01

Chapter 24 links

Those wonderful couches in the Cullen living room. View 1 View 2

Pictures of Le Balze outside of Volterra. View 1 View 2 View 3

The mine shaft where Requiem took T.H. Horvath

Bella's white gown

The black feather (NSFW-ish)

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Seth and his siblings

Monestary where Seth was born

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The Singer & The Sorrow Playlist

Miseria Cantare- The Beginning AFI
Kiss and Control AFI
Medicate AFI

The Fantasy Thirty Seconds To Mars
Dancing Through Sunday AFI
Mute Blaqk Audio

Endlessly, She Said AFI
Silver and Cold AFI

The Leaving Song, Part II AFI
…But Home is Nowhere AFI

The Great Disappointment AFI
Love Like Winter AFI
Heavy Cloud, No Rain Sting
Saint Augustine in Hell Sting
Death Of Seasons AFI
Stiff Kittens Blaqk Audio
Bleed Black AFI
Prelude 12/21 AFI
This Time Imperfect AFI
The Hounds of Winter Sting
Brand New Day Ryan Star
Sleepwalker Adam Lambert
Mad About You Sting

Where Would You Like Them Left? Blaqk Audio
Be Still My Beating Heart Sting
Bring Me To Life Evanescence
The Unforgettable Fire U2
The Kill Thirty Seconds To Mars
Torch Song AFI
Possession Sarah McLachlan
Venus Isle Eric Johnson
Gloria U2
Missing Evanescence
Heavy In Your Arms Florence the Machine
Cloud Nine Evanescence
Believe Kenny Wayne Shepherd, from the album The Place You’re In. (Sorry, no YouTube link for this one.)
Make It Go Away Holly Cole or (better quality video)
Battle of One 30 Seconds to Mars
Your Guardian Angel The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Wonder Megan McCauley
Prélude in E Minor, Op. 28, No. 4 Chopin
Nuages Gris, S. 199 Liszt
Stranger in a Strange Land 30 Seconds to Mars
I Burn For You The Police
Lux Aurumque Eric Whitaker; The poem is a translation to Latin of an Edward Esch poem
Claire de Lune Claude Debussy
Come Back to Me David Cook
All Around Me Flyleaf
Fully Alive
Disintegration The Cure

Sweet Sacrifice Evanescence
Workin’ Them Angels Rush
Give Blood Pete Townshend
Night of the Hunter Thirty Seconds to Mars
What You Want Evanescence
Spank Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Kid Rock from the album The Place You’re In. (Sorry, no YouTube link for this one.)


04 June 2011
The Singer and The Sorrow was nominated for the Sunflower Awards:
- Best Other Character [Requiem]
- Best Lemon Pie Story.

13 Feb 2011
The Singer and The Sorrow was nominated for the Vampie Awards:
- Bloody Brilliant [for Best Overall] Review Average: 1-50 per chapter
- I Can't Believe It's Not Sparkley [for Best AU] Review Average: 1-50 per chapter
- Love At First Bite [for Best Vampie Romance].

The Singer and The Sorrow was nominated for the Inspired FanFic Awards:
- Best Bella [Under 1000 reviews]
- Best Edward [Under 1000 reviews]
- Best Lemons [Under 1000 reviews]
- Angst Award [Under 1000 reviews].

I was nominated for:
- Underdog Award [for Best New Author] Shimmer Awards (Snowflake Quarter).
The Singer and The Sorrow was nominated for:
- Tale Award [for Best AU] Shimmer Awards (Snowflake Quarter).

UPDATE 4 Feb 2011
The Singer and The Sorrow is nominated for the Hidden Star Awards.
- Most Original Character [not certain who it is, the page has a question mark listed, but I'm guessing Requiem?]
- What An Asshole [for James].

Thank you to everyone that voted for Requiem in the Avant Garde Awards.


1 Jan 2011
My sincere thanks to you all that voted for the deliciously evil Requiem in the Original Character Awards. He came away as the Runner Up! Original Character Awards banner

5 Dec 2010
The Singer and The Sorrow won Diamond In the Rough Rare Gem for Best Plot in the Sparkleteers Rare Gem Awards. Thank you so much for those of you that voted! Rare Gem Award banner


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