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Tips for FF writers from ''Veteran'' (lol) FF reader, Lambeosaurus

Hates :

- OC as main characters, especially when they are annoying Mary Sues

School Fics : I've wasted there more than 10 years of my life. No need to add anything else.

-Flamers Some writers try very hard and put together a lot of dedication to make a good story. I think it takes courage to post a story ; I noticed most users who flame have never posted a story themselves. Theyre just worthless cowards who have nothing else in their lives to do than to denigrate everyone on the internet...

-Authors who can't distinguish constructive criticism and flaming

- Stories that are soo cliché you can predict everything. For exemple : If female character X is attacked in the street by thugs, for some mysterious reason, male character Y, which female character X has a crush on, will always be around to save her...

- WEIRD pairings. For instance, pairings of characters that have very minor part/and the that you don't know about in the universe from which the fanfiction is inspired.

Dislikes :

- Self-Inserts : They are like Mary-Sue stories, but a little better because the author actually admits that he is the main character.

-Novelisations : already seen the movie/played the game so I know everything that's gonna happen.

- Yaoi : Just not a fan of it. Doesn't mean I'm homophobic by the way.

Likes :

- Very bad stories like My Immortal. Theyre so pathetic that they are the funniest things that I have ever read.

- Well-made intended humour fics

- Romance between main characters

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