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Anime-2000 here, thanking you for your visit to her fanfiction bio!

Hello, everyone. You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t really been all that active on fanfiction(dot)net for a very, very long time. What’s it been? One to two years? Yikes!

Let's talk about my Magic Trilogy. You know how I mentioned that I haven’t really been feeling it lately, and I’ve had a writer’s block for Princess of Magic? It’s hasn’t changed, and after all these months, I doubt that it’ll come back. For the most part, it has become more of the fact that I’ve fallen out of the Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction-writing fandom, and I’ve been busy with other projects lately. (I’m currently working on an online Yu-Gi-Oh! doujinshi—also starring Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl—but that is a collaboration, not completely my own fanwork. So it’s become my first priority fanwork-wise… yeah, I’m making up words and excuses…)

I have two announcements I want to make:

Firstly, I want to thank all of you, yes every one of you wonderful people, who have reviewed or even read a chapter of this unfinished series:) Thank you all so much for supporting me, even when I stopped writing. I was really surprised that I was still getting reviews and personal messages concerning the Magic Trilogy even up to now, almost two years since my last update. Thank you, thank you, thank you all so much! You probably have no idea how much it meant to me!

Second, and possibly more importantly—for those who want to know of the fate of this trilogy—I’d like to ask WHO WANTS TO FINISH THE MAGIC TRILOGY? When I say finish, I mean the end of this fanfic as well as the final fanfic? Who wants to write it? After reading an author’s note on another story by a much more talented and well-known authoress here, I’ve decided to sort of take her idea… There are a few conditions:

1.) First and foremost, I want a writer who is not like me and plans to indubitably finish this trilogy. I set no time limit. This is purely your desire to write it… and possibly reviewers’ urgings.

2.) Secondly, I’d like for you to adhere to the first-person point of view for Dark Magician Girl, I’d like you to keep all the Duel Monsters I’ve characterized in-character, and I’d like for you to keep their relationships consistent. For readers’ comfort, y’know? Fair, right?

3.) This is pretty important, too! I’d like to keep in touch with you so we can discuss the storyline, as I have more or less planned out the ending of Princess of Magic, and I have some vague ideas for the last fic Magic Control. (Although I suspect Magic Control will undergo some serious revamping…Hahaha…)

4.) Well, if you’re interested, please provide a correct E-MAIL ADDRESS that you actually FREQUENTLY USE in a message (contact through message or my e-mail. Both links can be found on my userpage)! I’ll e-mail you some conditions or thoughts… maybe a quick writing prompt to determine whose style I’d like to see finish the trilogy.

My dear friends, acquaintances, reviewers, readers… I have enjoyed writing for you. :D Thank you all for being so darn awesome! And chances are, the person who ends up writing the trilogy will be a ton better than me! 3 And maybe you’ll see some fanfics from me again. Maybe someday…

Well, please stay tuned for more updates concerning this! Thanks bunch! 3

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