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Author has written 15 stories for Harry Potter.

Call me Aebbe or Becca. Either one works. If you know where my pen name comes from, brownie points to you! I'm from the north of England, too old, and not planning to give up messing around with fanfiction any time soon.

Find me on tumblr at I haven't had a fanfic blog long, so it's a bit quiet over there - but please come and say hi!

I also have a pinterest for this fanfic world at aebbesinspo, with development boards for a lot of the characters in my fics.

Fanfiction is where I play with ideas, have fun, practise my writing and procrastinate. I don't update very regularly all the time (sorry about that), but I'm still here and will one day finish this messy, sprawling web of interlinked stories and bits of character development. They aren't going to get abandoned, no matter how long they may sit on hiatus, because I love these ridiculous characters too much to let go.

They're all part of the same universe. Some are direct sequels of others, some contain spoilers for the others, most can more or less stand alone, but certain things will make more sense if you read all of them. OCs from one story will pop up in others. My fics are canon compliant with the original books. I don't always use Pottermore details or JK Rowling's more recent reveals, because I had my characters and stories set out before those were released. I ignore the existence of The Cursed Child completely.

I really appreciate all feedback on my work, so if you read it, please leave a review telling me what you think!

Sometimes people ask me which of my stories is first, or which they should read first, which is a tricky one because you don't have to read them in chronological order, and some of their timelines overlap, but then again some of them (not all) do form a sort of series that should be read in a specific order, and any fic could contain spoilers for one set chronologically earlier. Some spoilers are important, some aren't. However, here's a rough guide:

In (approximate) chronological order:

SLEEPING DRAGONS (in progress) - 992-c.1070

FINDING THE LIGHT (has been on hiatus for a long time, but will eventually be back) - 1969-c.1978

A MUGGLE THING (oneshot) - 1980

BIRDSONG IN THE DAWN (oneshot) - 1985

THE NATURALIST'S ASSISTANT (one shot) - 2010-2012

OWL POST (recently edited) - 2009-2028


PLAYING WITH FIENDFYRE (complete) - 2020-2021 (excluding prologue)

IF YOU WERE GAY (oneshot) - 2021

HOUSE OF CARDS (complete) - 2022-2023

THESE MORTALS (complete) - 2023

YOUR WORLD (complete) - 2024

CHOICES (complete) - 2027-2028 (excluding time travel sections and epilogue)

INHERITANCE (in progress) - 2027-2028

GOODBYE IS NOT THE END (oneshot) - 2043

- A good one to start with is HOUSE OF CARDS, even though it's not the first chronologically. It introduces the characters that feature in most of the other Next Gen stories, and it is also the first of the Dark League Arc, a series focused on one broader plot.

- THESE MORTALS is a direct sequel to House of Cards. It contains a lot of spoilers and makes a lot of references to it, although it focuses less on the Dark League Arc and more on the personal stories of the characters. Makes sense to read it second.

-YOUR WORLD is another sequel, starting more or less straight after These Mortals. It's a self-contained story so it's not crucial to have read the others first, but you might enjoy it more if you do. It also has spoilers for both These Mortals and House of Cards.

- CHOICES continues the Dark League plot to some extent, although its main plot is about something else. It's set a few years after the previous three, and contains some mild spoilers for them. It's weird and has time travel in it.

- INHERITANCE is (probably) the last of the Dark League stories. It's set more or less at the same time as Choices, following more of the Dark League plot. It's probably a bit confusing unless you've read Choices first, and it's very spoilery for all of the previous four in this list.

- SLEEPING DRAGONS is essentially a standalone at the moment, but it will contain some important backstory for some of the Dark League plot.

- Please, please don't read GOODBYE IS NOT THE END before you read CHOICES, because it's essentially an epilogue of that story and will make absolutely zero sense if you read it first, as well as spoiling the entire plot of Choices.

- OWL POST will make a lot more sense in places if you read the other Next Gen stories, and contains minor spoilers for some of them, especially House of Cards, These Mortals, and Playing with Fiendfyre. But they're only small ones, so it doesn't matter too much whether you read it before or after.

- The rest can be read at any point, in any order, or by themselves.

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Inheritance reviews
When Scorpius Malfoy inadvertently joins an Auror investigation into a gruesome murder, he has no idea that he's just thrown himself into a tangled plot of old grudges and dark magic. Meanwhile, at Hogwarts, Scorpius's sister, Iseult, just wants to focus on running the Quidditch team, but instead finds herself becoming responsible for a pair of first years with dangerous secrets.
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From Teddy's accident with a Graphorn to the story of Lucy's pet duck, from Victoire's singing hat to Rose's Howler, and from the great food fight of 2020 to the infamous day Louis dared James to swallow a piece of Exploding Chewing Gum. Snapshots in the lives of the Next Generation, told through a selection of letters home. Fits with the rest of my Next Gen universe.
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AD 992. Young Salazar arrives in an England divided by ancient feuds, at war with the kingdoms upon its doorstep and with the Norsemen who raid the coasts. But even as he rises to become one of Britain's greatest wizards, he is always drawn back to the terrible events of his childhood and the dark secret buried deep in the fens, a fascination that threatens all he holds dear.
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James Sirius Potter has left his school days behind. But adult life comes with a whole lot of complications - jobs, responsibilities, the overwhelming pressure to live up to his famous and successful parents. Not to mention somehow finding a way to be with a girl who lives in an entirely different world - and who isn't sure she wants to be part of his.
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After a series of nasty events last year, house rivalry at Hogwarts is at a new high. As Head Boy, it's Al Potter's job to keep the peace, but he's got enough on his plate as it is, what with his unruly cousin Lucy's new drama club, trying to stop James interfering with their sister's love life, and dealing with his own very irritating lingering feelings for his ex-girlfriend.
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Thrown back nearly fifty years in time, she has the chance to change the past. To right wrongs and correct mistakes. But in doing so, could she change the future? And is it even possible to change things that have already happened? Choices can be very hard to make. Canon compliant...? Read and find out. (Part of the Dark League story arc, but can be read as a stand alone)
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