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Hey everyone my name is Oscar Paul Goodwin my initials are my Pen-name. I discovered this website while searching for stuff on the Teen Titans I read a few fanfics on them and I got hooked. I read mainly Raven and Beastboy stories I always thought they'd make a good couple. So I eventually became a member and I'm now working on my own story. I always say that the day the Teen Titans series was canceled was the day my childhood ended but maybe I'm just being dramatic like I always am. Here's some other information on me:



Race: White

Reason why I'm here:Teen Titans Raven and Beastboy stories also MLP Sparity Fics.

Couples I like:Rae/BB obviously they're like the perfect match they both have dark secrets they hide from everyone. Beastboy's parents death, Raven's demonic legacy. They just hide it in different ways Beastboy puts on a jokers facade while Raven bottles up her pain.

Rob/Star they're just cute together.

Spike/Rarity I love it I want it to happen and in my newest fanfic I'm making it happen.

Couples I don't like:Raven/any guy besides Beastboys I mean seriously like she's gonna actually love anyone else!

Beastboy/any girl besides Raven refer to above couple.

Completed Fanfic: A story called When love is blindest it's a romance/hurt/comfort Rae/BB. It gets it's name from the fact that from a thrid person point of view they would think love would have to be blind for Raven and Beastboy to love each other. Also it refers to the fact that Raven and Beastboy are both blind not to see that they belong together. Look it up and read it please.

Work in progress: Waiting for that Very Special Somepony It's a MLP romance/friendship fic about Spike and Rarity. Spike wants to be Rarity's special somepony but Rarity doesn't want him because he's not a pony. So he gets Discord to turn him into one if you want to know what happens next you'll have to read it. But love knows no species.

Types of stories I don't like:Raven rapefics if you write one of them and I read it I'll probably flame you. I just can't stand them Raven's like the most powerful titan who's actaully strong enough to rape her? Further more those story's in general dosen't usually have good storyline either. Her poor mother has already been raped so why does she have to be.

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